Best Rappers of All Time

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Best flow, best lyrics, best beats, best singing, voice, best rapper ever he's best artist ever. Both of his personality, slim shady and Marshall Mathers, are great to listen to. He has a song for whatever mood your in, If you need to get pumped up listen to Till I Collapse
Em is easily #1 his first 3 albums (sslp mmlp and eminem show) showed rap fans a style never heard before. His metaphors and word play are crazy and his lyrics are probably the best ever. He was the first rapper to blow up from the underground battling scene and he always talks about real stuff unlike Wayne and all the other mainstream rappers. Hell the sequel is gonna be insane! SHADY 4 LIFE!
Eminem's life made him who he is today, one of the greatest of all time, when I listen to his songs he reminds me of pac, biggie & rakim, one of the greatest of all time and the best rapper alive
[Newest]Eminem does not deserve number 1 position... he is above it.. He;s a rap GOD
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Enough said! Tupac's a community dude.. Rapping for the people, it doesn't get better than that. Eminem is great agreed! But tupac gives a whole new meaning to what rapping is supposed to be about.
He is only one of the ultimate, honest as well as Gangsta rapper standing alone for the people who is suffering... His lyrics, flow and husky voice has inspired me and he will be remaining the no1 rapper till the end of time...R.I.P. leasane parish crooks...
I agree. Listening to tupac's music is like a journey through his life and thoughts. By the way I started listening to tupac a while after he died, I actually started listening to eminem first. Tupac treats rap as what it should be, an art-form, not just entertainment. Poetry not nursery rhymes, intellect more so than wit. Even in his casual songs strictly for entertainment he still displays a tremendous level of talent. He is immensely passionate about his poetry and has something real to say.

Tupac will forever be the greatest rapper ever... Period!
Followed by Nas...
[Newest]Tupac started it all.
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3Notorious B.I.G.
His raps are genius, you can actually picture what he's saying... Story to tell, hypnotize are his top
He is one of the only 5 Rappers that have reached Diamond...

The Best...R.I.P.B.I.G.
Sorry its a disgrace that Lil wayne be put above him.. Long live The Flow. Biggie was to the East Coast what 2Pac was to the West Coast. Biggie released the Hip Hop classics "Ready to Die" and "Life After Death" and became a Hip Hop icon. He changed the way an MC flows, and stopped everyone in their tracks when he dropped his verse on "Notorious Thugs" using the Bone Thugs style better than they did themselves. Also one of the great storytellers in Hip Hop, The Notorious One had every element an MC could dream of. Would have easily been number 1 if not for his untimely death in 1997.
[Newest]Biggie revolutionized the rapping world
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4Sagopa Kajmer
He is the King that changes name of "rap style" to "SAGOPA style" and he is limited edition in TURKEY with placing the 1st place in rap music with no exceptions.

With maximum meaning loaded to the lyric content and zero swearing in his songs made his place is untouchable.

He is the BIGGEST in the world with his depth of colour.
Anyone who voted for this guys is from Turkey or somewhere close or decedent. Rap is a American thing. Don't say I'm racist, guess where is originated... New York. Any Korean or turkish guy up here aren't real rappers.
The Best Turkish RAPPER
Real name is Yunus Ozyayuz nick name is sagopa kajmer and he is the best rapper in Turkey. I love Sago
[Newest]The Best Turkish Rapper Sagopa Kajmer!

Knowledge and lyricism, A MC not just a Rapper.
He knows brings discussions, He did that with hip hop is dead and the untitled album
He gives you something to think about. He knows the history of hip hop and gives a strong answer to commercial rappers of today.

Old Skool MC KRS ONE praised him and brought a tribute to him. He is respected by Rakim and Slick rick!
He influenced A lot of rappers in the 90 and today. Think about Jay Z, Tupac, Common, Kanye west, Talib Kweli, Eminem.

A Poet! A Rebel, A MC, A Storyteller. Nas brings Oldsckool and New Skool together.
Lyrics - 10
Voice - 9
Themes - 10
Popularity - 8
Critical Acclaim - 8
Overall - 47/50
Nas is the best rapper of all time. 20 years and he hasn't fallen off. Definitely knocks Eminem and 2Pac out of the ballpark. Sad I can't vote for someone else who deserves to be higher like Rakim or Big Daddy Kane.

Nas released Illmatic, the greatest rap album of all time. He released N.Y. State of Mind, the greatest hip hop song of all time. He wrote some of the greatest verses in rap history (NY State of Mind, Live at the BBQ, Purple, Verbal Intercourse), he is original, a great storyteller, influential, the best flow and delivery of any rapper, and he knows his history.

He's not the greatest by far. But he is the greatest. How Eminem and 2pac are higher is a mystery to me. They are the most popular rappers, but they are far from the best.

Nas is all-around, the the Vinci of rap. He is versatile, he can rap about anything, on any platform, any style. He's an adapter. He created some of the best rappers who ever picked up the mic.
[Newest]Nas, Nasty Nas.

Since Illmatic (the best rap album of all time) Nas never sold out he stayed true to streets. That's what rapping's about. Nas is #1 of all time.
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Jay Z is not only one of the best rappers STILL in the game, but he's also one of the most successful men on this planet. Coming from the streets, he turned himself into a business man. He's discovered most of the greatest talents in the industry today. He discovered Kanye. Nobody thought Kanye could rap till Hova supported him. Jay has been putting music out for the past 19 years. What rapper can stay relevant for that long? This dude is in his 40s. And with age, his lyrics have grown. He went from a 90s thug, making freestyles about killing cops with Big L to being one of the most influential artists in pop culture today. Listen to one song on Magna Carta Holy Grail, and you'll be scratching your head to the lyrics. You look up what he's talking about and you realize that Jay Z is a lyricist like no other. He's getting to the point where his music is almost art. Can he spit fast like Eminem? No, but he's got a style that surpasses speed. And the only reason Tupac and Biggie are above him is because they were good rappers and they died. Not taking away from them, but people think treat them like martyrs because they got shot and that their preserved lyrics are gold. Jay Z, in my opinion, is sitting on the rap game.
Tupac and Biggie were undoubtably great rappers, Tupac had the lyrics and Biggie had the flow. BUT, Jay has sustained his talent over a number of years by adapting his whole style as time goes on. I know it's unfair to make this point seeing as Tupac and Biggie unfortunately died, but in my opinion, both rappers wouldn't have been able to sustain themselves like jay z has done.
He tells you he's the best like a hundred times in his songs. Duh
[Newest]The worst and slow rapper
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7Dr. Dre
Alright, Dr. Dre has definitely contributed the most to hip hop out of everyone on this list by far. Two start off, he made two of the most classic rap albums ever; 2001 and The Chronic. Anyone who disagrees just has to listen to them. Also he was part of the best rap group ever NWA. He also made the careers of Game, Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop and even contributed to the Nas career. He is wildly known as the best producer/beat maker ever. He is the best rapper alive.
If it wasn't for him rap would be so much different.. He belongs at 1 or 2, along with eminem
Dre should definitely be higher up, he is the most influential rapper ever, with classics like 2001 and the chronic. My two favourite songs of all time are 'nuthin but a g thang' and 'still dre'. I've looked down this list and seen will smith, lil wayne, chris brown, drake, John cena, soulja boy etc. , which just makes this a joke of a list straight away! This frustrates me! DETOX!
[Newest]Don't like Eminem so I don't like him
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50 cent is a great rapper he's smart and a great business man. Perfected the slow flow.
Get rich or die tryin his best album sold 15 million he should be in everyone top 10 rapper list
Best of all time! Great lyrics, done so much for the industry, can freestyle unlike Lil Wayne, doesn't do depressing songs like Eminem all the time. G-Unit!
[Newest]Top 3 but is hated on by his success
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9Norm Ender
I think he is writing the best lyrics. And making good flows and rhymes. Look at: norm ender- içinde patlar
Ender is the best rapper ever!
Norm Ender is the best rapper in world
[Newest]Norm Ender best world rapper!

