Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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Moskova (Russia)
HAve you ever been to Moscow to critic it?!


Russia: Anywhere within any city with a population above 100,000 be indoors by 7pm. Drinking in public is allowed and beer to a 9 month winter Russian is same as koolaid for anyone from the USA.

March of every year Russian girls need extra vacation money for summer vacations and send love letters to romantics and spouse hunters on the net. Scammers do not lament, it is just about the cash money.

Food: Do not go there for fine dining unless Andrew Zimmern. If you speak no Russian they may very well refuse to serve you. Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc will however do you well all over Russia.

Buy all your booze in the market; never at a street kiosk. Do not booze in a bar even if run by Hindus. They will separate you from your cash quick.
Lots of gangs. The most powerful of them operates from Kremlin. Locals depending on age have a chip on the shoulder (younger ones) or gold mine instead of teeth (older ones). If you happen to be dark skinned expect trouble - if you're lucky you will regain consciousness in a week or two, and loose it immediately when you see how hospital looks like and how much "gratification" docs, nurses et al expect.
[Newest]Russia is bad place

2Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herezgovina)
Sarajevo is nice city, however it is true that you can get robbed easy. Who ever does visit the city should keep him/her self in the downtown, should not walk around the suburbs. City with whole lot of historical buildings, and I would call it European Jerusalem. Diversity of different religions on one place, city with good people ready to help at any given time. Like any other big city, yes there are gangs, however it is safe if you keep your self in the old town. Beautiful city with nice night life, nice restaurants, nice food. You just need to get in contact with someone local and than you will discover beauties of the city it self and people that do live there. True it was much nicer, however war has done the damage. Lots of local people are not really from Sarajevo, huge population migration happened during and after the war. My opinion is a must see city.
I truly do not know what this city is doing on the list- I have never felt unsafe in Sarajevo, I have been there several times, and stayed for several weeks, and never, ever saw anybody being robbed. People are helpful, and the city is just amazing, as well as the nature around the city - I have been walking alone at night and nothing ever happened. I even forgot my credit card in a place, and had a guy running after me to give it to me, and this was at 3 am in a suburb. Having it so high on the list compared to London, Berlin, or Bucarest is just ridiculous!
Great city... If you acting like tourist, but stay in old town
[Newest]Sarajevo is such a beautiful city... It's so sad that the main part of the civil war happened here.

3Belgrade (Serbia)
This town shouldn't be in this list, you can walk alone whole day and night freely.
I'm not Serbian and I live in Belgrade, there are no gangs here, you have a very small chance to get robed and level of criminal is not so high, there are no racism or similar stuf, so I thing Belgrade shold not be on the list. Come to Belgrade and see for your self, you can walk alone in the midle of the night and feel very safe, and things that New Belgrade is dangerous is a lie I live there.
Belgrade is little dangerous. That is most beautiful city in hole world! Don't listen idiot from T.V. or Internet who say "Belgrade is most dangerous city in Europe" or "New Belgrade is full of Serbian Mafia" just come to us and enjoy in beautiful city!
[Newest]Dude, I'm so scared of this place (for some reasons)
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4Tirana (Albania)
The whole world has heard about the Albanian mafia... About drug trafficking, people trafficking, murder's, rape, etc...
They control over 40% of the worlds drug trafficking
They are deep rooted in the balkans since the 15th century

FBI reports say that the Albanian mafia is one of the top 3 mafia organizations in the world

Interpol reports say that the Albanian mafia is the second largest mafia organization in the world
I am an albanian and haven't lived in albania for 20 years and every time I visit although I look and sound like a tourist never had any problems there everyone is friendly. However, I still say that albania is dangerous but not to genuine visitors, the only people that will be in danger in albania are gangsters, show offs, and people with attitude problems (due to the albanian pride not to feel inferior or second to no one) Everyone else will be more welcomed then visiting relatives go and check it out or ask anyone who has been there.
Albanians are very violent people, common guys Albanian Mafia is most violent mafia in the world. They are very brave men.
[Newest]I'm Albanian and I support Albania all the way.
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5Glasgow (UK)
Too much drink. Too few jobs. Local attitude very low.
I'm from glasgow I'm 22 and got two slashes on my face and one on my leg, I'm not a trouble maker just through being mugged haha it can be a beautiful but scary place at times.
Glasgow is wonderful place only the 10percent wee silly needs that ruin it!

The other lot the drug dealers and gangsters! There not so bad most of the time as they do there own thing and keep to them selfs pretty easy to spot too, track suits! Gucci cruise clothes rollex! Veneers! Big cars

The rest are ok

Nothing worse than junks but there everywhere in most run down areas,

City centre at we for most of you bet to get your taxi after dancing this is we're the trouble starts walking about Glasgow late at night!
[Newest]Glasgow is a peaceful city trust me

6Limerick (Ireland)
Limerick saw a gang murder every week between about 2000 all the way up until 2010, but the Police have it under control now. Over 100 gang members have been jailed under new anti-gang legislation (the others are dead), and put away for a long time, while firearms crimes are down by 93% year on year. There is still a decent police (Garda) presence and they have SWAT teams patrolling the remaining few gang areas.
Stay away from this place council estate kids closed thing to hell
This is absolutely unbelivable rubbish being said on here by people who have never been to limerick and are just casting an unintelligent ignorant comment on what they have heard. In the gangland feud from 2000-2008 when the last murder was there was a total of 22 murders. 22! Not one every week like one idiot said on here. Limerick is a fantastic city with something for everyone and not in a million years should it ever have been put on this list. The gangland feud in limerick is over! All of those scumbags have been locked up and will never see the light of day again.
[Newest]Murder capital of Ireland

7Malmö (Sweden)
The town is completely taken over by stupid immigrants, sadly...
What a dump! Seriously, If you are stupid enough to wander in there and not be immediately identifiable to the "locals" as an Arab or Somali... You gonna die.
Female? Gang rape. No way in hell are the police going to bother intervening or investigating if you are not Muslim.
Smell that? That's the schools, police stations, medical facility's being burned to the ground, it happens every single night.
A lot of immigrants aka "youth" in this city in Skåne, it's a real shame. Malmö used to be a great city but ever since the social-democrats and moderates decided to enrich it it's been crap. Here in Sweden you always hear it mentioned when talking about crime, immigration and violence. I recommend everyone to keep away from this hell hole of a city.
And to my fellow Swedes I recommend voting for a party that actually cares about the Swedes and not just about the "Newswedes" next election, or you'll have yourself to blame when it spreads to your town.
[Newest]Mass immigration has really taken its toll.

