Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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Moskova (Russia)
HAve you ever been to Moscow to critic it?!


Russia: Anywhere within any city with a population above 100,000 be indoors by 7pm. Drinking in public is allowed and beer to a 9 month winter Russian is same as koolaid for anyone from the USA.

March of every year Russian girls need extra vacation money for summer vacations and send love letters to romantics and spouse hunters on the net. Scammers do not lament, it is just about the cash money.

Food: Do not go there for fine dining unless Andrew Zimmern. If you speak no Russian they may very well refuse to serve you. Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc will however do you well all over Russia.

Buy all your booze in the market; never at a street kiosk. Do not booze in a bar even if run by Hindus. They will separate you from your cash quick.
Lots of gangs. The most powerful of them operates from Kremlin. Locals depending on age have a chip on the shoulder (younger ones) or gold mine instead of teeth (older ones). If you happen to be dark skinned expect trouble - if you're lucky you will regain consciousness in a week or two, and loose it immediately when you see how hospital looks like and how much "gratification" docs, nurses et al expect.
[Newest]I thought that Russia is in Asia.

2Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herezgovina)
Sarajevo is nice city, however it is true that you can get robbed easy. Who ever does visit the city should keep him/her self in the downtown, should not walk around the suburbs. City with whole lot of historical buildings, and I would call it European Jerusalem. Diversity of different religions on one place, city with good people ready to help at any given time. Like any other big city, yes there are gangs, however it is safe if you keep your self in the old town. Beautiful city with nice night life, nice restaurants, nice food. You just need to get in contact with someone local and than you will discover beauties of the city it self and people that do live there. True it was much nicer, however war has done the damage. Lots of local people are not really from Sarajevo, huge population migration happened during and after the war. My opinion is a must see city.
I truly do not know what this city is doing on the list- I have never felt unsafe in Sarajevo, I have been there several times, and stayed for several weeks, and never, ever saw anybody being robbed. People are helpful, and the city is just amazing, as well as the nature around the city - I have been walking alone at night and nothing ever happened. I even forgot my credit card in a place, and had a guy running after me to give it to me, and this was at 3 am in a suburb. Having it so high on the list compared to London, Berlin, or Bucarest is just ridiculous!
Great city... If you acting like tourist, but stay in old town
[Newest]Sarajevo is such a beautiful city... It's so sad that the main part of the civil war happened here.

3Glasgow (UK)
Too much drink. Too few jobs. Local attitude very low.
I'm from glasgow I'm 22 and got two slashes on my face and one on my leg, I'm not a trouble maker just through being mugged haha it can be a beautiful but scary place at times.
Glasgow is wonderful place only the 10percent wee silly needs that ruin it!

The other lot the drug dealers and gangsters! There not so bad most of the time as they do there own thing and keep to them selfs pretty easy to spot too, track suits! Gucci cruise clothes rollex! Veneers! Big cars

The rest are ok

Nothing worse than junks but there everywhere in most run down areas,

City centre at we for most of you bet to get your taxi after dancing this is we're the trouble starts walking about Glasgow late at night!
[Newest]I disagree,I am from glasgow and I am completely safe!

4Tirana (Albania)
The whole world has heard about the Albanian mafia... About drug trafficking, people trafficking, murder's, rape, etc...
They control over 40% of the worlds drug trafficking
They are deep rooted in the balkans since the 15th century

FBI reports say that the Albanian mafia is one of the top 3 mafia organizations in the world

