Top 10 Best Liverpool F.C. Players of All Time

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1 Steven Gerrard Steven George Gerrard (born 30 May 1980) is an English professional football manager and former Liverpool player who currently manages Scottish Premiership club Rangers.

In my opinion, he is the best ever English midfielder, much better than the likes of Lampard and Beckham. He's Mr. Liverpool. He's loyal, hardworking, and an amazing football player.

A couple of times, he looked to have left us, but he went with his heart and stayed. I adore watching him on the football field because every time he plays, he either passes well, defends well, scores well, or he may even do everything well in a game.

He's won many trophies with us apart from the Premier League, unfortunately (which he deserves to win because of what a player he is). He is also my role model. He is a true Liverpool and England legend. YNWA Steven Gerrard.

2 Kenny Dalglish

I think it's too easy to vote for the amazing Steven Gerrard, as he's the most recent example of one of Liverpool's true greats. But he is outclassed in all departments by the class of Kenny Dalglish, who was consistently the best player on the best ever Liverpool teams.

King Kenny all the way! He will always be number one. If you look at what he did not only for Liverpool but also for football in this country, it's incredible. Three seasons without missing a game. 42 games in a row.

Dalglish and Barnes are the truly outstanding great players, followed by a second tier of club stalwarts such as Souness, Keegan, Rush, Hughes, Clemence, Hansen, Neal, Gerrard, and Lawrenson. In a 4-2-1-3 formation, I believe this is Liverpool's best eleven of all time.

3 Ian Rush

He has made more impact than any other player in Liverpool and has scored more as well. How has Gerrard got more votes? This man is the god who made us a good team. Gerrard was overrated.

28% voted for Gerrard. Why? Only 8% take into account Liverpool's history. Why can't you vote for a true legend, someone who wins trophies? So, vote for Ian Rush.

He is the best. Not even Suarez can beat this guy. He is unstoppable.

I'd say he's one of the best attackers in Liverpool.

4 Luis Suárez Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz, born on January 24, 1987, is an Uruguayan professional footballer. He plays as a striker for the American club, Inter Miami CF, and the Uruguay national team.

It's Luis Suárez, right? What a player! He is just fantastic, and Liverpool should try to hold on to him. He needs to have a more constant partner up front. He's not a lone ranger and has suffered from isolation this season.

Perhaps not the best role model, the most honorable, or the most noble player, but in terms of technical ability, the best Liverpool has ever seen. One of the best players inside the box in the world.

Although Gerrard may be the right choice sentimentally and is rightly a Liverpool legend, in terms of talent and ability, no one who has worn a Red shirt is better than Suárez. His goal-scoring instinct, competitive desire, and passion make him the greatest player to ever grace the Kop.

5 Fernando Torres

Football has seen many awesome players, from Pele and Maradona to Henry, Ronaldo, and Messi. But in my opinion, Fernando Torres playing for Liverpool was the greatest player I have ever seen, although I am a Chelsea fan.

Torres gave Liverpool victories no one else could have in three years! He made Liverpool win against Manchester United and Chelsea several times. He was truly a Liverpool hero!

His speed and agility are beyond imagination. Though Gerrard is an awesome player, Torres almost equals him!

6 Robbie Fowler

Few shall ever know what is on the other side. That place in the heart which makes its owner explore the darkest realms but at the same time remain true to oneself.

Robbie Fowler was born there, and it would make it impossible for anyone to spot him, let alone catch him. That kind of fire is always destined to be ephemeral. Consider yourself lucky you witnessed it.

Best goal finisher ever! Remember the three goals against Arsenal?

7 John Barnes

When John Barnes played together with Peter Beardsley, that was definitely one of the best and most magical periods in LFC's history. What an outstanding and talented player John Barnes was for Liverpool!

I had to add him to the list! This man is an absolute legend. One of the greatest players for Liverpool without a doubt.

Barnes had a way of exciting the Kop with his powerful runs and brilliant goals. He is the third-best player in Liverpool FC's history.

