Best RPG Series Of All Time

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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy as a whole reshaped how RPG story telling, gameplay and presentation are created. It gave the video game industry a whole new criteria for fantasy genre based games and gave us some of the most memorable stories, characters and locations in ANY media form.
Hands down. No competition with this one, that's for sure.
Great story, great game--let me short it: Great Everything.


Ff7 almost 15 years after.. Still the best.. The absolut perfect music...
Atmosphere... Story..
[Newest]When I hear, see or even say the word "RPG", the first thing that comes up in my mind is this.
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2Elder Scrolls
Oblivion is not the only badass rpg. Morrowind and for hardcore gamers daggerfall are good too (I could say arena but I don't now much about it). In fact The elder scrolls aren't just good. IS THE BEST GAME SERIES EVER MADE! Elder scrolls games are the only game I can play without boring... So TES FOR EVER!
Oblivion will most likely always be my favorite RPG. The graphics, gameplay and character development combined with an environment that was as rich as it was large made Oblivion an epic RPG experience. These traits have been the hallmarks of the Elder Scrolls series and I can only hope the trend continues.
Choose your race.
Choose your signs
DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! Check out that cave. Stab that shop-owner. Climb up that castle. Become master of the assasins guild. Ride a horse. Fireball an imperial soldier. EXPLORE THE WORLD!


[Newest]To me a RPG means making your own character and in doing so make your own story. None of that involves being told I'm a spiky haired androgynous emo kid now do this. So yeah, Elder Scrolls gets my vote.
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3The Legend of Zelda
Legend of zelda is immense. No matter if you played elder scrolls or final fantasy when you grew up, it is almost impossible that you did not play at least one zelda game whilst growing up. To top that off, the familiar characters, storyline, amazing soundtrack AND the fact that its one of Nintendo's joint three most recognisable franchises, it just can't be beaten.
Zelda series is masterpiece that was created by Nintendo.. Although there many competitors other that that series itself it still can survived till now. Since I played Zelda for the first time it feel like my life is changing it become so much better... Thanks Zelda thanks Nintendo...
There is no way any other game could be the best rpg. The legend of zelda is hands down the best game I have ever played. If you don't agree you probly haven't played it, and if that is the case I highly recommend you buy it because you are missing out on a great gaming experience.
[Newest]I LOVE the Legend of Zelda, but how many times do I have to tell people, it's not an RPG, it's an adventure!

4Baldur's Gate
This should be on first place, along with planescape torment. Anything else is blasphemy! =P
Baldur's Gate and all the Forgotten Realms type of games, provide a type of gameplay different than the above games. If you like a long plot full of interesting Lore, Dieties, Creatures and other such stuff you will like these games. While the graphics aren't the best in comparison to games such as Final Fantasy, its story is what matters. Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment's stories are amazing in comparison to all the stories I have played in other RPGs. Another great thing is the fact that companions have their own opinions and seem realistic unlike companions in most characters. I love that you're not forced to go on a completely set path unlike most games and that you can choose from a variety of lifestyles to live. On top of all this, Community Mods have improved upon the game making graphics better, conversations longer, and romances possible with any character. If you love story, DEFINITELY play Baldur's Gate!
Best RPG ever made. Graphics may not be great but the quality of the story and wide range of possibilities makes the game unique. I remember spending hours just on the character creation screen.
[Newest]In terms of character depth and storyline... Baldur's gates is unmatched.
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What separates Fallout 1 & 2 from all the other so-called "RPGs" out there is that they are actual, genuine, and above all, original role-playing games. Whatever you did and said affected the outcome of a certain situation, or in some cases, even the final outcome of the game. It's a pity that Fallout 3 does not share this trait with its predecessors by being more shoot-em-up and less role-playing -oriented.

To Fallout 1 & 2, the two greatest role-playing games on Earth!
One of the greatest if not the greatest rpg of all time on the pc
You know... Characters like Harold, Tandi, and of course player character are not often seen in games. There's no better characters in any game. Must play!
[Newest]This is literally the best survival horror game ever made, better than Final Fantasy

6Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic
Nothing really tops the narrative style of BioWare. Those guys know how to make unbelievable games. This one might take the cake for me because of it being such a great Star Wars game and a great RPG. I recommend this game to anyone who is considering RPGS to play and hasn't tried it yet.
While following a clear storyline, this felt like one of the most personal RPGs I've ever played. Aside from that, it was able to take the turn-based method and make it exciting again for many who had never experienced the RPG genre before.
Wow really? Final Fantasy? I admit it is a really great series and indefinitely have some of the greatest games of all time but really? The minute I held my hand on KOTOR I fell in love. Truthfully of course it is not the greatest RPG series or game of all time. But for star wars fans it is. Excellent game and with Star Wars The old Republic MMORPG coming out... heaven knows.


[Newest]It never gets boring and the story is one of the best stories of a game I have ever played. This should hands down be #1

Laugh out loud, lots of childhood memories, I remember beating the elite 4 67 times on pokemon red and still kept playing!


THE BIGGEST game series ever. In terms of sheer of sheer amount to do on the games. There's not many game when you can over the maximum time the game will show (999:59) and STILL not be finished.