10Snoop Dogg
Very world famous, probably one of the faces of this rap era


Just like rick the ruler, he has a cool flow great rapper doggystyle one of the best albums ever made
He's snoop dogg. Wanye, kanye, and even eminem wouldn't know how to freestyle without snoop
Kanye doesn't freestyle, no one knew who Snoop Dogg was when Eminem started battle rapping (1985-1986) and Lil Wayne sucks
[Newest]The 2nd king of rap
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The Contenders

11Lil Wayne
This is it! If there was a way to scientifically prove this everyone would shut up but it's known that anybody out there who thinks Lil Wayne is not a good rapper are uneducated idiotic imbeciles, and has humans should contribute more to society. Lil Wayne his hands down the greatest music artist of all time, it is incomprehensible how many things he has achieved in his long 22 year + rap career, the awards, the platinum albums, the fame, the glory and his biggest achievement of all the haters! Haters of an artist are symbolic of their greatness once they are at an elite level such as Wayne, kanye, jay, Tupac etc... I really don't know how to convince someone how good Wayne is because words are not strong enough, one must have a brain so developed to understand him, you really need to break everything down, I mean every single letter to understand him, that's how good his wordplay is, his vocabulary is phenomenal, his flow is unexplainable, he's recorded more songs than any other music artist in the history of mankind and is still able to sound different. DIFFERENT is the key word there, Wayne is DIFFERENT to all other artists, he's UNIQUE, he's ORIGINAL. THAT IS WHAT TAKES HIM SO MANY LEVELS ABOVE EVERYONE else, the fact that he is unhumanlike versatile and I'm not just talking as him being versatile as an artist by performing rock, singing, and rapping. I'm talking about him being versatile as a rapper, its incredible and indescribable how he approaches the mic, how he can blow every other rapper away without letting a drop of ink touch the pad, WITHOUT Writing A SINGLE LYRIC. The thing is 99% of the people that don't like Wayne and don't think he's the best ever, really haven't heard anything from Wayne other than LOLLYPOP, DROP THE WORLD, CARTER 3 and CARTER 4. you PEOPLE don't know anything about Wayne, the squad is up Wayne, the hotboy Wayne, the drought Wayne, the dedication Wayne, the prefix Wayne. See for someone to really appreciate Wayne you really need to see the evolution of Wayne from a kid in the streets of new orleans to a superstar AND LISTEN NOT HEAR all of Wayne's music, There is A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LISTENING AND HEARING, WHEN YOU HEAR SOMETHING IT GOES THROUGH ONE EAR AND OUT THE OTHER BUT WHEN YOU LISTEN YOU CONNECT AND YOU ABSORB WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. OH HATERS ask yourselves the delirious question BUT WHY DOES Wayne ALWAYS SAY P****, WHAT YOU don't understand is that Wayne has been doing it for over than 20 years, his life has changed, he's no longer a poor kid in the streets of new orleans trying to make a living, he's no longer looking and striving to achieve a platinum album, hi mum and friends are no longer poor, he no longer strives to achieve grammys and awards, No longer does Wayne need to strive to become the best rapper alive and prove it, he no longer has to worry about his homies being shot and his mum living in a wreckage of a house, he already has accomplished all of these things PEOPLE! NOW he is a multimillionaire, his friends and family are safe and wealthy, he has won grammys and every award, sold platinum albums, he already became the best rapper alive, however he still puts music out for the people he still works his arse off for us, PEOPLE SAY REAL RAPPERS TALK ABOUT THEIR LIFE LIKE THE GREAT PAC AND BIGGIE well AMEN TO THAT, RIP biggie and pac didn't get a chance to get to Wayne's status in terms of wealth and accomplishments so they could only rap about whats real to them THE PROBLEMS GOINg ON BETWEEN THE COASTS etc Wayne TALKS ABOUT WHATS REAL TO HIM and ATM he's NOT STRUGGLING IN THE HOOD, NOT STRIVING TO BE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE, BUT ATM he's WEALTHY, EATING the best food, having sex when he wants, LIVING THE GOOD LIFE, WATCHING SPORT, CHILLING WITH HIS FRIENDS WHO ARE RICH TOO, spending time with his kids. that's WHAT he's RAPPING ABOUT, AND IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE BECAUSE WHY WOULD HE SPEAK ABOUT HUSTLING AND BEING Poor AND TRYNA GIVE HIS MUMMA A GOOD HOME. WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES PEOPLE AND ENJOY THE PRESENCE OF A LEGEND.
Are you a dumbass? This is about rap, not music. Go and get educated.
Too many Wayne haters out there. Look, I don't necessarily love what Wayne always raps about, but he always puts out a good song. His lyrics, flow, and entertainment are all top notch.
Yes he has his "sell-out Industry" songs, but he has all produce gems.
He started to get noticed with the carter series with one in 2005 which was okay but was released to quick then went on to the carter two which was great if you look back to his songs which are mostly sung by him not many featuring rappers, He went into a colab with birdman which got really noticed and hit the charts with stunning like my daddy and leather so soft. He then had his the drought is over series with was lyrically insane with at least 15 great songs. Then he spent some time to make the carter 3 which was a good idea considering that he got the grammy for best rap album of the year. With his rebirth and I am not a human Being which had some good songs but needed more time to release. Then there was the two mixtapes SFTW and No ceilings and if they were albums they would easily do great. The Carter 4 left me speechless with not a single filler. I thought it was more like the carter 3 just updated with more genius lyrics. After this much time of rapping he deserves to be at the top of the list.


[Newest]He is the best freestyler out there, only him can make any song POP, ever since he first started! Best rapper of all time!
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12Ice Cube
The Fact that Ice Cube is 24 and Lil Wayne is 2 makes me want to punch somebody Ice cube is the best S. Ice Cube was the definition of Microphone Controller.
Ice Cube is a veteran in the game, but also has had a rich career and diverse with it! NWA was his stage and did everything in his power to make everything he did (still does) look so good!
Ice Cube was one of the front men of N.W.A. , one of the pioneers of Gangster Rap, has produced a lot of singles and platinum albums, has a very successful acting and movie producing career! Has a lot of money and is one of the faces of West Coast Hip-Hop! Is this is enough? There is plenty more
[Newest]Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

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Why are any of the guys ahead of him. Nas, biggy, and Eminem are the only ones ahead of Rakim that are even close to as good as Rakim. And to anyone who is thinking of voting for Eazy-E they should know Ice Cube ghostwrote for him and Kool G Rap is the real godfather of gangster rap not eazy he doesn't even make my top 100 much less 20.


The man made the standard for being an MC and he still continues to extend his legacy and to put all these bitch ass rappers like lil wayne and 50 ahead of him is a travesty and a spit in the face of all true hip hop fans
This whole voting circus clearly shows when the majority of these visitors here started listening to real rap/hip hop.
Anybody who is in 40's now like me has seen the start of this music style and has listened long enough to actually be a fair judge.

Rakim is in a league of his own, and boy it's lonely at the top!
A lyrical genius that can actually rap a complete album without having to default to swearing, now that's impressive...

He's probably too lyrical for most who cannot comprehend it all and prefer to listen to Mc's that fill albums with chrome rims and bitches.

Just look at the fact that it's the most sampled MC of all time, even to this day you hear powerful one liners of Rakim in modern day Rap.
Coupled to a great DJ like Eric B or Primo he cannot be stopped and I'm certain he can take on ANY modern day rapper at any time.

Hat off to the God of Rap who remained the same even to this day.
[Newest]Having Rakim outside of the top 5 is an absolute sin! If rakim isn't in your top 5 you never listened to the master!