8Nottingham (UK)
I live in Nottingham, Hucknall, and I'm 19. I have say, you have your nice places and not so nice, just like any city. The bad places are really bad. Don't go walking around late at night, and it doesn't matter if you act big, or you're just acting normal, you have the same chance of getting mugged or stabbed. I remember as a kid, around 6 years old, me and my friend went down River Lean, and we saw a man sitting on the floor in the woods with a shot gun, we got so scared and we ran like hell, he started shouting at us, but some people on the tram saw him a bit before and called the police, and as a kid, when I was 13 - 17, I was scared to go outside because my friends estate was so scary. Also, Holgate School was horrible, fights every single day, the outside class rooms got burnt down, and people brought knives to school. I wouldn't advice anyone to go roaming around towns unless you're a well known local. I also lived in a pub, and it was really nice, but I've been in recently for a few drinks, and it's not as nice, lot's of people trying to prove what they can do. The city on the other hand is amazing, lot's of shops and clubs/bars, it has an amazing night life, and around christmas, it becomes so beautiful. By the way, I ended up getting in with some of the dangerous people in my town, and the things they do to people isn't nice. My very own friends beat me, and put me in hospital just so they could steal my bike, to sell it on for drugs. Oh, and never go to St. Annes, it's a horrible place, my step dads brother got killed by a man with a cross bow in the forest, I think it's probably the most dangerous place in Nottingham. I'd hate to go anywhere worse than here.


There are some nicer areas like any city, but come on 'Shottingham' says it all, I've spent most of my life here and worked in some of the inner city estates, I was scared to walk about these places in day light and wouldn't dream of it in the night time, the city itself has a nasty atmosphere and a tension too it, the city centre isn't too dangerous or poor on the whole but it is a very small centre, venture out of maybe a square mile and a half in any direction (pretty much) and you would be at risk. This whole area of the North Midlands (Derby and Stoke to point fingers) is bleak and unsavoury, lacks the heart of the north or the safety of the south, as an area it's stuck in an uneasy limbo. Can't at all see why people who are not from here move here unless a job pays very well, I've recently moved away.

As with everywhere it's not all bad, as I see the VERY centre of the city is more desirable, but there's a reason it's so high on the list, be it from the street level crime that litters the city to previous crime lords the 'Gunn' family's gangland style executions of witnesses.
Rated 4th come on get real the city is amazing. The people are great and the city centre has every thing you could want and is safe!
[Newest]I didn't know it was really that bad over there. Sorry to hear about you getting beat and put in hospital by your own friends. The same happened to me too, except I live in US, and it seems like people cannot be trusted anywhere. Sorry to hear.

9Marseille (France)
Lock your car; take good care of your purse and belongings. A strange mix of untrustful people.
I'm living in France in Paris and I say Paris is pretty dangerous and use to be a nice place now it is only a soulless place. But MARSEILLE... Robbery, drugs traffic, gun traffic shootings this place doesn't even belong to France just to Arabs drug dealers
Just seen documentary on it and this place is definitely up there
[Newest]Awesome place! Family friendly! People are incredible

10Napoli (Italy)
Napoli is a great place with great people. And yes, it's kind of a dirty city. But it's a unique city as well; a typical southern Italian city. About the Camorra: Yes, the clans own over 50% of the companies, hotels, restaurants and bars there, simply because they want to make money. There's also a very simple rule: Don't destroy the sources you get your money from. This includes tourists. As a tourist, you're completely safe there. The Camorra rather protects them instead of destroying them. It's pretty naïve to think they pose a thread to tourist, especially because tourists visit Napoli's hotspots, located in the center of the city, near the bay. That's not where the Camorristi do their business. For the thrill seekers, I strongly advice to visit neighborhoods and cities north of the city: Casoria, Afragola, Melito di Napoli, Secondigliano, Sant'Antimo and of course, Scampia. And even when visiting these neighborhoods and cities, the chances of getting robbed or stabbed aren't that high. The Cammoristi are not that stupid -- why would they get themselves into lots of trouble by pulling such stunts? They don't get anything out of it. I honestly think some people here are overreacting. "Napoli is a very dangerous city! Don't go there, you will get yourself killed! "... Like, are you serious right now?

People, feel free to visit the city. You will have a good time, even though you will probably have some doubts about it on the first day of your visit. But you'll soon discover that the ambiance of the city is great.

About the football fans: football fans in general behave badly. The Napoli fans are just really passionate about their club, and are willing to do everything to express their love for the city. That this sometimes involves attacking other groups of football fans, well.. Welcome to the world of European football. Remember the time Napoli fans got shot at by Roma fans and one supporter died? When Napoli fans shoot at others, it's something scandalous. When Roma fans do it, they suddenly get picked on less. Coincidence? I think not.

Napoli and everything that comes from it gets criticized by the rest of Italy, especially the north. Such a pity. Somehow, a country always has one city that is hated by 90% of the country's citizens. For Italy, this city is Napoli.

When it comes to these kind of cities, you should always do some research before blindly believing what everyone is saying.
Definitely the most dangerous city in Italy, if not Western Europe. Palermo, Sicily is also very bad. These cities are riddled with mafia.
I was Napoli/Naples and very interesting city, but some place is dangerous especially outside the historical city zone. It is very good to take interest pictures but full with thieves and gangs ( stupid unemployed boys who likes spitting people etc). Another problem is dirt, heat, water and easily to get infection.
[Newest]Murder capitol of Europe
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11London (UK)
It s a fact London is very dangerous even under CCTV. It is statistically the most dangerous city of Europe, straight after comes Glasgow with knifes aggression. Foreigners can easily see the difference on the high level of violence compare to their other European countries. South west London is considering as safe because posh but It is not the case at all. French persons and others foreigners have stories to talk about this area. Blood, dangerous crazy people, junkies, extreme poor-less, fight, murder etc. We are witness of chocking and bad acts each week. I come from Paris an area consider as a bad one but I have never seen in Paris, what I have seen here in 3 months. That s crazy. I live Fulham, my neighbor was killed in his house, an old woman was sexually abuse in the street, 3 children were kidnapped, a man try to kidnapped myself, A girl punched a man, a man had a cheek cut and many more witnessed. When I come back around 8 pm from work there is more than 50 percent a fight or injuries in the overground or underground station. If you come assure yourself of a maximum security like use a cab service when you get out at night, try do not walk alone etc. So, sure you can enjoy your stay because there some things to do here but do not forget to protect yourself, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE London s violence.
Bear in mind London is one of the largest cities (counting the urban zone) in Europe with one of the largest populations of any city. That means there are a lot of different areas within London, some places extremely safe, others more dangerous. Stick to the centre or the wealthy suburbs and you're generally OK. Wander around certain parts of Tottenham, Brixton and Peckham of a night just have your wits about you and you should be alright. Don't let any stories of crime dissuade you from visiting though, London has some amazing places.
I live in this wonderful city and it is no more dangerous than any other capital city. The same rules apply everywhere: don't walk down dark side streets on your own or even as a pair (if you're going to, best be done in a group of 3 or more). Don't show off your wealth too much or you may be targetted. Don't wonder off outside the centre unless you know what you are heading into! Common sense people.
[Newest]The reason why London is the worst because check the death rate. I live here n lost over 15 people. Everyday madness and I live in south London. Check the reports please.
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12Sofia (Bulgaria)
Gypsies stealing from elder people, women and children; nationalistic movements and skinhead organizations trying to protect their country in violent ways; violent football ultras; aggressive and corrupted police; and the reason for all of the above is the corruption of the politicians and their connections with the mafia
Don't fail to mention packs of street dogs that killed three people in an year and mauled countless. Domestic dogs are also completely unregulated in practice, so there is also significant risk of being bitten by domestic dogs.
I really did not like it, and some one showed me some places ran by what he called "Russian mafia"
[Newest]A beautiful city. It is actually mostly safe. Street dogs are not a problem anymore and gypsies are (for the most part) under control.