This is a very good game. I managed to evolve my first Pidgey into a Pidgeotto and into a Pigeot, and trained it all of the moves and leveled it up to level 80 AND beat the Elite 4 with it on Pokemon Yellow!
[Newest]Only to be beaten by Mario on sales and for good reason, super strategical, childish but fun. Simple and addictive with a great fanbase.
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8Mass Effect
Hands down.. The most immersive RPG universe ever seen!
Mass effect stands out because of the way it biotic charges you into its own world... Bringing you close to its characters, mass relays and individual stories. This incredible saga made me weep at its conclusion... But never fear, there's more to come!
Completed it 5 times at least and enjoyed every single play through
[Newest]Too low on the list, such a great series, the ME3 ending ruined it thought.

9Kingdom Hearts
Most people don't pay attention to KH because they think its for little kids since it has disney characters but maybe a third of the people in my school play this (im in middle school) and also it has one of the best rpg characters SORA!
All my cousins play the KH series!
I think its the best pg game of all time because me personally am a disney fan and a game with pluto mickey pete daffy duck and goofy and a awesome story line 2 boot I can't wait till number 3 comes out I'm buying it the first day
I cry when I hear the music, it is just astounding I want to get the next one when it comes back.
[Newest]I love this the first time I played it & I still love it nowadays.

10Dragon Age: Origins
Best game ever. The storyline and graphics are truly amaizing. I can play the game over and over again and never get bored of it.
A truly epic story and tactical mastery in gameplay.
Story is amazing. Bioware did it again!
[Newest]My favorite RPG of all time!

The Contenders

11Fire Emblem
As a fan of turn based games I may have a little bit of a biased opinion here but I can say I've been a dedicated Fire Emblem fan for going on three years and I will never love another game series this much. I am highly disappointed that it is just barely off from the list, come people it is amazing.
fire emblem is quite amazing. sacred stones is the best one by far. that game was infinitely entertaining.


The only true epic strategy series, Fire Emblem stands out in the midst of games such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda for being a series that gained immense popularity worldwide with only four games released in the West.
[Newest]Fire emblem genealogy of the holy war has the best written video game story of all time. The game play for every fire emblem game is very intense.

This is just the best Blizzard game ever until now. There's no way someone can't enjoy the monster-slaying it gives to you, neither the way that you can ignore or pay full attention to the story, depending on what you want from it.
I was a hardened diablo fanatic. from the first game, until the last (unless blizzard finally get off their asses and make diablo 3). for 6 n a half years straight. I loved this game. in terms of quality and enjoyment of gameplay, its the best I've ever had.
After 20 years still absolutely awesome!
Now I am writing only to increase the comment quality or whatever.
You should be warned that if you pirate this game, you will not be able to play multi-player, only local. That is via Hamachi and such.
However, it is definitely worth buying even now!

13Neverwinter Nights
I second this. All those console games ARE NOT real RPGs. Yeah, you level-up, but that does not constitute an RPG. There are no real "choices" in games like FF.
"Unlocks the imagination... For as long as you want."
Who can't resist betrayer beauties

14Planescape: Torment
Without a doubt the best storyline EVER written for a video game (not only RPG). The literary quality here is even superior to most books and movies.
The setting is fantastic, many doubted that the planescape setting would work on well on a video game, but it does. It is not so focused on fighting, like Baldur's Gate and other similar games, but some fights are truly epic given the context, they happen at the right time and the right. Too much "epicness" get's boring after a while, here the whole thing evolves on a perfect pace, alternating between slow parts and growing to reach authentic gaming climax... Just perfect, the best game EVER created, period.
This game deserves more... It's story is one of the greatest I've ever seen. That flying skull cracks me up all the time, the gloomy atmosphere is also a brilliant way to suck you in.
Amazing storyline, amazing, diverse characters... Just a perfect game. Planescape Torment, enough said!

Well, this game has a special spot in my heart, and will continue to do so. It's just so WEIRD, if you haven't played it, you have to. It may not be as wonderful as mother 3, but that IS my favorite rpg of all time, and I'm not lying. Definitely worth playing, no doubt.
Technically it's the Mother series but yeah, the games are great, because it is set with a storyline that could happen in real life which makes you actually feel like the character, and everything about the games are great, like the music and dialogue.
This game will always be one of my favorites.
[Newest]Earthbound and Mother 3 are the only games that have made me cry. That there says something.

16Paper Mario
Oh Paper Mario... The original as well as The Thousand Year Door captured all of us with it's unique style and great (if not hilarious) writing and story telling. Nothing beats getting completely owned by Bowser in the beginning of the game and falling from orbit, only to survive and gather your strength. Next thing you know your back up there with Bowser using every ability and every little hour you used in the game to get stronger to beat him. EPIC!
I love Paper Mario, especially the first two. The first two were original and nostalgic. Super Paper Mario technically isn't an RPG, and a lot of people hated Sticker Star. you're, it's generic, but I didn't really mind it. Though, when there's a Console and Portable game that's either a sequel or the same game, they tend to be very different. Plus, the Thousand Year Door had a lot of Super Mario RPG which gave it the nostalgic feel.
Oh my god! Paper Mario is #19?! It's not even the top ten! Paper Mario and Earthbound are the only good RPGs ever, because all the other ones are extremly ridicules. I can't possibly be the only one who sees that. How is Paper Mario not #1 when Elder Scrolls, something I've never heard of and I'm sure is so ridicules it makes RayMan look normal, is?

