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1George W. Bush

The single most idiotic president the United States has ever had. Incoherent, illiterate, uninformed, ignorant, and completely oblivious. An utter disgrace. And pure evil, to boot.

he's stupid but he must be smart because he got the patriot act through when it's clearly against the first amendment. - I<3Queen

This guy shouldn't have been a politician in the first place, he should have been... I dunno a banana or something. As for his political views, I would blame Dick Cheney for using him, but he might shoot me in the face.

How on earth this retard was elected is beyond me, republican voters are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but even they should have baulked at this cretin.

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2Barack Obama

What did Obama do wrong? Seriously, all of Americas problems today are because of a strong right side congress, and Bush's actions. Stop blaming Obama because Fox News blames Obama. He has helped strengthen the economy and supports the middle class. Please make the effort to learn the facts and know the causes of events, large and small, before you make a prejudiced vote or comment

Most of these comments are from a bunch of racists, Obama has helped millions and he's smarter than any republican in office.

Yes most definitely. I really cannot fathom how Obama made this list at all. This List really illustrates just how racist White people are.

Between Bush and Palin. Unbelievable! - DELTA-BLUE-LIGHT

Barack Obama is stupid. He got a Nobel prize without even doing anything at the start, and I've heard that he's making a book... Maybe he's getting a Nobel prize even though he wouldn't be writing it.

He's not stupid. He's smarter than almost any Republican out there. Why? Because he's getting what he wants. He's winning! Yeah, socialism : (

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3Sarah Palin

I can't believe Sarah Palin isn't even on this list while you are all concentrating on obama for being in over his, head due to the mess Georg W Bush left behind for him. Jimmy Carter doesn't even belong on this list, though it kinda makes sense because of how underrated he is, and Sarah Palin is probably the worst politician I have ever heard of. She based her entire economic policy off of racism, and would turn America into a living hell hole if she was ever elected.

Wonder how in the world she duped the University of Idaho to grant her a degree in anything.

Do I need to say something else about the dumbest person ever to arrive in the politician ground?

She dumber than a rusty nail

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4Al Gore

He's an attention seeking idiot. And sadly would probably have made a better president than Bush. Witch idiot will do the least damage?

Al Gore is hilarious! He is such a hypocrite though!

I invented the Internet need I say more

5Nancy PelosiV1 Comment
6Rick Perry

"There are 3 agencies I would eliminate, the EPA, the department of commerce, and the..., I cannot remember"

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7Michele Bachmann

I've never read a smart quote that she has ever said. Just another born-again Christian republican cock-sucker.

This joke of a politician has to be head and shoulders above the competition for stupidity and ignorance.

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8Jimmy Carter

I'd have voted for him over Ford or Reagan (idiots), but Carter wasn't that smart. - drpeppersnapple

9Ronald Reagan

Really overrated president, his Reaganomics policy was ridiculous, and his paranoid attitude towards communism costed America trillions of money in national debt. Way to go Reagan

His best B Rate acting role was president, paid for by big business. Stupid and a bad actor.

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10Harry Reid

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?Gordon Brown

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11Joe Biden

He looks like the bold eagle Muppet for one. He's a gaf master and a racists but, is clueless about it.

12Mitt Romney
13John Edwards
14Rick Santorum

Best man I could run the time together without the other ones corner streams

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15Dan Quayle

"For NASA, space is still a high priority" "The future will be better tomorrow" "The Holocaust was an obscene moment in our nation's history" These are all quotes by Dan Quayle. It's a good thing George H.W. bush didn't die in office.

"Hawaii is a part of our nation that is right here..." "I didn't live in this century...but our country's history..." Potatoe. - drpeppersnapple

Ted cruz, louie gomert, Sarah palen, michelle Bachman, Lindsay graham, rick perry, Marsha Blackman, and most of the republican party

16John Kerry
17Newt Gingrich
18Dick Cheney

Dick's not dumb at all. He's just the personification of evil. The most satanic person to ever hold office.

he never used to be stupid, just being around bush that rubbed off on him - aman28

Was president for 8 years and most people didn't have a clue. Bush was a tool. Just like most Americans. I voted for him too. Sorry, I fkt up

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19Bill Clinton

A great president and incredibly smart, but has an uncontollable temper and keeps cheating on Hill. - drpeppersnapple

Improved the economy (bush erased that) and lost office over a problem that didn't affect his leadership

20Eliot Spitzer

You were about to get elected, but no, you just HAD to text your WANG for all the world to see. Great move dumbass!

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