Top Ten Sexiest Male Rappers

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He is the sexiest rapper and singer in the world.. Actually I think he is the sexiest man in the world and I'm a lesbian. Xx
My GOD. He is so sexy. every time I look at this man, I just wanna... You get the idea. He is UNBELIEVABLY hot. Damn. Can someone say, walking sex? Amazing body, sexy voice, just looking at him and listening to his incredible voice is like being seduced. You cannot fathom the things I just wanna do to him. I'm almost breathless just talking about him. Sexiest man alive.


He is absolutely the most sexiest rapper in the whole entire universe-nobody on earth can ever beat him. He is especially good because on what he raps about. Amazing... His song 'When I'm Gone' makes me cry and I love the song 'Love The Way You Lie'-it has my two most favourite singers/rappers in the world in! �"мιη�"м яυ�""�"ѕ тн�" ωσя�""∂...
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That's my baby, I love him so much one of my goals in life is to marry him. I love his music, it teaches a lesson. He is just perfect, so sexy. I wish I could have him
I don't find his nasally voice or caterpillar eyebrows attractive in the least but, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
His face, body, and voice are all incredibly sexy! Honestly, he's gorgeous, along with that voice of his, and that smile though...


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3Kid Cudi
He's sexy because he's different from any other guy. He has his own style and way of doing things. And he's a down to earth guy with a sense of humor what's can be sexier than that?
He is like so sexy he needs to be #1 he can rap an look sexy at the same time
Juelz is ugly to me. That's just my opinion
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I think T.I. is incredibly attractive. He has one of the most gorgeous smiles I've ever seen, and I find his accent to be extremely cute. He just has the whole package. I would have no problem travelling from Barbados to the States just to see him perform live
I love he full big pink lips.
R you kidding me, eminem? No way T.I. is hottest guy ever, and he got his swagga on, I love his attitude he raps about real things not like Em he only talks about his relationship with satan he should act like T.I., T.I. is hot!
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5Mike Shinoda
Mike is... So cool! I luffs him. Laugh out loud. I agree... He should be second after Eminem... He should at least be in the top five.
Can't beat mike. Really the hottest and sexiest man on earth. He should be on top. He deserves top rank.
So cute guy! Love him
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B.O. B is cute

7Trey Songz
Why is he not the first laugh out loud>:
Trey songz is sexy attractive hot all of the above. His abs are beautiful
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8Kendrick Lamar
I think Kendrick Lamar is hot and sexy! He is a cheerful kind of person. He always has a smile on his face. Kendrick has the best voice. I've had more than just a crush on him and wish, wishes came true, 'cause my one wish would be to marry him.
He has something that is just so attractive.. His such a cutie.
I think Kendrick Lamar is cute! He has a boyish charm, and an addictive personality. Let's also not forget he's cold on the mic. I've had a crush on him for years. TDE Fool!
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9Bow Wow
His been gawjus since he was born!
Bow Wow is super Gorgeous and funny! It was hard picking between him and T.I. I love them both SO MUCH, but I been crushing on Bow wow since he was in the Like Mike movie so he would take the title for Sexiest Male Rapper!
2 me bow wow is just BEAUTIFUL those eyes and those lips are just, idk there's not even a good descriptive word for them lol and he seems like a really sweet guy
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10Kanye West
He is hot on fire, I mean I can listen to him all day and night... He might not be your type but, his looks are telling me he can put it down! !
Good looking and best dressed. Also the best artist on this's list hands down

The Contenders


1250 Cent
I'm tired of people talking about 50's face.. he is very handsome... his body is wicked but the face is gorgeous.. so don't hate
#7! 50 needs to be higher on the list. OK are you really looking at this list? There are more sexier male rappers than the ones listed. Some are alright but not in the order listed here.
Hey is very hot and he has a amazing face and sexy body. I wounder how long is the magic stick
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Should be in the top 10

14Chris Brown
He's the sexiest ever
That's my boo sexiest of them all he need to be #1
That's my boo! Y he so fine doe.
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That's my baby daddy! He is so cute. I completely love him and everything about him.
Just let the name explain why Tyga should win. He's attractive as hell. Just Mhmm.
Yes oh yes tygaa finne

16The Game
He's fine, he's caring for his kids. I wouldn't want to be with him but, he's cute! I think the finest their is :) would love to meet him!
He is so fine that's all I got to say.