17Secret of Mana
By far the best RPG I have ever played... And I have played many. Perfect music and storyline to match. This game actually helped shape me into the person I am today. Seems ridiculous...? Play it and I doubt you'll argue.
Everything about Secret of Mana is great. I love the storyline and the music. I also think the combat controls are some of the best of any game. I have been playing this game since I was a kid, and I still enjoy playing it over and over again.
Classic, Innovative, Memorable, Fun, Epic, Unique, Captivating... Etc. , etc.

A handful of words are just not enough to describe the scope of this game. Go back and play it. It's that good.

Well, I'll be. Chrono Trigger is just better than anything here except for Final Fantasy, but we can debate that all day. Chrono trigger revolutionized the RPG genre, and is still known today as the greatest SNES game of all time. Then again, Cross doesn't live up the expectation in my opinion. Still, Trigger alone deserves AT LEAST Top 5. It is one of the Top Ten greatest video games of all time.
Way underrated game in my opinion. How could compare to this game's awesome gameplay, lovable characters, and amazing music? If you can find a better game than you are either insane or just stupid.
In my opinion chrono trigger is the best rpg ever made, the story is awesome, the musics are wonderful. Akira Toryama made the characters, there are several ends. This game should be more famous.
[Newest]The best two games ever made of all time.

19Shin Megami Tensei
Shin Megami Tensei for the win. Persona is just epic. I've played Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 and 4 and would recommend them to anyone, they even put Final Fantasy to shame in my honest opinion. Haven't played the other titles, but they aren't as popular and get lower ratings from what I've seen, so I'm happy with my Persona.
Occult themed games with mature stories.A few titles in the series are Nocturne,Devil summoner,Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 etc
The Shin Megami Tensei series is just awesome. The mainline games have great mature storylines and a battle system equally brutal for you and your enemies and making a good party is satisfying. Persona is also fun and has great characters and sometimes pretty good stories, even more so then the main games. Everybody likes to go back to high school! Also the music in the whole entirity is awesome
[Newest]Amazing set of games with dark and mature storylines.

20Star Ocean
I have fond memories of playing Star Ocean 2 with my best friend in elementary school. Years later I had forgotten its name and could find it until after I had completed its sequel. Star Ocean 3 is by far the most popular in the series. It was also the game that got me hooked on JRPGs forever. I enjoyed the characters, the combat (despite the fact you can only use 3 characters at a time), the intriguing worlds and plot (including the plot twist, though I admit that triace could have made it a whole lot better).

Moving onto the series as a whole. I have yet to complete the first and second installments, but I've finished the fourth and I love the whole series. The combat is brilliant; grinding is a lot more tolerable in SO than it is in other games. Generally the characters and plot have been pretty good as well; minus 4, whose characters and voice acting seemed almost unbearable at times (e.G. edge, Lymle respectively), but even that one was still quite enjoyable overall. But despite the series' shortcomings it's hard not to say the same for many other JRPGs.

I love this series
I don't know about the first ones, but Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time is possibly my favorite rpg of all time. Compelling story and addictive battle system, plus deep and interesting characters.
Great series...i don't understand why this is not considered to be in the top ten...along with legend of dragoon both have great story lines and good gameplay to go with
[Newest]I never get tired of playing this one!

21Tales Series by Namco
This has to be without a doubt one of the best game series ever for its amount of games produced. The music is unbelievable the game play is like nothing people have ever seen before.
best serie ever! and tales of symphonia is the best of all! because you control the char when fighting. you move, dodge, attack. no stupid menu's to select you attack from.
great storyline and good music. graphics are very unique it looks like its a HD drawing.
I'm always trying to find new games similar to this series. The animation, Story, Gameplay, Sound, Just everything is great. Number 1 in my opinion.
[Newest]An amazing series that unlike most RPGs these days, they still continue to fully entertain and truly make you care with gameplay, music, the world, all of it.

Very good quality game play, it should be at least 4th on this list because it is free and there is no download whatsoever required to play, it has the largest base of players which also means it is the most popular and the graphics have really improved over the last couple years.!
Played runescape for 10 years off and on and never even came close to trying everything in the game... Definitely a game for anyone to play but be aware that once your hooked you wont ever want to let go of it. Hence why I played for ten years..
The world's most popular free MMORPG and not even in the top ten! Runescape is a game for a serious and committed gamer who wishes to explore 26 skills combat and non-combat wise. With thousands upon thousands of hours of gameplay and limitless paths to take, you can never fully take it all in. That's what makes Runescape unique and worthwhile.

Cars in Gothic? Did you really played it dude ;)?
Nevertheless - Gothic 1 and 2 are maybe the best genuine RPGs ever made, 100% open world gameplay.. enjoy it
Great story, easy interface, steering a little bit too complicated. But 100% open world just put me to my knees. The game still rocks! Enjoy
As in my opinion, this game was and will be the best rpg ever. The innovation brought by Gothic 1 with the Day/Night cycle and the script of the AI were unique in those days. Also, the binding between the storyline of Gothic 1 and Gothic 2+Night of the raven is the best I've ever seen.

This game is so underrated. Not only is the game actually good but the characters are funny and the story lines are always good stories.
This is a game when you actually get some good choices and the characters look amazing alright some havethe games haven't met there standards but I played skyrim and it did not really meet my standards so this game is better than most
only game other than ffVII that has been able to pull me in and keep me for years!

