Top 10 Things You'd Like to Throw at Elsa from Frozen


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Jeez. Why is this crazy person commenting spam in all caps? It has ruined the list. Hey crazy spammer fangirl. Just accept that some people aren't in love with frozen. If you don't like this list, don't go on it, and stop ruining it. Anyway, what you are talking about in your retarded comments are irrelevant. We cannot throw bricks at elsa and make her cry, because she is not a real person. It is not even possible. Also, there is no point in defending Elsa. Defending elsa will not change our opinions. It will do nothing except spam this list. Also, why are you calling us "mean old haters." We are not even mean. You can't be mean to a fictional character. Also, I am not even old. I am a teenager. What is wrong with old people? You think all haters have to be mean and old? That jut proves how mean YOU are. - SammySpore

Me: Hey Elsa, could you conjure up some ice bricks for me?

Elsa: Sure! Let it Go! (Creates 5 bricks) Let it Go! (Creates 5 more) Is that enough?

Me: Yes! (Throws them at Elsa)

Elsa: (Screams In pain) Ow! Stop! You're hurting me!

Elsa Fangirl: I'll save you, Elsa! (Jumps in front of Elsa)

Elsa: AAAH! I'M SCARED! (Shoots her powers in random places)

Elsa Fangirl: It's alright Elsa! (Turns To Me) HOW DARE YOU THROW BRICKS AT PRETTY, SWEET, ELSA! I COULD MISTAKE YOU FOR PRINCE HANS AND- (Elsa shoots her with her powers and she turns in to an ice statue)

Me: I hate you Elsa! (Throws more bricks at Elsa, and Elsa creates a blizzard and runs away to the North Mountain)

Me: Yes!

One day, someone will approve this script, and replace the original one into yours. Plus, you will be remembered, and someone will tell a tale about how you changed from an obnoxious script into peerless dialogues. - TheRegular1227

Well, you people should accept that some people don't like Elsa. It's not our fault that Elsa is sensitive. - panda21

Screw a grenade. She needs more torture - Mcgillacuddy

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Well, if we threw tomatoes at Elsa, she could always take a shower. It's not my fault if she didn't install a shower in her palace. And anyways, she is so smug and deserves to get thrown at by tomatoes. - panda21

Hey! It be an improvement on her FACE - Imyourstalker

She could wash it off. We need something stronger.

Let's throw rotten tomatoes at Anna and Elsa. That would be twice the fun.

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I would poop and throw it at Elsa so that she smells bad and would need to take a shower.

Are you saying that we need to throw Elsa at herself? Because she is a turd.

Totally. She would smell like a stinky bathroom.

Doesn't she looks like one. Haha!

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4A Match

All Frozen Haters
(Make sure that the match is lit so that it burns Anna and Elsa. )

We can burn her and her stupid, ice palace.

OK that flipping fan girl/boy is getting on my nerves. Turn off the caps lock, will you?


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5A Grenade

Okay, that's a little extreme. I don't wish her DEATH, I just wish everyone would shut up about Frozen and Elsa in general.

Others Here Are More EXTREME Then This Like Epic Time Pirate, Team Resistance, Chuck Norris And More - Devonchi

Why do you hate Frozen so much? Don't explode her palace please - - bugger

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6A Hungry Tiger

No. Even much better. 1000 Tigers.

Anna and Elsa will be left nothing but bones and there skeletons (and possibly their inedible ugly dresses. )

I'll put her and the elsa fangirl into a cage with 10 tigers. Haha! - SammySpore

This one is not funny, tigers are endangered, throw something else at her. - Anonymousxcxc

That is animal abuse, instead, release it! Free it so it can kill Elsa!

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7A Bottle of Pee

You are right Anna fangirls.
But also don't forget that she would also be crawling with bad bacteria and stink horribly (and finally be a Blonde. )


She'd just succumb to the diseases.

She will look and smell much better.

I'm dying of this one this is so cool

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8Kim Kardashian's Statue

Well, it's metal...

Lets make sure that Kim Kardashian's statue (Where the butt is) lands on Elsa's ugly squashed up face.


Elsa has won Kim. K's statue as an award for " Best equivalent of Kim Kardashian ", and she got thrown with the huge statue by the host. - TheRegular1227

Lets throw Kim Kardashian's statue at Caps Lock Frozen Fan too. LOL.

The giant statue would crush Elsa if it fell upon her although I don't know how you would be able to throw it.

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9A Beer Bottle

She might also get drunk... If the bottle is full of beer...

She will probably end up drinking it making her drunk and do a stupid thing that will kill her.


Elsa and anna don't give a crap if you defend them! Because they are not REAL. They are fictional characters and this is a list of things to throw at a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Which means that they are NOT REAL. So we can't ACTUALLY throw beer bottles and bricks at her! CALM DOWN OH MY GOD! - SammySpore

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Let's throw Kim Kardashian's butt at Elsa (Don't worry little baby, it is fake anyway so it won't hurt. ) or even better, attach it to her ugly head.

She will be called Elsa ButtHead.

Don't forget Nicki Minaj's butt as well.

Even better. SANJAY AND CRAIG. They will gross her out.

Miley, Nicki, and Kim's butts.

