Top Ten States in India


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Tamil Nadu
Tamil nadu is not state I would say it's a country because it has everything all kind of resources like education, space, sea, river, mountain, different climate and the best people...
It is the state with numerous developments and infrastructures which help the youngsters to proceed their life greatful, when compared to all other states in india.
Yeah.! Of course. While all other states are suffering from internal problems, Tamilnadu is rapidly racing in development. Inspite of all dependencies like water for farming it still holds good for being in No# 1 position.
Most of the water are flowing from Kerala. Either you can say Tamil Nadu is depended on Kerala rivers and kindness of Kerala people. If the statement is not correct, Do any of the Tamil Nadu Government says that we don't want a single droplet of water from Kerala. Na
[Newest]Really Tamil nadu is the best state in India. This state people behaviors are very good, then helping mind to others. Same time well developed to all industries of this state guys.
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Kerala is most urbanized state in India. In all other states developments are only city centered. But here entire Kerala can be considered a big city. There is no much difference in the life style of village people and city people here, because all of the people are highly educated. Kerala is number one in education, health sectors. You can see at least one educational as well as health institutions in each panchayath of Kerala. But in all other states, including Tamil Nadu, the panchayaths are not developed compared to Kerala. Unemployment is the basic problem of Kerala. This is due to lack of industries. Kerala is heavily dense state. So geographically big companies are not suitable of Kerala's environment. But Kerala is growing in IT as well as Tourism sectors. The largest IT park is in Kerala, ie Technopark Trivandrum which caters more than 200 companies. Infopark Kochi is also caters 100s of companies and these two are under expansion.Besides these Thrissur, Alappuzha have the infoparks which are under Kochi infopark. Kochi and Trivandrum are major IT hubs of India.
Vallarapadam Container adds more flavor to the port. So due to this many companies have been started. The upcoming cyber park in calicut will add more flavor in the IT sectors. Another important Kerala is in top most position in Tourism. Government getting more funds from Tourism sector. Service Industry is also big in kerala. Because in Educational sector we have so many institutions in every corner. But still they lack certain problem in higher education. Similar case also exists in health sector. Compared to other states, Kerala is good in Health sector. But still we lag more facilities in this sector. That has to be improved.
It's GOD'S OWN COUNTRY and there is no other state in the world as beautiful as Kerala. Kerala police officers are better than Scotland yard but they can't show their power because of the dirty government they have. One big thing is that it is the most educated state in India. Very small with only 3 and a half crore population. But is the best.
Sure, its kerala. Main thing literacy, Well ahead of Tamilnadu still suffering from water and electricity scarcity which are some among the basic needs for human life nowadays. Also Maharashtra, since it lacks anti terrorist activities and quiet peaceful to live. Industries popping up, North indian labourers coming to kerala instead of going to GULF. These are facts, not any myths. Although as every particle in the nature Kerala is not at all perfect in all sense, it have some weakness also. But still its better than other. Last but not the least, Beauty.
[Newest]It's the only Indian state that can be compared to European nations
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Great state in India
Developed in all departments
[Newest]Because it is a state where born great personality he/she works 4 India progress

Number 1 position : Maharashtra
GDP: $190.310 billion
GDP per capita: $1,568

India's richest state, Maharashtra is the second most urbanised state.

It is the second most populous and third largest state by area in India. It has a high rate of economic growth, and the biggest contribution comes from the services sector.

Maharashtra contributes 15 per cent of national industrial output and over 40 per cent of India's national revenue. Indias o software producing state. Having largest medical, pharma and engineering colleges. Besides mumbai, IT hub pune has silicon valley of india ;nashik, nagpur, aurangabad and baramati are well industrilised cities of maharashtra.
Number 1 position : Maharashtra
GDP: $190.310 billion
GDP per capita: $1,568
Maharashtra is by far the most progressive state. People from other state migrate heavily to Maharashtra due to opportunities available in here including Gujarathis though Gujrat is also became a developed state recently. The local Marathi migrating to other states is very less is the sign that Maharashtra is the most developed state of India.
[Newest]Maharashtra is a historic nation

Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore today is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India. The I. T industry views Bangalore as the 'byte-basket' of India. Bangalore is also home to some of India's premier scientific establishments. Blessed with salubrious architectural landmarks, shopping malls and business opportunities, Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond. Bangalore is home to many well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India and offers a plethora of job opportunities. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defense organizations are located in the city. It is the hub of jobs and is also known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its position as the nation's leading IT exporter.
I think karnataka deserves to be the best indian state because whether it s agriculture or industries or education or any other good thing it gives the best compared to any state in india, bangalore is an ideal example for this.
The first thing is people are very good in Karnataka... And Bangalore is number one City in India, and number 1 climate in India and Bangalore has lot of names like silicon City, Green City, planned city. And very good government, the main thing is every states people can easily adjust with climate, food n everything. Bangalore is IT capital of India...
... G R E A T E B A N G A L O R E...
[Newest]Its is the birth place of God Hanuman
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Punjab is number 1 state in india
Technically good, but availability is less,
Punjab is financially strong or safe place
[Newest]Punjab is green and clean state in India

7Andhra Pradesh
The most developed state of India, AP has managed to gain high economic growth.


