Top 10 Greatest English Premier League Clubs

When we talk about the pinnacle of English football, we're naturally drawn to the Premier League. This top-tier competition, launched in 1992, has since become a global phenomenon, captivating millions of fans around the world with a thrilling blend of skill, drama, and unpredictable storylines.

So, if we dive into the fascinating world of the Premier League, which are the clubs that have truly stood out? This question may sound simple, but the answer is anything but. After all, how does one measure greatness? Is it the number of Premier League titles won? The consistency over the years? Or perhaps it's the ability to inspire, to rally, and to evoke passion among the fanbase?

Some would argue that the greatest clubs are the ones that have managed to lift the coveted Premier League trophy multiple times, etching their names in the annals of English football history. Undoubtedly, clubs like Manchester United, with their slew of titles, Arsenal's "Invincibles," or the free-scoring Manchester City side under Pep Guardiola, spring to mind.

Then there are clubs like Liverpool, with their dramatic comebacks and never-say-die spirit, or Chelsea, with their tactical prowess and knack for winning big games. One can't forget the clubs that, despite not always coming out on top, consistently add depth and excitement to the league, such as Tottenham Hotspur or Everton.

Moreover, there's an undeniable respect for those clubs that, despite not having the same financial firepower as their top-tier counterparts, managed to etch out unforgettable Premier League stories. Think of Blackburn Rovers' remarkable title-winning run in the mid-'90s or Leicester City's dreamlike ascendancy in 2016.

However, no matter how deeply we dive into stats, records, and memorable moments, the question of the "greatest" Premier League club is largely subjective and often swayed by personal loyalty and emotion. This is why we've thrown the question over to you, the fans.

We're asking you to vote for the clubs that you believe are the greatest in Premier League history. Don't just consider the trophies or the star players, but also think about the impact these clubs have had on the beautiful game and how they've shaped the Premier League's unique identity.
The Top Ten
1 Manchester United Revered as a dominant force in English football, the Red Devils boast the highest number of Premier League titles, shaped by iconic figures like Sir Alex Ferguson and players such as Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney.

Under Fergie, we were easily the greatest British team of all time and a contender for the greatest club of all time. Even as a Man U fan, it's hard to deny the European giants such as Barca, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich their place as the top echelon of European football out of sheer respect. But still, in terms of the English league, it's absolutely no question. 13 Premier League titles and 3 UEFA Champions League titles - those are undeniable figures.

Since Fergie left, we have fallen on harder times, but a true supporter will stick to his team till the bitter end, and we will get that Premier League title back once again this season. Mark my words!

2 Arsenal The Gunners' 2003-04 "Invincibles" season remains a unique achievement in the Premier League, while legendary figures like Thierry Henry and Arsene Wenger continue to define the club's rich legacy.

While Wenger's hesitance to sign has caused problems, and things at the Emirates have slowed, Arsenal have incredibly finished within the top four in recent years, something for which they are somehow mocked. They are consistently good, though not quite incredible. Their nature and style is what drew me, as an American fan, to them.

While at the moment they are not the best in the league, they have hosted, arguably, four of the top ten Premier League players of all time: Henry, Vieira, Adams, and my personal favorite, Bergkamp. I hope they do well in the future and find their way back to the top after 12 years.

3 Liverpool The Reds' history is filled with dramatic comebacks and thrilling matches. Their long-awaited Premier League title win in 2020 added to their storied legacy that includes legends like Steven Gerrard.

I started liking Liverpool when Michael Owen began his career at Anfield. I was a great Owen fan, but my love for Liverpool grew so much that when Owen left the club for Real Madrid, I could not leave them. "Why are they the best?" Well, there are many reasons, but what I most like about them is, "They always do not have the best team in the EPL, but the way they play makes them one of the best."

Apart from the titles they won, they also have the all-time favorite football anthem, produced some of the world's finest footballers, have great team spirit, a huge fan base all over the world, and, of course, the unforgettable skipper "Stevie G." Proud of you, "The Reds."

4 Chelsea The Blues have displayed remarkable growth since the turn of the century, winning numerous titles under various managers, with figures like Frank Lampard and John Terry leaving a lasting legacy.

