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August 3, 2015 - The top ten biggest tearjerker movies of all time. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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I think this movie is the best love story ever, but is so sad. I cried a lot and I'm not that type of person that cry in the movies. I love Jack and Rose. Vote for the best movie ever.
I think this movie is absolutely amazing. I love it. I watched it when I was 12 and it left me absolutely distraught. Depressed for days after. The film is 3 hours long and I cried for about 1.5 hours. I think the actors are amazing and have made really made a truly depressing master piece. Thank you for letting us see the true horrors of what happened that horrible day.
Sad sad sad sad sad a film can't be this sad its just not right I can't watch it without crying last time I watched it I got de-hydrated
[Newest]Sad, sad and sad.

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2The Green Mile
Maybe I shed a tear in The Notebook, and possibly Titanic but I have NEVER burst into tears, and got thick-throated, whilst watching a film like I did in The Green Mile. Truly Amazing story!
This is an incredibly powerful and sad movie, if you don't cry by the end you aren't human!
This is the saddest movie ever made way sadder than titanic
[Newest]I've seen this movie maybe ten times and still choke up during the entire last 30-45 minutes. Such a sad and beautiful film!
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3Schindler's List
How Titanic is higher then this makes me want to cry... Again...


This is not only a very sad film, but one of the best ever created. A truly exceptional piece of cinema. You have to be truly heartless to not cry in this film.
Certainly a very moving and powerful film, beautiful realised and immensely crafted, a true masterpiece. Amongst many amazing scenes, one always makes me cry, it is set close to the end of the film, where Oscar Schindler has to flee and is given a gold ring made from the tooth of one of the Jewish workers he has saved, He breaks down on realising that he could have saved more people, he looks at his car, 10 people, I could have saved 10 more people, he looks at his gold Nazi pin, I could have saves two people, this is gold, two people, definitely one. There is a moment when he has a look of utter loss and despair on his face and this is some of the finest acting I have seen, let alone in this film itself. How Liam Neeson did not win the Oscar for his performance beggars belief
[Newest]This should be number 1 hands down
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4The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
A heart felt story, that would have anyone cry in
VERY sad... I would definitely suggest this movie if your looking for a tearjerker throughout most of the movie! You'll wanna watch this movie over and over again. If You don't cry in this movie you are Heart-less!
A film you will never forget, that will make everyone who watches it emotional! Very sad film!
[Newest]I generally never cry but this movie made me cry all through the movie.
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5Marley and Me
My family were all in tears at the end of the movie


One of the saddest movies I have ever seen. A truly passionate film. A lovely combination of love, happiness and sadness. A fantastic, but extremely sad, film.
A very sad and Touching movie that the Whole Family will Laugh and Cry Together. A Movie that Everyone will love.
[Newest]A very sad movie
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6Hachi: A Dog's Tale
It should be the top, one of the best movies,... A dog's love and loyalty! Really different.. A friendship that can be last forever
Really, it should be at least the top 5! Firstly I don't think it would be nice movie, but I kept watching and then... Suddenly my tears came out, again again again and sobbed, haha. Really, this is best movie to pick if you want to cry a lot
One of the saddest movies I've ever seen but at least you learn how to take care about your dog and realize how loyal they are
[Newest]This is the saddest movie ever. Shows a dogs loyalty! True friendship can last forever...
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7Forrest Gump
I adore this movie, I can watch it a thousand times and never get board. Its extreamly sad
Forrest gump is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen, I love it and I'm sure you all do too. it is inspiring and emotional, and the storyline is incredible. the story of forrests&jennys love is beautiful
The end where he stands over Jenny's grave and breaks down is extremely sad. But also his best good friend Bubba dies, his mom (whom he adores) dies and then of course there's the part where he meets his son which is very emotional. Forrest Gump is the greatest movie of all time.
[Newest]Favorite movie of all time

The first ten minutes were enough to make anyone cry

I cried 4 times during this film... in the cinema!
I've never cried more than once in a film besides this, nor have I cried in the cinemas before this! The most depressing film of all time :(
Just the beginning had me in floods of tears! Where they can't have kids and when his wife dies! Very very sad!
[Newest]It has one very sad moment

9The Notebook
I love this movie so much! It makes me cry like a baby every time :'(
I'm easy to start crying, but this totally makes me drown in my tears...
It toughed my heart and made me feel something I have never felt for movies ever. It made me cry for days it's a unforgettable romance.
This movie touches on real life experiences and what could actually happen to you! I don't see why this isn't number 1. Movies that are based on real life should have more meaning and touch your heart, the Notebook gets me every single time. And also The Curious Case of Benjamin Button should be on this list too!
[Newest]I never cry at movies but I think I used every tear I had watching this
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10My Sister's Keeper
I balled my eyes out throughout the whole film. Especially when Cameron Diaz started crying at the end with her daughter before she died. I have now watched this film 7 times. Cry a little bit more each time. Should be in the top ten! Amazing film
It's well sad I watched it at a friends sleepover and I was trying to keep my eyes from filling up but I couldn't and burst into tears

Oh no
This film is so sad I cried the whole way through. All I kept thinking is how does her sister do it. How does her sister watch Kate get worse and worse every day. If my sister had cancer and had to watch her die I would be crying in my bedroom everyday so I really do not know how Kate's sister does it!
[Newest]Cried through the whole movie not just parts, and you can't stop watching
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11The Pursuit of Happyness
It's just beautiful I cried a whole lot more than will smith cried at the end (with happiness)
At the end the movie we will come to know whats is actual happiness means. When there a true happiness can you control the tears
This movie is the most acurate opinion on what true happiness is. Not to mention I cried like most of the movie and this should be number one no joke!
[Newest]Probably the most sad movie I have seen in years. Will Smith at his best. It was very sad a small child had to endure what the kid did.
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12Old Yeller
This movie is good but sad when they are in the woods and the hogs hurt travis and yeller
Old yeller is one of my dads favorite. movies! But not mine it makes me cry! But the oldest boy is cute
Obviously few of you voting have seen this movie. If you had, it would definitely be near the top. Also Where the Red Fern Grows.
[Newest]Book is even sadder.

