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Only country not have missed a world cup (record impossible to be matched now), 5 championships in their pocket, no fear for any other team, players such Pele with 3 world cups wins... I respect Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Argentina, but there is no equivalent to Brazil yet. Almost a third of all world cups won by this nation, amazing!
5 world cup wins, countless legendary players, and is recognized as the best by most of the world
I am certainly no fan of Brazil in soccer, but even I must admit that, historically, they are the greatest. First of all, they have the most World Cup titles. Second, they are tied first in appearances in the Final. Third, they have qualified for every single tournament-also first place there. In conclusion, they are first in every relevant statistic and, though Germany comes close, there is just no beating Brazil.


[Newest]You know they lost so bad to Germany. They can't be first
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Germany have won more first, second, and third place titles in Fifa world cups than any other team in the world. Although they haven't taken first most, they are the most consistent team. They don't have star players that carry the team, but use strategy to overcome their opponents. Also, their average age is like 23!
I believe its more than just how many world cups a nation has won..germany for me outrightly deserves first place because of its consistency to always reach the semis or finals of the worlds most cherished championship...this alone proves that germany shall forever be a mighty force to reckon with..its the only team you can surely always place amongst the top three of every competition.the other two can change but germany has to keep its position
Football is a sport where luck always will be a part of the game. Germany mostly anytime was a member of the close finalists like, I guess, any other nation. After almost 120 years of football history, germany has proven to be one of the most consistent nations in football history, even if they didn't win a title every time. But how I've said in the first sentence, football includes a lot of luck.
[Newest]Better than Brazil any day
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Argentina lives and breathes football. They continue to produce amazing players, from both Argentina and from other countries, through their local leagues: think of Messi (newells), aguero (independiente), falcao (river. These are just a few examples

Not to mention a history with some of the greatest players of all time
Argentina deserve to be in the second place after Brazil. I'm talking about tradition and the quality of players are they produced over the decades. ex: Alfredo de stefano, Maradona(God of Soccer), Messi, Batistuta, Burruchaga, Valdano, Cannigia,
Bilardo... endless list.
Your 100% right! No Germany by the way Germany sucks Argentina should be 2nd place!
Argentina is a football nation that is always looking for innovating techniques to make their games better. Using they're valuable and priciest resources, Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano, DiMaria, Palacio, Lamela, Rodriguez, and many more stars on the bench, Argentina has everything to be number 1. They just need to find the best & exact combination to make it work. My vote for them!
[Newest]Argentina is a strong team with Messi in it

Baggio, Totti, Maldini, Buffon, Cannavaro, Conti, Rivera we are the best team
Italy better than Germany. Listen it doesn't matter how many times you reach the final, a win IN THE FINAL IS WORTH 10X A LOSS IN POINTS. You didn't see Spain share the spotlight with holland because holland reached the final more than Spain. ALSO besides Italy 4 Germany 3 (world cups) Germany HAS NEVER WON Italy! In recent memory, Italy has always won them.. EURO RECORDS don't MATTER FIFA world cup the only metric measurement and Italy ARE FAR BETTER!
Italy and Brazil! Can't stand how great Mexico thinks they are.
[Newest]To be honest, I can't stand how great Italy thinks they are, like they aren't as good
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Hasn't been as strong as other nations in the past, but is quickly becoming the strongest soccer nation on the planet.
Spain is so good. They are the best modern team right now. They have an excellent team all around. I surprised they are not in the top 3. GO THE Spanish
Not only does Spain have the best teams such as real madrid and Barcelona, but also, its national team has the best players from the best teams. Moreover, in the past years Spain has won almost every tournament it has participated in, like the world cup, and the eurocup.
[Newest]Spain has almost all of the best soccer players in the world. Not Brazil

2 time world cup finalists and the 1988 Euro cup winners - consistently ranked amongst the top when it comes to fifa and elo world rankings- considered the best team never to have won the world cup - has generated some of the best players the game has ever seen - examples: cruyff, neeskens, bergkamp and van nistelrooy - all coming from a relatively small nation of just over 16 million - that compared to the 160 million brazilians - in other words... per capita, holland is tops when it comes to footballing quality - remember total football!
They're Much Better Than 8
Didn't You See How They Played At The World Cup 2010?!
They Were Absolutely Pwning.
They Should Be Number 3 Or 4
3 time World Cup finalist: 1974, 1978 and 2010. They almost made it to the final in 1998 and gave the French a worn out Brazilian Team in the final. Best Dutch team ever may have been the 1990 team (could have become world champion) but they didn't get far because of huge internal troubles with their coach. The Dutch have not only introduced Total Football and produced great players... by laying the foundations for FC Barcelona's greatness, Dutch Football is the basis of Spanish soccer successes... o irony 2010. Great football nation... even greater given its small to medium-size.
[Newest]I love Netherlands the best no1

