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I think this movie is the best love story ever, but is so sad. I cried a lot and I'm not that type of person that cry in the movies. I love Jack and Rose. Vote for the best movie ever.
I think this movie is absolutely amazing. I love it. I watched it when I was 12 and it left me absolutely distraught. Depressed for days after. The film is 3 hours long and I cried for about 1.5 hours. I think the actors are amazing and have made really made a truly depressing master piece. Thank you for letting us see the true horrors of what happened that horrible day.
Sad sad sad sad sad a film can't be this sad its just not right I can't watch it without crying last time I watched it I got de-hydrated
[Newest]Really sad but... I've SEEN SADDER

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2The Green Mile
Maybe I shed a tear in The Notebook, and possibly Titanic but I have NEVER burst into tears, and got thick-throated, whilst watching a film like I did in The Green Mile. Truly Amazing story!
This is an incredibly powerful and sad movie, if you don't cry by the end you aren't human!
This is the saddest movie ever made way sadder than titanic
[Newest]The Green Mile is by far the saddest movie I have seen it was a on the edge of your seat film towards the beginning and middle but at the end when john was like please don't put that thing over my head boss I is afraid of the dark made me fall into tears it's a powerfully emotional film and deserves number one in my opinion
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3Schindler's List
How Titanic is higher then this makes me want to cry... Again...


This is not only a very sad film, but one of the best ever created. A truly exceptional piece of cinema. You have to be truly heartless to not cry in this film.
Certainly a very moving and powerful film, beautiful realised and immensely crafted, a true masterpiece. Amongst many amazing scenes, one always makes me cry, it is set close to the end of the film, where Oscar Schindler has to flee and is given a gold ring made from the tooth of one of the Jewish workers he has saved, He breaks down on realising that he could have saved more people, he looks at his car, 10 people, I could have saved 10 more people, he looks at his gold Nazi pin, I could have saves two people, this is gold, two people, definitely one. There is a moment when he has a look of utter loss and despair on his face and this is some of the finest acting I have seen, let alone in this film itself. How Liam Neeson did not win the Oscar for his performance beggars belief
[Newest]I salute you Spielberg!
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4Hachi: A Dog's Tale
It should be the top, one of the best movies,... A dog's love and loyalty! Really different.. A friendship that can be last forever
Really, it should be at least the top 5! Firstly I don't think it would be nice movie, but I kept watching and then... Suddenly my tears came out, again again again and sobbed, haha. Really, this is best movie to pick if you want to cry a lot
One of the saddest movies I've ever seen but at least you learn how to take care about your dog and realize how loyal they are
[Newest]It's based off of a true story... The beauty in this story is beyond what emotions can handle.
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5Marley and Me
My family were all in tears at the end of the movie


One of the saddest movies I have ever seen. A truly passionate film. A lovely combination of love, happiness and sadness. A fantastic, but extremely sad, film.
A very sad and Touching movie that the Whole Family will Laugh and Cry Together. A Movie that Everyone will love.
[Newest]I cried a river at the end. And I COULDN'T STOP. In bed I cried' At school I cried... )":
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6The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
A heart felt story, that would have anyone cry in
VERY sad... I would definitely suggest this movie if your looking for a tearjerker throughout most of the movie! You'll wanna watch this movie over and over again. If You don't cry in this movie you are Heart-less!
A film you will never forget, that will make everyone who watches it emotional! Very sad film!
[Newest]This is a very sad movie, the ending was very unexpected. And I ended up crying a little.
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7Grave of the Fireflies
Rate here after watching this film, sure titanic should below this!
Very, very sad! Titanic should be below it!
Anyways, this movies is the only movie here I see that has gotten me close to tears
It just says something that when I think of this movie I start to tear up.
[Newest]Oh God, I cried buckets and had headache when I finished watching this. It's so emotionally powerful that it will leave you feeling devastated.

Trust me, this is the saddest film you'll ever watch, no matter how prepared you think you are. Please do me a favor and watch this, at least once.
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8A Walk to Remember
When I always watching this movie I'm always thinking what if it's happened to me... And I'm always cry and I can't move on easily because I always feel this movie inside my heart...
It shows that love can save anyone, teach us to live, and yet in the end make us cry! Simple yet so well acted!
Their acting skills is great.. made me cry.. love the couple... one of the great movies I've watched... You should all watch this... I'm not sure about The Notebook movie though, haven't watched it... But I'll try...
[Newest]This is the best movie I've ever watched! It was so touching!
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9The Notebook
I love this movie so much! It makes me cry like a baby every time :'(
I'm easy to start crying, but this totally makes me drown in my tears...
It toughed my heart and made me feel something I have never felt for movies ever. It made me cry for days it's a unforgettable romance.
This movie touches on real life experiences and what could actually happen to you! I don't see why this isn't number 1. Movies that are based on real life should have more meaning and touch your heart, the Notebook gets me every single time. And also The Curious Case of Benjamin Button should be on this list too!
[Newest]I watched it with my mum and my brother, determined to prove to them that it wasn't gonna be sad. Even my brother was depressed by the end.
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10The Pursuit of Happyness
It's just beautiful I cried a whole lot more than will smith cried at the end (with happiness)
At the end the movie we will come to know whats is actual happiness means. When there a true happiness can you control the tears
This movie is the most acurate opinion on what true happiness is. Not to mention I cried like most of the movie and this should be number one no joke!
[Newest]I don't have enough words to describe this movie
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The first ten minutes were enough to make anyone cry

I cried 4 times during this film... in the cinema!
I've never cried more than once in a film besides this, nor have I cried in the cinemas before this! The most depressing film of all time :(
Just the beginning had me in floods of tears! Where they can't have kids and when his wife dies! Very very sad!
[Newest]Pixar did an amazing job with the film... it's amazing that only ten minutes of a film brought an audience to tears and made them to fall in love with the story. It really deserved the Best Animated Feature award.