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14Kanye West
Listen to my beautiful dark twisted fantasy and you wouldn't even think about voting another rapper! Only lupe fiasco is almost as good as 'ye!
Kanye isn't only a rapper but he is a musician who has that cross-over appeal. He's a dope producer too and that's why he has to be in everyone's top five yo. Respect!
Really? 13? This is the guy that brought you:
1. Gold digger
2. Stronger
3. Touch the sky
4. Good life
5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone
6. Jesus walks
7. Power
I won't go on... Do I need to? He's worked with Eminem, lil wayne, Drake, T-Pain, Adam Levine, John Legend, Jay Z...
His albums are IMMENSE and basically, no matter what you do, YOU CAN'T BEAT KANYE WEST
Yes you can. Kanye is the worst artist ever. Aside from iggy and Marilyn.
[Newest]Every rapper naturally raps about what their life is like when they write the lyrics. When rappers blow up their songs tend to get boring and unoriginal, but not Kanye. Every album Kanye has made has been extremely creative, unique and exciting. I can't wait for his next album!
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Hyukjae! He has style, rhythm, and gets rid of that stereotype "Asians Can't Rap" He even makes his own lyrics and composes the best part is, you can feel love in his lyrics. Unlike most rappers here in the US where they're full of hate and cursing, Hyukjae can make a girl feel special through his rapping. Eunhyuk, our dancing machine, jewel, and anchovy! Don't cry baby! Love you
He is the best rapper ever in our hearts! Super Junior is always the best! Please vote for him! Yesterday, He was #41 but today #25 Good job ELFs! Keep voting! He is not strong as you see, he is very tearful, he is person too, right? With ELF, they're always number 1
Eunhyuk is Amazing! He is very talented and he is able to broke all stereotypes! His rap is also more difficult because he sings in Korean!
[Newest]His voice is full of emotions and he warms up everyone's heart
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Best rapper of all time, he's taking the Persian rap to another level, got some amazing skills and lyrics.
The Best Rapper In The World
He will work with snoop dogg and other famous rapper
Hichkas Father of rap in the Iran
[Newest]In Iran HICHKAS is the best in RAP.

He deserves respect for his talented skills and my favorite rapper R.I. P
He definitely deserves to be in the top 3 he is the King of Gangster Rap, he literally co founded G-Funk
Eazy e is awesome, he is the most legendary rapper that have ever lived. Not only did he start N.W.A he also got the most smashing solo career ever. By the way I like Eminem but eminem would never been here if it wasn't for the godfather of rap.
[Newest]Best rapper of all time
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18Yong Jun-hyung
The Joker has his own original raps. All of them are unique and different. His rap is different from the USA rap we've got used to
The Joker deserves more credit than you give him. If had more opportunity he can really show what he is capable of. He is definitely the number 1 rapper in Korea and he is just now starting in songwriting and composing. Great voice and rhythm
He is the best rapper if you know him for sure you will love him
[Newest]worst rapper
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19Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar is 182? You guys are flat out idiots. This list is way past being a joke. Its an insult to RAP and Hip Hop.
Kendrick Lamar in my opinion is one of the best rappers in the game right now. His rediculous flow in rigamortus amazes me as well as his 100% beast flow in look out for detox. The way he slays every track he features makes the actual artist who made the song look small compared to his lyrical thunder. Don't believe me? Just check out the song The City by The Game or Text Book Stuff by XV. This MC is a monster and for many in 2011 he made his first album Section 80 that was by far the best album of the year for many. Also checkout his song Cartoons and Cereal. For kendrick to be in 98th place as the best rapper is a shame for he is definitely better then overrated Eminem and should be in first. This is only the start of Kendricks career. Wonder what he'll put out next.

P. S kendrick lamar and J Cole collab album in the future.
78? This is a joke right? Kendrick is one of if not the most talked about artists at the moment. After releasing a brilliant album in Section.80, he signed with Dr. Dre to Aftermath and just recently put out his major label debut, good kid, M.A.A. D city. That album is a future classic. Honestly, Kendrick's style is very similar to 2Pac. Deep lyrics with a meaning, which make him easy to relate to. The one thing Kendrick has that 2Pac didn't really have is the ability to be one of the greatest lyricists of all time. Not to mention his crazy and unique flow/delivery. Kendrick is the future and is sure to be one of the best by the time he's done. Mark my words.
[Newest]To pimp a butterfly solidifies his supremacy as the new GOD

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20Big L
Lyrical talent... Plus you can't kill him he was born dead
I can't believe that Drake, Will Smith, EZ, Snoop, 50, or a lot of other rappers are on this page. In my opinion it should go Big L, GZA, Biggie, Eminem, Pac. Gotta put all Wu Tang up there on flow and lyrical ability... Except ODB he still killed it though
Can't consider him the best all time cause there just ain't enough of his material... But he definitely could have been =/
[Newest]Disgusting how someone who even Biggie, Pac and Nas said was the greatest freestyler and one of the most talented rappers can be below Drake, Wayne, Kendrick, 50 Cent.

Also how is THE Method Man not even top 10?
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Great composer. Great rapper. Great flow. Great innovator. AMAZING STAGE PRESENCE.
He is the youngest one of Korea's top ten composer, he got that honorary when he was only 19 years old. As the leader of his group, he has his special charming. The most important is almost every song of their group are written by himself. What can't be ignored is his voice, I'm sure as long as you hear his song, you will be hopelessly fall in love with his powerful, charming and unique voice!
Best rapper. Genius composer. Great musician with good looks, fabulous fashion sense, amazing stage presence. EVERYTHING he does is just so neat and professional.
[Newest]He might be Asian but Trust Me He's THE GREATEST Rapper, Composer and Leader. Imma VIP and I just wanna say here that how proud I am to be one of his millions fan. He's real GENIUS.
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T.I. deserves top 5! He's the king of the south for a reason! Enough said
King of the South should be the best rapper alive, 2Pac and Biggie sent T.I. to save Hip Hop... Salute to the King
T.I. is a king he like kills all yall he's got the best rhymes ever and yea
[Newest]The King o the south deserves to be in top 5
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23Tech N9ne
People forget what makes an MC an MC. An MC has two elements: delivery and lyrics. The best MC should have the best combination of those. Tech N9ne has better delivery than ANYONE. EVER. BY WAY FAR. I don't think his lyrics are quite the most complex, but his rhyme schemes are crazy. Pay attention to what words rhyme and you can tell. That being said, his lyrics are still some of the best ever. I think only Eminem, Lupe, Pac, and Nas can compare in lyrics.

Here are some things that are included in this argument that have nothing to do with being a great M popularity, impact on the game, beats, sales, and awards. Those all have to do with money. Tech didn't go for a major record deal, because he wanted to do his own thing. Therefore, he doesn't have money to spend on high-profile producers or advertising. This also means he's not as widely known, popular, high-selling, and he can't make much of an impact on the game. This is about to change though, as he seems to be becoming a big name. He will surely stun some people with his appearance on the Carter IV.
Tech n9ne is a real rapper and if lil wayne is number three then I'm a monkey's uncle. Tech should be in the top ten for sure.
For those of you who don't know tech nine, he is exactly what the perfect rapper is in most people's book. He is faster than anybody in the top ten especially lil Wayne and it's a shame they work together now. He has killer lyrics and a good voice to with it. For some reason he goes unnoticed and it's a shame
[Newest]Tech is one of the best to ever do it
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He is the best rapper in TURKEY. Love you ceza
Ceza like eminem, if he was american (or use english) then be sure he will more famous than many american rappers
Ceza is king Rapper
[Newest]He is the best rapper in Turkey. I love Turkey and Ceza

25Immortal Technique
Immortal is a beast. Easily the most underrated rapper on the list and should be in the top 6 or 7 instead of Wayne or 50. Just listen to industrial revolution and you'll see what I mean.
The guy speaks of all the smart stuff that other people are scared to rap about, that's why he is underrated, his flow isn't the best but rap requires poetic skills, he is the lyrical giant!
[Newest]I listened to dance with the devil it was really poetic