Chelsea is ready for anything. Recently, Chelsea has played better than ever. After winning the FA Cup, many fans of other teams have changed their opinions, or at least the ones I know. Does anyone even remember when Chelsea beat Queens Park Rangers 6-1? And Torres scored a hat trick in that match!

Chelsea in the preseason games showed a good attacking force and still maintained the great defensive play that they had in the previous season. With Chelsea's new players already showing the fans what they are capable of doing, it looks as if Chelsea are going to have a good season.

5 Manchester City From battling relegation to becoming a top-tier club, the Citizens' transformation into a Premier League powerhouse, under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, has been remarkable, with memorable players like Sergio Agüero.

I can confidently say Manchester City is the best team. They beat Chelsea 3-0 twice and beat Barcelona 3-1, plus Real Madrid 4-1. They are the future team. Manchester City has won against Arsenal 6-3, Tottenham Hotspur 6-0, Manchester United 6-0, and Norwich 7-0. The team that has appeared from nowhere, Manchester City, is the best team in the world. Go Sky Blues, go well this season.

I love Manchester City. I started following it last season and saw a kind of team spirit which I haven't for sure seen in any other club. When you talk football, talk Man City. I love Man City.

I have to give it all to Man City. They're a solid side, and my hypothesis is that they are going to win the Premier League this season. I don't have any doubts about my thought.

6 Tottenham Hotspur Spurs have consistently competed at the top end of the Premier League, with stars like Harry Kane and managers such as Mauricio Pochettino leaving a significant impact.

I reckon this club is often denied the respect it actually deserves. They were actually the pioneers of the English style of football and taught us how to win leagues comprehensively and impressively. Yes, they are living in the perpetual shadow of rivals Arsenal, but continuous managerial changes have regularly knocked the stuffing out of them.

Every time a new gaffer comes in, new ideologies and techniques come with him, and that is costing them loads. In the 2013-14 season, we saw them lose games on their own by committing schoolboy defensive errors, while at other times, they ran luckless. I'm a Man United fan, but I respect Spurs a lot despite the fact that they are fond of finishing outside the top 4.

7 Newcastle United The Magpies have enjoyed memorable periods in the Premier League, including the entertaining 'Entertainers' era of the mid-90s, with legendary striker Alan Shearer leading the line.

Proud past, future champions. Having a little bad luck this season, but newly signed young talent should help them get back where they belong, in the Champions League. I remember watching Shearer, Beardsley, Asprilla, and Gascoigne in the black and white. What powerhouse teams they had!

Close to winning the League once, they have a great team with a world-famous manager. They are in the Championship this season but will come back up. Toon Toon Black and White Army!

I am an Arsenal fan but respect Newcastle. They are in the relegation zone every year but always find a way to stay up. They have a very large fanbase but haven't won a trophy since 1969.

8 Everton As one of the longest-standing clubs in the top flight, the Toffees have become a Premier League mainstay, producing talents like Wayne Rooney and boasting the managerial expertise of Carlo Ancelotti.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham are all moneybags. Everton is by far the best Premier League team that isn't filthy rich.

A team no one has a bad word to say about. One of the all-time greats, and yet, every year, with limited resources, we continue to impress and achieve above expectations.

If you had a list of top teams with limited spending, then Everton would be number 1 on that list.

9 Leicester City The Foxes made history with their 5000-1 Premier League win in 2016, a story of the underdog that captivated fans globally, and the legacy of players like Jamie Vardy continues to shape the club.

Leicester City is the best. Claudio Ranieri is the best manager. If you think I am lying, then remember he won the Sports Personality Manager award.

I've always supported Leicester, and they're not horrid, got it? They should be ranked number one, not Man U. Leicester beat Man U, Liverpool, and so many other teams. They won the FA Cup, Premier League, and even the FA Community Shield.

I don't think they're the best, but they certainly deserve a few places higher.

10 West Ham United The Hammers have provided the Premier League with a rich crop of talent from their renowned academy, including the likes of Rio Ferdinand, while achieving notable top-half finishes.

West Ham United really has a place in my heart. Antonio has just been really good for WH this season. They can still get to the Champions League, which I would love. I think that would be better than Iceland making it to the World Cup.