12My Sister's Keeper
I balled my eyes out throughout the whole film. Especially when Cameron Diaz started crying at the end with her daughter before she died. I have now watched this film 7 times. Cry a little bit more each time. Should be in the top ten! Amazing film
It's well sad I watched it at a friends sleepover and I was trying to keep my eyes from filling up but I couldn't and burst into tears

Oh no
One of the saddest films I've seen. The girls are amazing. I just hope my kids grow up to be so kind.
[Newest]It's so sad! Poor kate!
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13The Bridge To Terabithia
I showed this to my best friend two years ago. I've never seen her cry as much as she did when she saw this movie. And we cried together for hours. Josh Hutcherson is really talented!
I loved this movie so much I cried for the rest of the movie after his parents told him she was dead! BEST SAD MOVIE OF ALL TIME!
This movie shows you that how the kid imagination and his friends is almost his life so we must respect him and the things he loves
[Newest]This is the saddest movie I have ever seen seriously, Leslie gets made fun of by everyone. They create this magical world. It seems like there would be a happy ending and then she drowns in the creek
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14Forrest Gump
I adore this movie, I can watch it a thousand times and never get board. Its extreamly sad
Forrest gump is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen, I love it and I'm sure you all do too. it is inspiring and emotional, and the storyline is incredible. the story of forrests&jennys love is beautiful
The end where he stands over Jenny's grave and breaks down is extremely sad. But also his best good friend Bubba dies, his mom (whom he adores) dies and then of course there's the part where he meets his son which is very emotional. Forrest Gump is the greatest movie of all time.
[Newest]I thought this would be on top it's so sad and the scene where (spoiler alert) Bubba dies and also his mom, and Jenny made me cry

15Toy Story 3
I am not the crying-over-books-and-movies type, but the scene when Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie was so emotional, that I burst into tears along with the whole cinema. Titanic is a sad movie too, one of the saddest by far, but this one has just left a something in me. The same thing happens to everyone. As we grow up, we get rid of things from our childhood. It just reminded me of myself a long time ago, playing with my toys, being a happy child and now I am leaving for college as Andy, and thus we are both leaving our memories behind us.
, just full of my childhood memories. The part where Andy had to give up his toys just made me weep like a little baby (":
I grew up with toy story and seeing my childhood memories being played with by Andy one last time just got to me, one of the best films I've ever scene
[Newest]How is this even REMOTELY sad?! They're just toys!
The music and the sentimental value of the films combined with childhood memories.

16Requiem for a Dream
Truly sad Movie. Some movies that are mention here aren't sad. I don't know why they are listed.
This movie stuck with me for quite a while, after watching it, I felt depressed for days. I couldn't understand how one movie could have such an incredible effect on me.
Totally agree with you. I haven't seen another movie sadder than this. IT totally crushes you and makes you feel and experience the futility/ fragility of human life itself filled with all the vices that so very convincingly lure us in the beginning only to leave us destroyed at the end. No words could describe the movie. People who can appreciate movie for the stories they narrate - you have missed something if you haven't watched this movie!
[Newest]The reason why movie is so sad is not just because the story is sad but also the soundtrack "summer overtone" gives a very sad and depressed feeling.
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17Old Yeller
This movie is good but sad when they are in the woods and the hogs hurt travis and yeller
Old yeller is one of my dads favorite. movies! But not mine it makes me cry! But the oldest boy is cute
Obviously few of you voting have seen this movie. If you had, it would definitely be near the top. Also Where the Red Fern Grows.
[Newest]Book is even sadder.

18Life Is Beautiful
I didn't cry when I saw it the first time but my heart was for sure!
I was shocked at the end of the movie.
Second time I saw it a cried like a baby. and I cried loud!
Life is beautiful is not just a movie.. it's a masterpiece
The last part when he makes his son laugh one more time before he disappears around the corner and shot by Nazis so routinely like they are taking out the trash
I thought it was great the 1st time I saw it, but now that I have a son of my own watching this is heartbreaking for me. Also it is much better watching in Italian with subtitles.
[Newest]When I was 11, my dad showed me this and Stand By Me back to back. This was my first foreign language film and I loved it! So sad!

19My Girl
This is the saddest movie I have ever seen. When she goes to his funeral and says he needs his glasses, I just couldn't stop crying. The fact that he went back to get her ring, that made it even harder to stop crying.
Definitely the saddest movie I've ever seen in my lifetime. I was crying so bad in his funeral and when she read the poem she had written about him. It was so touching...
This movie is one of the saddest movie ever. My heart broke into pieces when she loses her best friend after he tries to get her ring back
[Newest]Only Movie That Really Made Me Cry

20I Am Legend
I admit that prior to being diagnosed bipolar II, this 30 yr old male could cry and did cry at most of the sad parts in movies. That stopped once I started taking my medications. However, watching I am Legend, even while taking my meds, I started tearing up the moment it showed Sam limping and slump over. Will Smith's genuine reaction of hopelessness and grief was hard to watch and both Neville (Will) and the audience knows what is going to happen. By the time Will Smith knelt down on the floor with his dog and only dying friend in his arms, tears were flowing uncontrollably down my face. I I don't know what was saddest for me,... The part where the virus took over Sam and Neville had to choke her to death as he cried... Or the solemn, post burial SUV ride where we see a distraught Neville slightly glance over at the empty seat where Sam had always been. Then we see him begging the female mannequin to "please talk to me" after and break down into tears. All that trauma and it all happened on his birthday of all times.
Walking away from his family watching as they leve in a helicopter a zombie smashes it on the ground. As the one of the only people in New York City with zombies everywhere is devastating. Killing the only thing close to him now his dog as it turns into a zombie is very sad. I have to say this is the saddest movie ever
Yeah it's the only movie I ever broke a tear from... so sad when the dog dies and he sits there hugging it singing "every little thing is gonna be alright"
I never knew will smith was capable of such great acting

