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Harry Potter
Harry potter is the best movie of all times. No movie series will ever beat Harry potter! Harry potter is the best movie of the world! Harry potter has been working for 10 years and is the best movie ever made! I love Harry potter!
Are you kidding me, harry potter not at least in 10 best movie of all time, how could be the best


Harry potter is one of the best movies ever! As stephen king had said, "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. "
2 why not 1 it is soon to be the record holding franchise so it is 1. More fans follow it to the T. Its book sales are up every term and it story line is off the hook. It is a seat filler and is sold out every night. It wooed critics in a matter of hours. It smashed box offices in minutes of its release. Thumbs up to this movie all the way.
[Newest]I AGREE when I clicked on this list I was like, Harry Potter HAS to be one of them!
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2The Lord of the Rings
* In terms of QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY, the Lord of the Rings saga and Godfather trilogy deserve to top this list.

* Yes Harry Potter is more successful than LOTR commercially, but seriously, it's no where near as well made. Don't get me wrong, the movies are entertaining and I always go to the theater to watch them, but every movie in the series has had some gaping flaw, either in plot, direction, acting, whatever. In Lord of the Rings, yes there were thematic and plot differences, but Jackson and team managed to produce an adaptation that was still top-notch in every category.

* Star Wars may deserve to rank higher due to the brilliance of the Original Trilogy (especially Ep. V) and the sheer impact it left on society, but even then, the newer films (especially Ep. I and II) were lacking in quality. In LOTR, the films were all just great. They weren't just entertaining fantasy pictures, but sincerely first-rate motion pictures
I am bewildered at how people put star wars AND harry potter before the lord of the rings. I mean, they are both quality series, but LOTR just cannot be beaten.
If you look at the Harry Potter reviews at the top, all it says is "Harry Potter is the best" or "no one can beat Harry Potter". There are no suiting reasons from reviewers as to say Harry Potter is the best movie series.
Then Star Wars. I love everything about star wars, but everything was just so overdone and cliche.
In my opinion:
1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Star Wars
3. Harry Potter
4. The Godfather
Although, my favourite movie is without a doubt, Saving Private Ryan. Then, favourite T. V series, Avatar the Last Airbender (movie was disappointing though). If you have not seen this, it will blow you away on how a kids T. V series can be this well done. It is original, the storyline is excellent and every episode keeps you excited with its own story but still is all with a purpose towards character bonding or something that will then link up with the main storyline.
I am hoping that if and when they make the second and third Hunger Games, it will be on this list.
Lord of The Rings is one of those stories everybody needs to know about. Whether you read the books, or watch the films, it is one of those things you just HAVE to see. Along with Harry Potter and Star Wars, but for me Lord of The Rings is the best.
[Newest]These series should be on first brilliant acting and good plot a lot of fantasy
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3Star Wars
Does no-one recognize true film brilliance these days? People who say that the newer trilogy is bad don't know what they're talking about. Every single one of these films is a masterpiece, I did expect Harry Potter to be No. 1 but I didn't want it to be!
I might be wrong, but I believe the reason most people voted for Harry Potter is because the Harry Potter series has so many movies. That doesn't nessicarilly make it the best movie series. Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, but I honestly liked the Lion King & Toy Story more. The original Star Wars movies are considered to be some of the best movies ever made. They had outstanding specical effects as for their time. Star Wars was a movie like no one had ever scene before. In addition, I feel like a lot of movie conclusions give me a bit of an empty feeling, like something's missing. It takes me a long time to get over it. Although the celebration scene at the end of the sixth movie was a little chessy, a key scene at the end, (I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen the movies) made it all worth it.
I am referring to the original trilogy these are the best in the world, they are the most copied and parodied, even by the prequals, I do find the prequals lacking but the original trilogy is just fantastic
[Newest]I love star wars and they should be no. 1
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4Pirates of the Caribbean
The Pirates of the Caribbean series is a well planned movie series, it has a bit of everything, comedy, romance, adventure, horror and action. Theres something for the whole family! The series isn't very complicated, has a good plot, and they always pick the perfect actors to play the roles. It's a great movie series, and I'm excited for the upcoming fifth Pirates of the Caribbean! Savy?
It is presented in a unique style and johnny deep makes it perfectly. Also what makes it different is it involves pirates, ancient places and even best actions and adventures.
The story, the actors, the way it is presented with humour is what makes me rate it the best series ever. Doesn't the success of the 2nd and 3rd part show it? Well, Jack Sparrow's great mind and the pirates are loved by all. Love Pirates! So well, What are all you waiting for? VOTE FOR IT!
[Newest]If they didn't make a fourth this would be at the top of the list