Far too underappreciated. When played from start to finish, you'll find one of the most complex universes created, and an epic tale that cannot be missed!
best futuristic rpg, with awesome real rpg combat and battlesequence, every maker should learn from this!!

26Might and Magic
I have found the best games in the series to be: MM6, MM8 and MM9, but I loved all MM6-MM9 games. I recommend them to any RPG fun. The characters' skills are well balanced, the quests are numerous. Too bad that 3DO does not exist any longer to develop the series. UBISOFT just destroyed the series with that so called MM10 which has nothing to do with any previous game and also Heroes of Might and Magic V is far bellow IV in strategy (except graphics which is better)
Loved these games. Darkside of Xeen (no.5) kept me mesmerised for years as a kid, it was such a harsh and unforgiving environment, with epic adventure music and beautiful imaginative 256 colour graphics. The quests, characters, items were all very engrossing and well balanced. plenty of humor and riddles strewn along the way make this one of my all time favourites. Might and magic 3,4 and 6 also deserve mention, being of excellent calibre, though not quite on the same level as the epicness of MM5.
5 great games, 3 ok games and dozens of related games (like Heroes of Might and Magic I-V) for computers and consoles. A decade of RPG fun.

27Shining Force
Though I never played the games to follow shining force 2 which came out for the short lived sega saturn, Shining Force 1 and 2, and to a lesser extent - Shining in the darkness, were as bang on for their time in terms of how RPGS were evolving and I'd recommend anyone to DL a sega genesis emulator and play the games on your computer and you'll see what I mean.
Good lord I played this a lot as a kid. I turned it on thinking that it wouldn't be as good in retrospect but here I am talking about it! Top ten material.
Shining Force should be at least in the top ten.
[Newest]I've only played a bit of the original, but it is AMAZING!

28Phantasy Star
yes i agree phantasy star is one of the greatest rpg games i am a level 91 and the game never gets boring with online
The characters were solid, the mazes amazing, the puzzles difficult
Phantasy Star 4 is commonly mentioned as one of the greatest rpgs of all time and for good reason! Just as good as Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES
[Newest]The god_father of all RPG's should never get a rating of this kind of "disrespect. " Who decided this list anyway, my 11 year old.

29Dragon Quest
Better known to some as "Dragon Warrior" 1-4 on the NES. How this series is not a top ten Iíll never know. Come on...
A Slime Draws Near!
The Slime Attacks!!
The Slime Misses!
Erdrick Attacks!!
Erdrick Lands a Tremendous Blow!!
427 Damage!!!
(Da DDDAaaaa!!)
Thou art defeated the Slime
Thou art gained 1 gold.
Thou art gained 2 Exp.

It should be up there... you know youíve played it.
I loved to play dragon quest when I was a child an never played something I would compare to it ever again, what is the reason why I still play it 10 years later, it deserves way more than place 36
Dragon Quest really is a RPG Series, unlike many listed here, and deserves much better than 32nd place
[Newest]The original console RPG and still the best series, and it's stuck down at the bottom of this list?

Too underrated, the only reason why its not #1 because its not popular, In fact Suikoden 2 is actually one of the best ever made well for me at least. The emotions of the story are just too powerful definitely the best game ever.
My two favorite games are Final Fantasy VII and Suikoden 2. I think out of those two Suikoden II is the better game. I also enjoy the original Suikoden and Suikoden V, and yes I own every Final Fantasy game and Every Suikoden game. The best thing about Suikoden is that it's a continuing story in a large and interesting world, with many mysteries yet to be uncovered. The series as a whole has a much much deeper world and and story than any single FF game can ever accomplish.
"as far as I played all rpg, suikoden 2 is the best I have played. Suikoden 2 is the game that make me know how great rpg are. Suikoden have very great world and we can't imagine how big it's world is? The world have great history, much nation and some unknown nation that still not discovered and have the 27 true rune, which some still unknown and mysterious. Cannot wait to see another series of this game, especially suikoden 6"
[Newest]Don't need suikoden 6, I just need suikoden 2 to finish it with perfection complete...

31Mario & Luigi
I'm pretty shocked at Mario and Luigi being this low. Out of all the RPGs I've played, it's the funnest. Instead of blocking attacks (Like Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG) you can jump and hammer your way through- and even counter attack. I love the nostalgia of Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, but I personally liked Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story more. Mainly because you can have Giant battles and X Bosses (Optional, except Grobot X), where as the other games had no secret bosses.
Mario is so low because it's a platformer, not an RPG.

32Golden Sun
Here is why Golden Sun is the BEST and the MOST EPIC RPG I love most:
-The Story is just... Epic, the characters are growing into your heart, and the story makes your courage stronger.
-The music is so awesome: it makes your courage and adrenalin much stronger, and you can't stop hearing it! For example: Venus Lighthouse. And the music makes the game ambiance and atmosphere epic and stronger.
-Battle system and GBA graphics: normally, I don't care about graphics, but CAMELOT always uses the best graphics. The battle system is one of the best as well.
-Long Gameplay:
Well, the name says everything: The game is very long and you'll spend much time playing it.
Finally this game is mentioned, its one of the best rpg I've ever played
This is truly a masterpiece. One of Nintendo's diamonds, one of the best games I've ever played. It has one of the best storilines, and its song are this kinda songs you keep in your mind
[Newest]I'm still waiting impatiently for the 3DS one.