And why the hell is I am sam doing above this?... the guy went full retard... went home empty handed


[Newest]I love that movie it mad me cry so hard when he held his dog and sang

21Saving Private Ryan
I have always been very satisfied with movies that do not hesitate to starkly portray the brutality of what actually happened. Although I have watched this movie time and time again, it always exceeds expectations. The last moment, "Earn this... " caused tears in my eyes.
Profound and realistic graphic depiction of war. Especially the ending, almost nobody remains alive, realistic and touching. Films above go away.
The combat scenes really make those who have been there flash back. The deaths of fallen comrads hurts a lot
[Newest]This movie shows the true horrors of war and all the dehumanization that goes along with it. The best war film I have ever seen.

22The Passion of the Christ
Sorry... But the passion of the Christ was the only movie I've ever cryed of sadness (i cry a lot because of some happy moments! ) BEST SADDEST MOVIE EVER!
My tear can't stop


I cried during the whole thing! Saddest movie ever for sure. Jesus went through so much pain to safe us from our sins, it hurts to watch it. I've seen most of the movies in the top 10 on this list but this is by far the saddest. This should be #1!

23A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
The little boy, all he wanted was one more day with his mother and he was willing to to let her go because one day was enough. ! So said!
This has got to be number one. The world ends, everybody is dead and the little robot boy goes to hell just to get one day with a fake mother that goes away and then he shuts down forever. Nobody really wins in this one... NOBODY.


Just a sad story about a boy who is not a boy and is programmed to love his mother who loves him enough to save his life, but not enough to make a stand for him. Then to wait for thousands of years, for one moment- one wish-- it is so bitter sweet, but so extremely sad. I probably project too much of my own experience to be objective, so well done Steven! I have only been able to watch it the one time.
[Newest]When She said she always loved him at the (even as a man) Brought tears to my eyes, luckily I was not with my wife

24I am Sam
WHat can I say about it! The words can't express how this Movie is awesome!
I really cried throughout 130 min
I admit that myself is not a emotional person especially on watching movie. but this movie brings my tears. although is not a love story between couple, but the father and daughter's love truly make this movie become more special. I believe that myself had cry from the start of the movie till the end. I can still remember that whole movie although many years had pass. this is definitely the great tears movie ever!


I could not agree more! This was an incredibly telling and sad movie! Could not stop crying.
[Newest]One man's determination despite all the obstacles and challenges is so inspiring and it made my brother and I cry buckets.

25Seven Pounds
How is this not in the top 10? It's Beautiful. Made me cry the first time I saw it. Sure Titanic and The Notebook are beautiful, but seven pounds is just... Go watch the movie!
I was shocked at how powerful this film is, blows away most of the top ten. Its done it such a way its trying to be strong not sad but it breaks through to your soul. Just amazing.
This film broke my heart. I lived through the emotions of will smith and I sobbed like a baby at the end. The second time I watched it, I cried from the beginning. Totally heartbreaking
[Newest]Most sadistic movie After Green Mile... It's so sad you have to watch a comedy show after this... Otherwise you may commit suicide

26Pay It Forward
Haley Joel Osmant is the best child actor ever. Reminds me of my son at that age, plus having lost another son I feel the mother's pain __ and the song "Calling all Angels" makes it the most touching ending possible.
This is a beautiful heart-warming movies and a tear jerker at the same time, I watched it twice in a row, then took it straight to my mums for her to watch!
I am a 50 year old man, and this movie made me cry like a baby. There is something so sad, when a young person dies before his/her time. Even though the message lived on... I was still angry that Haley's character was killed so senselessly.
[Newest]Very sad at the end. Cried my eyes out

What! It deserves higher! Perhaps the best movie of all time!


Braveheart is probably one of the best movies of all time... It is one of those films that can make you cry no matter how many times you have watched it. It is also one of the 5 saddest films of all time in my opinion. It has an amazing acting crew, especially Mel Gibson. The film also inspires people and showes that you don't have to accept what you're born with and showes that somebody can rise above all and fight for the freedom. That is what the Braveheart is all about.
It surely deserves a better ranking.. One of the most heart touching movies.. Who did not shed a tear when mel gibson died.. The movie inspires a person to rise and fight for his rights.. Be it freedom or revenge for love... In love with the movie and can watch it any number of times..
[Newest]I wanted to cry at the end.

I watch this movie for the third time yesterday. I'm still balling my eyes out.
Love this movie I had just seen it for the first time totally not what I was expecting. I had been expecting CeCe to die first or Hill to have a miscarriage. Very unexpected ending... I feel so sorry for Victoria. One of the saddest movies this should be way higher then Bridge to Teribithia like if you agree!
I think I cried for about an hour after watching this? It was so so so sad, and even though the whole time you sort of knew and expected her to die, it was still so sad when she did finally die :(
[Newest]Just watched this movie and can easily say it was one of the saddest, if not the saddest movie of all time.