5The Dark Knight
Why is this number 43 on the list? This is one of the best movies from the critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. It's outstanding with excellent direcing, excellent acting and excellent music. Come on guys we can do better!
This should definitely be in the top 5 at least! Each film in the trilogy is rated highly but people seem to forget that the Dark Knight Trilogy was n fact a trilogy!
Dark Knight is only the Best series in the world... Your argument is invalid.
[Newest]One of the best ever

6James Bond Franchise
James Bond isa consistently original spy franchise which has gone on for nearly 25 films now, and not for no reason. Each Bond brings his own personality to the table, from the well known ones like Sean Connery and Roger Moore to the unjustly unrecognized Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby. The series continues to adapt to its audience's needs, and that's why it is going to be a very long time until it is finished, because its so damn good.
James Bond (as my friend Wi***** quoted) is a brilliant series that's been around for a long time, has potential for the movie-making hall of fame. I mean, 8%? James Bond should have MUCH better than that!
It Well last for ever and it with never get old. But Pirates and Harry Potter Will. About 50 years the movies Well never been watch as much as the entire James Bond your children childrens don't watch Harry but they Well watch James.
[Newest]What? How is 007 #6? I know there are a ton of great series out there, but hell I can't imagine anyone that isn't familiar with Bond, James Bond. Some films weren't that great, but overall it's a kick ass series.

7The Godfather
It's sickening seeing The Twilight Saga so far up the list! Who really thinks Pirates of the Caribbean is a better movie than The Godfather? That's messed up.


This list is stupid. The Godfather trilogy represents the pinnacle of the movie industry. Star Wars is rightfully higher up, but seeing Godfather down here is a shame. And the fact that the Twilight Saga ranks higher than these masterpieces is proof that most of the voters here are adolescent teens who've never seen a movie of the previous century. And if special effects and sheer entertainment is what they seek, where the hell is Chris Nolan's Batman? All in all, a pathetic list.
The Godfather is the greatest gangster film and also greatest film series of all time. The first and second film of the series have both won academy award for best picture. It's the only film series in the history of cinema thus far to achieve this. The lord of the kings series also has quite a achievement but the godfather is the only series in which two films have been awarded the academy award for best picture.
[Newest]Godfather one of the best! How is it 7th?

I can't believe this is lower than Twilight!
X-men comes so close to the truth of uncovering the fact that everyone feels odd at so many levels. Everyone feels left out. Moreover, its an awesome series, with great graphics and superb characters! And not to forget the story line!
X men all parts are my favurite I am big fan of hugh jackman
I am waiting for his next part
This is a great series with a lot of action and well thought out, I think it should really be in the top 10
[Newest]It's so fascinating how all the connect like a jigsaw puzzle

I think spiderman is one of the best superhero movie franchises ever and they are so stupid for re-booting the franchise. Until the new batman movies it was rated the number best seller in superhero movies why would you rebot that?
The best one for me. A movie with a heart touching story of a shy guy. The guy with the power of saving the world and feels the responsibility for it.
Spiderman should be number #1 its the best movie ever
[Newest]Spiderman Is The Best Movie EVER!

10Indiana Jones
How is this not higher? In every other list I have seen it is. Come on people, do you're best to make this what it deserves to be. Top ten at least.
Some might argue that this is too high on the list but this had the 4th amount of votes. Personally I absolutely loved these films but thought it should maybe be around number 5 or 6.
Best movie ever made. They have revolutioneizer television and took us ta another world
[Newest]I love Indiana jones

The Contenders

11The Matrix
"The Matrix" has the most truth to it of all of these series, if you actually pay attention to what the movies are trying to tell you, than you would understand what I am trying to tell y'all. "The Matrix" is the best movie series by a long shot!
Delicious Masterpiece and a unique production! The Matrix trilogy is far far better than the other series. Great action careographies and a meaningful spritual message seperate the movie from other movies in this genre
It was a very fantastic series. Let's notions like it bullet-time originated from this movie. It was well written and contained every kind of action
[Newest]I don't think this is nearly the best, the first movie is one of the best movies ever but the other two disappointed me

12The Fast and the Furious
Fast and furious is my favorite series of all time, can't wait till the sixth movie comes out.

