Top Ten Stupidest Politicians


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George W. Bush
he's stupid but he must be smart because he got the patriot act through when it's clearly against the first amendment.


Policies exploded the governments debt, cratered the worlds economy, killed more Americans and created more terrorists than all of Al Qaeda combined.
This guy shouldn't have been a politician in the first place, he should have been... I dunno a banana or something. As for his political views, I would blame Dick Cheney for using him, but he might shoot me in the face.
[Newest]Some village in Texas was missing their idiot for eight whole years!

2Barack Obama
Yeah. I think I've had about enough of black Barry pie. And that zipper issue thing: hilarious. Was gonna say Al Gore, but at least he's so stupid he makes us laugh. Obama's stupidity isn't even funny.
Barack Obama is stupid. He got a Nobel prize without even doing anything at the start, and I've heard that he's making a book... Maybe he's getting a Nobel prize even though he wouldn't be writing it.
He is such a lying scumbag, all he wants is to be king and were his slaves who work and he steals our money for his vacations. And we have to support those lazy idiots who don't choose to work.
[Newest]Obama may have his flaws, but he is still smarter than any Republican since the Bush era and on.

3Al Gore
Al Gore is hilarious! He is such a hypocrite though!
All I can say is that he officially whon the election (but unfortunetly the supreem court cheated) and would have kept the USA's economy on the road to success (thanks bush)

4Sarah Palin
I can't believe Sarah Palin isn't even on this list while you are all concentrating on obama for being in over his, head due to the mess Georg W Bush left behind for him. Jimmy Carter doesn't even belong on this list, though it kinda makes sense because of how underrated he is, and Sarah Palin is probably the worst politician I have ever heard of. She based her entire economic policy off of racism, and would turn America into a living hell hole if she was ever elected.
Wonder how in the world she duped the University of Idaho to grant her a degree in anything.
To dumb to count as a politician

5Nancy Pelosi
"You have to pass it before you can see what's in it! "
"She felt spirits of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul surround her in a poignant moment where they expressed their delight of seeing women in political office. "
""I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels, natural gas "is cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels, " (natural gas IS a fossil fuel)"
“Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program”
"She said that the Republicans are trying to suppress voting by holding Eric Holder in contempt for not turning over the documents about Fast and Furious. "
I choose Pelosi because not only is she incredibly stupid but she also looks dumb.

6Rick Perry

7Jimmy Carter
I'd have voted for him over Ford or Reagan (idiots), but Carter wasn't that smart.


8Ronald Reagan

9Harry Reid
There is no greater justification for term limits and retroactive abortion than harry reid and his son

10Michele Bachmann
I've never read a smart quote that she has ever said. Just another born-again Christian republican cock-sucker.

The Contenders

11Joe Biden

12Dan Quayle
"For NASA, space is still a high priority" "The future will be better tomorrow" "The Holocaust was an obscene moment in our nation's history" These are all quotes by Dan Quayle. It's a good thing George H.W. bush didn't die in office.
"Hawaii is a part of our nation that is right here..." "I didn't live in this century...but our country's history..." Potatoe.


Ted cruz, louie gomert, Sarah palen, michelle Bachman, Lindsay graham, rick perry, Marsha Blackman, and most of the republican party

13Mitt Romney

14John Edwards

15Rick Santorum
This man is so stupid it's not funny

16John Kerry

17Dick Cheney
he never used to be stupid, just being around bush that rubbed off on him


He probably has a high IQ, but that doesn't always show.


Its not that he's dumb, its that he has a heart of ice

18Newt Gingrich

19Bill Clinton
A great president and incredibly smart, but has an uncontollable temper and keeps cheating on Hill.


Improved the economy (bush erased that) and lost office over a problem that didn't affect his leadership

20Eliot Spitzer
You were about to get elected, but no, you just HAD to text your WANG for all the world to see. Great move dumbass!

21Michael Dukakis
1988: Bush and Bentsen were good, but Bush had an idiot veep running mate, Bentsen had an idiot pres. running mate.


22Erap Estrada
worst president, graft and corruption, it doesn't mean being an actor can be a good president. don't apply your movies on politics, its a very serious matter


23John McCain

24Ted Cruz
No one since bush gone

25Richard Nixon
Did he really think he could get away with it all?


26Gerald Ford

27Mustafa Kemal

28Katherine Harris
she's so freakin dumb she lost Gore the election, and that basically started the war


Watch Recount and you'll know.


Uh, Gore offically whon

29Adolf Hitler
He is so dumb he thought he could rule the world haha

30Hillary Clinton

31Yingluck Shinawatra
She doesn't know how to do anything. Right now, farmers are starving because of her stupid action.
She can't even speak Thai and English properly. All she can do is working as her brother puppet.

32Joseph McCarthy

33Mike Bloomberg

34Rahm Emanuel

35Rhonda Fields

36Susan Rice

37Al Franken
Vote for ME, Al Franken.

38Pat Quinn

39Stephen Harper
Disregarding what makes Canada great will make you very stupid.

40Sheikh Hasina
The Engineer of politics that only means
Massacre, Killing and Oppressing the opposition.

41Nigel Farage
Don't get me started.


42George Wallace
Blocked the door at the Un. of Alabama...then became against segregation after he was shot. Maybe that knocked some sense into him.


43Andrew Cuomo

44Dianne Feinstein

45Barbara Boxer

46Jerry Brown

47Paul Ryan

48Strom Thurmond

49Walter Mondale

50Ted Kennedy

51Dennis Kucinich

52Debbie Wasserman Schultz

53Sam Brownback

54John Hickenlooper

55George H. W. Bush

56Eric Holder

57Jan Brewer

58Evan Meacham

59Kathleen Blanco

60Ray Nagin

61Edwin Edwards

62Mitch McConnell
How is this idiot not on the list?

63Eric Cantor

64Tom Corbett

65Deval Patrick

66Kris Kobach

67Dannel Malloy

68Rod Blagojevich

69Jesse Jackson, Jr.

70Tip O'Neill

71Wilbur Mills

72Gary Hart

73Chuck Schumer

74Mark Ferrandino

75Evie Hudak

76Diana DeGette

77Claire McCaskill

78Peter King

79Martin O'Malley

80Donald Rumsfeld

81John Ashcroft

82Thomas Menino

83David Cameron

84Arnold Schwarzenegger

85Maxine Waters

86Joe Lieberman

87Lincoln Chafee

88Frank Lautenberg

89Richard Blumenthal

90Victor Ponta

91Anthony Weiner

92John Morse

93Nicolas Sarkozy

94Angela Giron

95Rob Ford

96Bill de Blasio

97Steve Israel

98Andreas Papandreou

99Vicente Emano
Two words: Man Child

100Narendra Modi

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