13Grave of the Fireflies
Rate here after watching this film, sure titanic should below this!
Very, very sad! Titanic should be below it!
Anyways, this movies is the only movie here I see that has gotten me close to tears
It just says something that when I think of this movie I start to tear up.
[Newest]This movie scares me.

No, seriously. This movie left me feeling so empty the first time viewing it that I could never bring myself to watch it again.
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14A Walk to Remember
When I always watching this movie I'm always thinking what if it's happened to me... And I'm always cry and I can't move on easily because I always feel this movie inside my heart...
It shows that love can save anyone, teach us to live, and yet in the end make us cry! Simple yet so well acted!
Their acting skills is great.. made me cry.. love the couple... one of the great movies I've watched... You should all watch this... I'm not sure about The Notebook movie though, haven't watched it... But I'll try...
[Newest]Movie which becomes a beautiful memory after watching it...
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15I Am Legend
I admit that prior to being diagnosed bipolar II, this 30 yr old male could cry and did cry at most of the sad parts in movies. That stopped once I started taking my medications. However, watching I am Legend, even while taking my meds, I started tearing up the moment it showed Sam limping and slump over. Will Smith's genuine reaction of hopelessness and grief was hard to watch and both Neville (Will) and the audience knows what is going to happen. By the time Will Smith knelt down on the floor with his dog and only dying friend in his arms, tears were flowing uncontrollably down my face. I I don't know what was saddest for me,... The part where the virus took over Sam and Neville had to choke her to death as he cried... Or the solemn, post burial SUV ride where we see a distraught Neville slightly glance over at the empty seat where Sam had always been. Then we see him begging the female mannequin to "please talk to me" after and break down into tears. All that trauma and it all happened on his birthday of all times.
Walking away from his family watching as they leve in a helicopter a zombie smashes it on the ground. As the one of the only people in New York City with zombies everywhere is devastating. Killing the only thing close to him now his dog as it turns into a zombie is very sad. I have to say this is the saddest movie ever
Yeah it's the only movie I ever broke a tear from... so sad when the dog dies and he sits there hugging it singing "every little thing is gonna be alright"
I never knew will smith was capable of such great acting

And why the hell is I am sam doing above this?... the guy went full retard... went home empty handed


[Newest]I left the room when the dog died

16Life Is Beautiful
I didn't cry when I saw it the first time but my heart was for sure!
I was shocked at the end of the movie.
Second time I saw it a cried like a baby. and I cried loud!
Life is beautiful is not just a movie.. it's a masterpiece
The last part when he makes his son laugh one more time before he disappears around the corner and shot by Nazis so routinely like they are taking out the trash
I never cry whilst watching movies. I do get sad, but I never cry. But this movie made me cry so much, it's unbelievable.I was shivering by the time I got done with it. This is surely one of the saddest movies about the war. It's absolutely brilliant.
[Newest]It's a very touching movie

17Saving Private Ryan
I have always been very satisfied with movies that do not hesitate to starkly portray the brutality of what actually happened. Although I have watched this movie time and time again, it always exceeds expectations. The last moment, "Earn this... " caused tears in my eyes.
Profound and realistic graphic depiction of war. Especially the ending, almost nobody remains alive, realistic and touching. Films above go away.
The combat scenes really make those who have been there flash back. The deaths of fallen comrads hurts a lot
[Newest]This movie shows the true horrors of war and all the dehumanization that goes along with it. The best war film I have ever seen.

18The Bridge To Terabithia
I showed this to my best friend two years ago. I've never seen her cry as much as she did when she saw this movie. And we cried together for hours. Josh Hutcherson is really talented!
I loved this movie so much I cried for the rest of the movie after his parents told him she was dead! BEST SAD MOVIE OF ALL TIME!
This movie shows you that how the kid imagination and his friends is almost his life so we must respect him and the things he loves
[Newest]It only gets sad at the end when the girl dies.
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19Toy Story 3
I am not the crying-over-books-and-movies type, but the scene when Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie was so emotional, that I burst into tears along with the whole cinema. Titanic is a sad movie too, one of the saddest by far, but this one has just left a something in me. The same thing happens to everyone. As we grow up, we get rid of things from our childhood. It just reminded me of myself a long time ago, playing with my toys, being a happy child and now I am leaving for college as Andy, and thus we are both leaving our memories behind us.
, just full of my childhood memories. The part where Andy had to give up his toys just made me weep like a little baby (":
I grew up with toy story and seeing my childhood memories being played with by Andy one last time just got to me, one of the best films I've ever scene
[Newest]The end was sad indeed, but the incinerator scene was the saddest

20My Girl
This is the saddest movie I have ever seen. When she goes to his funeral and says he needs his glasses, I just couldn't stop crying. The fact that he went back to get her ring, that made it even harder to stop crying.
This movie is truly one of the saddest I've ever seen I never cry but this movie got me to shed a few tears because I saw myself in the main character you fall in love with their friendship then it all gets torn apart this movie broke my heart into a million pieces but it showed me what true unconditional love looks like.
Definitely the saddest movie I've ever seen in my lifetime. I was crying so bad in his funeral and when she read the poem she had written about him. It was so touching...
[Newest]I cried like a baby when I saw it

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