Ap is fastly developing state in india
It was well flooded with all kinds of resources and inland water roots, And nearer to the south east Asia and capable enough to supply the needs of food.

Geographically spread area was big and has civilization and knowledge adopted as per the resources available.

Has good tourism sports to attract fresh phase of people who got bored towards the ARTIFICIAL.

Political, Economical, Commercial, Industrial, Social Environments were stably balanced and growing with roots.

Good dedicated anticipation for individual growth in public.

[Newest]Fast in race... Will be most Developed states in India.

8West Bengal
Forget the CM. Everything other than her is good here
Because what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow!
West Bengal is one of india's most developed states and it deserves to be in the top 5
[Newest]We are best all time

Best culture because in Goa you have freedom to be yourself. If anyone gives you good time you say he or she was great and in my knowledge Goa shows everyone a very good time. But there is lot of things are there to be improved like women security help lines. We need to educate people and we need to have records of the people dealing with tourists for security purpose because I have sceen lot of people with no id card records dealing with tourists in very bad manner
Being a Goan is a pleasure in itself. The people of Goa are as calm as the still water and kind to the core I would say if you're in search of peace than there is no better option than Goa.
Goa is the best state in India and I love it more and more.
[Newest]Best state in the world

10Uttar Pradesh
If we can remove corruption and put some efforts to control our population then this state could be number one. It is often considered to be one of the most important states with respect to Indian politics with 80 seats to LOK SABHA. It is fourth largest Indian state by economy. But still we can contribute a lot to improve the standard of this state. It's gifted by all natural resources and we should not exploit our resources. Stop polluting rivers.
And we have one of the best educatio facilities like B.H.U. bANARAS, I.I. T KANPUR And all and we the people of U.P. are no more less, we are having on of the best world heritage in Agra the taj mahal so we are no more less in anything
This state has followed a long Topsy curvy state of development, but apart from having extremely diversified heritage (global level), still manages to deliver a very good GDP (2nd after Maharastra) excellent software exchange hubs, good in education, and an ace in agriculture and tourism.
[Newest]Most pretty state even we have worldwide beauty

The Contenders

Rajasthan is not crowded in comparison to many other big states. Its population density is just 201. With high solar insulation it is developing its solar power generation potential. It is second in nuclear power generation. All set to become India's energy hub. ATTRACTS TOURIST FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Peaceful in comparison to other states like Maharashtra, tamil nadu, west bengal, UP, bihar etc.
Its beauty, its grandeur its people, its wildlife, everything is better than those of other states. Also its industrial and financial progress remains unmatched. IT IS THE BEST STATE NOT ONLY IN INDIA BUT IN THE WHOLE WORLD
[Newest]Rajasthan is the most beautiful & historical state

No. 1 State in India. Any doubt see data of Planning Commission.
Haryana will be no. 1 state because it is near delhi and very fertile land. Some cities like gurgaaon will be next london of india..
Haryana is the most developed state in India and most economically developed state in south Asia. It has the largest nos. Of crorpaties in rural areas, and largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, cars, motorcycles etc. More than half of this state consider in Delhi NCR. This is only state in India where 100% electricity provide in all rural areas. It is the number 1 state in health, wealth, sports, education, and hospitality.
[Newest]Worst people live in haryana

13Himachal Pradesh
Himachal is in top 5. Check other sites stats. Dear admin
No communal problems, Riots, terrorism etc. No Insane urbanization, No filth and dirt, one of the best GDP's, Education and facilities well provided plus nature's beauty on its peak.No to forget HYDRO POWER it generates.
Cleanest, most peaceful and greenest state in India. Well connected to the entire nation by air and land.
[Newest]Best place to live your entire life...

14National Capital Territory of Delhi
It stinks here all the time..
Best place...
Best industry...
Best education...
Best economy...
I should say that the girls are not safe to live here.. THIS STATE IS THE MASTER OF CRIMES

15Jammu and Kashmir
It's not developed that much but as India is known for its vast variety from north to south, Jammu Kashmir itself is a state with very diverse environment. Jammu relatively hot, shares almost same weather with Punjab, Kashmir is cold except June-July, Leh Ladahk extremely cold. You can find Kashmiri, small eyed (laugh out loud), Dorgi and Punjabi (Sikh) in different locations. It's not a state with a lot of development or projects but it's a state worth visiting.
It is one of beautiful place in world the people of kashmiris'have their own resources like apple, apricot, shawl, Saffron, but here are no industrial fields so it is not developed state in many ways like construction, roads, railways, power, institutions etc
It's a great place to reduce your stress. Please visit and feel. And then note your opinion here.
[Newest]Heaven on the earth, Kashmir valley...