Interpol reports say that the Albanian mafia is the second largest mafia organization in the world
I am an albanian and haven't lived in albania for 20 years and every time I visit although I look and sound like a tourist never had any problems there everyone is friendly. However, I still say that albania is dangerous but not to genuine visitors, the only people that will be in danger in albania are gangsters, show offs, and people with attitude problems (due to the albanian pride not to feel inferior or second to no one) Everyone else will be more welcomed then visiting relatives go and check it out or ask anyone who has been there.
Albanians are very violent people, common guys Albanian Mafia is most violent mafia in the world. They are very brave men.
[Newest]Honestly, the Tirana is not even that bad... Most of the people saying bad things usually are just people that don't like Albania. But obviously there is the very strong Albanian Mafia, they are very similar to the early Sicilian mafia, very violent and hypersensitive and hates traitors. I go to Albania every year and I have never encountered the Albanian Mafia because I have not business with them... This is the same for anyone who goes there, you are not in danger unless you have business or bad history with the Mafia. Overall since Albania's new prime minister has come into place things have got a lot better, crime rates decreased, the city is looking better and you can feel safe walking at night and the nightlife in Tirana is very nice.
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5Belgrade (Serbia)
This town shouldn't be in this list, you can walk alone whole day and night freely.
I'm not Serbian and I live in Belgrade, there are no gangs here, you have a very small chance to get robed and level of criminal is not so high, there are no racism or similar stuf, so I thing Belgrade shold not be on the list. Come to Belgrade and see for your self, you can walk alone in the midle of the night and feel very safe, and things that New Belgrade is dangerous is a lie I live there.
Belgrade is little dangerous. That is most beautiful city in hole world! Don't listen idiot from T.V. or Internet who say "Belgrade is most dangerous city in Europe" or "New Belgrade is full of Serbian Mafia" just come to us and enjoy in beautiful city!
[Newest]Dude, I'm so scared of this place (for some reasons)
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6Napoli (Italy)
Napoli is a great place with great people. And yes, it's kind of a dirty city. But it's a unique city as well; a typical southern Italian city. About the Camorra: Yes, the clans own over 50% of the companies, hotels, restaurants and bars there, simply because they want to make money. There's also a very simple rule: Don't destroy the sources you get your money from. This includes tourists. As a tourist, you're completely safe there. The Camorra rather protects them instead of destroying them. It's pretty naïve to think they pose a thread to tourist, especially because tourists visit Napoli's hotspots, located in the center of the city, near the bay. That's not where the Camorristi do their business. For the thrill seekers, I strongly advice to visit neighborhoods and cities north of the city: Casoria, Afragola, Melito di Napoli, Secondigliano, Sant'Antimo and of course, Scampia. And even when visiting these neighborhoods and cities, the chances of getting robbed or stabbed aren't that high. The Cammoristi are not that stupid -- why would they get themselves into lots of trouble by pulling such stunts? They don't get anything out of it. I honestly think some people here are overreacting. "Napoli is a very dangerous city! Don't go there, you will get yourself killed! "... Like, are you serious right now?

People, feel free to visit the city. You will have a good time, even though you will probably have some doubts about it on the first day of your visit. But you'll soon discover that the ambiance of the city is great.

About the football fans: football fans in general behave badly. The Napoli fans are just really passionate about their club, and are willing to do everything to express their love for the city. That this sometimes involves attacking other groups of football fans, well.. Welcome to the world of European football. Remember the time Napoli fans got shot at by Roma fans and one supporter died? When Napoli fans shoot at others, it's something scandalous. When Roma fans do it, they suddenly get picked on less. Coincidence? I think not.

Napoli and everything that comes from it gets criticized by the rest of Italy, especially the north. Such a pity. Somehow, a country always has one city that is hated by 90% of the country's citizens. For Italy, this city is Napoli.

When it comes to these kind of cities, you should always do some research before blindly believing what everyone is saying.
Definitely the most dangerous city in Italy, if not Western Europe. Palermo, Sicily is also very bad. These cities are riddled with mafia.
Napoli is a horrible city, like nearly always in Italy.

Dirty, smelling bad, dark, polluted, chaotic, insecure, low style, like ruin, destroyed and Italian people do not speak anything else than Italian, slacker, impolite, lazy, arrogant, rude, they are always trying to rip you off.

The hotels are old and expensive, that everywhere in Italy, roads are dangerous.

Avoid this old fashion country.
[Newest]We unfortunately been there for business. So arrogant people how hate our English or American way to deal with. Never on time. Impossible to import anything here, they just want to flog their pizza, even if you are selling planes..

Try to visit the city, so dirty, food so bland, so flavorless, so tasteless, insipid.