If there was something to REPLACE penalty shootouts, england would have won 2 more world cups at least. Great older players like Shearer, Liniker, Beckham, Owen and the legendary Bobby Moore. Plus some great nowadays players like Rooney, Sterling, Welbeck, Sturridge, Well, the now internationally retired Gerrard, and he may get VERY heavily criticised for reasons I have no idea of, heskey. Ye, Heskey was a TANK of a player. Its just the teamwork needs improving. LOOK HOW WELL THEY HAVE DONE IN THE QUALIFICATION! Its just really annoying how they mess up in the actual thing. But I hope this raises the English hopes. If only penalty shootouts didn't exist...
OK, spain have the best team in the world currently but in history they have just one major legend, Di Stefano. England have loads, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Duncan Edwards, Jimmy Greaves, Alan Shearer, Gary Linekar ect...


Best place for footballer
[Newest]Why is England in Seventh? I honestly think they need to improve!

Portugal had and has legendary players such as Eusebio, Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others. Even though they never won any World Cup, they are definitely in top 10.
Let's take population size into consideration. Portugal has only 10 million people, but currently has two world-class trainers, in the premier league as well as Cristiano Ronaldo possibly the best player in the world, and a host of other world-class and premier-league players (Meirelles, Postiga, Pauleta, etc.. ).
Greatest soccer nation never to have won the World Cup...
[Newest]I don't think Portugal should be the best but they do have Cristiano Ronaldo. That's all I'm saying... Because Ronaldo is my second favorite player.

France should definitely be in the top 5. I like to think that any football tournament before the 70s should not really count because back then, only a few nations competed and the organization was awful, giving the teams that cared the most the best chance (Italy, england, Uruguay, Brazil... ) France used to be horrible because they really did not care, and as a result not many people give them a change. However, if you look at their modern performance, they are definitely one of the greatest football nations ever. Euro 1984 winners, 1998 world cup winners, euro 2000 winners, confederation cup winners 2001 and 2003, world cup finalists in 2006 (which they frankly should have won)... I would honestly that France's 1998 through 2001 team was the second best team in the history of football, second only to Spain's current team. Of course, Brazil dominated in the earlier part of the 20th century, but if you look at the competition back then, it really is not saying much. Now, with all the best players being payed ridiculous amounts of cash and playing high level soccer in youth academies/clubs etc, the best each nation has to offer is put to the test, more so than before. And with that, you have to give France credit where credit is due. They have produced better players recently than most other nations. Those are my two cents.
France were one of the first nations to play football they were always in the top 50 France has so many titles to there name and produced the greatest football players of time including players like zidane, platini, Raymond kopa one of the greatest goalkeepers ever barthez france truly is a great football nation
France should be higher than Mexico, Portugal, England, Netherlands and Spain

Honestly, I don't know how Mexico got to be ranked so high in this list. They might have some good players but football (soccer) is a team game. Individual players matter but team strategy and dynamic in my opinion matter most. An example would be Germany which doesn't have extremely good players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and still is able to make it to the top four, semifinal or finals in the World Cup. In the future Mexico might be a decent team but right now you can't compare it to Uruguay or Croatia.
Hopefully in the future more stars will arise, they still have a pretty decent team.
I know Mexico is not the best but it tied Brazil in 2014 world cup and it would of beat Netherlands if they did not have bad luck in the last 10 minutes. Besides I think Ochoa is the best goalie this year.
[Newest]Mexico have beaten Brazil more than any other country for the past 16 years

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Wow there is something wrong here. How can Mexico be rated better than Uruguay? Someone must be on hallucinogenic drugs! That only serves to promote agreeing with me that France, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, England, and the Netherlands, should not be ranked higher than Uruguay. It's simple math: Uruguay = 3.5 million - England 63.5 million look at these numbers and compare tournaments won. Yeah Uruguay should be way way way higher. This is a crappy list.
Uruguay should be number 4 or 5! So Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, England and France are all above Uruguay! You can make up your mind if Uruguay or Argentina should be number 4 but and the person who said "soccer is LIFE in Uruguay " you are most certainly correct Argentina and Uruguay are both very similar success
How can you forget the team who have won 2 World Cups and 15 times winners of the Copa America (South American Championship).