33Dragon Quest Monsters
The first RPG game I ever played. The game that made me like RPG games. Better than Dragon Quest because you have the monsters on your side and there are so many cool ones like Rain Hawk, Great Drak, and Gold Slime. Plus the monsters in this game are better than the Pokemon characters. And I love the mystery of the? Family.

Unlike a lot of games on this list, the Ultima games are actually RPGs... Not on-the-rails melodramas with loads of fighting (JRPGs) and Zelda, which is an action/adventure! There is no doubt that JRPGs were originally influenced by games like Ultima I and IV, but they never developed beyond it, and while they may be fun for a while, they ultimately become tedious and boring. There are notable exceptions like Chrono Trigger, but even some of the most celebrated JRPG titles like FFVII don't stand up to scrutiny when you come back to them with more gaming experience and shrug off the nostalgia. So why are the Ultima games RPGs? It's mainly because you get plonked into a big, bad world and can do what you like. I don't consider the on-the-rails linear nature of most JRPGs to really give you the chance to roleplay at all... When I'm controlling a character and being forced by the game to attempt to kill an ally as part of an exploitative and contrived adolescent plot (you know what game I'm talking about) I don't fell like I'm the one in charge. I'm not role-playing at all. All I'm doing is fighting, playing mini-games and watching sequences that drive forward a plot with a ridiculous amount of twists and turns - so many, in fact, that all they're for is to unsubtly manipulate your emotions and draw you in. There's nothing complex in any of this, it's all rather crude and juvenile. So what do you have left, gameplay wise? The battles, levelling and collecting stuff. This can be fun but it's a mistake on the part of any reviewer to allow their vocabulary to be limited to the limited grammar of these games. Unfortunately, with the likes of FFVII, it's too bloody easy and no challenge whatsoever. It is to the credit of the developers that they've managed to keep the whole affair interesting all the way through given its dearth of actual gameplay. It seems to be a common pattern in modern game design: provide so much content and variety to keep boredom at bay and make it so easy that completing the game is only a matter of putting in the hours. In the end, if you're happy with the entertainment you get, then so what? Bad games can be fun too provided they excel somewhere other than gameplay.

To sum up this comment, I'm not rating the Ultima series as the best there is because " it's like the most awesomeist RPG ever and should really be number one", rather I'm saying it deserves to be among the true greats because:
1. It is an actual role playing game.
2. It has been highly influential, probably the inspiration for JRPGs as well as many on the PC side of the stable. The first Ultima's forgiving gameplay (resurrection on death) as well as its hub-style design surely influenced gaming in general, as did the more complex plotting of later Ultima games.
3. In many respects, some of the games (The Underworlds, Ultima VII III, Ultima VI) have not been equalled for immersion. Planescape: Torment gets a mention as an exception, but it's depressing how the pinnacle of gaming, where games at least try to be thought-provoking and philosophical, has now been eschewed for blockbuster explosions and melodrama. Broad strokes, to be sure. If you wish to criticise (hopefully to contribute to the debate rather than debase it), please don't do so unless you have broad gaming experience that takes in most of the main JRPGs as well as many PC-style ones, especially the likes of Ultima, Torment, Fallout, Wasteland.

Better finish off by stating that even though I don't think the Zelda series qualifies as RPGs, Most of the games are great (excepting the by-the-numbers Twilight Princess and the risible Phantom Hourglass).
Ultima VII I & II = Complete Freedom. Great history and plot, rune alphabet is something awesome... the real sensation to be there is unique... ships, weapons, hidden treasures... all at the reach of your hand for the first moment if you know where to find them... no linear or level restriction to use a weapon...

This were truly RPGs...
From the earliest days of computer RPG gaming to Ultima Online which still has a loyal and active following today a truely groudbreaking series.