29The Lion King
The little lion was under his dad's paw saying, "wake up dad! "... So sad! I cried a bucket of tears.
I'm 24 and this is the only one film, at which I can cry. The songs are perfect for that - especialy "Circle of Life" and "To die for". For me the best animated and the saddest movie ever!
I just saw it today and really,
Why was I the only one who cried at the theater?
More tears are need!
[Newest]The hyenas were banned from the pride lands for no reason. :(

30Terms of Endearment
THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE #1 on the list. Pearl Harbor movie is higher on the list than this... Surely you jest!
I have never cried so hard from watching a movie until Terms of Endearment. This movie should be in the top ten list!
Saddest movie I have ever seen! It is also a beautiful story, I love this but can only watch it when prepared to cry.

31Where the Red Fern Grows
The ratings for saddest movie is inaccurate. where the red fern grows is a great movie, sad but great and I think that it would get a higher rating if more people would watch this movie. don't KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT.
It is so sad I cried at the end both of his dogs die one gets torn apart by vines that kill him and the girl drags herself to his grave and dies on his grave and over the grave a red fern grows
I read this book & it made me cry & cry... So sad

32Remember Me
I was NOT excepting what happened! It's such a heartfelt movie. It has family drama, a love story and it's truly one of the best movies I think I've ever watched. I cried so much! I honestly think this should be ranked WAY higher. Also I think Robert Pattinson plays an amazing role. It's completely different than what he's usually playing and I love that.
This movie made me cry so much that I wanted to watch it over and over again until I had a headache of crying! Most amazing film I have ever seen in my life?!
Why is this movie down here! I cried a lot seriously and trust its not easy for me to cry in movies... It should be up there. It brings back memories and makes you realize the pain that others went through. It's a really good movie I never expected it to end like that and even though I don't like sad movies I do like this one.
[Newest]I just watched this film and played the ending three times. I was crying so much I couldn't help it. The ending is unexpected and will make you cry so much.

33Million Dollar Baby
This movie is not only sad, it leaves you with a literal pit in your stomach that tears don't seem to erase. So good; you really understand the dilemma and love the characters.
One of the greatest movies ever made. Many people say that the aviator should have won best picture but you've got to watch this film it's so heart catching. Clint Eastwood is the best!
This movie was devastating! I went to see it in theatres with my mom and cried all the way through it...
[Newest]One of the movies I've cried like a baby.

34The Shawshank Redemption
How can #1 be on #81. every time I watch this movie I cry. this is a movie which can make mike tyson cry!
Such a great movie, and I don't approve of movies like The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and Rain Man are not on here!


So many different emotions shown and has some very sad parts
[Newest]Life is the most beautiful thing in the world. Nothing will make me say otherwise

35The Last Song
I cried for most of the last half; Ronnie's life goes from one extreme to the other in such a short time. I'm also close to her age so I find it really easy to relate to how she feels throughout. This is definitely the saddest Nicholas Sparks', sorry Notebook fans!
One of the best movies I've ever seen in my life! Even I don't like Miley Cyrus, she can act! This is totally my story! I know how she felt in the story.. I saw it for the first time when it came out. I was 13 years old but I couldn't imagine that the same thing would happen to me.. Seriously, this movie should be in the TOP 10!
Amazing movie very inspiring, I realised how I am treating my parents and this movie made value them even more.. I cried so much.
[Newest]This is a really good movie but extremely sad. Ronnie was so mean to her dad it turned out to be to late!

Very sad and emotional movie. Maximus (Russell Crowe) mourns the death of his wife and son and seeks revenge. The ending is sad enough to make a full-grown man cry.
The beauty of this movie is phenomenal. The story of Maximus (Russel Crowe) a man who lost his wife and child because of no error of his own, a story of a man who seeks revenge above all and has nothing to lose and nothing to fear. One of the saddest and most beautiful endings too
I don't know why this movie along with braveheart and the Grey are rated so low. Those movies are the most emotional movies of all time
[Newest]Very emotional movie (thumbs up to Russel Crowe)

37Edward Scissorhands
Magical. Maybe not the most conventional film you'll ever see, but the sadness and loneliness of Edward is something we can all relate to.
Unhappy ending = sad movie... but a great one
First film ever to make me cry. Never cried like that ever before in my life! The pure lonliness and isolation of Edward is something we TRY to empathize with, and that's what makes it so hard to watch.
[Newest]Tim Burtons best film! Music score is beautiful!

38West Side Story
I was crying so much that I used up a whole tissue box. It's really sad when Tony dies trying to look for Maria.
It's so romantic and sad! It's my favorite movie ever and I cry every time!

The part where he found out when his dad died and rewinded back to the last time he saw him... I DROWNED IN MY OWN TEARS
Wow this movie is great. Just thinking about it makes me sad and I'm a guy. It also makes you reflect on how you act and makes you try to be a nicer person. Well done Adam Sandler.
The raining part is AMAZING... the background music just made me cry.. damn you adam sandler with your awesome acting! ;D


[Newest]Oh, yeah, I cried on this one.

40The Fox and the Hound
To tell you the truth. This movie was really said to me. In elementary we were watching this movie and it made me really sad. The part that made me sad was when the lady dropped off the poor fox in the forest. This movie was one of my favorites, really sad for me. In class most of the people were tearing up. I could never forget these kind of movies. It's like my childhood and still is.
I just watched this and to be honest: my make up is all over my face and I can't even talk or breath. First time that I watched it since I was 5 or so and didn't remember much of it. I haven't cried this much in a year, oh god. All these kind of animal stories make me emotional like a pregnant woman.
Oh my GOSH! This movie! I absolutely love 'the Fox and the Hound', but that one part where Tod is left in the forest and there's the sad music and and Tod is doesn't know what's coming and and and (me: start crying) IT SO SAD!