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26Mike Shinoda
He is the one and only mutlitalented rapper ever...! He raps smartly his lyrics is awesome and apart from rapping he is Musician, singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, producer, graphic designer, visual artist. He can play- guitar, keyboard, piano, samples, organ, percussion. That's truly awesome he is the perfect entertainment package.. In short he is "ONE MAN ARMY". /
Mike is so versatile! He has a very clear voice you get the lyrics on first listen itself. He does not rap about women money and parties. Writes meaningful lyrics. Mike and Linkin Park!
He is the best rapper ever. He should come at number 1. I am very disappointed he is in 11
[Newest]He is 26! Are you serious! This guy is one of the best ever!
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27Sansar Salvo
He is best rapper.
One of the best Turkish Rapper!
I've some friends who are talking about you every time and it shows that you're the best. Even in united nations.
[Newest]Only I love you

28The Game
The West Coast Nas in my opinion a mile ahead of any rapper out now
J.R. writer is the best out their in my book... He's putting out punchlines no one would of never think of
I Like Eminem And Tupac They Are both Good Rappers But then I heard the game's song my life and I was like Wow this is a lot better than eminem or tupac GIVE GAME A CHANCE!
[Newest]The Documentary is one of the best albums of all time
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29Andre 3000
I like his rap style. Great flow good lyrics. And he sold a lot of records great all around rapper
Are you people serious, this guy is one of the top ten rappers of all time at least. At 110 this is absurd. And where in the hell is Big Boi.
Should be in the top fifty and is way better than most people ahead
List is dumb(Lil Wayne at 3? )
[Newest]He'd be easily worthy of top 5 if he'd done a solo rap album (love below didn't have much rapping), great versatility, flow and lyrics. Still relevant after 20 years, several brilliant feature verses (sixteen with rick ross is brilliant). Did well to make it when he's so different. Best rapper looking at what he's done and this would be more widely accepted if he did more solo stuff.
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30Wiz Khalifa
Good youngster.. Many years to come.. Hope he doesn't turn out like lil wayne
Taylor Gang Or Die. Wiz Should not be down this low for no reason more like 20
No way Wiz Khalifa is 45. He must be in top 3. Black n' yellow forever
the best song was Black and yellow. He doesn't deserve 45 place. Wiz Khalifa is one of the bests! Same for Snoop dogg he must be top 3 too. Wiz Khalifa forever HE IS MY HERO!
[Newest]He was awesome in See you again.
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Lil Wayne? Really? I love reading all the comments that say Lil Wayne or Drake or Wiz Khalifa should be number 1, it's just so funny! Rakim, Nas, Big L, KRS-One, 2Pac, Biggy, Big Daddy Kane, Percee P, Big Pun, Slick Rick, Kool G Rap, Immortal Technique put a BULLET in your fake rappers. Laugh out loud at all these people saying, "yo dawg, wayne is the truth man, listen to his lyrics man, they're so deep and he kills everyone else, even 2pac dawg" Man, hip-hop is dead in the mainstream, DEAD. You're not listening to rap anymore, its just garbage pop with people thinking they're hard. It's okay kiddies keep drinking the kool-aid that these "rappers" feed you, it's all good.
He And Edo G with Ace in Art & ent. Show what the hip hop is. He is about the true school. He talking about emceing dying about breakers about graffiti about RAP and HIP HOP not about fake fame that giving money. I don't even guess how such a bustards as lil wayne could appear in this list He Is Not A Rapper! He Is Pop artist (far from best). One Day I'll meet KRS-one to say him what I do and show him that I wanna put the DJ's on your screens. Dj and MC do Rap!
Will work any rapper on this planet in a freestyle battle. Period the ultimate no contest no competition. Intellectual, technical, unearthly stage presence, can battle anyone on the planet. His best quality? Keeping it real he could sell out and sell more albums than any sucker MC rocking out on mtv, but has too much integrity.
[Newest]Krs is number 1 hands down.
More comments about KRS-One

32Busta Rhymes
SO FAST I need to look at the lyrics to understand what he is saying. HAHA that's what's so great about him.
Fastest rapper I know. I mean look at his name! Bust-a-rhyme. And he studied by him self! Who else can rap that fast without any lessons?
Busta Rhymes is the best rapper I've ever heard his awesome, he should be number one rapper of all times
[Newest]I love busta aka donald
More comments about Busta Rhymes

Ill mind of hopsin 4 just listen too it and you'll understand best underground rapper out and he's too nice at skateboarding
This list is whack. Seriously, hopsin should be way farther up! I hate all these stupid ymcmb guys and posers who all they talk about is money. Lil Wayne top 5? NO.
He's one of the only good rappers out there today, he's flows good, his lyrics are clever, and he speaks the truth
[Newest]One of the talented remaining artists in rap. Great flow, great lyrics, touches on multiple topics from religion to what's wrong with today's kids. Listen to the Ill Mind Of Hopsin Series for a glimpse of his best work.
More comments about Hopsin

That's the best rapper for me. I like songs of DMX, they are about real life of the people, world situation, past and future.
Without the drugs and court cases, he would have owned the rap business. I wish he would get rehabilitated and come back. Still listening to him today!
Cause his raps has a lot of meaning and he inspires those of which that really look of the value in his music. Unlike some of the rapper today he put his soul into his music. That is the value of rap.
[Newest]Definitely one of the best

35Mehrad Hidden
The Best Group Iranian Hip Hop Pioneers ZedBazi
Zedbazi is the best
Viva hidden
Love you
Zed bazi is the best persian rap group that known by their special style and lyrics, the member of this group are:
Mehrad hidden: best voice between all the iranian signer, till her enemies like him!
Sohrab mj: master of joint, not words enough to describe him!
Jj:lovely man in the group with his special lyrics!
Cijal: god of sence!
Nasiim: the quin of iranian, s hiphop!
[Newest]Best voice and style

He is the best rapper in Iran and when he raps he says all Iranian people's problem he is incredible
Yas always is for iranian people
Whether he will be winner or not :)
We love you, YAS
His lyric has all the power to tell all the problems... He is just the greatest rapper of persia
[Newest]He is the king of Persian rap.. Full of peaceful energy.

37Big Pun
Can't believe Pun ain't in the Top 10 (yet)! For me he definitely is one of the best - if not THE BEST. EVER!
Hands down ain't no one and I mean no one can come up with the bars he comes up with underground battle mainstream you name it he did it and better he was featured on more mc cd mix tapes underground to prove one point ain't noe * with me! He put the best mc of that time on one track and killed it better no doubt pun is #1
Big Pun the best lyricist alive on his time. Gotta give him props! First Puerto Rican to ever hit Platinum.
[Newest]We gotta get pun to at least top 10

More comments about Big Pun

Hugly underrated,
He sould be in the top 5,
His is songs like act a fool, how low, get back, Addicted to money, Move Bitch and specialy the intro of his 2010 album(Battle Of The Sexes) are awesome.
He fast and a very tallented good rapper.
I also appreciate Lil Wayne, Eminem, Krayzei Bone and T. I. but Ludacris is also a good rapper and should deserve the place with them.
Of course you like Lil Wayne, let me guess you think Nicki minaj and drake are good rappers as well? It's a shame you listen to Eminem as well and his brilliance is being shuffled amongst the trash you like.
Dude's flow is ridiculous. If he isn't at the top, he's definitely close. He deserves a hell of a lot more credit than he gets.
Luda's definitely. Top 5... He's got the sickest lyrics besides wayne...
[Newest]The rap off baby