In short, let's say no more about it; Flee.
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7Nottingham (UK)
I live in Nottingham, Hucknall, and I'm 19. I have say, you have your nice places and not so nice, just like any city. The bad places are really bad. Don't go walking around late at night, and it doesn't matter if you act big, or you're just acting normal, you have the same chance of getting mugged or stabbed. I remember as a kid, around 6 years old, me and my friend went down River Lean, and we saw a man sitting on the floor in the woods with a shot gun, we got so scared and we ran like hell, he started shouting at us, but some people on the tram saw him a bit before and called the police, and as a kid, when I was 13 - 17, I was scared to go outside because my friends estate was so scary. Also, Holgate School was horrible, fights every single day, the outside class rooms got burnt down, and people brought knives to school. I wouldn't advice anyone to go roaming around towns unless you're a well known local. I also lived in a pub, and it was really nice, but I've been in recently for a few drinks, and it's not as nice, lot's of people trying to prove what they can do. The city on the other hand is amazing, lot's of shops and clubs/bars, it has an amazing night life, and around christmas, it becomes so beautiful. By the way, I ended up getting in with some of the dangerous people in my town, and the things they do to people isn't nice. My very own friends beat me, and put me in hospital just so they could steal my bike, to sell it on for drugs. Oh, and never go to St. Annes, it's a horrible place, my step dads brother got killed by a man with a cross bow in the forest, I think it's probably the most dangerous place in Nottingham. I'd hate to go anywhere worse than here.


There are some nicer areas like any city, but come on 'Shottingham' says it all, I've spent most of my life here and worked in some of the inner city estates, I was scared to walk about these places in day light and wouldn't dream of it in the night time, the city itself has a nasty atmosphere and a tension too it, the city centre isn't too dangerous or poor on the whole but it is a very small centre, venture out of maybe a square mile and a half in any direction (pretty much) and you would be at risk. This whole area of the North Midlands (Derby and Stoke to point fingers) is bleak and unsavoury, lacks the heart of the north or the safety of the south, as an area it's stuck in an uneasy limbo. Can't at all see why people who are not from here move here unless a job pays very well, I've recently moved away.

As with everywhere it's not all bad, as I see the VERY centre of the city is more desirable, but there's a reason it's so high on the list, be it from the street level crime that litters the city to previous crime lords the 'Gunn' family's gangland style executions of witnesses.
Rated 4th come on get real the city is amazing. The people are great and the city centre has every thing you could want and is safe!
[Newest]I didn't know it was really that bad over there. Sorry to hear about you getting beat and put in hospital by your own friends. The same happened to me too, except I live in US, and it seems like people cannot be trusted anywhere. Sorry to hear.

8Sofia (Bulgaria)
Gypsies stealing from elder people, women and children; nationalistic movements and skinhead organizations trying to protect their country in violent ways; violent football ultras; aggressive and corrupted police; and the reason for all of the above is the corruption of the politicians and their connections with the mafia
Me as a Dutch person in Sofia lives here fantastic with no problems at all! The street dogs just want to have food and beg, the gypsies are 99% scum, will only rob you when you are small, elderly or a girl. Local hooligans and nationalists? For me that's a good thing and they will never bother you with anything and the locals are friendly (not always of course). Good and safe place to live for sure!
Don't fail to mention packs of street dogs that killed three people in an year and mauled countless. Domestic dogs are also completely unregulated in practice, so there is also significant risk of being bitten by domestic dogs.

9Limerick (Ireland)
Limerick saw a gang murder every week between about 2000 all the way up until 2010, but the Police have it under control now. Over 100 gang members have been jailed under new anti-gang legislation (the others are dead), and put away for a long time, while firearms crimes are down by 93% year on year. There is still a decent police (Garda) presence and they have SWAT teams patrolling the remaining few gang areas.
Stay away from this place council estate kids closed thing to hell
This is absolutely unbelivable rubbish being said on here by people who have never been to limerick and are just casting an unintelligent ignorant comment on what they have heard. In the gangland feud from 2000-2008 when the last murder was there was a total of 22 murders. 22! Not one every week like one idiot said on here. Limerick is a fantastic city with something for everyone and not in a million years should it ever have been put on this list. The gangland feud in limerick is over! All of those scumbags have been locked up and will never see the light of day again.
[Newest]They don't call this place "Stab City" for nothing.

