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July 27, 2015 - This are the list of best Japanese Rock Drummers from early Japanese rock years to recent years. Only Japanese drummers with a band or was in a band should be included on the list. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Uke Yutaka - The GazettE
Some of the others on this list are very good. They've had years more experience than Kai, and that's great and all, but Kai's got so much passion when he drums. Any video you see of him, his whole body moves with the music; he sings along, while maintaining a perfect rhythm. His licks are really unique more often than not. Anyone can learn to kick the bass in 16ths, but to have that strong ability and the variety to make it matter is why I think he's the best.
Plus... He's just so damn nice. You can't NOT love him.
I really feel he has something, he plays drums so fantastic, I'm not saying he's like Yoshiki, but this guy has... I don't know, I can say he doesn't make any face when he's on rehearsal, ahhm... It looks so easy to him just take the instrument and start to hit it... I don't know why, but he catch me.
I love his smile, he is the best drummer ever, he always work so hard in everything and love what he does, we can always be happy with him
[Newest]Kai is indeed number one. Not just in his playing style, but also in his attitude. He loves music and has a passion for that and cooking. Kai has worked hard to get where he is today. He inspires everyone through his playing and his smile. He puts his heart and soul into being the best he can be and every fiber of his body is put into playing.
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2Yuki - Versailles
the craziest drummer I ever seen, I'm not the type who root for a drummer but he made me go crazy with his skill. I'm just impressed!
Yuki's playing style is unique. he dwells on complexity. and of course you gotta give props to this guy. his stamina is monstrous!
If you see his old band, you couldn't see how good he was, but now... O my god Yuki, DAISUKI! I mean, his speed, his rhythm and his energy. It just gives a good vibe.
[Newest]He's my favorite drummer so far. One of the greats in my book.
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3Shinya Terauchi - Dir en grey
I can say that although Yoshiki is an amazing composer and an amazingly fast drummer that Shinya has a higher quality drumming style. There is so much depth and emotion in his drumming. It really pierces you. Take the time really focus on his drumming. It's complex and unpredictable.. yet beautiful, brutal, intense and satisfying. It really reverberates in your chest when you listen to him drum.
Shinya does not only keep the rhythm, like many modern drummers - he also adds feeling and emotion to the song. There is so much texture to his playing, he's very unique.
There is a lot of drummers on this list that I would like to vote for (Yoshiki, Sujk, Tetsu, Yuki) but Shinya is probably the most unique. Love the small solo in Vinushka.
[Newest]I am amazed by his drums when I first heard of Dir En Grey. You know, for most bands, I usually noticed the guitarists and the Vocal. But Shinya has made me fallen in love with his drumming - He is fab!
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4Yoshiki Hayashi - X JAPAN
I did have second thoughts, despite the fact that I am a X freak. I do think that Shinya from Dir en grey has more variety in skills and techniques than his drum hero, but Yoshiki basically started everything in what we consider as the j rock / visual kei scene today. I am more rooted for the "old" Yoshiki.. and I am referring to the time period between X's breakthrough in the underground music scene until roughly 2 years ago. As an emotional and talented drummer, Yoshiki devotes all of himself into his drums. He drums with his heart. You feel his emotions - usually sadness and pain- by just watching the way he drums. You can mute your TV and feel "something" by just watching. He's trying to fight through all his emotions when he drums, and it just catches you. Other than drumming skills, which everyone has a different standard for "bad/good", Yoshiki is an overall more talented, and polished, musician. He can write music, write lyrics, plays piano(which is actually his "natural instrument), strings arrangements, conducting... He has proved that he can do a lot more than just "drums" and do it well, and this is why I think he is the No.1 drummer on this list.
He is the god of the Japanese music world. His composing and intense drumming are beautiful.

In Art of Life by X Japan he pounds the drums and piano for 30 minutes straight! Check it out!
Can Shinya do that? Ha. No.
How could he be 4th place!? THIS IS NOT FAIR! After all that he'd done, this is what he get? I do believe that many others vote those above Yoshiki right now JUST BECAUSE OF HIS LOOKS. Yoshiki is handsome, but he is even more talented! I'll tell you the truth, I don't really have a thing for drummers (I LIKE BASS! ). However, I'm very attached to Yoshiki- WHY? Try listening to his solos. If you don't want to, then that's because you're too afraid to admit he's good. He's good- no, HE'S LEGEND. JUST LIKE THE OTHER X MEMBERS. I'm not saying Kai, Shinya and Yuki is bad. They're good. It's just that they"ll never be able to play it like YOSHIKI.