Macklemore is more then a rapper, he is a storyteller. Each one of his songs paints a vivid picture of what he's describing, and Ryan Lewis has just as much of an influence with his incredibly produced beats. This brand new song, a leak off their upcoming album, is a perfect example. Great rapping from Macklemore and an amazing beat from Ryan, I'm definitely looking forward to what they have coming. Their V.S. eP was great, and their latest single/video My Oh My shows where they are going. This duo is only starting to get exposed to the audience that they deserve, and I couldn't be more excited.
Will be the new Eminem
Macklemore is great but I think Eminem has better flow, beat and can freestyle better than almost anybody. Eminem's songs are all about his troubles from the past and trying to fix them. If you don't believe me, watch the Stan music video then listen to Bad Guy which is a sequel to Stan and is deeper than anything Macklemore has ever said.
Macklemore tells beautiful stories and is not the kind of rapper that talks about drugs and girls. He writes songs about life today and having fun. I saw him in concert at Yale University where I live at something called "Spring Fling" and he was one of the performers besides Best Coast and Group Love and R.L. grime. The best was Macklemore because he was the best and amazing. My favorite song by him is a song called 10,000 hours because it's story that's. He is my favorite rapper and the best one of all time! Best part is he cares about civil rights and changes that are coming today. Hissong can't hold us featuring Ray Dalton Is my ringtone on my phone. I know what your thinking It's should have been 10,000 hours but I tried to do that but apple didn't let me so I had to do can't hold us. I would love to meet Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, if I do it will be a dream come true.
Macklemore is sick and has the best lyrics. His songs are all real and not about drugs and guns. Listen to otherside it will blow you away!
[Newest]He's only put out one album so far, but his lyrics are some of the best I've ever heard. Listen to Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us, and Same Love, and you'll see what I mean.
More comments about Macklemore

B.O.B. can kill the mike and always stays strong to himself and his music
Yo B.O.B's flow is like none other. He is killing it and I think he is a legend in the making. And he should be in the top 20. And I don't see how John Cena is a better rapper than him.
In my opinion I think B.O.B. is the best rapper because his rapping is suitable for all ages. B.O. B's rapping does not commonly have any censored language and he is really catchy
[Newest]B.O. B really inspires me. He doesn't rap about things that are too crazy, I love Airplanes, and his rap in Price Tag.
More comments about B.o.B.

41Kid Cudi
Okay. Cudi can rap and sing. He is fantastic live and he's a great entertainer. He also writes his own songs. Lil wayne doesn't. Lil wayne should not be in the top 50. He's an arrogant person who's songs all sound the same. Name one song of his that doesn't say how great he is or the money or women he gets. Cudi writes about what he feels and he should get more credit for that. His songs are sad sometimes but at least there not all the same. He can also rap pretty fast, but chooses to have a flow more than speed. He is the best in my book
Anyone who thinks John Cena is ahead of cudder is slow. If kid cudi doesn't belong in the top ten rappers, he deserves to be in the top ten musicians for sure. He touches so many genres and his music has something for everybody.
Nobody has ever rapped like Cudi has. He is a visionary and really knows how to turn some heads with his music.
[Newest]Kid cudi actually raps about things that matter and sounds different from every other rapper. He deserves top 10 in my opinion.
More comments about Kid Cudi

42Sohrab MJ
This man very nice
[Newest]Uncle sohrab is best

An Iranian rapper who loves peace and happiness
He is Credit of Persian Rap, like a Prophet
Bahram Is The best
[Newest]He is very good in lyrics. and his voice is wonderful

44Lupe Fiasco
Lyrically insane... Songs such as "Dumb it down" makes everyone understand he doesn't want to just be a commercial rapper, but would much rather keep spitting the way he does, weather people like it or not. In addition to amazing lyrical, political songs and insane word play; he has also been able to produce catchy and very popular songs such as: "Kick Push" "Daydreamin'" "Superstar" and "The Show Goes On". Overall the best rapper who manages to spread over all realms of rap... Except pointless "money, cars and girls" rapping... All of his songs are real life and legit. Want to know more about how he thinks... Try understanding "Dumb it down" and say then that this guy isn't a genius. Also amazing in live concerts... Gets the whole crowd involved and leaves everyone happy while leaving everything on the stage every time. Lastly, he originally made both "nothing' on you (feat. Bruno Mars)" and "airplanes (feat. Hayley williams)" before Atlantic decided to give them to B.O.B. so Lupe even makes other rappers best songs. Hands down the best of all time.
Not only does he entertain, but he gets a good message across in all the songs I've heard from him. Most rappers you hear of today, only talk about money and hoes and so much other meaningless stuff, while Lupe actually cares and raps about things meaningful. And, not to offend anyone, but I really like his music and I'm a high class white girl living in the suburbs of Texas.
He's the best by a landslide. He uses words in such a way that his songs just sound that much better.
[Newest]The fact Lupe is so low on this list just shows it has no credibility whatsoever
More comments about Lupe Fiasco

He is the best freestyler in TURKEY
He is the best battle rapper.
If you don't like him, I doubt your musical thinking ;) Allame is the real battle king in Turkey. You MUST listen him to hear some real battle Rap!
[Newest]He is the father of battle

When you think of Best-of-All-times, you have to think about lyricism, think about delivery, originality, and sincerity in the rhymes. Then when you acknowledge that, you have to think about production quality and consistency. He has the most #1 singles of all times, and he's ben out for only 3-4 years! He touches on raw thoughts and feeling that a lot of guys shy away from because they fear ridicule, but this young man embodies realism in his music and he rarely, if ever, puts out a sub-par song.
I have been following Drake's music before he got signed and just released the mixtape comeback season, he is my favourite rapper right now. No other singer or rapper has lyrics like Drizzy right here! His emotion and lyrics that he gives and shows us is incredible! He talks personal and is relatable to nearly everyone, he has a song for every person for every mood! A fantastic genius! He can also sing as well as rap his new album Take Care is the most phenomenal thing I've heard in a long time, every single song I can listen to without skipping this shows he's wicked! His flows are also Unique! Not heard drake? Man listen and vote for him, he needs to be in the top ten of this list!
Drake. Where do I start? He's had more number ones on the Billboard Rap Songs then anyone else. All 4 of his albums have gotten a 75 rating or better on Metacritic. He's DIFFERENT. He has emotion, he doesn't rap about pussies and money and weed and clothes and guns, and he sings. Because anyone cam say they rap, but you need something more these days. Drake raps from the heart and mind, which really establishes him. All of his songs sound different, and he's a mastermind. Plus it's awesome how's he a better rapper than his mentor Lil Wayne. I don't think he's the greatest of all time. In fact, there are about half a dozen better rappers (Em, Pac, Big, Nas, Busta...) But man is this guy underrated. He has delivery, originality, sincerity, and lyricism in his rhymes. His producers are amazing and most of his songs are great! Drake deserves to be top 10! PLEASE VOTE FOR DRAKE!


[Newest]Yeah just listen to 5am in Toronto when he tries he can murder any rapper
More comments about Drake

47J. Cole
I'm not saying he's the best but should be in the top 10-15. He has such a great flow and lyrically is better than most on this list. Don't believe me? Who that-j cole looking it up
J. Cole the delivery and flow of nas, and a young slim shady equipped with a heart touching subject matter reminiscent of the great 2pac shakur. #208 is a pure insult. More like #3
Cole is the best in the game right and John Cena is higher then him on this list are you joking and Wayne in the top 3 Cole should be in the top 3 and eminem isn't the best. Cole kills every track and makes the best stories in the game right now man this list is stupid.
[Newest]J Cole should be in the top ten after 2014 forest hill drive he shouldn't be 47 trashier people are ranked higher than the J Cole!
More comments about J. Cole

48LL Cool J
His lyrics are amazing, and he was voted 10 in the top ten mc list on MTV
I can't believe he isn't in the top 10 he was the one who got me even in rap today. This is a top rapper.
[Newest]Top 30 at least. Lets go folks. Vote for lyrics and what they brought to hip hop. Not on what songs play on the radio.

49Method Man
One of the best rappers from New York and Wu Tang Clan much RESPECT
Method Man is the real definition of a dope rapper! The New York version of Ice Cube!
Method man is truly one of the best... But below john cena?
[Newest]Hop is he not in the top 20?

Is the best rapper in iran
Sadegh is my love in the Persian rap

Sina ezati
he is the best
Persian rapper
[Newest]The best Persian music

Best Persian rapper
Best text and style
He is 26 years old & sing for 12years
Ho3in is one of the best rappers that you can never, ever seen, with the best flowz and amazing voice, I suggest you to hear on of his amazing song like: shabha, radde pa, tanhayi
God of hip hop
[Newest]Ho3ein is King of Voice..

