Top 10 Hardest Sonic Levels

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21Camelot Castle - Sonic and the Black Knight
22Shrouded Forest - Sonic and the Black Knight

First mission in this level is not that hard but there are other ones I haven't done yet

23Lost World - Sonic Adventure

Man, what a crazy A mission. I remember barely making 4:30 in time (had to use a giant shortcut to get to the end). The snake in the water room tested my patience, and the wall-walking room was the highlight of the whole place.

24Scrambled Egg Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
25Terminal Velocity - Sonic Colors

Looks pretty easy right until the enemies arrive

26Security Hall - Sonic Adventure 2V1 Comment
27Death Egg Zone - Sonic 2
28Night Palace - Sonic and the Secret Rings

I find this level tricky but not that tricky since I did beat on my first try

29The Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog

This level is too maze like and WAY too big and boring elevators that you have to wait for. the hero mission is when you have to chuck healing capsules on dead reasearchers but the camera has a seizure and you will probably miss a lot. The dark mission sucks more since you have to kill SIXTY gun troops! In the giant maze like area! Oh and one of the gun mechs is glitches and you have to use a checkpoint warp to actually FIND THAT GUN MECH. even the normal mission is Tedious.

This level is a never ending maze. You are never sure where to go. I was stuck on that fit a few days

A year ago I played this stage and it took me 23 MINUTES to complete it (I did dark mission)

30Route 280 Mission 4 - Sonic Adventure 2

Beating act 1 of this kart racing level is fine, but when you go to act 4 and you have to clear without hitting any walls, be prepared

Hard but Mad Space is much harder

31Lava Mountain Zone 2 - Sonic Lost World
32Blue Marine Zone - Sonic Blast

Currents brining you to the start of the level and cannot be seen? Pipes leading to instadrowning? The exit blocked off by a seemingly impassable wall? Act 3 has no bubbles and all the time fighting the boss is spent underwater meaning you have to beat it in 30 seconds? Madness!

This is the most confusing zone in the Sonic series.

33Dusty Desert - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
34Grand Metropolics / Power Plant - Sonic Heroes
35Flame Core - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This level is so annoying, falling off walls and landing in lava, and a hard boss to go with it!

36Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD)
37Sky Canyon Zone - Sonic Advance 2
38Mad Space - Sonic Adventure 2

The cryptic notes, the gravity, the scale of the level.

This level can die.

Super hard but managed to beat it

39Radical Highway - Sonic Generations 3DS

Classic is easy. Modern is a damn pain in the ass! Tried a million times could. Not. Get. It!

40Planet Wisp - Sonic GenerationsV1 Comment
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