Top Ten Questions to Ask People About Disney Movies


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21Sleeping Beauty or CinderellaV2 Comments
22Beauty and the Beast of the Lion King?

How dare you? I will never choose. I love them both so much. - Disneylover

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23Up or Inside Out

Hard choice, the both movies have their awesome moments, up with the first 10 minutes and inside out with the dump scene

Inside Out - Its one of the greatest movies I've seen in a decade. - LightningBlade

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24Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh?V3 Comments
25Donald Duck or Goofy?V2 Comments
26Meet the Robinsons or Wall-E

Yeah. Here we going. Meet the Robinsons has been my favorite movies of all time the very first time I watched it. Wall E is a perfect robot movie. Wall E is close to the rating but I'll prefer the former. - LightningBlade

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27Cinderella or Cinderella (2015)
28Bambi or Dumbo? V1 Comment
29Beauty and the Beast or Lady and the Tramp? V1 Comment
30Lady and the Tramp or Oliver & Company?
31101 Dalmatians or The Rescuers?
32101 Dalmatians or 101 Dalmatians (1996)?
33Lady and the Tramp or The Fox and the Hound?
34The Rescuers or the Rescuers Down Under
35101 Dalmatians or The Fox and the Hound? V1 Comment
36Oliver & Company or the Fox and the Hound
37101 Dalmatians or Oliver & Company
38The Little Mermaid or Finding NemoV2 Comments
39101 Dalmatians or The Aristocats?
40The Aristocats or Lady and the Tramp?
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1. The Lion King or Bambi
2. Tangled or Frozen
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