It's a shame that he is behind trash rappers like, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, and Wiz Khalifa. This guys may be the greatest rapper to ever come out of the South, just listen to the "I've Seen a Man Die" and see what I mean. He deserves to be at least top 10, this list is a joke


8. With Scarface's deep voice blended in with his ill rhymes, he has become one of the most underrated rappers of any generation and by a long-shot the best member of the Geto Boys, one of the 10 bets rap groups of all time(in my opinion). Alone he had 2 classics: the Diary and the Fix, and w/ the Geto Boys, he had 2 more: We can't be stopped and Grip it! On that other level: which was 2pac's favorite album. Scarface is one of the pioneers of southern rap, and is also the best. Best album w/ the Geto Boys: We can't be stopped. Best solo album: The Diary. Best song:I seen a man die. Best collaboration:Cry ft. 2pac. Best verse: verse 2 of Cry ft. 2pac. Best single: I seen a man die.
Your favourite rappers favourite rapper! One of the best 2 ever put it down and definitely deserving of a place in any top ten rap list! Part of the group(Geto boyz)that was censored by his own label!
[Newest]As founder of the ghetto boys he should get credit for being a godfather of gangsta rap slash partial creator

53Bang Yong Guk
He just started 2011 but already he has several great songs. He has an amazing voice and unique rap. His future in the hip-hop industry is very great. People call him the Korean Eminem.
Way better than more Korean rappers. The incredible leader of B.A. P he's gonna take the group to the top.
Come on people he may be Korean but his rap can match to those of the Americans. You just have to listen to him
[Newest]He is really talented
More comments about Bang Yong Guk

54Royce Da 5'9
How is Royce not in the top 20's? Furthermore, how is it the he is the only Slaughterhouse member on this list?

This list is obviously a joke; just look at where Jada and Fab are. Here's a useful note: mainstream doesn't reflect lyrical skill.
Royce is a beast listen to his song writer's block. He could compete with eminem
royce must be at least in top 20 because he has good flow. he is competing with eminem you know. He has nice lyrics and good flow.
[Newest]Honestly on writers block I think he rapped just as hard as Eminem could after that I realized they're simply equals
More comments about Royce Da 5'9

55Reza Pishro
Reza is the best
Best Persian rapper in the history of persian rap.. Eminem of Persian Rap.. Nobody is better then him that's for sure
"Reza Pishro" is the leader of Persian Rap and no one can not stop him to become best rapper in the world. Soon...
[Newest]Reza : KinG OF Persian Rap

Because his tone is unique
Here's a person saying he is not a rapper well I have to say that person has lost his mind because I will have to remind him what in the world he think smack that, blame it on me and hurt somebody are..? He is one of the best r&b singer still he is one of the BEST RAPPERS ALSO!
Akon is awesome he should be further up the list he has great songs and most everyone listens to him because he is the greatest he should definitively be moved way up the list
[Newest]He his better than Wayne honestly

57Saman Wilson
God of gangsta rap
The one! <3
Come back soon please
[Newest]Fly Like An Eagle...

58Mos Def
A mc that still makes hip hop look good
Should be way higher up the list! Amazing rapper with a conscience and a great style.

BlackStar is legendary.
His music got me thur many stressful days! Kept me going when I lacked support!
[Newest]Talent like his is rare, true art and can act his ass off... Check hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

59Krayzie Bone
Best Bone Thugz member, has the best flow, and fastest rapper. Definitely deserves top 10.
Has the best flows I've ever heard, one of the first fast rappers ever, can harmonize like no other, has a great singing voice and you can feel what he raps or sings. If nobody likes Krayzie Bone, or any of Bone for that matter, they don't like real music. Should at least be above Lil' Wayne. Eminem isn't on Krayzie's level either. Yes, Em has great lyrics and sings good, but Krayzie bone flows better and sings better and has a better singing voice.
With the ability to rap with a flow as good as anyone on this list, combined with a stunning singing voice as good as Nate Dogg. Krayzie Bone should rule this list. Easily as good, if not better, than Eminem
[Newest]Best flow in the game
More comments about Krayzie Bone

60Kool G Rap
This guys lyrics were so great! He is better than Lil Wayne, Drake and all those other Pop Artists!


Put gangsta rap on the map on the east coast one of the best lyricist of all time created his own rap genre called mafiso rap and is a real gangster without acting hard


This guy is underrated... His flow, lyrics, delivery etc is crazy. How could lil' wayne, drake etc are better than him!
[Newest]Why KOOL G RAP in 61th place?

61Shahin Najafi
Best Persian rapper alive, Voice of voiceless people, One and only who respects the meaning of (Rap). Man of all pains,
The best Persian rapper
He is The Best Persian rappers
[Newest]<3 you Persian rab god

62Big Daddy Kane
This low on the list? He should be number 1. Who has such a smooth flow; whether it be fast or slow? The way his words fit with his flow works in such a cohesive manner and they fit so well, no one can touch that. His internal rhymes are crazy. Rhyme after rhyme in one line. A rapper has to work twice as hard when using internal rhymes within lines because their rhymes are used that much quicker, which in turn means they work with less rhymes to spare for the next bar. Dude brought a smooth, fly, ladies man type of demeanor to rap along with a few other rappers, something that had never been heard of at the time. One of the kings in the golden age of rap. To me, he is the best rapper of all time. Put him against any rapper and he'll wipe the floor with them in a battle. Only a few would give him a run for his money. Y'all need to do your history and see what's really good.
Wow 119? This brother should be number 1 and if not number 1, at least top 5. He may not have had as much subject matter as his friendly competitor, Rakim, but he could beat Rakim in a battle. Can't believe people have John Cena on this list. BDK is too dope.
Wow Just Wow, PPl Stop Listening To That Crap Mainstream S... And Turn Up Real Hip Hop


[Newest]Ain't no half steppin is one of the best rap songs ever

63Ais Ezhel
The freestyle king <3 Rasta head
Best of rasta from Turkey!
Best rapper ever. Kırmızı-Kara..! Just listen him. I think you too like
[Newest]Saman is my life

He is the best persian rapper
He is rap sun
King of lyric and style.
He is an iranian rapper with a new face of rap of iran... Sure he was better in past but now is becoming better
[Newest]He is the best

65Talib Kweli
How is Wayne 3rd? That alone makes the list a joke, not counting 50 Cent. Otherwise, the list is pretty decent (not really). Vote for real hip hop.
The most keeping it realest rapper alive. But don't forget Mos definitely as well. But all the people here are voting for the commercial rappers instead of the rappers that are doing it not only for the paper!
Through talib's music I've found that there's ways to face life and that I do have a lot to look forward too in life as a father a man and how too enjoy good music
[Newest]Great rapping skill, lyrical genius, one of the real rappers we got these days

66Mobb Deep
Mobb deep has some of the realist lyrics, beats and flow out there,
Especially their older songs like Survival of the fittest and
Hell on earth. Putting mobb deep at 90 is like putting big
Or PAC last, how is Wayne at 2!?
90?! The two lyrical poets of queens bridge get NINETY?! And Wayne is third?! These dudes should be no lower than twenty, but ninety?!?! The best hip hop duo ever ( or possibly outkast) is ninety?! These dudes would top most of the people above them- make them SHOOK ONES!
MOBB DEEP! That's all I gotta say! Shok ones part two! Keeping it real NYC!
[Newest]Underrated should be top ten at least.

Doc is the bomb, 146 what the heck man, best rapper of all time, he needs a lot more props then he is getting guys, vote up!
Redman's Blackout and Blackout 2 with Method Man... Straight up dope party albums.
There isn't competition with Funk Doctor, put it down!
[Newest]Guys, Redman inspired Eminem to be a hardcore rapper. 'enough said.