I came on here looking for a new game to buy, but this list obviously isn't worth considering considering where you idiots placed Grandia. Now, for it not to be on the list, I could maybe understand. It is a cult classic, a game which if you played, you loved, if you haven't then I don't hold it against you. However, to put ANY rpg game above Grandia is simply idiocy if it is already on the list. This game is available on Sega, on PS1 and you can buy it on PSN for like £6-$10. The following may seem like a long-winded paragraph, but it is only a short testimony to the perfect game which is Grandia. I'll start by saying that I love games like the elder scrolls series, I agreed when I saw Star wars KOTOR at the top, cause I would put it about seventh on the list maybe. But first on ANY rpg list is Grandia, and second goes only to Disgaea and related spin-offs by Nippon Ichi Software. These are not games for the light-hearted. I'm talking a good thousand hours of gameplay on Disgaea, easily, and I'm talking a good 200 hours maybe for the first playthrough of Grandia. Grandia has two discs, back from the good old days when RPG games had good story. Take Skyrim for example, its graphics with a good HDMI lead are almost realistic, it has a massive open world and is beyond the old path based systems we once loved. But look at the story, every guild is "Oh, I'm a newcomer and they don't trust me. Huh, now they accept me after like 2 quests. After like 10 quests, I'm the leader. After like 100 quests I'm done with it. " All the dungeons despite containing different things have very similar shapes to them, and similar paths. This isn't the fault of Bethesda, they did a fantastic job. Other good RPG games such as Two Worlds have similar looking dungeons all over the place. Now, Grandia on the other hand has the most immersive story ever written. It is like the sort of story you get in the most amazing of novels. Imagine a story, several books long, and discovering it through game with a battle system NONE have managed to match yet since. Grandia, and Disgaea (mentioned above) are both Strategic RPG games, and not real time, we're back into old school turn based. Remember pokémon? I should hope so, you put it above Grandia morons. It is a turn based rpg game in essence, cause you strategically put together a team and then fight taking turns. Grandia is a non-grid based system, with a unique look at how to distribute turns. Basically, every character has a value similar to speed in the games which tried copy it's battle system. The higher the value, the quicker you move along a bar, which has a slot where you choose a move, and a slot where the move activates. The character then moves into position, and takes it's attack. Grandia was one of the first games I ever came across with levels for skill. Justin, the main character, can use Swords, Maces or Axes. You can pick, or best choice, mix and match. He also has access to all four magic types in the game, which are tied to the elements. The elements can mix, and when levels are achieved in multiple different stats, new moves unlock. These moves when practiced become quicker and more powerful, when first learned take a while to set up to little effect (relative to it's finished trained form). The story of Grandia is even more epic than it's battle system. As a fan of RPG games, you probably like an anime, or a game at least. NO anime has as good a story as Grandia. NO game has as good a story to date. Because this game set my standards high when I was younger, I spend most of the money I get trying to find the newest game which can even try compare. Justin is an adventurer, and I mean an adventurer. Not a little pokemon trainer using monsters to stay safe, traveling a small distance. He crosses oceans, he even crosses over the edge of the world, and encounters creatures who knew not of his existence, and whom he did not know existed. He touches onto a heavenly race, the Icarians, and you are immersed in their mythology and become very attached to Justin, Sue, Feena and all the other amazing characters you are allowed to use. I'd hate to ruin an amazing story like Grandia, so I can't give spoilers more than I already have, but I personally would pledge my soul on this game's quality. The only POSSIBLE down side to this game is it's graphics, but the graphics are quirky and cartoon-like. Look at a lot of great games, the Dragon Quest series, the Disgaea series, Pokémon (and a good 99% of other anime-based games), and many many more. The cartoon style is a part of the game you learn to love, and when combined with a story like Grandia you simply cannot compare any other game released since. I will however concede that this vote is based upon series. Grandia two, on it's own merits is a great game. It has a similar combat and training system to Grandia 1, with a couple of tweaks, and has an interesting story based around the human vessels for parts of the devil which are spread amongst the land. You work for a priest's daughter trying to cleanse the land, and the Wings of Valmar join your team, absorbing the powers of all the other parts you encounter. I'm not going to try and claim that Grandia two can compare with Disgaea, or other amazing games like Two worlds, or the Elder Scrolls series. It is still an amazing game in such a different way. When compared with Grandia one however, your grandia two disc may as well be a sharp expensive frisbee. Grandia three, as an RPG game, is worth the buy. As part of the grandia series, it is despicable. You play as a little pilot, who no one gets attached to. If it was the first grandia game you manage to find, buy it and you'll enjoy it, same goes for Grandia 2. If you can, get Grandia 1, and you'll have found the favourite game you will fondly remember for the rest of your years. It is the standard which it's fans compare all games to. People say the elder scrolls games don't bore them, well I say that Oblivion bored me before I even reached level 10. Skyrim I got to level 81, and it bored me throughout. I have all the DLC for Skyrim, and still it bores me. Amazing game in it's own right, but I am comparing it to perfection. Please do take what I have said into consideration, Grandia is an amazing game and to not experience it as an RPG fan is like having cancer and not treating it.

Buy the game on PSN, PS1, or even Sega. Get Grandia 2 for PS2 even if you can't manage the above, and you'll then understand why I am so passionate about this game. This game defined my childhood, it defined my choice in games, and I hope you will understand why.

If you'd like to see if my subjective credibility checks out with yours, this is the order I'd have given the top ten:

1. Grandia
2. Disgaea (And with it spin offs such as La Pucelle, Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom)
3. Jade Cocoon (Think Pokémon where your trainer can fight and you can merge pokémon to make them unique)
4. Pokémon (A game we all grew up with)
5. Star Wars Knights of the old Republic (This game is the reason why character customization is something I strive for in every game I purchase)
6. Dragon Age Origins (Get the DLC too, trust me, its like a medieval dragon version of Star Wars KOTOR)
7. Two Worlds (This game is for the Xbox fans out there, think a mix of the great aspects of MMO games, and the greatness of console games like Skyrim)
8. Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls (I couldn't miss this off a list of best RPGS, I seriously think this will be the new game that sets the bar for the RPG games released till at least 2020)
9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (This is a really nice game for xbox too, the only decent turn based tactical I've found for xbox, but I'm still looking. I understand XCOM is also a pretty rooted series)
10. Dragon's Dogma (If you haven't tried it, do. Think of all the games where your main character was perfect for you, but you hated the looks or personality of their main companion. Dragons dogma, you design your main character, and your companion down to his personality. The companion "pawn" can be used by friends, or others at your level or higher (if you let them). You can borrow two other people's characters should you wish, and they will be in your team till they die or are released, pawns even learn based upon how you fight the opponents who all have unique weaknesses and can be climbed (such as massive dragons, chimeras and cyclops).