[Newest]Uruguay made the semifinals in 2010

Yeah sure, Canada, us, Pakistan are way better than Chile. They are higher because they are wasting their time in this page rather than being playing outisde
Chile has the most attendees per capita to international matches, while playing at home.
Chile had the whole Brazil team praying during the penalties, in their home, in the knockout!

Bravo- Barcelona

Hosted in the 62', 3rd place though

Canada, Pakistan, US, better than Chile? Are you serious? Lmao

The whole country lives and breathes soccer! Although they've only won once, they are currently #3 in the world! They definitely deserve a spot here.
Dude really in the real 2013 soccer chart Colombia is top 4th best playing soccer country
I think Colombia sucks to be honest las time they were in the World Cup was 1998 and they only face easy teams this year and they finally got a taste of real soccer team and lost

14South Korea
South Korea has made it to the World Cup 9 times, the previous 8 consecutively. South Korea is Asia's most successful soccer nation. Top finish was 4th in 2002 and they beat Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and tied the USA. They have beaten Spain once by penalty kicks, tied 2-2 while down 2-0 with 5 minutes left, have come back from 3-0 against Germant to score 2 goals in 1996. Have beaten Ivory Coast, Scotland, England, won the bronze medal at the London Olympics. Produced the German Bundesliga's legendary goal scorer Cha-Bum Keun (Cha-Boom! ), have had players in Europe for a couple decades now. Their arch rival in Asia is Japan, howeve historically Korea has won overwhelming majority of matches. Problem was that Asian football rarely produced many challenges for South Korea and making it to the world stage was almost a given. Now that Japan and Australia are stepping up their game, and Iran has resurged as a soccer power in Asia, this will only help South Korea and raise the level of Asian Football even further.
Korea came 4th in 2002 world cup
South Korea is the best soccer nation in asia
[Newest]South Korea is far from the best but truly is the best in Asia and has proven itself many times that although they aren't always great sportsmen, they are diligent, hard working, hard core players who drive themselves to a huge extent. South Korea has a big soccer future ahead of them, but they have a long way to go before they enter top 10.

Egypt had won the African cup 7 times, plus it is the only African and arab country to beat Italy and score 3 goals on Brazil in a game, do you believe it, they almost beat Brazil once!
Egypt is the only nation that won its contents cup of Africa 7 times and all the Arab are saying Egypt should take 10 so how wort this sucks in soccer
Egypt is a strong country but the problem is the circumstances that happened, I promise it will be from the top 5 one day
[Newest]There better than Italy

16United States
America is growing with soccer skill and soccer fans. As soccer is becoming more popular in America we are getting better as a country. America is capable of a lot in the soccer World. Watch Out Europe America has Talent
If your talking women then yes the usa is number one. If your talking men then I think top 30 maybe
Thanks to Clinton Dempsey who scored two goals for USA in Confederation Cup against Spain the score was 2-0 to USA. Go USA!

They may not have as many legends, but with players like benteke, kompany, and hazard you don't need any
They are the best at soccer
Excellent goal by anyone I wish the they the World Cup!
[Newest]I think Belgium should be in the top 10 spot

Go down and vote Norway


Stoichkov, Berbatov, Balakov... CSKA Sofia

The only reason they didn't get to the world cup final is because italy cheated by faking a trip
Aussie one time win world cup end world then aussie fear start because this time never give up
Australia is the best country in the world in soccer
[Newest]Very good for a tiny pop!


I love the Japanese team
Not many people is familiar with this but Japan's women's tham won the last World Cup against USA

Croatia is currently 7th in the world, 3rd in the world cup in 1998, only 4 million people, plus 160 in goals overall. Croatia is also undefeated against Italy.
Small country with so much Talent!
Great players for20+ years

22New Zealand
New zealand is doing well keep pushing
I am from New zealand and they got the advantage from rugby
New Zealand don't play soccer

Greatest soccer/kung fu soccer team the defense is poor but they run like the Brazilians in pace.

Lots of skills and they've got a lot of tricks up their sleeves
They are a lot better than this
[Newest]Sweden are overrated currently

25Faroe Islands
Go down and vote Norway.