16Madhya Pradesh
Its rapidly growing in every sector and a safe state to live
Yes I am a indorians & I love to my M.P.
Best state for living
[Newest]Agriculture growth rate more than 20%

Just being the least developed state few times back, bihar is now the fastest developing state of india.
Thanks for Nitish kumar CM. Of bihar. I think should open IT company in Bihar.
Soon Bihar's rank will be improved...people must change their views about Bihar.
[Newest]All political party should focus their attention in education field and need to more develop infrastructure. All people who belongs to bihar have more gads.

Lovely I think 1 is assam
Assam is the home diversity of many wild plant and animal species... And the only gate way to other north Indian states, besides assam once used be the land of mighty ahom emperors... And many more infinite qualities#################
Assam has a unique culture. A mixture of many tribes and non-tribes. Climatic condition is awesome. Assam is rich and well known for tea, orchids, mushrooms and different herbs used in medical purposes.

Beautiful and peaceful
Untouched beauty
Sikim is peaceful state
Sikkim is the first state in India with 100% sanitation..

Peace.. Lovely climate
Well known as the "Scotland of the East"
And also It's the "home of cloud"
My girlfriend is from meghalaya... Just her personality make me feel how lucky the state to have her
Very Peaceful
Very Safe
Pollution free
Best Education, etc...

Best state... Simple and honest people, scenic beauty at best, clean air and water, sparsely populated, best educational institutes.
It is the best state in India...
It's a best place to live in but unavailability of earning resources makes itself it at back foot.
[Newest]Love this place... Uttarakhand

22Arunachal Pradesh
Yeah. It is very beautiful come here and watch the beauty


God give all beauty to Arunachal Pradesh

Chhattisgarh provides the country with its rich mineral resources and also generate revenue by exporting these. It has established iron and steel industries. Supplies coal to all the industries in the country. Thanks to availability of coal and also hydroelectricity, Chhattisgarh produces surplus electricity and provides to other states. business is well developed and is going to be one of the most developed states soon.
Chhattisgarh peoples have seen great development in past 4-5 years.
This state is not in top 10 list but still visitors will not be disappointed for sure. It's developing at mush higher rate and will continue to do so.
This is very nice state of India
[Newest]Hi is best state


It is one of the most develop state of north east India
The edge of India we can call. Here in Manipur has a good transparent business.
Manipur should be in the top 4. The following points tells us why:

1. India, till date, has a few internal airports and Manipur is one of the few.
2. not many 5 star hotels are known to exist in India, and again, Manipur boast in this category of owning grand 5 star hotel, in India.
3. considering the flora and fauna of a region, Manipur not only has 'one of it's kind' species, but also a wide range of fresh water lakes, valleys, of which the sangai deer and siroi lily are few of the multitude.

All the above facts run parallel with the term 'the Jewel of India' as coined by the britishers.
An internal airport is not necessarily a good point, international airports increase tourism and give internal connections.

I think Mizoram should be at the first because people are well educated. There is no terrorist inside the state. There is always a clean and fair election which is also a sign that it is a peaceful state. It is the only state which have border with Burma and Bangladesh, so the flora and fauna found in the state cannot be found else where in India.
Beautiful Rainforests and beautiful cities and villages coexisting in harmony, beautiful mizo culture and tradition peacefully coexisting with modern western culture, one of the most literate states in India, fresh air and sweet water, beautiful weather and most of all the vision of beautiful churches on the hills as you turn every 30 degrees or so! And of course the contribution of both Gospel and secular music by this state is commendable!
Highly literate
Most urbanised
Beautiful Environment
Clean city

Probably the fastest growing city in India.
Patna is the second larest city in east India

Tripura is a Nature beauty state of India. Its Top position takes from Education&Democracy. Tripura's people were voted highest percentage of vote in India On 2013 Assembly Election. Tripura's people are honest than other state people. They are to others always...
I love Tripura... Tripura shown the power of education... Thank you


It's a greatest state which has all the resources and IT hub
In future its going to be fastest developing state
Great culture. Rich contribution to Telugu and Urdu literature, India's economic growth. Newly formed, yet fast developing.
This is best ever growing state in India, it has all the things required, it is the best place to visit, best place to live, best place to work, best in everything, it deserves first place

Ever been to Jharkhand for school education? I was born in Jharkhand but parents are from Maharashtra. I completed my education till 2nd standard and then moved to Varanasi where I studied for next 5 years and then to Maharashtra where I completed my 10th and then again moved to Jharkhand for preparing for 11th, 12th and for medical entrance. Among all the 3 states I have studied in I can say frankly that Jharkhand has the best education and Maharashtra has, as per my experience, the worst education among the 3. Even though it the school which ranked 2nd in Maharashtra at that time, still the education level was very poor. In that school, the students learnt English alphabets till 2nd standard which I had already learnt in U.K. G in Jharkhand, even though it was not the top schools in Jharkhand. I agree that Maharashtra has many good colleges but it has a poor primary education level.
I love my jharkhand
Jharkhand should be number 1 state of India

The Most rich state in culture & Heritage...
Odisha is the most peaceful states of india. Odias believe in peace and generosity.
[Newest]It should be on the first position

Kutch is not a state


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