10Bucuresti (Romania)
It's not dangerous if you don't go crazy and act normally. Actually, it's a very nice city, with good girls
Bucharest is not at all a dangerous city. I was born here and grew up here and in my 30 years of life I've never encountered any violence against me, although I was not always living in the good areas of the city. You can walk alone, as a girl, in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to you.
Gypsies are just noisy, they like to be together and listen to music and have fun together, but they are not a threat to anyone.
It is very safe, take this from a girl.
I lived in Prague for 2 years and I was beaten up on a bi-weekly basis because of the colour of my skin (Indian), I lived in Bratislava for a year and the people there were just as horrible, slightly better than Prague. I have since lived in Bucharest for 4 years and it is literally my favourite place on earth. The people are absolutely lovely here, they are not racist, it is a cheap, safe paradise. I should also mention that I am born and raised in UK, where the people are not too racist but very violent. I was attacked racially as a child but since I've grown up it's not been too bad. I've been working as a Doctor in the Uk for almost a year now and the level of violent attacks is insane.
[Newest]You have big/enormous chances to get robbed there!

The Contenders

11Malmö (Sweden)
The town is completely taken over by stupid immigrants, sadly...
What a dump! Seriously, If you are stupid enough to wander in there and not be immediately identifiable to the "locals" as an Arab or Somali... You gonna die.
Female? Gang rape. No way in hell are the police going to bother intervening or investigating if you are not Muslim.
Smell that? That's the schools, police stations, medical facility's being burned to the ground, it happens every single night.
A lot of immigrants aka "youth" in this city in Skåne, it's a real shame. Malmö used to be a great city but ever since the social-democrats and moderates decided to enrich it it's been crap. Here in Sweden you always hear it mentioned when talking about crime, immigration and violence. I recommend everyone to keep away from this hell hole of a city.
And to my fellow Swedes I recommend voting for a party that actually cares about the Swedes and not just about the "Newswedes" next election, or you'll have yourself to blame when it spreads to your town.
[Newest]It has been a lot of bombs and stuff there lately...
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12Marseille (France)
Marseille is a really secure place for people who does not try to play the caid.

Sure it's a melting pot city but compare than napoli the center of the crime and here only Italians origins.


Lock your car; take good care of your purse and belongings. A strange mix of untrustful people.
I'm living in France in Paris and I say Paris is pretty dangerous and use to be a nice place now it is only a soulless place. But MARSEILLE... Robbery, drugs traffic, gun traffic shootings this place doesn't even belong to France just to Arabs drug dealers
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13Odessa (Ukraine)
Too many sexy women
The best sex I had in my life
Its one of the most mafia cities, I never seen like this one. I have terrible experience and got rub by police mafia.

14Prague (Czech Republic)
Prague is the most beautiful places I have been. I haven't seen anything bad. Guys are mostly rude and covered. I don't think they would do anything. Every touristic places has some pickpocketing. I haven't seen any but there might be. People are lovely there.
I'm a scotsman who visits here very regularly: beautiful city! Biggest problem are the taxi drivers, who will rip you off unless of a reputable taxi company (ask the locals, who are super-friendly. bars will generally be happy to call a taxi for you). also, there are many on-street drug dealers and pimps/ sex show touts around the bottom end of wenceslas square once the sun goes down, who will pester you for business. do not trust these people, who will rip you off mercilessly! And do you really wanna go see a show with a pregnant dwarf and a monkey? I sheet you not! A respectful "no thanks" generally suffices, and they generally will leave you alone. however, if you get angry with them, there's a chance that you could get into problems with them... And the police won't help, who I assume get kick-backs! Street drug dealers operate under the noses of the nearby police!
Prague is relatively safe. Not much violence. Folks are loud often, dumb tourists are even louder;P Good night transport. Though people can be quite rude. If you get into trouble, don't expect anyone helping you. Medical emergency can be ridiculously ignorant if you are not "bleeding from the neck". Police in streets will try to help even if they don't speak english.
Don't exchange currency with anyone in the streets. Don't leave your stuff unattended. Keep your bags and pockets sealed. Don't leave receipt after withdrawing cash in an ATM.
You can be more less relaxed with locals. Even drunks will try to be nice:) But keep your eyes peeled and your wallet safe.
[Newest]I've only seen two fights in Prague in ten years; I was involved in both of them.