13Bucuresti (Romania)
I lived in Prague for 2 years and I was beaten up on a bi-weekly basis because of the colour of my skin (Indian), I lived in Bratislava for a year and the people there were just as horrible, slightly better than Prague. I have since lived in Bucharest for 4 years and it is literally my favourite place on earth. The people are absolutely lovely here, they are not racist, it is a cheap, safe paradise. I should also mention that I am born and raised in UK, where the people are not too racist but very violent. I was attacked racially as a child but since I've grown up it's not been too bad. I've been working as a Doctor in the Uk for almost a year now and the level of violent attacks is insane.
Bucharest is not at all a dangerous city. I was born here and grew up here and in my 30 years of life I've never encountered any violence against me, although I was not always living in the good areas of the city. You can walk alone, as a girl, in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to you.
Gypsies are just noisy, they like to be together and listen to music and have fun together, but they are not a threat to anyone.
It is very safe, take this from a girl.
It's not dangerous if you don't go crazy and act normally. Actually, it's a very nice city, with good girls
[Newest]You have big/enormous chances to get robbed there!

14Brussels (Belgium)
Beautiful scenery, but not so beautiful in terms of safety.. even going there as a Canadian. Having travelled frequently throughout Europe, Brussels is by far the most dangerous city I have experienced. Does not even hold a candle to Berlin (which I thought was also a bit sketchy) But in comparison, the people of Brussels (whom are not European) will harass you and make you feel extremely out of place. I would not recommend this destination unless you are an extremely confident traveler and are with a solid group of people.
Living here for 13 years already. This city is full of savage muslims harassing white folks. The moroccans are the worst, a single one is scared of everyone but when they make a bigger group they become confident and harass single persons. They talk dirty to white women and when they talk back those damn arabs are not afraid to hit them. If you're a girl walking alone then it's better to stay in jeans and not to show any naked body parts.
It is a beautiful city but every night I went out with friends somebody approached us talking nonsense to our faces, screaming... I have never seen more drunk people in one place, and I have traveled a lot. I expected it to be the best organised city in Europe, but it is far far from that.. My friends car almost got stolen, the broke the windows and stole some stuff but couldn't take the car, luckily for him.
[Newest]I have been severely beaten at the Central Station without police wanting to investigate.
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15Pristina (Kosovo)
I am from Prishtina, now I live in Zürich. I can't feel any difference between these 2 Citys in safty. I am muslim-albanian but my best friend is an christian-albanian.
Please remove Prishtina from the list. You guys don't know nothing about Prishtina if you say its dangerous. The city is very good and people are very friendly especially to tourist. There are a lot of international people worki g there and there are no problems or dangerous at all. These who are writing bad are some serbians while their country is nacionalists and don't like forieng people.
Kosovo have very security.
[Newest]Pristina's citizens are very friendly, they can help you with everything, and no one will disturb you even during night. Pristina has a great nightlife.

16Istanbul (Turkey)
It is very safe, conservative and clean except for very few areas well known like any in the world.I stayed there for almost a month.I love it people are very friendly and helpful unlike other countries I visited.
In Istanbul you will enjoy friendly atmosphere, stay away from aksaray.
Great city. Never felt unsafe there. Lots to do and see.
Are you serious I live here since 2008 and here is so comfortable and safety it should not be on this list
[Newest]There really is nothing wrong with the city.

17Dublin (Ireland)
I lived here for 2 years and have had my share of bad situations (kids shouting at me/throwing things, drunk people pushing me, fights outside of clubs). Just by walking in the city center, even in touristic areas, you can find junkies or packs of youngsters in tracksuit messing around with strangers. Numbers may not be bad as some other cities, but I definitely feel much more unsafe walking in the streets than in any other big city where I lived.
A lot of friendly people and nice places but crime is only around the corner. Most crimes committed are not reported and kids as young as 10 sometimes get involved in serious crimes. These crimes mostly occur in primarily council estates but they are scattered in so many areas that crime is possible anywhere. Gangs are also a serious problem but the IRA have indeed lost a lot of their power in recent years.
Visiting the suburbs of Dublin last week, I saw two black teenage boys being threatened by two white men in their early 20s with knives. If Limerick (currently ranked as more dangerous than Dublin) is that bad, then how come I never witnessed anything this horrific during the 4 years I spent living there?
[Newest]Possibly the dirtiest and dodgiest city in western Europe. don't stray alone.

18Manchester (England)
Safe enough in the day, but don't go venturing around the council estates after dark or risk getting robbed or attacked. The areas of danger probably won't attract tourists, though.
Manchester is the most dangerous city in UK and the biggest city for gangsters in europe. Google Noonan Crime Family Guys like Desmond Noonan or Dominic Noonan (I guess peoples who live in UK have heared of him) these guys are real gangsters.
Manchester is generally alright but if you really want to test your own respect for the city and for humanity in general visit or walk by any of the bars/clubs on Peter Street or in The Printworks on a saturday night. There has not been a single weekend ever that hasn't seen an eruption of violence in these places.
It wouldn't be so bad if these places weren't slap bang in the city centre. A truly pathetic sight that has sadly become a part of the norm.
[Newest]I spent a whole month there with students and we could see a riot almost every day (when not two! ). I'll never come back again!

19Rotterdam (Netherlands)
More then half of the cities youth is part of the street culture. It's not a very big city and the worst in Rotterdam is the south where you won't come as a tourist. Violence is normal in Rotterdam but you won't die.
Rotterdam is most bad city of holland and you will be insulted or assaulted if you are gay by marrocan people.
Come there in the dark and you get stabbed and robbed for sure if you're not eureopean
[Newest]So many camera's and cops in the city and there is a lot of crime


20Bradford (England)
Bradford used to be a great place, good shops, restaurants, and plenty of historic places and buildings. Now all they is, is pound shops, boarded up shops, a massive waste land were they used to be some great shops. If you are in Bradford regardless of the time, be on your highest alert and old onto you bags. Oh and if you do see any white faces, say hello, they are an extinction.
Dump full of Poundlands and immigrants. I have no problem with foreigners but for some reason Bradford is overrun with the lowest form of bottom dwelling rubbish from every race, including English! There is no future for this poor, exploited, dull, corrupt city where employment dwindles and and the large multimillion pound Centenary Square pond serves as reminder of the local governments efforts to exploit public money.
The Pakistanis have ruined this city. The future is bleak.
[Newest]Vile city. Used to be at college here. Train station in the evening is terrifying

21Frankfurt (Germany)
Frankfurt is a banking city, but it is also a gateway to Europe with a huge airport, central train station and access to the Rhein. This means that it is really impossible to stop drugs and human trafficking, resulting in prostitution, illegal immigration, drugs-related crimes and violence. Keep to well populated areas at night and if you must visit the red light area, be very careful.
When I went to Frankfurt in the summer I was greated at exit of the airport by a man with a knife that decided to take my money and just ran off.. Well I'm never going there again I can tell you that.
A lot of drugs in frankfurt, robberies and stabbings swell
[Newest]Many Gangs in northern Frankfurt