You have problems the fast and the furious should be in the top ten. At least in top 15. And you don't even have the riddick series on here so you need to resort your page
I like the movie it's so great they did well
[Newest]This is the series

13Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park is one of the most well written books in history and actually had a decent formula. The movie had somewhat crappy effects here and there but the stroy was good and it's the highest grossing fil ever. Good job speilberg.
The Jurassic Park series is one of the best movie series I have ever seen. They need to make a 4th edtion! I can't wait until they all come together after all these years to make another movie! JP4 - 2013!
Made my girlfriend watch all three within a week just because they are the best series in the world. Light humor, packed action scenes, thrilling adventures, they are still good even though twenty years old!

14Back To The Future
Matrix? The Wall-Crawler? Hogwarts' best student? Nothing in front of The Time Travellers


There is nothing more intense than being stuck in the future because of a crappy flux capacitor.
The greates trilogy of movies ever!


[Newest]I watch this movie almost everyday haha

It's the BEST series ever. How could you guys forget a LEGEND like this? With the EPIC Stallone. ROCKY deserves to be on the TOP. And you people have put Potters and SAW's above it? For the win.
How this is not in the top 3 I'll never know. Not just a great story but an inspirational character in Rocky, 1-4 could be in the top 10 movies of all time.
You can watch em again and again, and you know what... They stay good. All of them (except 5) are just so well made they make you fall in love with the characters. ROCKY!
[Newest]Great movie yo Adrian!

16Toy Story
Come on people toy story deserves to be in the top tens... At least above Twilight saga... Faith in humanity lost :/!
I love toy story:) it a good kid movie and even though I am 34 I still love toy story! Doesn't matter how old you are its still a good movie
Every movie is awesome unlike most movie series
[Newest]Am I the only one who absolutely despises Toy Story? Sometimes I feel like the only sane person in the world.

I have seen all the series on this page and I believe Transformers deserves to be at least top 10. This movie has it all - romance, cars, and best of all, the epic battles.
Best movie series love optimus prime love transformers
Best movie series I had ever seen in my life.
[Newest]I really like the first Transformers film, the second was okay, but the other ones suck.

18The Bourne Series
Non stop action packed enjoyment. Come on now. This movie is kick ass. Yea star wars was great and all. But its old news. A little to far on the fantasy side. I enjoy this a lot because the cia could really have people like this.
Never saw a movie like dis before of my life... It should be no1. No1 position suits dis movie very well. Waiting to watch the the Bourne legacy movie.. Definite watchable movie.. Matt damons action is a big plus to this movie. He is the only one who can suits to the character of jason bourne.
[Newest]This is the best film I ever saw

Great movies really liked it. I voted this because it deserves better. But I think Star Wars is the greatest movie franchise ever. Still this series kick ass you should see it!
The reason the alien franchise is so great is because it created a different tone with each movie. With the first, it was a suspenseful horror film. The second created an epic action film. The third made depressing prison drama. The fourth was just a popcorn film and nothing more.
I adore all 4 films. They should make Alien 5! Great series


This Movie is a 1984 classic by James Cameron, which later became a hit. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an awesome actor at that time. This movie rules. "I'll be back" has to be the most deadly and funny movie line of all time!
Not one of the movies were bad, UNLIKE star wars in which the first 3 sucked and were not that necessary

The only movies that planned unrelated sequels, the only way to do it without directors making the sequel a cheap knock-off, like the Star Wars prequels.


With the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises out, the Batman series is so different and dark from other superhero movies and actually has a great story with twists! Definitely deserves to be higher.
All I have to say is "Why so serious? " and why the hell is this number 2? Oh well, The Dark Knight Rises will probably show Chris Nolan's greatnes.
[Newest]I liked the dark knight. Exceptional performance by heath ledger as the joker 🃏.