41Sophie's Choice
Meryl Streep is absolutely phenomenal in this movie! You can just feel her pain as she is forced to chose which of her children is to live and which is to be sent to the gas chambers. I nearly cried...
Should be #1. Meryl Streep is tragic in this story about a mother who must choose which of her two children will live and is forever damaged by the guilt.
How isn't this in the top ten of saddest movies? The whole story is a tragedy.

42Mary and Max
Not very well known but an absolute gem and well worth making the effort to watch. This Australian clay-animated bittersweet comedy stars the voices of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette, Barry Humphries and others. It is very funny, very real, and quite life-affirming in a strange sort of way. I challenge anyone to watch it and not like it.
I've welled up over a the content of movie before, but the end of Mary & Max is the first movie that ever made me full blown cry. It's quirky, charming, sweet, and dark throughout, and even the end has its ray of sunshine, but it is so awesomely, incredibly sad.

43The Champ
My first time ever seeing this movie I never saw the ending I was that bad, I was whaling not a pretty sound, a man said it only a picture, I had to leave the picture house before I was thrown out. the next time I saw it, it was a video I had to keep switching it off I was shaking the wee boys keep saying the champ, champ I nearly crying now thinking about it. I older now I don't cry so much.
I find it insane that no one has yet added this to the list. Watch it and weep.
It's so sad even scientists say that the Champ's death is the saddest scene ever. Definitely tear-worthy. I've never cried so much.

44American History X
Great movie and sad ending but it makes you realize a lot towards racism and the consequences of hatred. Still, he was changing his ways because of his brother and his life experiences in prison. Too bad he ended up splattered all over a bathroom wall.
I think that this film was extremely powerful as it shows you what hatred and racism brings to our world and someone losing his younger brother because of his actions is just so sad and definitely brought tears to my eyes.
I've never cried over a movie until I saw this. This movie deserves to be much more than 239!

45The Fault In Our Stars
This is probably the saddest movie I have ever seen (besides the Titanic) It shows that life doesn't have to be perfect for love to be extraordinary. SPOILER! It was so devestating when Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer was back and his PET scan 'Lit up like a Christmas tree'. But the saddest part was at the pre funeral when Hazel gives her eulogy and says to Augustus: ' Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. You have given me a forever within the numbered days and I am, forever greatful. ' And then straight after that scene you see Hazel in her bed wearing Augustus' T shirt with her voice over saying 'Augustus Waters died eight days later'. And in the scene Hazel hears the phone and she knows that Gus has now moved on. She then starts to cry, seconds later her mother and father come in and Hazel stars to ball her eyes out (and the rest of the people in the cinema). Why is this movie at the bottom of the list?
I think it's a tragic story that very much reflects on the truth of our sad and inevitably short lives. But what Hazel and Gus share and experience is like no other; the story made me laugh and cry, at the friendship and love that the two share. They feel pain like we do, and suffer the sweetest of bitter romances. All I can say is, watch this with a box of tissues. Or you'll very much regret it.
This movie is Both moving and sweet, there is so much that makes you think of life and what we have, watching "The Faults in our stars" made me cry both because of how touching it was and because it Gave me a feeling of happiness but hints of sadness. The Faults in our stars is worth the watch
[Newest]What? Why does Augustus have to die?

46Man On Fire
You're right. Creasy did remind me of Jesus Christ. Powerful testimony to live by.
This is one of the saddest movies Creasy reminds me of Jesus I love this movie

47Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Jim Carey's performance in this was amazing. Completely different to his usual cheerful character. One word: Amazing
Kind of confused as to how this is not already on the list.
The sheer helplessness you can feel if you imagine having all your memories erased of one particular person is simply astounding. Watch. This. Movie. It's amazing.
This film made me cry more than green mile, titanic and a barrel full of chopped onions put together. Not enogh people have seen this film! Masterpiece

48The Pianist
Truly the most sad movie that shows Hitler and his empire's horrifying acts.
Best movie ever.. It depicts war crimes.. Wladyslaw's hunger.. How his love for music saves his life.. Even at his most vulnerable times, he remained so modest.. So humble. !
Saddest movie I've ever seen. Watching Wladyslaw struggle to stay alive when all his family has been slautered along with the rest of the Jews. Always gets me in a sad mood.

49The Elephant Man
This film is heartbreaking! It doesn't involve a love story or a revenge story, it's just about one unfortunate man who wants to be accepted in society. John Hurts performance was outstanding here.
I had to keep pausing this movie because I couldn't hear it over the sound of my crying. It's sad at first because of how badly they treat the Elephant Man. But then when you learn that the Elephant Man is a very intelligent, sensitive man U realize he's been fully aware of everyone's cruelty, and it becomes 10 times sadder.
From the begining to the end of this movie I seriously did nothing but cry. I was a mess and I cried for days. This movie isn't sad because he died at the end. It was sad because of ho awfully they treated him. Humans are sick. That's how sad this movie was.
[Newest]Sad and outstanding teaches not to judge people because of looks and if more people watched it this would be in the top 15.

Did anyone forget that sad scene cause I sure didn't.
It still get on mu nerves when he's looking for mom in the dark snow and a whispering kind song in the background.
Mom gets shot in front of him as a toddler! Forrest fire kills all wild life! Bambis dad gets shot in front of him as an adolescent! He and his mom almost starve to death during the winter! What worse could happen to perhaps the most innocent being on the planet?
Indeed, brings rivers of tears to even huntsmen and mercenaries.
[Newest]Both scarring and scaring generations of children since 1942. Bambi stands alone and unrivalled forever.

51Moulin Rouge!
This film killed me, always brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.
One of the best films I've ever scene!

