Most Underrated Rock Songs

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81Fluff - Black Sabbath
82Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
83Question! - System of a Down
84Karma Killer - Robbie Williams

Actually not a bad rock song - in fact it's pretty good

He had some of the best rock songs

85Mayonaise - Smashing Pumpkins

Unrecognized for it's brilliance, meets the criteria worth listening to

86Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford

There are a lot of bands on this list that have no business being here because there rock royalty. Lita, on the other hand had the most underrated song due to the fact that she always played second fiddle to Joan Jett, going back to her days in the Runaways. Lita, to me, is a rock godess who deserves way more respect.

Good one. Yes, this is the type of song that should be on here, not these deep album cuts that no one is familiar with.

87Bed of Razors - Children of Bodom
88Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park

This is such an amazing song. Even though a lot of people have heard of it no one really knows how deep the meaning of the song is. LP 4ever. - lukestheman4

89Invincible - Pat Benatar
90Dirty White Boy - Foreigner

Amazing riffs I'm a loner but I'm never alone...been in trouble since I don't know when and know some how I find trouble again,

91Deathbound - Mastodon
92Oceans - Pearl Jam

This song sounds so atmospheric and wonderful! One of my personal favorites from Pearl Jam!

93Out On the Weekend - Neil Young

Very good entry. Great song that you never hear about, although I guess it is kind of an album cut too.

94Force Ten - Rush

This song is just too good. But waaay too overlooked. Give Hold Your Fire a chance people!

95Show Some Respect - Tina Turner
96I Live for the Day - Lindsay Lohan
97Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) - Lindsay Lohan
98Wild World - Mr. Big
99Now or Never - Dope
100Addiction - Dope
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