22Madrid (Spain)
Very safe city if you act as a normal person. Being robbed is the most dangerous thing can happen to you, even on the worst district. And make clear that Cañada Real Galiana is a gypsy camp. Even the most peaceful village in the world is dangerous if you get laid with the Butcher's daughter without permission.
Was in Madrid for 4 days, was robbed by local youths on first night... I was drunk, alone, and did not know my way around these mazy streets. So I blame myself as with those factors involved, you can be attacked in any city... Over the next 3 days though, I actually grew to love the city (and made sure I knew my way home! ). The people are beautiful and the history of this city is so interesting and I would never have this city on this list.. I have travelled to many cities across Europe, and although I was robbed here, it is probably my favourite city in Europe.
Just google "Cañada Real Galiana" and check its length... And it's only the largest of the numerous drug slums in there.
[Newest]Madrid is one of the safest cities in Europe! I always feel safe here and there is little to no trouble on a night out. The chances of getting mugged are exactly the same as if you were to take a walk to your local supermarket.

23Trappes (France)
Just like a mass of Marseille, but without any interest.
I'm from Trappes. You should come and see. You will change your mind
Awful place. My girlfriend was insulted twice because she was wearing a skirt... which is a crime in the Islamist city of Trappes. The French do not have the guts to kick those Islamists morons out of their country. Too bad for them, their country is slowly becoming an Islamist republic.

24Belfast (Northern Ireland)
The European Detroit.

Everyone runs around in tracksuits and gutties with a cap. They drink a lot and constantly get into fights.

I go to a catholic school and I get the bus home, if I ever want to walk home I have to walk the long way because the short cut is a protestant street and if they see you in your uniform you're at risk of being beat up. My friends learnt that the hard way at age 13.

Everyone starts drinking and smoking at 11, having (probably) lost their virginity about three years prior at 8 years old.

In schools bullying is vicious.
If you sit on the wrong seat on the bus, you get beat up.
If you talk to the wrong people, you get beat up.
If you breathe the popular people's air, you get beat up. (Well maybe not this one)

Even the teachers bully the kids. They even sent the police on a boy (aged 10) for dropping a box of bangers (when they drop they make a 'bang' sound). He didn't even do it on purpose. They fell from his pocket while he used the urinal. Then the care taker (janitor) dragged him from class screamed at him and when his mum complained about that, they called the police.
This same school scared a special needs child almost into therapy for wearing earrings. She got her ears pierced for the first time at they wouldn't come out for a while.
This school is called St. Teresa's Primary School. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So even though crime is on the decrease it certainly doesn't feel like it.
Belfast is not all bad trust me Northern Ireland and Ireland have been voted in the top 10 safest places in the world.
Belfast is a beautiful city great for tourism but it's not safe at night with riot's that sometimes happens and crime rate is increasing. Don't leave things unattended or cars unlocked.
Belfast by day is great. Great shopping, food and sights including those notorious trouble spots. Belfast by night is a different city with a huge alcohol problem and mix that with people who already will fight with their own shadow and you have danger. Do not enter any loyalist or republican areas at night. Some almost join city centre streets. Avoid the drunken crowds that follow parades throughout the city. Rioting is not spectator sport.
[Newest]What you talking about mate the only problem is the peelers

25Blackburn (England)
Dangerous place, lots of violence very untidy place
Very dangerous place, The Pakistanis have taken over

26Liverpool (UK)
I already think england is the worst country in Europe, and liverpool is the worst city in england! The centre is being regenerated but as soon as you leave the centre your greeted by slum in all directions, gloomy council tenements and chavs. everyone in liverpool has a serious superiority complex and genuinely believe because they're scouse they're gods gift to the earth... Arrogance prevails and muggings are daily. and the worst accent in the world on top of it all! I'm from england and will never set foot in liverpool again!
Liverpool is just an old hole full of unemployed former harbor workers who now spend their time getting drunk and getting into fights. Attempts to modernize it have been made, but it remains a hellhole.
Still growing up here and faced with threats everyday, today I had two dogs set on my English bull just because I apparently looked at him funny.
[Newest]Racial tension all over the place and just an uncomfortable place to be in. Won't go again

27Cork (Ireland)
Great ity great nightlife and for the most part lovely people but in recent years there has been a massive influx of heroin into the city, city centre is usually ok, but in the last year 5 explosive devices have been found in the northern suburbs, and the level of drug abuse is almost 220% higher than he rest of the country, ost of the drugs trade in Ireland is coming through cork city and county now
Don't venture North of the river Lee after dark. Full of scumbag youths in Adidas most likely hiding a switchblade in their back pocket. Cars left unattended at night can be found burnt out in fields throughout the northside, most likely after a hard nights joyride along kilmore road. Don't make eye contact with the junkies, or 'skobes' as they are known in cork. As for the city suburbs, bottom line is 'don't go hunting in theses estates, most of the wildlife can actually shoot back'.
I'm from Cork and eh it's a nice place there is a high rise in heroin alright, uh not to raise the stereotype but in the streets you'll often find drunkees

28Kaliningrad (Russia)

29Lisabona (Portugal)
Lisbon is a safe and beautiful city.
Very safe city! We have stayed for 2 weeks and we have experienced other southern European capitals.. Lisbon is by no means the safest. I wanted to write this because I forgot my smartfone inside a bag in a tram close to Belem area and a very kind young men called my wife few minutes latter as he had found it in a seat. (I expected not to see it again! )
Gotta be careful in Lisa

30Vilnius (Lithuania)
Love this city. Really beautiful old town, lovely panoramas and tiny squares and parks. But I was sad about the people - why they're so unhappy? Lithuanian have to try smile more - that would be the way better.
Beautiful city... Lots to explore. Loved it
Not too bad, but not good though
[Newest]Wonderful city, loved it

31St. Petersburg (Russia)
This city is the one of the most dangerous cities. You feel relaxed and you want to trust to people living there but they belong most probably to a Russian mafia network. The city seems touristic but it is a mafia city for sure.
At day is really safe if you don't go to non turistic places

32Galway (Ireland)
"Limerick, Dublin and Cork" being so high up on the list is ridiculous but Galway being anywhere on this list is a JOKE! I have lived in galway all my life and have never witnessed violent crimes! Its a great city in general and in particular for tourists. How cana ny of Irelands cities be ranked above cities such as London, Manchester, Paris, barcelona etc! Galway is without a doubt one of the SAFEST cities in europe
How is galway more dangerous than Manchester?
What is the hell is Galway doing on this list? I've grown up in Galway and never got into any trouble there in my whole life... I'm shocked Galway is on this list

33Oslo (Norway)
I have always wanted to visit Norway but I was soon disapointed when I visited there in Oslo. It look literally like a dump. The whole town smelled like piss, scary Muslim and African immigrants everywhere. I felt like I had taken a trip to Somalia it was really so bad. I experienced even a crime whit three Muslim youths punching down two Norwegians just middle of the street in sunlight. The police did absolutely nothing for them, They were so extremly cowards. I will absolutely never go back to that disgusting city ever again. This is a warning! Oslo is the most most disgusting city in europe
I live in Oslo, and what you say here is absolute bull! What the hell have you've been smoking?
Was just there and all I have to say is, ! The whole city was disgusting and down sprayed with graffiti and there was a lot of scary people, I was robbed on the subway, I advises you not to come here its one of the worst cities in Europe.
Watch out for roma's and immigrants. Choosing for Norway is a danger on it's own for your wallet, and if the high prices don't empty your pockets.. The immigrants will. I have warned you.
[Newest]Full of immigrants everywhere and people fighting at the central station the hole time.