52Steel Magnolias
If I ever need a good cry, I watch this movie. The end of the movie when the mother is screaming and crying really gets me every time. It's just so terrible knowing she has to deal with her daughter passing away. I would have handled it the same way she did.
That this is so low on the list shows how many of these people haven't watched it. The only movie sadder than this one is Terms of Endearment and apparently none of you have watched it either.
So right--makes me cry every time, along with terms of endearment as well
[Newest]The scene at the cemetery always brings me to tears. Love Sally Field.

Great movie! It would have been sadder if Jack died, but then I wouldn't like the movie. It's sad in its own way.

54Ladder 49
I always cry during this movie. I can't even help it. It's sad.
I lost it when the played that song in the end, great movie just really sad

55The Deer Hunter
Saddest ending ever! As Roger Ebert said, it is emotionally shattering! This movie had the greatest impact on me than any other movie I've ever seen. It just stay with me forever.
You people are made of stone if you don't think this movie is sad

56My Dog Skip
I saw this once, I was just flipping through the channels and I landed on it. I watched the whole thing, I got to the end and I just cried, it was so sad. Really sweet movie, though I'm not a dog lover but this movie, I think may have changed my mind about them a little.
I have only ever watched this movie once. We cried for days after seeing it. It was then promptly banned from the house as my parents didn't want to deal with sobbing wet messes every where they went. I think they also worried for the dog, as we were hugging him so tight he could barely move.
I have never cried so hard in a movie before! I always wonder why people cry in moviesand after watching this movie I know why!
[Newest]Watched this thinking it was going to be a silly kids movie. Fell in love with the characters and cried my eyes out.

57Stand By Me
I guess what makes this film so sad is the fact you know the ending the entire time and the more you get to know and love the boys the more you wish the ending is just a lie. But when he's typing on that computer about his best friend you just can't help but burst into tears
"I'll see you". "Not if I see you first. "
I cry every time and maybe it's because River Phoenix just kind of vanishes and I connect that to his death. But also the loss innocence in all of the boys. It's a really emotional movie and River Phoenix delivers an amazing performance.
I voted for Jack which is in 49th place. Now I see this. I wish I didn't vote for Jack and this instead. I never cried during any movie so far but this one almost got me. My favorite movie of all time.

This world had to much racism, we are all the same, we are all Children of God, people don't get through your head, other wise people will get hurt or die!
This movie is one of it that makes you realize that the world is facing of DISCRIMINATION! Good one..


This movie is one of the most touching films I have ever viewed. It contains a powerful message that left me thinking.

59P.S. I Love You
This is the saddest, but also most beautiful movie ever made. I always cry trough the whole movie but still I see it over and over again in some masochistic way.
This is one of the extreme few of movies that made me tear up. The feelings of loss in this movie are more than words can explain. Gerard Butler played a wonderful role as well as Hilary Swank. It was marvelous and congratulations.
This far, this movie is the only one that made me cry for like.. A lot. Literally. I tried watching some other recommended movies but I didn't cry as bad as this one. This movies doesn't have a perfect ending for me, but it completely heart-touching one..
[Newest]It was such a sad movie, I did cry very very hard and I fell in love with Gerard Butler while watching it.

60Gone with the Wind

61The Joy Luck Club
There wasn't a dry eye in the theater!

I don't cry anything like most people, but this movie had me balling. I mean, my sisters keeper got a few tears from me, but this one had a puddle. It is the most terribly beautifully perfect movie ever. Very raw emotions.
Amazing movie. Cried a lot during the second half of it. So much that I actually contemplated watching it blurry eyed because I was sobbing so much and went through so many tissues.
I've seen movies higher up on the list... But this beats every single one of them! I watch it every nihgt, and every night I cry. I tear up just thinking about it. I don't want to spoil it, but (spoiler alert) the fact that he has to push Natalie away to make her not sad when he dies is so hard for him and me watching it.

63Independence Day
This should be at least in the top 50 just for the scene when the presidents wife dies

64Les Miserables (2012)
One of the only 2 movies to make me cry... The other being Titanic
Javert pinning his Legion of Honor on Gavroche, the little boy who gave up his position at the barricade, with the Bring Him Home music in the background never ceases to make me realize why Russell Crowe is my favorite Javert. Especially with the melody in the background being, "He's like the son I might have known. If God had granted me a son. "

Buckets of free tears seem to well up inside of me EVERY time!
I have never seen a movie that has made me cry so much... more scene after scene after scene. At the end, I was so happy, they were finally free and happy. I cried even more!
[Newest]I cried throughout this whole movie. It's just so heartbreaking.

65Mystic River
Sean Penn was surprisingly great in this movie. Have not seen it for years but the plot still stays in my mind and haunts me. Such a sad story about surviving horrific abuse.

Beautiful, sensual and desperately melancholic. It is incredibly rare to find a film like Atonement made by people who, at the exact same moment in time, are at the height of their power and crafts. A sheer pleasure to watch and a masterpiece of storytelling.
I was crying over this movie before it even came to a shocking end. It's a truly tear-worthy film that portrays the tragedies of war, regret, and love perfectly and poignantly.

67E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
First film I ever cried at. Only give films made me cry my whole life two where tfios and titanic so ya

I honestly have no idea why "Philadelphia" is 76 on this list... Philadelphia should be in the top ten (AT LEAST) and beat out Titanic.

Why? Not that Titanic isn't sad, but your heart sinks during the opening credits of Philadelphia. As you visually travel through the gritty, unforgiving streets in the City of Brotherly Love, Bruce Springsteen's heart wrenching song ("Streets of Philadelphia") plays in the background. The song is told from in perspective of Andy Beckett (the protagonist of the film) or an AIDS victim in general. The song speaks about the narrator's struggle with the disease (which is destroying him) and his dying wish to not be left alone through beautiful imagery. I've never been enchanted by a song like that before.