The craze of soccer is spreading throughout the country.
I really disagree with you all go Argentina Iran Canada
They will win everyday I tell you and they won't lose but they'll beat the wicked and undefeated Brazil in their socks and will be th champion of the world that nobody can beat ever again yo. Sampan Chaudhuri

Nigeria is one of the great soccer teams in the world. They have the capacity to win the World Cup if politics in the country is separated from soccer.Excellent team and the best in Africa. The world should expect a surprise from the great Nation.
Can anything thing good come from Nazareth? Nigeria you will always be my home.
Nigeria is the best in Africa and one of the greatest soccer team
[Newest]They are pretty good


Pakistan street football team impressed the best teams in the world. Pakistan is excellent in football
When Pakistan isn't bombing, they like to look at each other's penises on the field. seems fair... I didn't even know Pakistan even knew what soccer even was
Pakistan is a hard working team just like when they won the world cup in cricket
[Newest]Pakistan can beat everyone losers

They beat the USA in 1966

Russia is unbeatable and the most powerful country in the world yes usa has no power compared to Russia
Russia is better than any Mexicans but Brazil on the other hand is sick

Small country but still had legends and one of the most football loving nations in the world
Best football team! Ever!

33San Marino
They qualified for every world cup and won it a record 6 times!

Switzerland defeated many great teams like Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Germany

Defiantly... Recalling the glory days of the Danish Dynamite!
And the u21 team, really impressive, and will indeed go far in the UEFA U21 Championship :)
The senior team is great too, with rising talents like Christian Eriksen, and experienced players like Daniel Agger. Overall, the team will bring back their glorious past into the future. With Morten Olsen preparing to leave from manager position, its time for a better manager like Michael Laudrup to step in, and change things for the better.

36Costa Rica
Let's go coasta let's go

37Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast is one of the best in Africa and almost beat Egypt in the African World Cup
Kolo Toure could score a goal in World Cup 2014!

People love football here. They believe it's a passion. Plus we have very good football teams, we like playing it, we get crazy while watching a match! Should ABSOLUTELY be in the top 10
Greece is in the top 20 best soccer countries
Greece scored in the 90th minute against Costa Rico, who else can compare?!

We are up there and very elite in women's soccer. But we are very poor at men's soccer.
Canadian soccer/football's biggest fan. We need more Canadians involved in this fantastic sport. It can't always be about hockey!
Canada is the worst soccer team they never even get to top 50 in soccer

40New Caledonia
Really this team should be at the bottom
You are way right

41South Africa
South africa have won the african cup of nations a few times and is coming for the fifa world cup.
They are progressing to be better
South Africa should have been in the top 20

42Czech Republic
Czech Republic have best goalie keeper of world name Petr Cech. In national teams me worst defense and attack. Czech Republic have great history, Czechia have in old year silver medail of Euro, in finaly lost fight of the Germany. Good play to oldest Czechoslovakia team.

Wales should be 20 because there better than Bulgaria
Gareth Bale and Ramsey they have produced a few good players
Wales have bale they should be rated 25

So underrated...guatemala better than serbia...laugh out offense, just proving some points
Serbia is awesome! They should be the first! :D

They are rising in concacaf

Indonesia have a future potential player and I belive indonesia will be a future football in the world

Norway is a pretty good team they've never wine a world cup but they should be placed much higher
Norway is very good they should be placed around 25th place.
Lower than North Korea, funny
[Newest]Norway, the future of football.


I mean they won south asian cup
I hope next time bangladesh go to world cup
The best after Brazil and better than Spain!

Haiti is in the top 15 if they weren't the poorest country in western hemisphere

This nation has become the new African leader with four African cup of nation, one Olympic, great worldly acknowledged players such as Roger milla, nkono, Omam biyick, and latest Samuel Etoo. Finalist of conferation cup against France. Winner 1-0 in opening match of 1990 world cup against the world champion Argentina. African continent was granted five places in the world cup tournament because of Cameroon performance in the 1990 world cup. The nation hit the quarter final against England and we all know how referee led this encounter to stop this nation's path through the trophee. Cameroon should be ranked among the top world ten.