This list is as short as I could possibly cut it, and rather rushed I must add. There are a lot of games missed on there, like Witcher 2 which is amazing for story, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning and many other titles. Thanks for reading, should you wish for more information on any of these amazing games, my skype ID is AlmostNeverReal
um... have u guyz ever even played grandia...ok the first one is alrite, but the second and the third are sick. Think i should belong in 1st place. If u disagree then play it then think again.
Lolz this list sucks, if you have played all of the above you KNOW that grandia does not belong at the bottom, morons

36.Hack Series
... How is this not higher. Probably one of the best stories ever created. And the characters? So in depth. Battle system is the most insane though. God this deserves way way betteer than.2% :( breaks my heart

37The Legend of Dragoon
Best RPG I've ever played. The story is great, and the battle system is very refreshing. My cousins and I had a hard time beating the final boss, we all took turns trying to take him down, I finally got him on my third try. It's worth beating him just to see the ending, which pulls on your heart strings.
This is Sickening this is the only rpg game I have ever "beat" I've been stuck on the final boss for like 4years I was trying daily for like 2 weeks then sorta gave up and have been doing it off and on this game is #1
So underrated. Great game and after I beat it I was begging for a sequel. If you give it a chance you will be begging for another game as well! It definitely tops Final Fantasy. Swag

38Breath of Fire
Why is this ranked so low? Maybe because it's just not as commercially popular, but Breath of Fire 2 was THE TRUTH! It had the best characters, the story went at a great pace, awesome graphics... it was simple, but interesting at the same time. This should be higher.
1. Breath of Fire II
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Final Fantasy VI
The one of the greatest RPG series ever!!!!!!!!!!

39World of Warcraft
Be serious, best selling, largest community on the Earth, biggest in game world, good graphics, easy control, most addicted game, BUT, is not RPG is the best MMORPG.
That's nice. I myself play world of warcraft.
I must say it is very good. I just started playing it!
All it needs is to drink more from magic the gathering in next expansions and it will be perfect!

40Dungeons and Dragons
I'm extremely shocked that D&D isn't at the top of this list. How quickly people forget their roots, and this series is what started it all.


D&D gave us the world that Baldur's Gate is set in, it gave the mechanics used in KOTOR, and is the RPG that set the standard for the entire genre and is still used in RPG's today.
The best RPG is still the original RPG.


If you are referring to ARCANUM of steamworks and magick I refuse to believe anyone whose actually played it would put it this low. If this was not the game intended get off your butt and give the game a try. It will blow your little RPG mind with the creativity and redefining game tactics.
It was really fantastic! They diverse set of skills your character could master was astounding. Sure it was isometric, but the world was very skillfully made. Hurling fireballs or firing a Tesla gun? Using a full plate set or a magnetized top hat to stop projectiles? Alchemy or chemistry? So many choices. Plus you could switch between real-time fights or turned based in the blink of an eye.
This RPG with a really original world, a mix of industrialization and medieval magic, should be rated a lot higher. I spent days and days hooked on it.
[Newest]Wish they made Arcanum 2

42Dark Cloud
First Adventure RPG game on the PS2. It set the bar pretty high, had a different take on things with the building system.

43Dark Souls
Superb melee combat, brutal difficulty, extreme sense of achievement when progress is made.
Extremely hard, but very rewarding. This game is one of the best rpg's I've ever played. Killing a boss here satisfies you more than anywhere else.
The hardest and best rpg out there, you will die and that's all there is to it but succeeding in the game far exceeds the frustration of playing it.

44Baten Kaitos
Baten Katios for the gamecube has to be some of the most innovative and fun rpgs I have ever played.

I Remember finding this game by chance. (always been a a fan of square's games) Tried it out and damn was I surprised? The in depth storyline and character progression! The problems the in game world had was almost like an mirror to our own ''world'' anyways the game itself was so great that I (A great FF fan at that! ) must say it kind of beats some of my old favorites.
Most epic story I've ever seen in a video game, and this game only tells Episode V out of six episodes in the entire Xenoverse! If you're like me and value story in an RPG, this game has a really high re-playability.
The best RPG game on the PSX! And one of the greatest games of all time!

46Monster Hunter

Wizardry VII is by far the best RPG there ever was. It mixes rpg and adventure genres into a perfect blend. So many items, so many special abilities, great automapping system and a huge world with unique atmosphere.

48Dragon Force

49Shadow Hearts
this game has a really simple but awesome and brilliant plot
it's plot is brilliant like xenogears but it uses real history and it isn't nearly as complicated but still brilliant and fun


The only RPG that captured my attention... those Final fantasy series are such a boredom...


50Valkyrie Profile
best rpg series of all time as the title of the thread said with historical, mythological, literature involved


Lenneth and Silmeria are not ones to be forgotten...

51Nippon Ichi Series
Games ranging from Disgaea to Phantom Brave.
Nippon Ichi Software makes great Rpg's but they are underrated.
they deserve WAY more attention then final fantasy and so

An overwhelming credit to the computer RPG genre.

It's a pity it came out so late in the SNES' life and only came out in select English speaking countries.

The excellent story, great atmosphere, music and controls make most of today's games poor in comparison.
Its still the best RPG with a mix of Hack n SLay and beautiful story.

53Laxius Force
Random and Sarah forever... started in 2001 and they are still together 10 years after, no other RPG characters match that!