8 Kevin Keegan Joseph Kevin Keegan (born 14 February 1951) is an English former football player and manager. A forward, he played for several clubs including Liverpool and Hamburger SV.

Keegan represents the great Liverpool success story. Kevin is still the best Kop player.

9 Philippe Coutinho Philippe Coutinho Correia, known as Philippe Coutinho, or simply Coutinho, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team as an attacking midfielder or winger.

I don't know why he left Liverpool, but when he played, in my opinion, he was the best player, as well as Salah. Coutinho has great footwork and what a strike that man has. I'm so proud that he now plays for one of the best teams in the world.

Coutinho is outstanding. In my opinion, Coutinho should be the captain because he always tries his best and believes he can do this. He is an intelligent footballer.

If he stays at Liverpool for another 3 to 4 seasons, he could become one of the all-time greats.

10 Graeme Souness
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11 Mohamed Salah Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly (born June 15, 1992) is an Egyptian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Liverpool and captains the Egypt national team.

One of the greatest right wingers to ever play in the Premier League. Was bought for a bargain and it's been paying off ever since. Just hoping he doesn't leave England for Spain.

Mo Salah should be number 2 on this list, after Gerrard. If you watched his brace against Bournemouth, you'd swear he was magical.

I wouldn't say he is the best yet, but in 3 to 4 years' time, he will definitely be in the top 3, if not 1st.

12 Daniel Sturridge Daniel Andre Sturridge is an English professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team.

I love Daniel's dance. There's nothing more to say because he's everything. Let's just say he's AMAZING!

I love Daniel's dance. What should I say? He's everything. Let me just say HE IS AMAZING!

13 Jamie Carragher James Lee Duncan "Jamie" Carragher is a retired English footballer who played as a defender for Premier League club Liverpool for 17 years.

I watched him win games for LFC by stopping the opposition from scoring time and time again. A true Liverpool legend. MP Southport.

14 Jordan Henderson

Henderson is a good player for Liverpool because he has good pace, accurate shooting, and he does it all day long, consistently.

He can play right winger because he has good pace and can cross a ball.

He is an amazing central midfielder.
He could be the next Steven Gerrard.

15 Michael Owen Michael James Owen is an English former footballer who played as a striker for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City, as well as for the England national team.

Hold on, I am a Chelsea fan and a great admirer of Owen. He made the game look like he decided everything. My favorite Liverpool player of all time!

Doesn't anybody remember how good he was for Liverpool? He scored in almost every game at his peak! Definitely in the top 20 of Liverpool's greatest ever players.

He is one of the best players for Liverpool. Nobody can forget the 2001 double-winning team. He was the backbone of the team, even for the national team.

16 Steve McManaman
17 Xabi Alonso Xabier "Xabi" Alonso Olano is a Spanish footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich as a central midfielder.
18 Dirk Kuyt

I still remember the three goals he scored against Man U.

Unbelievable true spirit player.

19 Adam Lallana
20 Jan Mølby

Best passer of the ball the club has ever seen. Technically superb!

21 Sadio Mané

Well, he is improving a lot, that I can say.

22 Steve Heighway

One of the greatest crossers of the ball. Loved watching him take on players down the wing and then whipping the ball into the box.

Pure winger with pace and fantastic crosses. He made dynamic runs down the touchline.

23 Djibril Cissé
24 Pepe Reina José Manuel "Pepe" Reina Páez is a Spanish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Italian club S.S.C.

Reina has kept many clean sheets for Liverpool and played an outstanding role, saving 3 out of 4 West Ham penalties in the FA Cup final. He has made some silly saves but also some good ones. He saved Cristiano Ronaldo's free-kick and helped us win 4-1 against Manchester United.

25 Sami Hyypiä

Definitely the best defender of the modern era of Liverpool FC.

In Finland, we don't have a lot of good players. Everyone says that our best player is Jari Litmanen, but that's not true. Hyypiä is the boss. He's the best and unstoppable.

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