The movie is horribly trying on the viewer's emotions because it isn't as if Andy suddenly dies and we're not attached to him, it's that we see him dying over a two hour period and we don't want the inevitable to happen. The discrimination, the hate, the love Andy and his partner share, and the eventual support Andy receives from his homophobic lawyer all enrapture the viewer.

It makes the viewer take a long look at themselves and really think, "Am I as homophobic as that guy? Would I really abandon someone in need? Why don't people care about AIDS? " These are all questions that went through my mind after I watched it. I realize this movie affected me more than it may affect others, but it's no coincidence I realized I needed to make my future career all about helping AIDS victims and giving them somebody to rely on if they have no one. If this one movie, this one underrated, heartbreaking movie, was able to inspire me to change the world through its use of sympathy, tolerance, and love towards these beautiful people, then it can inspire anyone.
It goes beyond my comprehension on how there isn't even a single comment about "Philadelphia. Wow...

Anyway, "sorrow" and "empathy" in film can only truly be experienced and appreciated by each individual person. "Sadness" is completely relative depending on how the viewer personally relates to the situation and/or character (s).

What one person might find heartbreaking in a movie, another wouldn't give it a second thought.

For example, to me... The saddest movie I have ever watched is "Jacob's Ladder". I know many people may not understand the depth of the movie, but I adore every moment of the film as literally each and every part of the movie and the main characters life is relevant in the end.

Anyone familiar with the short story author Ambrose Pierce may be familiar with "Jacob's Ladder". My heart just broke for Jacob... Watching him slowly slip into insanity, yet to be aware completely aware, yet helpless to make it stop. Tim Robbins won my heart in Jacob's Ladder... :-)
Honestly, there are no words to describe the beautiful and heart-breaking ending this film ends with. It confirms the worries that the viewers have been dreading the whole film.

69The Way We Were
The title song alone brings me as close to tears as anything


The last scene of this film with the music also plays in my head anytime I remember the 70s in my country. Remembering happier times.

70Gran Torino
This movie was so great! Some plot twists in here though stick in your head for days on end... Truly sad but rewarding to watch movie.
Good movie I recommend you guys. You will learn a lot

71The Lovely Bones
Saw this film yesterday and bawled my head off. It's so sad, especially when she meets all the other victims of the murder in heaven including the poor six year old girl. I love this movie.
So Sad ESpecially the end when she re-calls all the victims of the murderer
I've seen some films with really sad endings but I've never seen a film like this where the sad part happens at the beginning and the rest of the film is based around how people cope with what happened. Very sad.
[Newest]This is the most sad movie that I ever seen

72Brokeback Mountain
My favorite movie ever and so sad, I feel for all 4 main characters. I just recently watched it for the second time and couldn't concentrate on work the next day. Now, a week later I have watched all other Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal movies, amazing actors. And Ledgers death makes watching the movie even sadder for me.
I cried like a baby at this film, subject to ignorance about it being 'gay cowboy' people need to watch this movie because its not just sentimental sadness but it leaves you hollow for days afterward but is so worth the watch, great story about life to me.
Sorry, but WHY THE HELL SHREK IS CONSIDERED SADDER THAN BROKEBACK? People, come on. You cannot not cry watching this. Shame on you, this should be in top 20 at last :c
[Newest]To agree with the other comments, this movie just leaves you absolutely hollow for like a week afterwards. Fantastic movie. Probably the best acting I've ever seen. Should be in the top 20 at the very least. One of the saddest movies going without a doubt.

73Cornbread, Earl & Me

74Life of Pi
This honestly deserves to be slightly higher up on the list. Not only was it sad, but it was extremely touching and I would recommend this movie to anyone.
It's a movie that is 100% sad.
I was starting to tear even before the middle of the story.
It was very beautiful and was sad in every way possible.
Way sadder than almost every movie on the entire list, very emotional.


[Newest]So sad how his mom dad and brother die and his only companion is a tiger

Such a sad film. I have seen this over a million times and I still end up with tears falling down my face. Not only is it sad but the whole story line is amazing. One of the best films I've seen and will never get to old.
People go in to space and some die I cry every time
How in the world is Armageddon at 75? Yes the Green Mile is really sad, so it should be tied with Armageddon.

76The Land Before Time
The death of Littlefoot's mother is a real tear jerker. In Bambi, when the mother get's shot, that's very depressing. But then shortly, it suddenly turns all happy, like it never happened. In this movie, the sadness is taken very seriously all the way through. For a movie about dinosaurs this one's surprisingly very sad, but very entertaining.
Saddest movie in the world I cried throughout half of it!

77Big Daddy
I do not cry usually in movies but Big Daddy made me cry twice.
I'm so glad this was on the list it's so sad I think it should of turned he was the dad
Is this like... The first time an Adam Sandler movie was actually "SAD"

How emotional was it when Radio's mother dies? I literally could not stop crying for what seemed like forever! Great storyline and the acting is brilliant!
Amazing Movie. Great storyline. Bravo. Two thumbs up
This is a great movie and also very sad and touching


79Finding Neverland
I was bawling like a little baby at the end the fist time I even cried at a kite flying scene also
I have cried very much in the end of the movie.


81Boyz 'N the Hood
I had to run out the room.  If you're gonna watch this, watch it on your own because you will cry. The actors are really good, you get involved. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. The fact that it's true really gets to you.
I am easy to tear up during films but this is the first movie that I actually had tears streaming down my face and I had to grab a tissue. This is a great movie but you should watch it alone, you will cry... A lot.
I watched this one time. Too realistic for me. Sad life some people live. Much sadness for Morris Chestnut's character.
[Newest]It's really sad and makes me cry every time.