54Shadow of the Colossus


56Dungeon Master
The grand-daddy of them all.. Seriously this was the first game to ever make me jump.. Full of atmosphere, excellent balance of gameplay and generally awesome.. An oldie but surely a goldie..


58Wizards and Warriors
This was the my first RPG ever with stunning game play and story. It was quite sad for me that no one has listed this game in the top ten.

59Dragon Warrior

60Wild Arms
Original themes and awesome storytelling. Add in a little bit of good music to it and youíve got yourself a great series.
come on A real gem I consider it better then FF at this point

61Front Mission
This is incredible. I just finish F.M 4 three times and F.M 5 once.
It's very hard to complete it!

62Realms of Arcania
Best game ever. This is one of mine first RPGs that I played, got hooked on this game for months.

63Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
One of the best games ever made and played. Solid graphics. It has great depth and a player friendly game play. I love it.

64S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

65Beyond the Beyond
Not the greatest, but I found this a challenge, only because every step taken was a random battle. I liked houw you had to figure out where to go next on your own, and it didn't throw it in your face.

Puzzles were there.

Load of fun! Based on diablo but far better. if you like diablo your gonna love this game! So try it out! You wont regret it!


67The Witcher
Belongs in the top three EASY!

One of the best RPGs for PC of all time, plagued by early bug issues back when you had to get patches on disk sent via snail mail. The final version was an awesome game.

69Mount & Blade
How is this not here?

Mount&Blade is a single-player, action-oriented role-playing game without any fantasy elements, which takes place in a medieval land named Calradia. The game features a sandbox gameplay style, in which there is no storyline present. The player is able to join one of the five battling factions, fight as a mercenary, assume the role of an outlaw, or take a neutral sideReception on Mount&Blade has overall been positive.

Reviewers praised the game for its innovative combat mechanics, complex character skill system, and large modding community

I remember when I was at my friends house and played Lunar 1 for the psx. I would have completed it but the game was scratched and we couldn't play it but the first time I saw it, no words could describe how amazed I was by this game. So I decided to look it up and realized there was a sequel, I had to get it. I popped that disk in as fast as I could when I first got my hands on it. I was blown away by how much better the sequel was then the original. The story, battle system, music, everything was phenomenal. Then came Dragon Song and I was like... What is this? The lunar series got "demoralized" because of this, and probably the gba version of Lunar 1. When Lunar 1 was remade for the PSP I actually didn't think someone could pull it off but they did. Almost everything was same except for some added details to the storyline. Will there be a Lunar 2 remake or even a Lunar 3? Who knows.
Lunar eternal blue and Lunar silver star story complete. Revolutionized the genre in my opinion. It took full advantage of the fact that the sega cd it was originally released on had unparalelled for the time 2d graphics abilities. And when re-released on the psx it was still amazing. I was a die hard square enix fan. But then I saw a little company now bankrupt called Working Designs. I wish to this day that company had not gone bankrupt and closed it's doors. The amazing pc games we might have seen.R.I.P. working designs.

The level cap of 9999 makes this game very interesting. The story is very childish with little adult humor but it is worth playing for its unique leveling system. Every item, weapon, and piece of armor can be leveled up. There are unlimited plays through and you can build your team any way you choose. This is one of the best tactics games available.

72Vampires Quest
great strategy play, not big on graphics but big on gameplay!


74Ogre Battle


76Chrono Trigger

77Vampire: The Masquerade
Creators took there time to create an in depth world where vampire live among humans in secret but with detailed culture and their own government and sets of rules. Different species of vampires to choose from, different skills and supernatural powers and great story where you have vampire groups rebelling against the rules set but the governing body in charge. Leaving you choice on what side you wish to support while still getting to throw humans around and drink blood from the shadows.

The most unique rpg games and also the best

79Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2

80Legacy of the Ancients

81The Legend of Blacksilver

82World of Darkness

83Panzer Dragoon

84Arc the Lad
The trademark theme song. The tactics style battle system. The bulk of unique characters all having separate agendas attitudes and feelings. A story that continues from one game to the next literally. Multiplayer pokemon like battles with rewards ported to your save data. The only thing I can say is The game deserves to be played, given a chance, and rated.


85Eye of the Beholder

86System Shock 2
The reason why is simply because its a pure RPG.. You get skill's, weapons, and awesome gameplay such as scaring the crap out of your self and, having fun. Also don't forget the huge map.. IT'S A SPACESHIP.

87Valkyria Chronicles
One of the best psp rpg games to date.

88The Last Story


90Animal Crossing

91Epic Battle Fantasy
This is my favorite kind series. which includes my top three best characters! They are Lance, Anna, and my favorite, Godcat. please like and comment this.

92Deus Ex


Been playing since the 1st series Japanese ver came out in PsOne.
The beautiful JRPG style is my favorite!
I enjoy a lot on collecting item to make new item then waiting the shop to selling it.

Why I like this rpg so much is the epicness, I love how they put Hitler near the final boss in persona 2 inoccent sin.



98Guild Wars 2

99Champion Of Norrath

100Grand Theft Auto
Why isn't this higher? One of the best selling series of all time. Great characters, modern land, and a great, cynical look on modern America. Maybe it's not the traditional dungeon and dragon RPG, but it's certainly as open and fun as any traditional RPG.

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