Most Romantic Rock Songs of All Time

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41No One Like You - Scorpions

This song should be number one, It speaks the mind of every guy who is in a realtionship and hasn't gotten to see their woman in a while, even so it is an amazing song with a good video but the deep meaning people get from this song is unforgetable

42Everlong - Foo Fighters

It's a melodic foo fighters song

43Lost In You - Three Days Grace

One of the best love songs.

44Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

My boyfriend and I used to listen to this... Sigh

Quite possibly the greatest song ever...

Probably the best song ever made

I cry every time

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45What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts

It's just super awesome

46Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
47Something - The Beatles

The best ever! Must be in the top 5 at least! - ahmedaser

48I Still Remember - Bloc Party
49The Scientist - Coldplay

This one is the only one song that makes me cry and a girl that I love show me this one

50In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge

This song would be number 1 if more people knew it
Just hear it : what song and what lyrics!

51Always - Atlantic Starr
52Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

Probably the best romantic song of kate bush

53All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks

It's not exactly a "Hey I think I love you" song, but quoting the lyrics "GIRL, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL OF THE TIME, ALL DAY, AND ALL OF THE NIGHT! " And then that amazing solo, different then anything else. It's just-Pure! It's on my top ten songs EVER!

54Baby, I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton

That voice makes women swoon!

55Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi - Arjit Singh
56Let Her Go - Passenger

Lovely song beautifully sung

57Forever - Kiss

Most romantic (soft) rock song I've heard. Surprised it's not on the list already.

58Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
59Angie - Rolling Stones

One of the best slow Stones songs...

60Al Mu'allim - Sami Yusuf

I love this song, I feel it, best song, emotional, amazing, romantic

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