34Milano (Italy)
What are you saying this Is impossible Milan is the best city in Italy.
Milan the star of Italy
Milan is a city very dangerous

35Mullingar (Ireland)
I'm from Dublin and can admit it can sometimes be a little dodgy... But Mullingar? Really? It's a meaningless small town in the middle of Ireland... It's hardly in the same league as Glasgow or Moscow, I thought Galway was funny but Mullingar is just hilarious... Retards compiling this list
Mullingar is a small town in the middle of Ireland, its about as dangerous as warm milk
Is nowhere near dangerous, has the same level of crime of any other town of 20, 000 people in Ireland. The so-called "riot" was focused on a tiny part of a housing estate.
[Newest]Haha Mullingar is just a small town in the centre of Ireland.. It's about as dangerous as a new born baby!

36Stockholm (Sweden)
Especially eastern suburbs are dangerous, because the streets are so polished and new that they are constantly slippery. And please don't eat the fish caught in the area! They're full of diamonds that are being flushed down the toilet. The diamonds will destroy your entrails.

Don't look at any car when you visit the area. The Volvos and BMWs are extremely polished and certainly will destroy your Eyes.
Sweden is the most urbanizing country in Europe and Sthlm is really growing. As a side effect there are not enough flats or houses, which makes the prices for living increase to that extent that you must have a lot of money to own your place.
Some of the suburbs can be dangerous. Stick to the city.

37Zagreb (Croatia)
Zagreb is very safe town. As a girl or young woman, I can walk alone. There is not any gang. Police is nice to tourists and very efficient. People are very kind.
Do not get drunk in Zagreb or otherwise militant Hercegovians will spike your drinks and give you oral pleasures
Not dangerous. The most dangerous place is rhe zoo.
[Newest]So many young and men get their throats slit in clubs..

38Dundalk (Ireland)
Not that bad, was one of the dodgiest places going a while back, but the town is back on its feet now and is rapidly improving.
Dirty Dundalk. Dangerous Dundalk. Depressing Dundalk. Despairing Dundalk.
What a dump of a place people get stabbed there every week

39Athens (Greece)
Athens is one of the safest cities / capitals in the world. It used to be just a short time ago when people literally walked "every" and "any" street in the capital at any time without a second thought. Today with the masses of illegal immigrants that seek asylum/refuge in Europe enter the gates of the country and along with them the ills of having to accept the record number of illegals is what makes Athens today a city that is still VERY safe but like any other large city, have people use common sense and not walk into unknown territory which may be prone pickpockets etc. Despite the growing number of criminal acts, these are mostly crimes that equate to stealing/pickpockets and the like. Under no circumstances should anyone say that you are not safe in Athens. It is FAR from the truth and it is either ignorance or a lie. Drug addicts and gypsies are not criminals. Gypsies are people that are found in every single country of the world and they are to be singled out as being Athenian, Greek or criminals. Last but not least, for those that won't believe a word of what I'm saying, look things up on worthy sites and check statistics and read them "correctly". In no time you will find that Athens is indeed a safe and worthwhile destination. The millions that flock here can't all be wrong. Heck having said that... Crime never bothered tourists from flocking to Los Angeles, New York to name but a couple. In fact, the higher the crime rate got, the more people visited. Just use common sense and you'll be fine in most places you would like to visit.
Athens is a very safe city. In fact I believe its one of the safest cities in the world and believe my I have travel a lot. The Greeks are notorious when it comes in protecting the tourist since most of them live their life out of incoming tourism. There are a few problems from minorities in the downtown center of Athens but really you don't have to go there because there isn't much going on anyway.
Actually, I felt safer in Athens than in the city I live in (London). It was not only a very beautiful city, but also clean and people were mostly friendly and helpful. It's a shame they have some issues with immigrants but sadly all capitals do..
[Newest]Greece is very truly more top dangerous crimes and theft and robbery etc.

40Copenhagen (Denmark)
Copenhagen is pretty dangerous. Rocker gangs are really dangerous and violent here.
Copenhagen is a very nice and loving place but you shouldn't wander around in Nørrebro or Frederiksberg at 2am all alone, that's all, but if you go to places like Østerbro or the area around Trianglen, you will find that everything is calm and safe
Copenhagen, in 2009 got placed as the 6th most dangerous city in europe, by gallup Europe, and they said, that Norrebro, which is the most dangerous part of Copenhagen, is filled with immigrants, who show mercy if you are driving on the streets at night.

In 2005 I drove trough the blaagaards plads, in norrebro, at night with my 2 friends, and 2 cars suddenly stoped us, 2 men with ethnic background, took a gun pionted at us and said "what are you guys doing here" and I answered "we just driving through" and they put the gun back in his car, and said "next time drive around blaagaards plads or we will shot you an your friends"

I'm from denmark and in 2009 there were gun shots every night.

41Tallinn (Estonia)
Before going there, I read a lot about high rates of pickpocketting. When I was there, I never saw any crime in the who, e city. Felt completely safe, even at night alone as a foreign person.
Very beautiful old town. Crime rate is 0. People are friendly, and almost everyone can speak english very well.
Not bad, but I like Riga better

42Bratislava (Slovakia)
Disco clubs are full of drunk people. Alcohol makes them violent and aggressive.

Beware of thieves and pickpockets. Be careful especially of gypsies.. Avoid the Pentagon, Petrzalka and Vrakunya. Downtown and other places are safety.
People in this city won't like you... Wherever you are from!

43Katowice (Poland)
I was born there. It's certainly not the safest place and when it's dark you shouldn't use public transport or stroll around on the streets. But the city centre is getting safer and things are improving. Football hooligans are a plague.
I was born Poland and I have been in Katowice before. It is not really dangerous at all, apart from a few gangs which I think are in prison right now so that's dealt with.
Even the name of this city contains the part "Tormentor"!

44Riga (Latvia)
"It's full of Nazis" What?! No it is not. I am originally Edinburgh and have lived in Riga for 18 months and have never been or felt threatened, experienced or witnessed any crime. The worst thing you will experience is beggars around the central market.
Beautiful city, awesome people! Well, most people who writing here never go abroad, I believe that they even not 19 years old. Nothing bad I could say about Riga. Yes, there is some parts of city in bad condition, but it's everywhere like that - Berlin, London, Paris etc.
Nazi? Com'on.. Stop watching T.V. people! Go there, enjoy and feel free!
The city has few historically poor neighbourhoods, which are not so far away from city centre and that's why there is a feeling of not so well-off people walking around, although these might just probably be some random Russian neds, but due to particular areas' run-down look, the city gives a feeling of not so safe place, even though the general level of crime has decreased dramatically there, still you should better avoid walking alone in the night in the areas to the south and east of city centre.
[Newest]Nope, Latvia is really kind. Riga is safe.