I thought this film was great. I really did think mum was exadurating about how sad it was until I watched it! Should be number one for definite, I've never actually cried that much about a film before! Great film, a must watch old classic... ,
My god... Get the tear buckets ready! This film's ending was the saddest thing I've seen.
I cried and cried and cried at this film. It just shows you that life is so unfair. Molly and Sam are so perfect and good why.. Ah

... maybe not the saddest film ever but it does make you think

84Cast Away
What is so sad about cast away. I mean tom's character makes it back home and the fact that some people think it's sad because of Wilson is ridiculous. IT'S A BLOODY BALL FOR GOD'S SAKE. It didn't die it floated away
The most sad film I have ever watched, It's such a touching story!

85Miss Evers' Boys

86The Last Samurai
So sad... Especially when he gets beaten up in the rain, cried buckets
By far the saddest movie ever mad. When Katsumoto realizes that all the cherry blossoms, they're all perfect...
So sad especially the soundtrack

Oh I love my mother, she's my everything. When I saw the scene where Dumbo was visiting his mother that was captured away from him I started crying. It's really sad to see a child being kept away from the biggest part of his life, his mother. And the song at that scene was vert emotional, it touched my feelings. This may be an animated/cartoon movie, but the story is very sad, it shows how much love a mother can have for her child and why we need them. A great sad movie! It's been years since I've been watching it and I still adore it for the lovely message this movie deliveres. Just heart-touching :(
Are you kidding? The scene when Dumbo goes to visit his mother and the song "Baby of Mine" plays makes me weep. Every moment of that scene is completely heartbreaking.
The bit when he goes to see his mum has me in an actual breakdown

This story is unbelievably sad. It's had to watch this story and to be able to see what she is feeling and trying to understand how such a terrible thing could ever happen to any girl. So touching from beginning to end!
Precious : Awesome Movie, if you don't cry, you don't have a soul
Come on. This should be top 10.
It isn't as depressing, but very touching.

89Johnny Got His Gun
SO DEPRESSING and also shows the terrible affects of war.
I've seen too many tearjerking movies to count, but only this one made me cry

90The Bucket List
I can't describe it, it's one of the greatest, saddest and beautiful movie ever. If this isn't sad, than I don't know nothing about life, love and death, but I think I do. It's not just a movie about 2 guys who died at the end. It's a story about life, story about how we should live, love, believe in who we are and never ever EVER give up. I cried every time I watching this movie, what can I say, it's the best.
How could everyone on this list miss out the bucket list. The emotional story follows two men who are on the edge of dying, together whom make a list of things to do before they die. Incredible film!

91Flight 93: The Movie

92The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
How did this get ahead of the bucket list?


Sad very sad this should be number 1
Sad? Are you serious?

93John Q
How is john q this high seriously. This is sad movie about parent that is going to lose the most important thing, and would do anything to save them. Any real parent would understand the pure emotions behind this
What makes it so sad, is that some people might have to do something like this to get help for their kids.


I cried a bucket full of tears for this movie.

94Big Fish
The son thinks the father is lying about his escapades. but they turned out to be true. His father and mother had such a deep love for each other!
I haven't cried for almost 7 years but this movie made me cry so much. It's so sad when he loses his father and finds out that all the people he's been telling stories about are real. Tim Burton is a genius.
This film makes me cry like a little girl... I love Albert Finney so much! He's a heartbreaker!
[Newest]Yes, I cried at the end but it was one of the most beautiful movie in the world.

95The Sixth Sense
It leaves a gut in your stomach...
The poor boy wasn't ever at peace! Left my stomach twisted up in knots! Great film.
So sad movie' the kid in this movie is outstanding!
Great movie

96Somewhere In Time
The ending earned my respect for its vote because it built up so much momentum towards the ending and then it became shattered once he saw the penny. Such a classic movie deserves to be on the top ten. It is such a gorgeous movie to watch because of the cinematography and the music. Oh God, the music has some of the most beautiful themes of all time. All of the love and passion for one person builds into an obsession that becomes Christopher Reeve's downfall, which makes it one of the most sad movies of all time; obsessing over one person to get your desires of your life, and then to see them disappear to realize it was never truly meant to be because time is in your way. Tell me how that does not deserve at least a top ten placement.
Wonder. Obsession. Love. Lives wasted and fulfilled. This is a deep, intricate, spectacular and just beautiful film. Keep those pennies out of your waistcoat!
This is my all time favorite movie and my all time favorite love story. It's a classic and is based on Mackinac Island (I am from Michigan) so it adds a personal touch for me. Overall the story is amazing! If you have never seen it... I suggest you do.

97Blood Diamond
This is actually one of the few films I almost cried with
Great movie! Great acting! It is impossible not to get emotional in the end. Even if you are not very sensitive the strong ending combined with Di Caprio's amazing acting will definitely make you cry.
I, love. This. Film... When I. See this film I always cry... In. The and hero of this. Film Leonardo deceprio acting is. Supperb...I. thing this is world's top ten saddest film ever... !

98Batman Begins
Ultimate movie ever. I saw it 30 time. Best movie that make you deep cry.

99The Duchess
That is also very depressing and that will make you cry a lot

100Water For Elephants
Beautiful story! You know a films going to be great when it starts off with an elderly person narrating their story! If you liked titanic and the notebook, you'll love this.
Great movie. Not the saddest movie I've seen, but definitely one of the best!
I watch this movie one year ago just amazing

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