22Twilight Saga
I love the Twilight Saga. All five movies were incredibly made and entertaining. They show you a whole new world that you only hoped existed and are a great love story for people of all ages to understand. I have and will watch them more than once. It is definitely a series to watch over and over again! (Hopefully they'll make more for fans like us.)
Twilight is alright, I have got the box set and have watched the movies a lot, but I guess when you've watched it too many times it gets boring. Not like harry potter!
Twilight is a movie to be watched because it all that a movie series fan is looking for (I hope there are more fans out there)
[Newest]Best movie series it should have ben in top 10

23Die Hard
Come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs... Classic! Die Hard 2 is the best! The Villans are amazing too. The gruber Brothers... And that Army Ranger Dude... Plus the dad from Good Times!
Full of raw Bruce Willis action.
[Newest]I cried inside when I saw this below Twilight. Come on guys.

24Marvel Cinematic Universe
Yes I included all of the super hero movies that were part of the same series in one movie since it is really all just the same series. The series together made one of the highest grossing franchises ever. This series is also one of my personal favorites.
How is this not higher? With next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the series will undoubtedly become the highest grossing movie series of all time! If this list was purely based on money it would be #2 on the list.


Pure awesomeness and wit!

25Final Destination
I love the Final destination seires, actually number 4 was the first horror movie I ever saw. They should really be higher up!
Chilling to the very limit because its deaths are quite plausible

26Iron Man
The Iron Man movie series is absolutely brilliant! The humour is hilarious, it never gets old! The action is perfect as not too overtop, even for Tony. The casting is also perfect. Gwyneth makes a brilliant Pepper, Rhodes is great and Happy Hogan is fantastic. But most importantly Robert Downey Jr makes the whole series worth it, there is no other way to put it; he is Iron Man. The trilogy is definitely a must-see. Iron Man is one of those RARE series that doesn't get worse each new addition to the series. Each movie ties in with the previous, never disappointing viewers and giving that very rare sense of continuity that is essential in a movie series. The Iron Man movie series is beautifully action-filled, hilarious to give it that lighthearted feel and perfectly casted. A definite must-see.
This series is so intense and I absolutely LOVE IT! I never get bored while watching it and I highly recommend this series to watch. To be honest the third one is my favorite. There is so much action it this. And Iron Man/Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. Is also in The Avengers. AND I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO GET STARTED ON THAT MOVIE! IT'S AWESOME.
Iron Man 2 is my favourite movie of all time and even though it doesn't follow the same plot as the Comic books, the movie trilogy was absolutely brilliant and I watch it over and over again

27The Hunger Games
It is one of the magnificent movies I have ever seen
Why is this series way down there? The Hunger Games movies keeps getting better after a new release. This has to be in the top 10.
Imagine! This series just began in 2012 and it ranked 57? HAHA. And take note, Mockingjay isn't yet included in this film series.
[Newest]Great filmmaking on their part, magnificent storyline and character chemistry. Incredible story.

One of the funniest films ever, no need to scare, just good to laugh
Best series ever.. Its so intense and surprising

29Austin Powers
Austin powers is one of the greatest comedy series there are, next to ace ventura, Non can beet Mike Myers and Jim Carey for sheer comedy brilliance.
So hope the rumors are true and Austin Powers 4 comes out in 2014

30Home Alone
Beucase it's the best of all its funny, and it's so epic to find a kid whose kinda smart to protect their house
I loved the kid so protective and entertaining adorable young boy
Best movie so funny I love it the best movie


[Newest]Only the first 2 were good

31The Hobbit
39? , seriously. this deserve the first place. check out the box office. "iron man" doesn't deserve at the 39 please guy. do you guys got sense of humor?
A really amazing movie
Why is this so low... I loved the movies and books... the music and acting was really good and why would you put some chick flick before this people really

Curious, I thought this one would be much higher. A thousand times a better set of movies that Twilight.
I think this should be on top 10. This series is way more better than those on the top spots, come on, guys!
This should be number one or at least number two

This was my first rated R movie ever and I was the happiest little kid the next day just bragging to my friends "I saw Rambo"
Truly an epic series. First Blood (the first part) is one of my favorite movies of all times. Granted Rambo 4 was bad, but the other movies more than made up for it.