15Istanbul (Turkey)
It is very safe, conservative and clean except for very few areas well known like any in the world.I stayed there for almost a month.I love it people are very friendly and helpful unlike other countries I visited.
In Istanbul you will enjoy friendly atmosphere, stay away from aksaray.
Great city. Never felt unsafe there. Lots to do and see.
Are you serious I live here since 2008 and here is so comfortable and safety it should not be on this list
[Newest]There really is nothing wrong with the city.

16Frankfurt (Germany)
Frankfurt is a banking city, but it is also a gateway to Europe with a huge airport, central train station and access to the Rhein. This means that it is really impossible to stop drugs and human trafficking, resulting in prostitution, illegal immigration, drugs-related crimes and violence. Keep to well populated areas at night and if you must visit the red light area, be very careful.
When I went to Frankfurt in the summer I was greated at exit of the airport by a man with a knife that decided to take my money and just ran off.. Well I'm never going there again I can tell you that.
A lot of drugs in frankfurt, robberies and stabbings swell
[Newest]Many Gangs in northern Frankfurt

17Donetsk (Ukraine)
Nothing dangerous in Donetsk really... Just an avarage industrial city in Eastern Ukraine. Not much to see, but not dangerous, unless you go to the suburbs in the night and show you are a tourist
It makes me worried to hear that my grandma's home town is so deadly. She says the crime is terrible there. Also with a war with Russia and Ukraine doesn't help.
You know what is happening in the East Ukraine? With this war going on in Ukraine, it is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in Europe

18London (UK)
It s a fact London is very dangerous even under CCTV. It is statistically the most dangerous city of Europe, straight after comes Glasgow with knifes aggression. Foreigners can easily see the difference on the high level of violence compare to their other European countries. South west London is considering as safe because posh but It is not the case at all. French persons and others foreigners have stories to talk about this area. Blood, dangerous crazy people, junkies, extreme poor-less, fight, murder etc. We are witness of chocking and bad acts each week. I come from Paris an area consider as a bad one but I have never seen in Paris, what I have seen here in 3 months. That s crazy. I live Fulham, my neighbor was killed in his house, an old woman was sexually abuse in the street, 3 children were kidnapped, a man try to kidnapped myself, A girl punched a man, a man had a cheek cut and many more witnessed. When I come back around 8 pm from work there is more than 50 percent a fight or injuries in the overground or underground station. If you come assure yourself of a maximum security like use a cab service when you get out at night, try do not walk alone etc. So, sure you can enjoy your stay because there some things to do here but do not forget to protect yourself, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE London s violence.
Bear in mind London is one of the largest cities (counting the urban zone) in Europe with one of the largest populations of any city. That means there are a lot of different areas within London, some places extremely safe, others more dangerous. Stick to the centre or the wealthy suburbs and you're generally OK. Wander around certain parts of Tottenham, Brixton and Peckham of a night just have your wits about you and you should be alright. Don't let any stories of crime dissuade you from visiting though, London has some amazing places.
I live in this wonderful city and it is no more dangerous than any other capital city. The same rules apply everywhere: don't walk down dark side streets on your own or even as a pair (if you're going to, best be done in a group of 3 or more). Don't show off your wealth too much or you may be targetted. Don't wonder off outside the centre unless you know what you are heading into! Common sense people.
[Newest]Wouldn't recommend living in London (lived there for 11 years, know the city well)
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19Kaliningrad (Russia)

20Liverpool (UK)
I already think england is the worst country in Europe, and liverpool is the worst city in england! The centre is being regenerated but as soon as you leave the centre your greeted by slum in all directions, gloomy council tenements and chavs. everyone in liverpool has a serious superiority complex and genuinely believe because they're scouse they're gods gift to the earth... Arrogance prevails and muggings are daily. and the worst accent in the world on top of it all! I'm from england and will never set foot in liverpool again!
Liverpool is just an old hole full of unemployed former harbor workers who now spend their time getting drunk and getting into fights. Attempts to modernize it have been made, but it remains a hellhole.
Still growing up here and faced with threats everyday, today I had two dogs set on my English bull just because I apparently looked at him funny.
[Newest]The Beatles are from here.

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