45Thessaloniki (Greece)
Very safe, polite and relaxed young people that likes a lot having coffees by the sea. Amazing restaurants and food!
Thessaloniki is a star, a very safe and a very friendly city, it's the town of romantism and the great food.

46Novi Sad (Serbia)
Once upon a time Novi Sad was a quiet and safe city. Nowadays could be a dangerous place. But still has soul and hospitality.
I live in Novi Sad almost 2 years. My bike has been stolen, but this is the only negative experience which I had. We are talking about a city, what has ca. 250.000 inhabitant, and the law of large numbers says, that the more people, the more idiots... You shold be careful - like elsewhere. But if you connect on the vibrations of the city - you will enjoy your stay!
Novi Sad is supersafe and easy. There are cycling tracks all over the city. Public transport is well organized. People are easygoing and gentle. It's a great place to relax and be careless.
[Newest]I live in Novi Sad for 20 years and I think that is very safe for city of 500.000 inhabitants.

47Leeds (UK)
People fighting and killing everyday but it's mostly drug gangs fighting I visited this city and left because of the crime! Definitely worst city in England
Pretty rough but not as much as some other cities
Belfast is the worst

48Barcelona (Spain)
This city should be SO much higher on the list. Maybe not for harmful killings or bodily dangerous situations but for stealing. Beautiful nonetheless, it's not nicknamed the pick pocket capitol of Europe for nothing. It's thought of to be a profession to the locals there and odds are if they want it, they'll take it. Many laws also have loopholes so that stealing is extremely possible. Hold on to your wallets and bags and never bring out your credit card if possible!
I've been in the biggest EU cities, I've been involved in lots of disliking situation but luckily nothings bad happened... I never get robbed and never get stabbed... the time to arrive in Barcelona and and police stopped me and my friends 4 times in 5 days, the funniest thing is that we had been stopped already after an Indian (or Paki) had stolen my bag in the central beach and we had been checked like criminals. Luckily in the bag there was only suncream and shampoo, mobile and wallet were in my pockets. However those days I remembered I felt to be in Baghdad, in the beach I watched local police running after black pushers, walking on sunbathing tourists and in the end they arrested 2 of them, all covered of blood. Very beautiful city but very dangerous.
Being robbed by three women selling flowers on the beach. Professional thieves all around.

49Budapest (Hungary)
Budapest was the city where we felt most uncomfortable in all of Europe (above Napoli/Naples and Barcelona, which also did not feel super safe, but we were also very careful in those locations, always on lookout for pickpockets, etc... We walked to a pizza place at midnight in the heart of Naples and didn't feel endangered for a moment. )

In Budapest, the problem is that it feels very corrupt, that everyone is in on a scam -- even the hired officials and "professionals." We were charged about $50 to go 1 mile (or less) in a taxi, all because we forgot to ask up-front first how much it would cost (the other taxis did not do this when we asked before getting in. But if you don't -- they charge whatever they want. )

When we took the subway, we had a ticket but forgot to get it stamped; we were accosted by the "subway police" (in official uniform) who then said he was going to have to fine us, but he was going to give us a "special discount" and would only make one of us pay the fine (ie. "half-off discount") I didn't have a way to look up the actual fines at the time, but later I looked them up and he actually made us pay him 4x the real fine amount. AND THIS WAS A PAID EMPLOYEE OF THE CITY doing this illegal shakedown.

Unlike Prague (where we felt very safe and comfortable, everywhere we went), we never felt comfortable anywhere in Budapest...
It is not true at all. I am from Budapest. I grew up there. You just have to watch out with pickpockets, like in any other big city.Obviously, if you walk alone in bad parts at night with your brand new mobile phone when you're not experienced in the city of course can be that you get into a situation but in this case do not ever travel to nowhere! You can not know where you can get into trouble it depends on the situation and on the person as well.. A lot of cops are walking around the city! It is a lovely place, must to see and the Hungarian culinary is world-wide famous!
Got mugged by knife point here on arrival in the metro station while the 'metro police' just watched and did nothing, it definitely planned. I also found that most people there were extremely rude to westerners/English speakers.
[Newest]I am in Budapest several times a month for work. it has became my home away from home. I feel quite safe there, aside from a few areas (generally near train stations) that have gypsy beggars about.

50Athlone (Ireland)
Iv lived In athlone all my life, and have never been in any bad situations, iv travelled to plenty of different countries and lived in a two major cities london, vancouver. Athlone is a small town with very little problems a great gardai force and a very safe place to see and visit. It has a beautifull river passing through and extremely friendly locals.
I lived here all my life and there is nothing bad no crime no robbers no pic pockets I really love it
Many undesirables in the town, major drug problems here, including heroin for the most part. Dirty streets, scary looking people, pretty dangerous. Wouldn't reccommend a visit

51Mayobridge (Northern Ireland)
Really it is not fair to put it there No crime at all
Mayobridge is a small rural village, how could it be one of the highest crime rated 'cities' in Europe? It has about 3, 000 people in it. There's virtually no crime whatsoever here.

52Skopje (Macedonia)
Horrible city. Looks more like a European village of the 50s. Nothing to see there except conflicts between the locals..
Very dangerous in europe
Half my family is Macedonian. And when I visit, the Albanians (Shqiptar) will bully any Macedonian they see, young or old. If you don't have a reputation, and a group of friends a group of Shqiptar may ransack you.

53Angered (Sweden)
I'm voting for this place just because of the name.
In angered sweden there is many dangerous people and gangs, but on the other side there is nice places to, I'm living on the nice side, it's not calm there either you could get robbed of the people coming from the bad side and they going into your gardens to take your clothes or motorcykles

54Westhill (Scotland)
The original sin city. Watch what you say and who you look at. Swallow your pride or swallow your teeth!
Went into Marks and Spencers and got robbed.
A Polish man held a razor blade to my neck in the barber shop.
The most evil place on earth. FULL OF SCUM AND VILLANY

55Strömstad (Sweden)
In this town millions of people get killed every day. The mafia and the seagulls rule, and even the swedish military doesn't dare to enter the town. The average life expectancy is just two minutes...
Its true, I heard a little girl was killed like 3 minutes after she was born, and then its said pple start drinking beer at 3 years. its crazy. Muslims throw nukes & bombs at the synagogues man

56Leamington Spa (England)
Drug capital of Warwickshire!
Full of absolute retards! Witnessed a rape in centre of town. do not go you have been warned Lillington Youth Crew

57Sombor (Serbia)
All the Serbian cities I've been to have been super nice. And the people and cities are just so beautiful
Sombor have too much idiots
Sombor is just dangerous

58Sándorfalva (Hungary)
Most dangerous place I've ever seen! Loads of thief smuggler and highly dangerous people!
Those dangerous people are all gypsies. Yes they are dangerous. They are the worst people of the planet no doubt. Beware!