34Ocean's 11, 12, 13
The ocean's series at no 32! Are you kidding me? And the twilight series at 11? Now you've really got to be kidding me! Oceans should be at least in the top 20 if not the top 10... With a huge star cast of really talented actors and an amazing plot every time it has to be in the top 10..
Keeps you guessing at every turn you never know what is going to happen. It also has a multitude of top notch actors.
Just watched this again. It could be better but the twists the movie gives is great and I recommend this
[Newest]Can someone please tell me why this is not at the top 5? THE BEST HEIST MOVIES EVER! ¡! ¡! ¡

An amazing, well thought out movie series that captivated me and kept me on my feet waiting for the next movie. All the movies came out so close together compared to other movie series making it easier to remember the first. Evan though it had seven movies all the movies truly made you want to keep watching (without the cheap trick that the walking dead T.V. series uses to get people to watch the next one... Most people might think the movie is just about someone killing other people for fun, but its much more and incredibly hard to explain..
The saw series is great.. It will make you think of what is going to happen next and the story is very interesting and exciting..
Harry potter at 1 that's made up for teens and girls.. No offense to anyone who watches Harry potter... I'm not saying rank saw higher but just watch for its story.. I literally clapped after watching the last part...
Maybe people don't watch because of its blood and gore stuff
.. But just watch the first part.. It's ending is the main... Don't let anyone tell you tell you what happens in the end... Just watch it... And when you're done.. You will say man that was one hell of a movie

36Scary Movie
The best comedy if you are a horror fan.


37Planet of the Apes

Shrek is my favorite Animated movie series mainly because of the time period it is set in, the humor and jokes that take place, and the heartbreaking meaning of love it portrays. The cast is pretty good, (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz) as well as the music.
Shrek is so timeless. I was born in the luckiest generation, because I was fortunate enough to grow up with Shrek, seeing them in theaters.

39Kill Bill
Kids who go on this website don't know what this is because their parents won't let them watch it because of violence, but that is the only reason this is 31 on this list.
Classic Quentin Tarantino
Epicly crazy. Or crazily epic

40Star Trek
How is so much down the order...? Vote for it please...! This is the best series I have ever seen the likes of spock kirk and sulu make it delightful...!
Star Trek is the Best thing that ever happened in my life. Live long and Prosper
I would like to see more!

41Sherlock Holmes
As Sherlock said... " You only see, but you did not observe... ". , the best fictional character..
Conflict twists are awesome. humorous and yet surprising
Awesome serie especially the english version.
[Newest]I am 10 and this is #1 on my list!

42Men in Black
It is a superb movie. I saw this movie for 10 to 14 times
This movie recieved the 10th most votes for the greatest movie series ever. If there's one word to describe these movies it's Will Smith.

43Ice Age

44The Lion King
Its fantastic, I can't stop seeing it
The lion king is awesome
Even when I was little, I never cried when Mufasa died. Am I even human?
[Newest]This is all we need in movies it is just great

I love his abilities

46Mission Impossible
Perfect movies that anyone can understand


This movie is like a cool package it has spy action a little killer and you will no you won"t get bored on this one so awesome this movie is high with mystery and you will never get off the T.V.
These movies ruled (all but the second one)


[Newest]The series is so well organised and tom cruise just brings something special

47Rush Hour
I think these movies are hilarious! They work so well together. Every time I hear the song "War" I cannot help but think of the first movie!

48Child's Play

49American Pie
Its best film ever made. I ant they make a new film
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding
American Pie Presents: Band Camp
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
American Pie Presents: Beta House
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
American Reunion
This series embraced topics that were considered taboo. Best place to be educated for sex

50Friday the 13th

51Mortal Kombat

52Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective T.V. version Deleted-Extended Scenes are scenes that aren't shown in theaters, videos, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

T.V. version deleted-extended scenesEdit

The reporters want to see Snowflake until Ace comes up with an excuse for them to leave.

Ace stops at a gas station to ask for directions to the pigskin sports bar.

Ace goes to the pigskin sports bar. The people at the bar picks a fight with Ace when Ace is asking about Finkle. They tell him where Finkle's parents are. Ace saw Finkle's home vandalized after losing the Super Bowl. '1 Point. '

Melissa's hotheaded and dimwitted boss blames her for letting Dan Marino's kidnapping even though it wasn't Melissa's responsibility in the first place.

Ace calls Emilio from the mental hospital and an elderly resident imitates him. Ace finds out that Lois didn't tell anyone about Ray Finkle. The police are not looking for Ray. Ace convinces Emilio to check out Lois for clues. Suddenly, Melissa and the doctor saw Ace on the phone. Ace pretends to be insane and he tells them that his agent called.

