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61 Haunter Haunter Haunter, known in Japan as Ghost, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

What should I say bout it,it evolves into gengar which will mega evolve and it is a superb ghost type pokemon. I like its actions like taking away souls just to play with them.

62 Litten Litten
63 Rowlet Rowlet
64 Aron Aron V 1 Comment
65 Clefairy
66 Sableye Sableye

He is not cute but heis strong Pokemon he can beat pikachu and scraggy and he is gonna be mega sableye

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67 Amaura
68 Sunkern

Sunkern? He has lower stats then Magikarp and looks as derpy as a guy getting hit in the jaw with a branch.

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69 Pidgey Pidgey

Come on who doesn't want to fly around on a little cute bird

70 Azumarill

A Water-Fairy type bunny with the Huge Power ability, which doubles its attack.

71 Ralts

She is socute please add ralts strong physic she is evolve from kirlia and gardevior

72 Igglybuff Igglybuff
73 Starly
74 Torchic Torchic

When it's a Combusken. Don't like it's design or else. You will find yourself sucking a testicle. - SwampertBABY

Torchic may moot be as good as it could be but it's evolution is boss

75 Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite is a character from the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon created in the first generation of Pokémon. It is a Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.

Anyone else read the title? Nope? No. No one!

76 Gengar Gengar Gengar, known in Japan as Gengar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. V 1 Comment
77 Chespin Chespin
78 Larvitar
79 Klefki Klefki

Come on guys, admit it when you first saw this floating pile of keys you laughed it it's face. (not to mention it's also a FAIRY type) but just look at the capabilities! Spikes, Toxic, Swords Dance, Foul Play, Play rough, AND Magic Room. Just wait til your level 50 Mega Salamence gets KOd by a floating keychain.

You gotta admit when you first saw this thing
.1you thought it was super cute ( you're right)
.2you thought it had no evolutions ( you're right)
.3you thought it was only good for losing ( you're wrong)
But something hid behind this keychain. Something deadly. That was...BOOM! Fairy type! BOOM! Moves like Spikes, Torment, Foul Play, Play Rough,Imprison, Toxic, AND Magic Room. Don't be dissapointed when your level 1,000 Shiny Dialga gets beat up in 1 hit by this thing.

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80 Treecko Treecko
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