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Tirana (Albania)


Albania is a nice place
Seriously guys what country isn't safe these days, Tirana is amazing the gangs there mind their own business and within locals nothing to do with tourists. It's beautiful there especially in summer outside Tirana more the beach coasts. I was raised there and saw many things but you just get used to it like everywhere else in the world.
What he said, Albania is way too dangerous, even the car crashes are out of this world.
Albania has been a little dangerous in the 1990's. Now it is a really nice city. I'm not Albanian but I have been there and the people are really nice so is the city. Tirana should not be on the list. However many people do get robbed easily. Just stay away from back rounds and you should be fine.
Crazy Albanians, be careful don't look at people directly and stare at them or you mean "you wanna f*** with me" most of kids have sharp items but here it's a tendency to use heavy irons and logs that crush you, has the highest violence/kill rates in family, robbery, street in all balkan. If you look no trouble and stay in the right place there is a low chance you will encounter any of this bad things.
It is very safe city I visit it very ofen and had no problems whatsoever.
That is not true Albania is a very safe place I have been there multiple times, the respect this people have for foreigners is amazing.
I think that only showing off and being disrespectful might cause a whole turn on their characters
Hard boys, brave boys, no chance to deal with them... Anyway you will not get into problems if you don't look at someones sister, wife or cousen... REMEMBER for an albanian the sister and cousen is the most important thing.
Albanians are not that bad the mafia is very bad but if you don't offend anyone they won't hurt you its actually quite a beautiful city but he mafia is very dangerous careful
I live in Tirana's most dangerous hood and you hear fight or screams here everyday or night you got 4 people killed every week here IT'S VERY DANGEROUS AT NIGHT guys called lacat or Nacut (Albanian word for gangsta or bad boy) stay in group of 7-15 and rob people who pass near by sometimes they kill them. If you r in the wrong hood better don't mess with people there because you probably gonna get stab or kill. I think Tirana must be the 1st one in this list.
I live here and if you don't mess with Gangs nothing gonna happend to you but if you mess with them you got to THINK first because this city is a real dangerous.
Northern albania bad bad place to be. Not many people have ever heard of Albania. That's what makes it so dangerous
Well honestly I was there like 100 times because my country is on the border with Albania, and yes I was in Tirana and everywhere in Albanian, not so impressed, but yet very beautiful seasides. I was in Tirana with my school and we were walking on the main Square Skenderbeu, when a homeless guy got beaten by a guy that was walking next to him and just few meters away was a police they never did anything! After a guy beat the homeless ( there are a lot of them) police approach and asked the homeless guy if he is ok. So yeah we as a kids back then were shocked!
Complete one big lie
Come on guys it deserves the first place! Albanian mafia rules!
I'm Albanian and I approve this message :/
Very Dangerous And the 2nd mafia in the world too
The Albanian maffia may be very dangerous but you should not be scared walking in Albania all by yourself, Albanians are very kind people just don't start any trouble
Albania is most country where you feel secure ther's no problems with forighners
Albanian mafia is number one of dangerously mafia in Europe, maybe and too world
They kill you. Trafick you and do prostitution just for some cash. Crazy people
Crazy Drivers, mafia, Dangerous roads/Paths, Poor health service and voilent people
Albanians are the most well-known criminals from the world.
Albanian Mafia, Crazy car drivers, Murderers, DO NOT GET IN A TAXI, Most areas poor. This is not a nice place to go

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