68Bizzy Bone
The fact that lil wayne is even on this list at all makes this a joke but I decided I would choose bizzy anyways because he's rapped with the best and listen to "Thug love" with tupac in it and bizzy kills it.
Bizzy is by far the most underrated rapper on this list. Not number one but not number nine. He made bone who thy were and was discriminated against on first solo albums. Which I own every bone album ever produced. , I just don't understand the people that write their thoughts, you must be five years old to consider 50 cent. He is garbage on many levels for his rapping. I admit he is a good business man. But a top ten rapper, please com on. Look alive. Where are the real icons on this list. T.I. The quote king. Maybe. He lacks ion some areas, but where is jadakiss and ol dirty. Come on guys. Listen to theses guys. Droom d block to wutang. To slol. Pound for pound. Where is my top ten. And where is big pun. I think you guys need to do some research before you put 50 mike chioda or krazyie in a top ten list
Nobody can harmonize like bizzy. Great lyrics with excellent flow. Definitely the best freestyle rapper alive.
[Newest]This person is above Pitbull?
More comments about Bizzy Bone

69Big Sean
'Supa Dupa' has the best rhymes I've heard in a long time. Big Sean for the win!
He might be a new mc in the game but he speaks from his heart and in every song he makes you can feel the technical genius that he uses to rap his feeling into a rap in other words a California roll
I love big Sean and the fact that he isn't afraid or embarrassed to cry infront of his fans and friend and others makes him a real man. He always keeps his city and his family on his shoulders and he always mentions his mom and grandma and how much he loves them and his city, he's true and real and great person and he's an amazing rapper and I love him so much
[Newest]Big Sean is over one million points for his ability

He is the best in Turkey, his quality's worldwide others on this list are lamers
Pit10 observes eveything that is happening around him and makes a perfect combination of the beat and lyrics. I recommend you to listen ' HADİ KONUŞ '
Track because he foretold the situation in Turkey before one year - the suppress of goverment, the arrest of innocent Gezi Park protesters and the insensivity of TURKISH MEDIA to this situaiton etc. - he can foresee the future. If you don't understand the lyrics of HADİ KONUŞ please AT LEAST TRANSLATE THE LYRİCS!

TOP's voice is very good and unique!
When I listen to his music, I feel very good because his voice!
TOP is The best rapper of all time! He is not famous yet but he's got such an amazing voice! He must be on the top 10, maybe not in front of Eminem but in the top 10!
[Newest]Amazing! I love TOP! He is really talented!
More comments about T.O.P

His lyrics are amazing, make sense


Common Wrote argueably the greatest song in the history of hip hop.
I know all you rap newbies don't listen to a songs lyrics but try listening to "I used to Love H.E.R."


This guy is easily top 10 over 50 cent, lloyd Banks and that sucky Lil Wayne!


[Newest]Intelligent rapper, how is he this low?

Ride Wit Me was the biggest song in the history of rapping
Only nelly has got a tons of good music... Dilemma, just a dream, my place, ride wit me, one and only, oh nelly, gone, and many more..
Lyrics - 8.5
Voice - 9.5
Themes - 8.5
Popularity - 10
Critical Acclaim - 9
Overall - 45.5/50
[Newest]Belly deserves to be higher

74MF Doom
If I gotta explain, it says a lot about you. The underground's rapper's favorite. Most of the guys in this list fell off, succes killed their style, even mobb deep. MF DOOM makes the art an art again, original, with rhymes that keep you puzzled. No, I'm not gonna put up some lame quote, go and listen! Then spend the rest of your life ashamed for this list and its contents.
My favorite lyricist, great voice, lots of back to back rhymes. Dude is talented
This guy is the real deal, he can rap on anything, differents topics (from street drama to food)/Beats (from 70's fresh disco/soap samples to obscure noisy stuffs)/assumed multiple identities), no chorus necessary, you just listen to HIS stream and go with the flow.
[Newest]This guy is in my top 10, great voice, great lyrism, FLOW LIKE NO OTHER

Tyga is the greatest he should be in at least the top ten
He has really good hits, he tries hard, he works hard for what he does. He should be in the top ten. Even though he may steal songs he puts his own spin on it to make it better than the original.
68 how in hell is tyga this frykin low he is one of the dopest better than most rappers and he's not even in the top 25. Ill always go for this guy
[Newest]His the best he should be at top 3

He's a fairly new genre of rap... He's energetic, bold, and isn't afraid to talk about what he feels and his life. He's recently been signed by shady records. I think Yela should definitely be on this list somewhere. He will own the game one day.
ı think he is good too. But He's new in media. I think he will be better soon. -I'm sorry about my English :(-
He is the Eminem Alabama. Should be in the top 50 now but he will get into the top 50 someday. Eminem said that when he retires from rapping, he will be helping Yelawolf with his carrer more. Best Alabama rapper there is and I live in the United Kingdom as well haha.
Young but still a beast. Deserves easily top 10, don't believe. Me? Listen to Hard feat eminem and wiz khalifa. Also listen to pop the trunk
[Newest]Old yelawolf great shady yelawolf sucks

77Mode XL
He is the best rapper that you can ever meet in your life.
He brings different perceptive to the understanding of the rap culture.
We can't argue about this guys because he is the best
They are one of the oldest and famous underground rap group in Turkey.
And the good news is THEY ARE BACK, they released their latest song which you can find from this
Enjoy this underground rap group and don't forget to support them!
[Newest]Turkish battle rappers "THE KING "

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? LIL WAYNE?!? GZA is maybe not the most techinical rapper, but his lyrics are philosophic and deep (in a shaolin, oriental way), and still, he stays true to the streets. He's like a painter, using vocals as a brush. That's what you get when you misuse what I invent
Your empire falls and you lose every cent - killer!
GZA is the most intellectual member of the Wu Tang, and his album Liquid Swords got a lot of reception as the greatest solo project from a Wu-Tang member of all time!
Listen to the song "Labels"! This song went unanswered. He called out the whole industry and nobody dared to answer. No disrespect to B.I.G. Or Tupac, but "damn, I show livin large n***** how to flip a definitely jam! "
[Newest]Unquestionably THE best lyricist of all time. Biggest vocabulary of everyone in the game.

It drives me crazy how underrated of a rapper this guy is. He is an underground rapper that raps with mainstream dudes like Nas, yet keeps it real the whole time. He talks about important subjects and touches on how money and fame can be corrupting. It is undeniable that he should be among the best rappers to ever live since he has lyrical poetry down to a science. They convey deep emotion that goes under the surface of the average listener. He is definitely a rapper that you have to sit down and listen carefully to truly comprehend. Doe or Die is the album all new fans of AZ need to listen to beginning to end, since its fully showcases his lyrical abilities.


Most underrated rapper out there. Definitely needs more credit for the talent he has already
Just listen to his awesome voice, his smooth temper and intentional words! Best ever
[Newest]Most underrated rapper out there

80Siavash Sijal
He is on of the best!
Perfect... <3
The unique thing about Siavash Sijal is that his lyrics actually lift your spirit up and go through inside your soul ; what I hear from him is not common and cliche, he has a way of creating sprightly images in your mind - as if you r exactly encountering the same feelings or going through the same things as he does and that's by his matchless and striking lyrics. Personally, I think his perception of rap is rather different and "one of a kind ", and I simply adore his lyrics
[Newest]Sijal's tune is unique in the world

81Ghostface Killah
The most successful out of all the Wu Tang members, Ghostface spits fire. Throughout his whole career most of his albums have been given consistent praise amongst critics and listeners, despite his album Ghostdini bringing out a side of Ghostface in which his fans weren't expecting. However, besides this stumble Ghostface has given the world Supreme Clientele, Fishscale, More Fish, Apollo Kids and The Pretty Toney Album, plus his contributions to the greatest rap group ever, The Wu-Tang Clan (which is another completely different list). Ghostface Killah, has been in the rap game for a long time now, but shows no signs in slowing down, giving him a champion status in hip hop.