59West London (England)
One of the safer parts of London - less dangerous than North, South and East London! Though Ealing, Queens Park and Kensal Rise can be a bit rough but most of the property there is very expensive indeed (especially towards the city centre ie Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham and Parson's Green)
West London (especially ealing, queenspark and kilburn) are rough and also with an increase of 'posh' places have started having very high crime rates (wealdstone, Mill Hill and wembely) with gangs and drugs all over the (ex) Middlesex county

60Sheffield (England)
Its Gone Down the Pan Sheffield... Safe City My Arse! Been More Murders, Stabbings, Petrol Bomb Attack & Other Violent Acts Than Any Other Yorkshire City or Town In 2013.. Its Full Of Drugs, Everywhere You Go..
Knife crime is notorious, drugs all over the whole of the city
Loads of drugs football fights weds vs united
[Newest]Page Hall and the Roma is the reason why its gone down the pan.

61Gloucester (UK)
It's rough out there on them streets I tell ya! Go out in Gloucester centre at night and prepare to be assaulted. Maybe not stabbed or shot but at least threatened.
Gloucester is a dangerous city. It is populated by fat inbred swamp monsters, whose favoutite weekend hobby is getting drunk and fighting.
I have been attacked in Gloucester twice by groups of drunken men. The first attack resulted in a one week stay in hospital, scars, broken teeth and brain scans etc. The second resulted with a badly broken jaw.
The City is basically one vast council estate with a Cathedral in the middle.
Surprisingly a large amount of knife crime in this city, much worse than other small cities such as peterborough or northampton

62Plymouth (England)
With plymouth being in south west England which is generally regarded as a tourist region, people from other areas assume Plymouth is a peaceful quiet place, take it from myself who has lived there for 3 years it is most definitely not! , in fact plymouth rates high in violent crime, poverty, drugs drink, teenage pregnancy and poverty and if it was situated anywhere else in the country would have the same reputation as the more well known violent, deprived cities do
Very deprived city, walk down the street day or night and you will often see groups dealing drugs or drinking, I have lived here 5 years and have witnessed a young asian guy get thteatend and chased out of a pubby two yobs a young schoolboy minding his own buisness have a can a coke thrown in his face by a group of much older children, a young lad sat on his own on the bus being slapped round the head by two very drunk males and an elderly lady have a bottle thrown at her by a drunken male, what I could gather by the shouting it was his exes mother in law. Recently reported in the news that Plymouth is one of the most violent cities in Britain.

63Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Amsterdam is very overrated. It is a misconception that because of its liberal attitude on soft drugs, it is a calm and peaceful place. I can guarantee you will encounter a drug dealer asking out loud whether you want to buy cocaine pretty much 10 meters apart from each other. I left the RHO hotel in Amsterdam central at 8 AM and was pulled to one side and asked whether I wanted to buy cocaine, the police are powerless and do nothing about it.
Wrong and right about amsterdam.. The wrong part is that the police is doing something about the drugs.. The morrocan maffia isn't that active in amsterdam underworld.. Ones a month someone gets shot? You think that's dangerous? In New York that's everyday someone gets shot.. In amsterdam its more the underworld that is doing that and no your not in danger because the don't want you!
Every week someone gets stabbed? I think you read to much books or watch to much movies and by the way what are you doing at the rho hotel in amsterdam if you live in amsterdam west?
So many aggressive drug dealers and police is closing eyes
[Newest]You WILL get robbed.

64Florence (Italy)
Many thefts in broad daylight, complete indifference on the part of locals
As bad as the southern parts

65Orebro (Sweden)
The most dangerouse thing to report about Örebro are the beautiful girls- end of discussion!

66Uppsala (Sweden)
And what about middle Europe? If not these guys from middle Europe over country will day wihout working power.. I'm swedish and I just can say if not they over country will not have power fforcefora lot things.
Stay away from the suburbs Gottsunda and Stenhagen. Lots of imigrants from Middle East. Taken over those parts of the city.

67South East London (UK)
Plenty of gangs estates knives and guns. You know its bad when the football hooligans are considered the respectable ones. Only upside, if you out after dark you will most likely get a free ride home courtesy of the NHS

68Tbilisi (Georgia)
Very simple. Check the "safest countries in the world to live" where Georgia ranks #8 in the top. Makes no sense and logic to place the capital city of such country among the dangerous places in the world!
This city is a dangerous city
Not just un-locked doors, but also un-locked cars... By the way...

69Donetsk (Ukraine)
Nothing dangerous in Donetsk really... Just an avarage industrial city in Eastern Ukraine. Not much to see, but not dangerous, unless you go to the suburbs in the night and show you are a tourist
You know what is happening in the East Ukraine? With this war going on in Ukraine, it is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in Europe
The worst and the most dangerous city in Ukraine. The most brutal, violent and just scary crimes come from Donetsk. It should be in the top 10

70Wroclaw (Poland)
I'm a foreigner and I've been living in Wroclaw for the past 1 year and a half, and nothing bad ever happened to me here. Even in the areas outside downtown I've always felt quite comfortable walking alone at night. You'll get the odd drunkard or homeless person asking you for change or for just a cigarette, but that's it.

The bus station is quite shady, though, and there's plenty of sketchy individuals walking around it at all times, so be careful of your surroundings when there. I've heard from more than one source that they have plans to modernise/rebuilt it in time for 2016 (as Wroclaw will be one of the European Capitals of Culture that year), just as they did with the main train station a few years ago.

All in all, I highly reccomend this city for a trip or for a foreigner that is considering moving abroad - there are plenty of foreign people studying and/or working here, and almost all young people speak English, which gives Wroclaw quite an international feel. The city itself is quite beautiful and efficient, and there are enough events to pleas everyone's tastes.
Nice city :) A lot of fun and very safe. I walk alone in night (4:00AM) and nothing hapanned for me.
Just got back from Euro. Local louts have chip on their shoulders, except for Irish... Tbg. Fit birds everywhere makes up for the local men of leisue

71Oxford (UK)
Most of the city is your average sort of place but some areas are particularly poor. Blackbird Leys is one of the biggest council estates in Europe and suffers from a lot of crime such as robbery, murder and Joyriding originated there. Also Rose Hill, Cowley, Fairford Leys and Barton are all areas you should stay away from.

72Tetovo (Macedonia)
Gypsies everywhere. They steal your money and curse and threaten you with a life of bad luck.
The albanians in tetovo are pretty friendly and the macedonians are so -so. It is not that dangerous of a city. I have been their many, many times and I usually felt safe. The worst that could happen is robbery, or violence beetween albanians and macedonians. But usually tourists wont be bothered. It is very rare


A dangerous country of lairs and cheats. A corrupt nation that even had to steal their name from Greece. Avoid!