[Newest]I have a question. How come Yoshiki at number 4? He should be number 1. Why? Just look at how he plays drum. He plays 2 bass drum. And Uke Yutaka from The GazettE just play 1 bass drum. Which one is the best? Of course Yoshiki. Although he was about to old, but he still have energy to play drum. Besides drum, he can play piano and guitar. I hope Yoshiki on top of the rank cause we are X!
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5Nao - Alice Nine
Nao has very nice and heavy drumming. I can always hear his drumming in songs. I always air drum to the drums because it's really audible and heavy. I really admire his drumming and hope I can be as good as him one day.
Nao is the leader of Alice Nine, he's so Cool and skillfully drummer
He's style is amazing, he have a nice face, hope Nao will be the best drummer in the world.
His hands very quickly when he drumming. I like that sound when he drumming, it has step to step slow to fast and Quiet sound to heavy sound. He make me amazing all the time when he drumming.
[Newest]The greatest drummer out there!

6Yukihiro Awaji - L'Arc~en~Ciel
Not only is he an awesome drummer, but he also composes some of the best songs of L'Arc~en~Ciel. I believe he brought L'Arc~en~Ciel into a new era and they have grown since Yukihiro joined. I love Yukihiro, and not only he he an awesome drummer but in Acid Android, his solo project, he's an awesome vocalist and guitar player as well! Guys, don't forget he was the bassist of P'UNK~EN~CIEL!
I like he's style of playing drums... He was my inspiration to continue playing drums,.. He's technical is good, he is better than the other... HE'S THE BEST DRUMMER IN JAPAN
Very high technical...
Very high speed drumming
Different drummer
[Newest]He puts his soul in his drumming... You can feel every time he plays

7Rina Suzuki - SCANDAL
She definitely can rocks! Talented, nice, cute, and a hardworker ^^ And top of that she will improve knowing she is still young~
She's the cutest drummer ever and the most talented
Most beautiful and most cutest drummer IN THE WORLD! And she ROCKS! SHE IS RINA SUZUKI WE ALL KNOWN! Reinkoku
[Newest]Cutest girl drummer ever
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The best drummer I've ever seen so far! His drums solos are terrific! His skills, his motion, his passion for drums! You can see all of them. His every move is full of emotion. I love him!
SUJK is COOL! He is not only fast, but see his drum set. Full of things that confuses me. He even got the nice fan thingy! The best part is he spins his stick while playing drum! Epic!
You had too see how he play the drum! Spins the drumstick without loose the tempo, he already had his special character! SUJK sensei was great!
[Newest]He is my inspiration for playing drum

9Shirato Yuuya - SID
Not only is he an amazing drummer, he gives life to a band as brilliant as SID. Often, bands lack a sense of union amongst their members, and even if their music is great, the chemistry between them is no good. This definitely doesn't apply to SID, there's an amazing bond between the four members of this band; they're not individuals, they're a true group, and Yuuya is a fundamental piece of this union. The music they make is amazing and creative, and he gives SID the soul they have. He's an incredible drummer and person! Go, Yuuya!
He is just amazing. Really skillful. His drumming beats are precise, fit every rhythm the band play. He is really talented and does a great work!
Yuuya-san must be the best drummer! He is talented and does a really great work~! And he composed many good songs, so I love him very very very much!
[Newest]Yuuya is the best

10Jin - ScReW
Jin might be small but he can kick ass with his drumming

The Contenders

11Minase - D=Out

12Junji Tokai - Kiryu

13Kei - Sadie

14ROI - Jackman

15Tetsu Kikuchi - D'ERLANGER
it doesn't mean if u're being first visual kei in japan, u're the best. being second band who influenced today's visual kei bands, and better than yoshiki of Japan. they are way underrated.


don't believe in dir en grey fans, this one is one of the pioneers of visual kei and had drummed in many bands including CRAZE and this


the top two drummers here are well known try to discover new drummers like tetsu kikuchi


16Shinpei - SuG
An excellent drummer who shows not only his own skill, but compliments his band altogether as well.
Shinpei's incredibly well-trained. He's got all the flexibility to play any style of music he wants and the musical ear to be able to tailor his style to perfectly suit any song presented to him. As a result, SuG's sound has significantly improved since they added his talent into their lineup. An amazingly adept young artist, shinpei has managed to pull SuG out of three years worth of stagnation left behind by their undeniably charming but unfortunately average original drummer.
He had his own style of playing drum, unlike some other bands drummer, they play crazily, but Shinpei looks calm and enjoy when he is playing drum. And he looks cute and we can know that he put in a lot of effort when playing drum, because he is so chibi and the drum looks like a giant compared to him.
His talent surprised me. Being raised with a drummer for a dad, I've learned much about drummers and how style varies, etc. And I have to say shinpei is one of the best in my opinion. Very cute and very talented indeed!
[Newest]You the best... Drummers

17Shuji Suematsu - Janne Da Arc
He's could be the leader of drummer. see GUNS, RED ZONE, DIAMOND VIRGIN and LABYRINTH songs to see it..


technical and speed drummer, just the best
Leader of rock drummer!
He's fast too!


18Makoto - EAT YOU ALIVE

19Nero - Merry
Probably the best drummer in the Neo Visual Kei scene, very unique style of playing.

20Natsume - LEZARD

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