Man, how is this dude down at 81. He's top 20 AT LEAST... but I'd have a hard time leaving him out of top ten.


A great artist that paint vivid pictures. You just have to understand the slang. That is what captivates you and you keep the record playing over and over until you get the slang. One of the most overlooked rapper of all time
should definitely be in the top 20, best member of the Wu-Tang Clan and that's saying something


[Newest]2 dank for fAzE clan

He is best flex rapper from turkey!
Best flex ever best rhyme ever he is rly best
His flex is amazing. Listen Sehinsah-Flyflow
[Newest]He is king of rhyme

83Ali Sorena
He is sacred rapper... Number 1 in Iran
Sorena is a god of hip hop on the word...
1- Eminem! 2- Ali Sorena
[Newest]Love you Man, You Are Upper Than Great!

X to the Z Xzibit, He has made some good songs over the years. Definitely one of the faces of West Coast Rap
Xzibit is the definition of a West Coast n****. Pimp My Ride is the best show ever made, and he is the best host
Xzibit is the best host, funniest guy ver on Pimp My Ride! And he is a very underrated guy in Hip-Hop
[Newest]Pimp my ride and rapper I mean who could be better than that

85Young Jeezy
Wow john cena better than young jeezy yea ok... Laugh out loud
Young Jeezy is the best
He is the coolest
Best beats and lyrics
He is just a chill guy
So I think he has to win
I even want to rap a song with him
Cause I like his songs and he's the best
Bigg Cash(the Netherlands)
What you people definitely don't know the true meaningof hiphop. Jeezy has songs that make you laugh, songs that make you cry, he is a great this is so disrespecting to put him this low.
[Newest]He's Gangsta and awesome

86Nate Dogg
Singer of the best lyrics, was a shame he was dead, unforgettable songs like Till I collapse and the next episode
Nate should be top 5, I don't are what anyone thinks! Listen to any of his songs and you'll understand. In all of his songs he is amazing. Great flow, boss lyrics and catchy as anything, even in his less popular songs. For him to be this low down is a disgrace, most people beating him are nobodies with no talent. When he died the world lost a great rapper. RIP Nate Dogg
Should be much higher. Hell nate Dogg has made songs with most of the top 15 rappers on any list like this. He is the definition of a Rap/hip hop chorus and although not as famous as others in the top he was extremely talented.

87Lil Boosie
Lil Boosie is the realest rapper there is. He is the only rapper that can express his feelings like 2pac. He also might be in jail for life or in death row, for something he might not have even done. He deserves to be #1 on this list. I'm not even from the ghetto but he has the ability to make me feel for him like nobody else. Nothing would be better than Lil Boosie being free. Please vote for him and support him!
Honestly, as far as southern rappers boosie WAS the best doing it until he went to prison. Forget wayne's "brain surfing" and t. i. 's commercialism. boosie goes hard no matter where your from. def the pac of the south.
Why in the hell is lil bosie #45? Are you seriously saying that John Cena is a better rapper? This is some bs this whole list needs changing!
[Newest]Lil Boosie is amazing best since 2Pac

Just terrible that he is this low damn. How in the hell is John cena ahead of him?
Absolute disgrace that Guru is so low in the rankings... Just shows what has happened to this shallow generation that only cares about cars, money and girls in the likes of every one at cash money etc. It is my hope that some people who still haven't discovered this genius come across him very soon. RIP Guru
Should be in the top 20 at the least. One of new york hip-hops legends. His mono-tone style and play on words and flow are undeniably great
[Newest]He knows how to spit but not enough people recognize who he is.

he was killed right before he was gonna blow up... he would of been much more famous by now


What 106 he should be 1st he was part of d12 and should of lived, would be so famous by now but he's not the only person that remember him is eminem with his tributes 'your never over' d12 split up because he died so he was oblivious a big loss
"Searching For Jerry Garcia" is a great album! If he was still alive, he would be in top 30... R.I.P. Proof!
[Newest]Proof was an excellent rapper and if you people can't see that than you need to go to the doctor because you are all the way stupid

90Chris Brown
I only like his song Look At Me Now and a few other songs and that's sit. I don't like Chris Brown anymore because in one of his songs he said "These hoes ain't loyal."
It's Chris Brown who do this all keep it going
Even though he went to jail doesn't mean you take all of these points away from my sweetheart

91Mac Miller
Why isn't he higher? Mac miller is my boy and with out a doubt better than 90 percent of these fools on here
Flat out best, he'll be on the top soon. He has his own type of style that kills the other rappers.
I highly believe mac miller should be higher then he is listed, because he is a very good rapper and can spit rhymes like no other rapper on this list, he can freestyle like nobody's business and definitely. Not another Eminem, Eminem was okay, but within 2 years mac miller will be better then Eminem, the kid is 20 years old and already killing it, he is most likely the youngest rapper on this list. He raps about true stuff, he isn't like big sean, wiz khalifa or lil Wayne just rapping about weed, clubs, and booty's, he is different, I've watched very many interviews and his whole goal is to not rap about that stuff, or have music video's like there's. Or whatever, he wants to separate himself from the pack, and he definitely. Will, and already has, one day he'll lead the pack, and y'all will look back at this and Mac Miller will be crowned #1.


[Newest]Macs a next level, originality and uniqueness are key and he delivers both. On his own, don't need no label. Mac makes songs for a generation and will not only be on top but also leave a lasting legacy for other rappers. Should be higher than pitbull. Crazy
More comments about Mac Miller

92Childish Gambino
Way better than Lil Wayne or 50 Cent. Should be in top ten, he makes his own beats, lyrics are dope, AND he can sing.
Total bad ass= donald glover. Amazing punchlines and an incredible flow for such an up in coming artist
Newer to the game but steps up and shows he can hang with the greatest.
[Newest]Whoever made this is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Joker diss track best in the Turkey
Joker make real battle.
He made real battle
[Newest]Joker the king.. And has good diss track

It is really the best rapper of iran.their beat are really good
Zedbazi is the best for ever and ever
Always it's the best rap group
Advert "group"
Not a person
Can you name any group in rap that be better than Zedbazi?
[Newest]Best Iranian group. Mehrad hidden is king of the group

Best rapper, very strong lyrics.
Reza pishro is the best...
Reza love you man
[Newest]He is the best

I think he is Best Rapper in the world
That the best young rapper in the world yet 21 years old but has a huge fan base and the best rapper in Turkey protest
Free style king Hidra

97Meek Mill
99 that's so dumb he shoukd be in the top 30 just please listen to dream house
He's really good in almost every track he's in. He flows with the beat I mean he's dope
He Should be In top 20 at least how can Tyga be ahead of him. Are you fo'real. Meek Mill is better the allot of rappers. He's fantastic
[Newest]Wha?! 097?! No man he at least in top 10! His flow is awesome, and his lyrics bro. When there is a beat, the dude spits mad BARS!

98Amir Tataloo
His god's of iran rhythm&blues (r&b)
Iran never see better than
Amir Tataloo Is The Best Persian Rapper's In IRAN
He is better than any rapper in Iran. He began with nothing he has nothing now but he is in Iran... I love him... He is for us
[Newest]Tataloo is very good and he is best rapper in the earth

Yo.. All I can say is... That this rapper has guts. He might not be the best rapper... But he is the best Christian rapper ever. He was nominated for the Grammy Awards. In the future, he will be the best rapper of all time... Maybe better than Eminem.
One of the best because his music is directed at praising and making others aware of God, his Son Jesus and God's glory. Not only that, it's very good both melodically and lyrically.
best rapper beside eminem help me get him to #2 best part about it is he is a christian check out his best sons called God is enough and children of the light awesome rapper I am his biggest fan


[Newest]Yo yo yo yo yo. Yo hold up yo. Yo he's great yo. Yo.
More comments about Lecrae

In my opinion he is the BEST rapper ever.
I love him for his special lyrics. He is the best...
His have the best lyrics.
[Newest]His The Best Rapper In Iran

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