73Salford (England)
I'm form Salford and has a bad reputation, but is a great place, like all areas has its bad parts, but we have a great university, growing economy and now home to Media City, we are very community spirited and very clean modernized compared to other areas of North Manchester =)
Murder, Kidnapps so very bad and lets england down

74Milan (Italy)

75Czestochowa (Poland)

76Portsmouth (UK)
Went there to visit, got threatened the first night there by some gypsy looking junkie, I'm not going back that's for sure.
I've been to this city twice, the first time I came back with a black eye and the second time I came away with a broken arm and nose! Its a very rough navy city and Paulsgrove is particually bad for senseless violence! My city (Plymouth, another navy city) is bad for druggies chavs and scrotes but Portsmouth is far worse!
South west of the city is great with gunwarf and southsea but the living conditions are crap and is the uks 2nd most crowded city and is really rough place be carful not to be stabed

77Pripyat (Ukraine)
No one lives in Pripyat. The only bad thing you'll find here is radiation


No one even lives here! Everyone was evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster, and now it's a dead zone! The only dangerous thing there is the radiation!
It's abandoned and overgrown did I forget to say that it is full of radiation. no nothing bad about this city.


78Brighton (UK)
I'm from Brighton and, obviously there are a few rough gangs just like every other English city and a high drug use but still there isn't much bad stuff to say about it.
Brighton is one of the safest cities to live in uk
I'm 13 in Brighton and have never witnessed any bad incidents, except for a drunk man getting bottled and a mother slapping a child at the level. Wouldn't go near moulsecoomb high gang rate as is white hawk, all council estates, lower bevendean isn't the best, portslade however is lovely.

79Bonn (Germany)
Too many violent and fanatic muslim salafists here. Look at someone in the wrong way and they beat you up or stab you.
Unfortunetely, too much stupid Muslim Immigrants, who will punch you up, if you say somtehing against their Religion.

80Bergen (Norway)
Why is this even on the list? Unless you're afraid of fish, this is the safest city in the world!
I am international student in Bergen and I thought the same as you guys until I walked through Nygårdsparken few days ago (around 5 P.M. ). It was light outside and sun was shinning. Suddenly I met lots of drug addicts and alcoholics. I don't know exactly how much of them, around 10 I guess spited in 3-4 people, one of them asked me something but I keep running from this park and saw some of them injected drugs standing beside the three... I never expect to face that in Norway specially in Bergen during the day.
I agree with the previous post

81Benalmádena (Spain)
Lovely Marina. Had several holidays here, never experienced any problems

82Castlebar (Ireland)
Few teenagers let run riot in the town at night going unchecked by the law ( not the Garda who take them into custody only to have Irish law put them back on the streets the next day)
Few gun attacks lately, drugs on the rise as in every town,
Stay out of the town centre at night (say midnight on) very dangerous if alone
Castlebar is on this list.

This is the funniest thing I've read today.
Castlebar is not dangerous in comparison to every other place on this list. Holy crap it's tiny
Savagely assaulted by a group of drunken youths (including girls) and left for dead. That was a few years ago. The ploice were a joke, did not seem interested in trying to find the culprits. I don't go out at night in Castlebar anymore, I still here it's a s**thole at night, but to be fair its quite pleasant during the day. It seems most of the anti-social behaviour is down to Irish traveller family feuding.

83Vienna (Austria)
Rather calm with fatal parts, if you mind where you go you should be safe, avoid the South and North East.
Didn't feel dangerous, however the centre is full of rich Arabs.
Yea really not that dangerous but I want it to be listed at least

84Tiraspol (Moldova)
It is, because of Russian military there.

85Volos (Greece)
Very dangerous city, especially in the suburbs. There is a proto-ghetto on the ring road which surely everyone who wants to return back from where he came to Volos must avoid. Day or night. Be careful.
Ghetto? How is that a ghetto? I could definitely walk alone there at night.

86Seville (Spain)
There are many shootings and assaults here, this side of the town is full of drugs, police doesn't enter here because they are afraid of being killed.

87Karlstad (Sweden)
Totally agree with OP! The situation is outta' control.
During the last 10years, Karlstad has faced a lot of changes. If you're visiting Karlstad you should especially stay away from the suburbs of Skåre, Ulvsby and Tormestad. The most notorious gang "Ulvsby Thugz" is currently operating in these parts of the town and the murder rate is really high.

Also keep in mind to stay away from the pub "Downtown". This is where most of the criminal gangs hang out and shootouts may happen.

88Carlisle (England)
Nice city, nice people, not many murders. But it is full of drugs and theft.
This definitely deserves a higher rankings on the list. I've been there twice and like you said it is full of addicts and thieves. Nice attractions though

89Carrigaline (Ireland)
Lived in the town for years a suburb of cork the place has around 20000 people in the past year there have been 3 shootings but 10 years ago the only crime you would hear of would be someone stealing cattle but even if there was a couple shootings it still shouldn't be on the list it's not even a city
From Ireland. Never even heard of it?
Not a nice place to
Live high drug rate

90Nuuk (Greenland)
I live in Nuuk but it is preetty dangerous no cut throats guns drugs like but it is pretty cold and no longer polices in this city
Blooming freezing here I tell the
It's so cold that it's dangerous.

91Nowy Sącz (Poland)
Lots of drug dealer prostitutes, the worst part is that most of them are really ugly.
A lot of drug dealers prostitutes gangs a lot of theft youth gangs and F... All

92Kinsale (Ireland)
Not that bad of a place high drug rate

93Newport (Wales)
Newport is fantastic. The locals are always ready to oblige anyone who'd like a fight. If you struggle with the local dialect you can easily signal your desire for a punch-up by looking at people or walking up and down the high street. The centre of town has been cleared of shops to leave more space available for mass brawls. Saturday night you can indulge your passion for improvised weapons, using glasses, bottles and cudgels of all materials.
Whilst I've never actually witnessed any violence, there always seems to be that menece of violence in the air even during daylight, anyone that's been to deprived parts of London etc will know what I mean and there always seems to be loads of police on the street. The city centre has a deprived look with a lot of the shops boarded up although to be fair the council are pumping a lot of money into the city and a new shopping centre is planned so hopefully we should see a vast improvement in the near future
Great place to buy smack and get murdered.

94Drammen (Norway)
People gets killed everyday. Its a awful city
Our major is a crack dealer. ANd if the police find you sober, you will get a fine with 500$ and three months of comunity service. In christmas no one is allowed to eat chicken or turkey. Kebab is the only food allowed here

95Pilsen (Czech Republic)

96Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Beuatiful place, not so big as other Europen cities. Many beautiful women are there, not so expensive, great food, many monuments around town, beautiful river Vrbas an montin Kozara.

97Craigavon (Northern Ireland)

98Hackney (London)
How is this not higher up the list? Everyone in England knows that this is the most dangerous area of London to live in. It's Full of Youth Gangs and drug dealers.
Hackney ok day time but strange people come out at night avoid mare st in early hours they'll rob the adidas off your feet... Lots of gangs and wannabe pistoliros r lurking in dark corners...

99Valencia (Spain)
You do not feel safe during the day, especially if You are a girl. Very obscene people start chasing You, not to mention that one of them did certain things right on the street (I don't want to mention what, but it was really disgusitng).

100Zurich (Switzerland)
Is this a joke? Zürich is defenetly NOT dangerous. the murder rate is like 0.8 for 100'000
I lived here for 5 years, never had any problems with safety and nor did anyone I know, or anyone they know. If you can find one person who has ever been mugged in Zurich, I will buy you a Feldschlösschen beer. Probably the safest city in Europe.

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