17Juelz Santana
THe ELZ is the sexiest eva!!

18Lupe Fiasco

19Juicy J
We Trippy Mane Juicy J Mane
Looks like the cucumber from Veggie Tales. Hawtie. (;

20Lil Wayne
Wow you get ugly then uglier than lil Wayne I mean come on
HE IS SO DAMN SEXY! He got that muscle and that six pack and who ever doesn't like him is crazy
Lil Wayne is sexy in his own way.
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21Method Man
Something about that thug look..
Method man.! Ohhh We.! Ahaha
Yall really need to take another look at this man... Handsome... Sexy... Flava... And look at that smile
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How did he not get on the list? ? He is smoking hot..

23Ice Cube
I think he was waaay finer when he was in NWA.
One word sums it all sexy

He has the sexiest voice ever, the best hairstyles, the classiest sense of fashion and impregnates women by looking at them. He can sing, rap, model and act and he is perfect in everything he does (except for dancing but you know).
He is bigbang boyband
He is handsome
He is cute rapper
He is perfect rapper and produser
He is cool men

25Dash (Cold Flamez)

I'm surprised nobody put him up here!
Nas is the sexiest rapper

27ASAP Rocky

28Machine Gun Kelly
Who doesn't think MGK is incredibly sexy and badass? He only falls behind Eminem in my opinion

He is sexy yeah damn right I wanna see him a time he makes himself wonderful with can't hold us thrift shop same love wings

30Big Pun

31LL Cool J
So hot good songs.

32Kirko Bangz
He can get it
Kirko bangz is the finest rapper ever in the game!

He straight he sexy sometimes
He's very sexy and his songz are the best
Hell no, he sounds like he's crying in his songs...
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Damn, that body, face, lips. Oh my
Damn he's sexy ass hell

35Meek Mil

36Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks shuts it down... the sexiest of the G-Unit crew! LB's lips alone puts him at the top of the list as well as one of the hottest in the game! #Top 5 #EnuffSaid


37Big Sean

38Soulja Boy
If this dude got rid of those hideous tattoos, learnt how to rap and put on a little bit of weight, he would be hot.


40Silkk the Shocker

41Travie McCoy



44Ja Rule
50 was right. He sounds like the cookie monster and looks like a sewer rat. Not sexy.
His voice is just so sexy



47Dongwoo (Infinite)

48Flo Rida

49Trick Daddy

50Jr. (Park Jin Young)

51Andre 3000
There are others that I really like but Andre needs more love! Confidence, sky high, raps as smooth as butter, can play guitar, and wears whatever the hell he wants? Hell yes I volunteer as tribute!

52Rick Ross

53Waka Flocka
Mug is so pretty

54Joe Budden

55Kid Ink

56Choi Minho

57Daddy Yankee

58Wiz Khalifa

YongGuk and Zelo are the beat and the cutest and prettiest and funny and sexy rappers ever

60Mac Miller
I'm a Machead. He is gorgeous. I love him. And his music. 😍😍


62Big L

63A$ap Ferg
You damn ugly you worst than ugly

64Ice JJ Fish
All I really know is red light means go (;
Something about cha girl

How is Eazy not on this list? Sure, he's been dead for nearly 20 years, but he was a very attractive man. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks so.
I'm glad somebody agrees with me! You're not alone, girlfriend ;-) Yes, Eazy was absolutely gorgeous, finest man I have EVER seen in my whole life. RIP XX
I agree, he's the sexiest, always thought so.



I Know that he is up their too.

69Simmon Diggy
He beat even the number one em

70The Notorious B.I.G
Are you serious? He was a dope rapper but this is just disrespectful.

71August Alsina
August should be Number 1
August is hot... Got swagg.. I, m digging those grillz

So jong and so hot and cute
This rapper is 17 jears old and can better rap the raps of emenem than emenem
He's the youngest memeber of B.A. P
This boy is super!

73Kris Wu Yifan
So handsome and sexy cool


75Tyler, the Creator

76Earl Sweatshirt

77Master P
Master p is the rapper, actor and producer and his movies is sexy, funny and crime. His family is children, spouse and his siblings. Master p has friends and enemies

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