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401Pimp C

The Real King of the south and his lyrics have meaning just listen to his song Knockin Doorz Down

Get outta here. Top 10.. Your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Mentioned in literally EVERY rap song now a days. kidding me.

He should AT LEAST be top 50. He's the king of the south and should be recognized at the top

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402David Banner

Very quick should be higher still speeding is amazing


Birdman is the best but why baby

Birdman is the best rapper how could drake is one of the top 30 s birdman has 120 million dollars he is the 6 most richest rapper so people like more birman then drake birdman has got vey nice songs like fire flame we got that 100 million and more he is the king of the rap he has tattoos all over his body and head his girlfriend is so sexy he has gucci stuff bugatti veyron 2.5 million a maybach exelero 8 million rolls royce phantom drophead 400 000 dolars a maybach 62 500 000 dollars and a house which looks like a castle 50 million Birdman "AKA" baby is the god of rap the best the end

406Kardinal Offishall

Dangerous and Beautiful were great songs and Not 4 Sale was decent too. 532 and how come I had to add him, he's not well-known but he's better than 532. He's my favorite Canadian Rapper of All Time. - chocodilesforlife

408Asher Roth

At 146?! Are You Serious? People Haven't Gave Asher His Opportunity. Only Song Everyone Knows Is I Love College. Go Listen To His Mix tapes. Asher Is Absolutely Top 50.

Why he is so underrated. His lyrics are great, he knows who he want to be. Top 20...

Honestly my favorite rapper, and celebrity in general, down to earth, caring, a real contribution to the rap game and is massively under ratted. APR

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409Red Power Squad

Native Rappers with a cause - Kaluyuti


Brothers been around longer than most non-native rappers - Kaluyuti

411Gift of GabV1 Comment

He's the MC of the Blue Scholars, and he has got some sick stuff. - HALOOOOOOOO

I don't even know this rapper. Just no he is good. Because all the other people swear!


Chip as he is known now is a muchbetter rapper than ksi, Lil Wayne & nicki minaj

415Celph Titled

Come on, Is that possible...


I like the way Omarion sings and rhyme, I don't feel like he should be 532!

417Big Love
418Soulja Slim

westcoast had tupac, eastcoast had biggie, down south had soulja slim... underrated! -

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419Fred DurstWilliam Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.

Best rapper and singer awesome fantastic songs he had made fred 4 ever

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420Masta Killa

Old man is one of the best songs by wu tang ever! - eatmaxeat

Really! Ke$ha is higher than him

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