Ace takes Melissa home after they leave the mental hospital and she kisses him goodnight.

Ace visits his hippie friend named Woodstock again and tries find out a connection between Einhorn and Finkle looking at their credit report. Finkle's record is gone making it look like Finkle never existed. Then later, Ace gets up on stage with the band Cannibal Corpse during the concert and sings while running away from two thugs that kidnapped Marino.

Snowflake takes the gun from Finkle when Finkle tried to shoot Snowflake. Ace tries to get Snowflake to give the gun to him; however, Snowflake gives the gun back to Finkle.


54A Nightmare On Elm Street

55Lethal Weapon
The lethal Weapon series is my all time favourite, and I'm only 15 years old. One of the greatest pairings in film history, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! Love it!
Definitely deserves to be in top 10, all 4 films have everything you need in a good film
Your never too old for this

These movies are great each and every one of them! I'll see any one that comes out
This series is much much higher than most of the above. The humour is to die for especially madagscar 2!
What is wrong with this list?

I just recently rewatched the Blade Trilogy and its just so good. Wesley Snipes just owns the role so good and Blade is the pinnacle of Vampire awesomeness. What's interesting about this trilogy is that each film was directed by completely different directors and because of that each film brought something fresh and different to the table. If someone asked me what is the best vampire series ever? I'd tell them Blade. This series definitely deserves to be ranked high on best series ever.

58National Treasure
This movie series is really thoughtful because it has a lot of well-thought out scenes in the action bits. I mean, the Declaration of Independence? Genius! So please vote for this movie series because it is AWESOME!
This movie simply gives man much to think about based on what a nation could possess yet let their natives go dry

59The Naked Gun

60Kung Fu Panda
I saw all 2 parts of the kung fu panda it s very good and its action sequences by jakie is also nice...
Come on guys! This movie deserves to be at least in top ten!
I love the kung fu movies.

61Police Academy

62The Expendables
I love this movie


64The Man with No Name Trilogy
How is this not number one? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is my favorite movie of all time and I love sergio Leone.
The man it is

Laugh out loud m even surprised it made it to this list... Fight scenes in the first one copied from the transporter 1
Never ever... Ever ever try to watch it

66The Transporter
All are excellent and fantastic action scene
Very rough and tough actor with full of dignity and pride...i like so much
Jason S. Enough said

How can I watch the movies?.

68Mad Max
If you like post-apocalyptic wasteland and the whole future setting, then you will love mad max. Its weird yet beautiful in a way why was this not on the list sooner vote people!


A great bike stunt movie in MM1 then post apocalyptic mayhem!

69Bill & Ted

70Police Story


72Night at the Museum

I like liam neeson style of acting... Also it was nice story

74Alvin and the Chipmunks
One of the most amazing movie av watched, awesome to me at all times

75The Neverending Story

Also 60 years that's long


Come on, giant mosters fighting in cities. Many o it's movies are very deep and comples, also, some other are very ridiculous and funny!
It may not have the best effects, but they are awesome.

I used to love these movies. I am voting for nostalgic reasons as my Dad and I used to watch them together. I'm sure he would vote for them too... If he knew how to use the internet.

78Three Flavours Cornetto
For those who don't know this is Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End
The trilogy from the minds of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.
Also known as the Blood & Ice Cream trilogy

79Despicable Me
This is the best series ever! It is funny, heart warming and minions!
Gru is awesome so are all the characters how can this not be higher

A Legendary movie and a great film. It should in the top 5. Why they didn't make Zorro 3 I didn't know?


82Death Race

Vin Diesel is all you need to know... Riddick is the the absolute last guy you want coming for you.
Ok so they really ruined it with the second but.. PITCH BLACK! And the more recent movie is stellar... Can't believe this is rated so poorly!


85Charlie Chan


Great Action Fighting Movie
Best ever movie series I watched!



90Ghost Rider

91Monsters, Inc.

92Kick-Ass Series

93Street Fighter

94Dorm Daze


96Brother Bear
Helow lideias and gantel man am so glad to meet you so I need move advantege to anderstand so I am gonna
Ou here geice wait y

97Harold & Kumar

This show makes up 90% of my life.
Best T.V. show series EVER!



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