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The Newcomers

?Order Of The Black Knights

Code Geass:Lelouch Of The Rebellion, anyone? - MLPFan

The Contenders

11Prince Hans Holding a Knife

He lands on top of Elsa knocking her over, he then holds her to the ground and stabs her in her icy, cold heart with his giant, bloody knife finally ending her life. After this he takes control of Arendale and becomes the king.

Thankfully, Anna was brave enough to stop Prince Hans from murdering her big sister Elsa by sacrifice herself for Elsa so too bad Elsa haters.

Yeah but he's still alive so it's possible to throw him...

Even though it would be even better if you threw Hans' dead body at Elsa - Navylexi

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12A Pile of Diarrhea

If it lands on her face, she'll finally look pretty! Get a fire extinguisher because she just got BURNED. Also, This goes out to the girl who keeps typing in all caps that's worships Elsa. OMG YOURE SO ANNOYING! LIFE ISNT ABOUT ELSA! ELSA SELFISH AND A TERIBAL SISTER! YOURE PROBABLY SOME FAT COW TYPING IN YOUR BASEMENT . ELSA. ISNT. LIFE. SOME PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ! SO SHUT UP AND STOP! OK. GOD. - Imyourstalker

Um... A fire extinguisher puts out fire. Why did you say she'd get burned to death. Do you for know what "extinguisher" means or something, or are you 3 years old. - SammySpore

She would smell and look better as well.

And even better, she won't be able to freeze the Diarrhea because it will be stuck on her face.

(Don't forget the elsa fan girl with the cap locks too. )

Wow, that annoying caps fan girl didn't comment on this one. - Therandom

My brother is sick with diarrhea, next time he does it, I'll throw it at Elsa.

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13Justin BieberJustin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He was born on March 1, 1994. Justin is currently 22 years old and lives in Ontario, Canada (despite once claimed that he was Part-Indian) and he's Christian. He's the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

I am trying to tolerate the caps girl, though she is getting on my last nerve. Like I love Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender though I don't go around worshipping her and disrespecting haters and I don't type in all caps all the time. Toph is fictional and so are Anna and Elsa, none of these things will actually hurt them because their not real, this is just a list that haters made for fun, caps girl. - Anonymousxcxc

Her ears would bleed with his dreadful voice but then again she may end up liking it considering she has a bad taste in everything.

I would love to throw him so he could sing his horrible songs like baby into Elsa's face and then she dies

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I'll show my half wolf teeth and try bite through it if ya do at meh eh

Chainsaw at me please chainsaw at me please lolololololollollol

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15Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball

Elsa gets launched miles into the air after being smacked by the biggest wrecking ball in existence sending her all the way into space where she dies due to lack of oxygen.

We need 10 men to throw this heavy dude at her. - NexusUnterganger639

I wish the fanciful could kill elsa.

Put Miley Cyrus on it first.

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16Caps Girl

Elsa and Anna don't need you to defend them. Why? Because they AREN'T REAL! Elsa can't get brusies and she won't cry because she is a fictional movie character. Get over the fact that we don't like Elsa and you do because we all have different opinions. And you really don't need to keep repeating the same thing over and over again: NO! YOU WILL NEVER HURT SWEET, CUTE, PRETTY ELSA! THAT IS DANGEROUS AND SHE WILL GET BRUSIES AND CRY! YOU ELSA HATING MEANIES ARE STUPID! So please shut the heck up because your messing up this list so get your sorry ass out of here!

Should be number 1 then we can destroy both of them at the same time.

We need caps girl to see this. Quick, someone imitate caps girl!

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17A Rat

Today I got a picture of Elsa! I put it in the fire place! - Ihateelsa

That stupid comment in all caps is dumb.

I think Elsa would scream so hard,

Hopefully the rat spreads a disease to Elsa that kills her.

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Elsa is not sweet. She froze her sister.
Elsa is not pretty. She's ugly.
Elsa is not innocent. She tortured America with "Let It Go".
Elsa is not poor. She's a rich pile of garbage.
Enough said.

Really. You can do better than that

The sticks will be huge and have sharp points at the end of them to cause maximum damage.

How about burning sticks? - FennikenFan9

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Me: Elsa, can you freeze these rocks extra hard?

Elsa: Ok! Tee he hee!

Me: Thanks! (Starts throwing them at Elsa)

Elsa: Ow! Stop! I'm gonna get bruises!

Frozen fangirl: (calls from short distance) Elsa! I'll save you!

Frozen fangirl: (runs to Elsa and me) (looks at me with an angry frozen fangirl face). HOW DARE YOU THROW ROCKS AT SWEET, BEAUTIFUL, ELSA?! I'M GONNA- (throws rocks at her too)

Me: - FennikenFan9

Let's throw rocks at that Frozen Fan girl as well.

We should also throw rocks at caps girl so she doesn't get to miss out.

No I don't wanna throw stuff at her

Then why are you looking on this list? Go to "Reasons to Love Frozen" or something. - Navylexi

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20A Car

I think the Hulk would go that " hulk... TIRED OF HEARING LET IT GO! "

Oh my god, replier. You're comment is so stupid! We know cars are heavy! And no elsa won't cry SHE WOULD DIE. Also... WE don't CARE - SammySpore

Me: Hey look it's elsa! Oops I crushed for with my car!
Me: Shut up no one cares.
Elsa: Maybe singing a song will help! LET IT GO-- die
Me: Hahahehehehe
Me: Oops I crushed them both. Oopsy. - SammySpore

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