Scots should be in the tops!
Scotland aren't the best but they are the best to me

Every where you go there's a group of young talents playing Football as if they don't have know any other sport exists. their second religion is football.
They have young talented players
Most Somalians can be one of the best but young players stop playing as they get older

I think Ethiopia has so much talented boys and girls who can a inspiration for the next generation. I know we can do so much if we just look forward and use our talents. God bless my country Ethiopia.
Sorry guys for my writing errors on the first comment, what I want to say is that we have talented soccer players who can be an inspiration for the next generation. Thank you.

Best team in southeast Asia. YEAH

There a really powerful team but there not going to win in the world cup becauce there not really good but still good

They are powerful everywhere exept GOALKEEPING but still there like very good they might beat France in the world cup they are a really good team they are very good I bet they are good enough to make it to brasil 2014 again they are really good they are like 14th place

We're gonna get the world cup 2014 I guarantee it. Swag

Nepal is better than Honduras. Honduras is too high because they weren't reversing against hard teams. They also came 2nd last in the 2014 world cup
Nepal is good but it is slowly developing because slow and steady wins the race
It will better in future

There is a good chance we will go to the World Cup and become a pro team
Jordan is so good they had a tie with Uruguay 0-0 in Uruguayan stadium

60Saudi Arabia
Almost ALL of the boys in Saudi Arabia play soccer you can't find any guy from the age 4 and above that can't play. It's ridiculous.

My back ground yeah
It will enter FIFA in the future.
Not the best but love him and I hope will enter the FIFA.


You're the best just have fun

Malaysia could won the match against Thailand but Thailand won the match.
I can't believe Malaysia won a match against the Philippines! In Jakarta, Indonsia 27 August.
On twenty eight of February is Safee Sali birthday. Happy birthday Safee Sali. From your fan.

One of the countries in South East Asia that has consistent performances in the past few years!

Only Arab country that went into the world cup three times.
Ranked currently 19
In 2014, Made it farther than half the countries ranked higher than it in this list. Great country when it comes to soccer
The only team that made it hard for the world cup 2014 champions

66Masons M8
I don't even know what that is
Best country, its just the players are enjoying too much of the utopia which lies in Masons M8, rather than playing the game
What? What is this place? 0__0



69Western Sahara


Albania is so good we beat Portugal tied with 1-1 with France Italy only beat us by 1-0 Albania IS SUCH A GOOD TEAM CANA IS THE BEST EVER DEFENDER


73El Salvador

74Trinidad and Tobago




They beat France after they won the World Cup

79Solomon Islands
Crazy football island nation;known as the small Brazil in the pacific, comes out only with futsal & beach soccer

80Sri Lanka
Although not as big in soccer as it is in cricket. It has a thriving football fever.


So far it only lost to Japan, in Asia.


82Vatican City
Were small and stuff by the way Italy should be higher and USA the racist should be last for being racistt and saying go home to (your ethnicity) I just say (sometimes) go home to Europe trolololol haha so funny rofl laugh out loud, oh sorry just saw obamasface

Yes have very good players.
They have good players

Ukraine must also be in there in 2006 Ukraine was #8th best in the world but now it must be the 83rd :( so we will add it to the best countries in some good time in the future Ukraine will be in the top ten. I promise
Its was 8th best country at soccer in 2006 so it now could be in the top ten
Shevchenko, Blokhin, Belanov
Dynamo Kiev, Shakhtar Donetsk

Tiny country with a lot of surprises. Skerla, Jankauskas...
FYI, they are @ #3 world's best basketball countries.


Too low, should be top 50 for sure

88Burkina Faso








Didn't enter the FIFA world cup but good
Samoa lost 32-0 to Australia


98North Korea
Kim Jung Ill is #1 and always will be

FIFA, more like Kim Jung Ill #1fa
North Korea won the World Cup. Did you see the news?

Ghana is four time Africa champion and for past eight years has been shaking world by wining against some countries USA, Brazil, England, Nigeria and rest. In fact, Ghana is the only Africa country that stand a chance to win the World cup before any country in Africa. No wonder soccer is major sports in Africa, especially Ghana. Go Ghana Go.
They have very talented players. They have also won the most youth competitions and are by far the best in Africa. Great performance in world cup, they will make it far next summer. Should be in top 15 at least.
Ghana is a great soccer nation. They can stand a chance of winning the world cup
[Newest]Ghana always make Africa proud in every competition they participate

Iran is better than many teams rated higher on this list.
They have a pretty strong team with 4 out of 10 players should be in one of the top 50
[Newest]They should be like 9

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