Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Dungeons


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1Stone Tower Temple

The dungeon starts off somewhat bland. Your faced with old enemies and you just have to use masks to navigate around but it was still entertaining. Then you exit the building, shoot the light arrows and everything turns upside-down... Literally. I had noticed before how the architecture seemed to have platforms on the roof and sloping ceilings but this was just...epic.

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2Snowhead Temple

It is my favorite dungeon ever I just love rolling around as goron I love snow especially if it snowhead I love the goron mask I liked to use the goron lullaby to make the goron fall asleep everything is fun BELIEVE IT OR NOT I WANT TO LIVE AT SNOWHEAD Goht and I could be brothers I love to fight Goht

3Woodfall Temple

To be honest I think it was pretty

4Great Bay Temple

Why is this on here?

5Inside the Moon

I really like to look of the inside of the moon, it makes you totally forget what is going on outside of the moon because of its beauty. The meadow is just the prettiest thing I've ever seen!

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6Pirates' Fortress
7Ancient Castle of Ikana

Reminds me of dark souls

8Deku Palace
9Beneath the Well
10Oceanside Spider House

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11Swamp Spider House
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