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1George W. Bush

I'm glad George W. Bush is above Barack Obama. Just goes to show you how much this website hates Obama. At least Obama went to Harvard and has made the right choices for this country by managing foreign relations, improving our economy and moving us forward from the recession Bush caused, and dealing with the problems in the Middle East carefully and keeping in mind long-term effects of his action. All Bush did was help Africa and invade Iraq on the assumption they had WMD'S, only to find they weren't there and had to use liberating Iraqis and democracy as an excuse for the invasion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The single most idiotic president the United States has ever had. Incoherent, illiterate, uninformed, ignorant, and completely oblivious. An utter disgrace. And pure evil, to boot.

he's stupid but he must be smart because he got the patriot act through when it's clearly against the first amendment. - I<3Queen

"Is our children learning? " 'enough said.

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2Barack Obama

What did Obama do wrong? Seriously, all of Americas problems today are because of a strong right side congress, and Bush's actions. Stop blaming Obama because Fox News blames Obama. He has helped strengthen the economy and supports the middle class. Please make the effort to learn the facts and know the causes of events, large and small, before you make a prejudiced vote or comment

Most of these comments are from a bunch of racists, Obama has helped millions and he's smarter than any republican in office.

Yes most definitely. I really cannot fathom how Obama made this list at all. This List really illustrates just how racist White people are.

Between Bush and Palin. Unbelievable! - DELTA-BLUE-LIGHT

Barack Obama is stupid. He got a Nobel prize without even doing anything at the start, and I've heard that he's making a book... Maybe he's getting a Nobel prize even though he wouldn't be writing it.

Between Bush and Palin? Looks like we got an oreo here.

Obama talks like a politician, acts like a politician and looks like a politician. Hmm... He must be a politician.

Wow! I feel like doing the Tango.

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3Sarah Palin

I can't believe Sarah Palin isn't even on this list while you are all concentrating on obama for being in over his, head due to the mess Georg W Bush left behind for him. Jimmy Carter doesn't even belong on this list, though it kinda makes sense because of how underrated he is, and Sarah Palin is probably the worst politician I have ever heard of. She based her entire economic policy off of racism, and would turn America into a living hell hole if she was ever elected.

Wonder how in the world she duped the University of Idaho to grant her a degree in anything.

Do I need to say something else about the dumbest person ever to arrive in the politician ground?

I can see Russia from my house

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4Nancy PelosiV2 Comments
5Al Gore

Ugh! Good thing he didn't get elected. He was setting himself up for carbon emission kickbacks worth billions. He though the middle class was the third row in a school.

He's an attention seeking idiot. And sadly would probably have made a better president than Bush. Witch idiot will do the least damage?

Gore is a shameless and greedy "climate-change profiteer".

I invented the Internet need I say more

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6Ronald Reagan

Really overrated president, his Reaganomics policy was ridiculous, and his paranoid attitude towards communism costed America trillions of money in national debt. Way to go Reagan

I want Reagan back. Probably the last true leader that held the office of the President of the United States.

He was a homophobic, bible beating idiot who destroyed the middle class just as much as Margaret Thatcher did in the UK. Thank you moron, for raising debt and destroying education systems. - PCgamer98

One of the toughest

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7Donald Trump

How on earth could anyone ever think this man can run a country. That thought is enough to scare me. What scares me even more is that there is enough idiotic racists in America to allow this dumb man to win. That is really embarrassing and scary.

"We should not let Mexicans across the U.S borders! They are just a bunch of lazy idiots and rapists! "

-Donald Trump

First of all, DONALD, Mexicans are some of the least credited and hardest working people in this country. This guy definitely does deserve to be WAY up there

This guy should be on top of every list. Especially on this one... :-)

Stupid. That's it- classical Republicans today.

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8Ted Cruz

What's he doing here? He hasn't done anything. Oh wait... Never mind, now I know... Duh!

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9Michele Bachmann

Her brain is the size of a raisin. Enough said

I've never read a smart quote that she has ever said. Just another born-again Christian republican cock-sucker.

This joke of a politician has to be head and shoulders above the competition for stupidity and ignorance.

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10Rick Perry

"There are 3 agencies I would eliminate, the EPA, the department of commerce, and the..., I cannot remember"

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11Mitt Romney

Mitt who? Oh! That billionaire on the east coast who did a T.V. special about Donald Trump. Romney, you're a dork. Couldn't even do that right. Guess what... I didn't vote for you either. Dork.

12Jimmy Carter

Best thing about Carter was his brothers beer. I still have a six pack. By the way... The beer sucked.

I'd have voted for him over Ford or Reagan (idiots), but Carter wasn't that smart. - drpeppersnapple

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13Richard Nixon

Did he really think he could get away with it all? - drpeppersnapple

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14Dick Cheney

Dick's not dumb at all. He's just the personification of evil. The most satanic person to ever hold office.

Its not that he's dumb, its that he has a heart of ice

he never used to be stupid, just being around bush that rubbed off on him - aman28

I'll bet he supports the 2nd amendment. Go Cheney!

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15Harry Reid
16Joe Biden

He looks like the bold eagle Muppet for one. He's a gaf master and a racists but, is clueless about it.

17Dan Quayle

"For NASA, space is still a high priority" "The future will be better tomorrow" "The Holocaust was an obscene moment in our nation's history" These are all quotes by Dan Quayle. It's a good thing George H.W. bush didn't die in office.

"Hawaii is a part of our nation that is right here..." "I didn't live in this century...but our country's history..." Potatoe. - drpeppersnapple

Ted cruz, louie gomert, Sarah palen, michelle Bachman, Lindsay graham, rick perry, Marsha Blackman, and most of the republican party

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18John Edwards
19Rick Santorum

Homophobic, racist, 2nd amendment, warmonger, extremist, fundamentalist, climate change denier... I feel sorry for his children

Best man I could run the time together without the other ones corner streams

This man is so stupid it's not funny

20John Kerry
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