A very historic but great club. It has very loyal supporters. A West Ham player was captain of England in the 1966 final.

Go Hammers go. Excellent team and awesome fans.

The Contenders
11 Aston Villa As a club with a rich history, the Villains have enjoyed several standout Premier League campaigns, producing talents like Jack Grealish and achieving top-half finishes.

Undervalued, considering the history and success of the club in years gone by. Inventors of the Football League and former European champions.

Aston Villa, welcome back to the Premier League 2019.

12 Southampton Known for their outstanding youth academy, the Saints have contributed many stars to the Premier League, including Gareth Bale, while consistently competing in the top flight.

They play fast, high-intensity football and have one of the best youth academies in Europe. They're just starting to become a genuine challenger for the top 6 now. The new Everton?

13 Wolverhampton Wanderers After gaining promotion in 2018, Wolves quickly became a top-half Premier League club, with an exciting brand of football under Nuno Espírito Santo and talented players like Raul Jimenez.

Brilliant, although they haven't won the Premier League yet.

14 Swansea City The Swans impressed during their time in the Premier League with a possession-based style of play, producing talents like Michu and securing their highest-ever finish in the 2014-15 season.

Definitely know how to handle the ball well when in trouble on the pitch.

15 Wigan Athletic The Latics spent eight years in the Premier League and made history by winning the FA Cup in 2013, thanks to a memorable goal from Ben Watson.

Because they have won a lot of trophies and have arrived several times at the Champions League.

16 West Bromwich Albion The Baggies have had several stints in the Premier League, known for their battling performances and producing talents such as Saido Berahino.
17 Crystal Palace The Eagles have become Premier League stalwarts, known for their passionate fanbase and memorable players, including the dazzling skills of Wilfried Zaha.

Crystal Palace is a great team. If they work harder, they will excel.

This is so old. Manchester City are on top, and Crystal Palace are in 12th.

18 Nottingham Forest Although their Premier League stints have been limited, Forest remain one of England's most storied clubs, with past glories including two consecutive European Cup wins.

They may not be very good now, but under Brian Clough, they won the Title once and the European Cup (a.k.a. the Champions League) twice.

19 Leeds United The Whites, under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa, returned to the Premier League after a 16-year absence, recapturing their status as a formidable club with a passionate fanbase.

Should be higher up than this. What a joke.

20 Burnley Under Sean Dyche, the Clarets have become a recognizable Premier League team, known for their solid defensive structure and team ethos.
21 Sunderland Despite recent struggles, the Black Cats have a rich Premier League history, with notable characters such as Kevin Phillips, who won the European Golden Shoe while at the club.

They're down in League One at the moment. Take them off.

Sunderland has beaten Manchester United and Manchester City, so I think they should go a bit higher.

They are the kind of team that will give other teams a few problems.

22 Blackburn Rovers The Rovers etched their name in history by winning the Premier League title in 1994-95, thanks to the prolific strike partnership of Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton.
23 Stoke City Known for their physical style of play, the Potters maintained a 10-year stint in the Premier League, with memorable players like Peter Crouch and a reputation as a tough place for any away team.

The oldest team in the Premier League, and second oldest in the world after Notts County, is owned by a local man and lifelong supporter, Peter Coates. They gave the world modern football through the legendary Sir Stanley Matthews. He was never booked despite playing into his 50s, was the first footballer to be knighted, the only footballer to be knighted while still playing, and the first winner of the Ballon d'Or. They have the loudest, most passionate support in the country, made up of local fans too. What's not to like?

Very underrated team with some brilliant players and a good manager in Mark Hughes.

24 Watford The Hornets have had multiple stints in the Premier League, with standout players like Troy Deeney leaving a lasting impression, coupled with a memorable FA Cup run in 2019.

Ended Liverpool's unbeaten streak in the 2019-2020 season.

13 points in 6 games. Way better than at least 80% of the teams rated above.

Far more organised than Leicester City, just haven't been as lucky.

25 Norwich City The Canaries have experienced several promotions to the Premier League, showcasing attacking football and players like Teemu Pukki, who won the Golden Boot in their promotion-winning season.

They are a resilient, hard-working team who never gives up. They shouldn't be 28th. They should be 1st. By a 10-year-old girl.

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