Top 10 Darkest Disney Movies

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1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The movie talks about genocide, lust, death, humiliation and others. My reasons to vote for this one are:
- Frollo is a terrible, TERRIBLE person. He killed Quasimodo's mother when the hunchback was only a baby, and nearly drowned him. He also manipulates him throughout the movie, making him reveal the location of the Court of Miracles. He also shows lust for Esmeralda, which is inappropriate. He says in the Hellfire song: "Choose me or your pyre. Be mine, or you will burn". He burns down the house of an innocent family, and nearly kills Quasi and Esmeralda. His death is also very scary.
- The movie includes religious terminology, such as: Maria (Mary), God, sins, hell, devil, etc.
- The part where Quasi gets humiliated is very sad to watch.
- Frollo says he'll find Esmeralda, even if he burns all of Paris in the process.
- And other.

2 The Black Cauldron

With its creepy villain and the undead army that he's created with the black cauldron, this movie could be on the list where the darkness raised the bar in Disney animation.

Forgive me for saying this guys, but I'm afraid those people at Disney might have been on drugs when they made this piece of trash.

There is a rumor where there is a deleted scene where there was partial nudity from the princess. Brought to you by the happiest place on earth

3 Pinocchio

Dude, this movie is really dark, children turned into donkeys and sold away and probably killed, kids drinking and smoking, giant fat puppet show dude gonna kill Pinocchio, a fox and cat try to get him killed, Geppeto, the cat, and the fish get eaten by a whale and then the whale kills Pinocchio, I mean, do I have to say more or talk about the book?

Child trafficking, death, kids drinking/smoking, children gone forever, possibly murder...I mean do I really need to say more? The villains get away with it, and all of those donkeys (A.K.A kids) will keep disappearing and dying because...they are kids who don't like supervision from adults (like most kids out there).

4 The Lion King

Scar murders Mufasa in order to take over as king then tricks Simba into deserting his kingdom by telling him that Mufasa's death was his fault, Simba comes back all grown up and challenges Scar then sends him over the edge and is either killed or eaten by the Hyenas.

It may be all happy and cute at first with Simba and Nala's friendship as cubs, but then it gets darker throughout the movie and later escalates to Scar killing Mufasa and blaming Simba for it, then Simba returning as an adult and fighting Scar.

5 Fantasia

This is when disney looked aside of being kid friendly and focused more on the music rather than whats actually showing on screen. Once you past "The Rite of Spring" (which by the way is the bestt ❤) you see dinosaurs die, and get eaten and stuuf. Then at the very end, The Night on Baldmountian. Mm that is very haunting. He is pretty much satan. This disney movie is a bit HAUNTING but not dark. Either way, this movie delivers amazing animation, and AMAZING music, that make this movie beautiful, and worth your time.

6 The Fox and the Hound

This should be in the top three, or in the top five to say the least. By the middle of the movie to the end, it gets more sadder and sadder, and the themes of the wildlife makes you feel lost. This movie is incredibly good and sad. Probably one of the best Disney films in my opinion.

The first half of the movie is more kid friendly but after both Tod and Copper grow up they are pitted against each other even Big Mama warns Tod that the time will come when Copper will do what Amos has trained him to due which is hunt game, just the scene where Tod and Copper are face to face with each other with a crazed look in their eyes as they go in for the kill.

7 Return to Oz

Return to Oz drops everything that was great about the original Wizard of Oz colorful atmosphere, musical numbers and lovable characters and replaces it with hideously deformed characters and darker tone.

This should be number 3 the nome king is dark and creepy and tried to eat jack!

This is a dark, creepy and weird film that they made based on L. Frank Baum's books.

8 The Nightmare Before Christmas

I watched it when I was around 5 or 6 years old.

The person who said this a Touchstone Pictures is Distributed by Disney pictures

It is a little too scary for little scary for little kids but is really really good

9 Bambi

Despite its cuteness this movie has a couple of dark moments most memorable is the death of Bambi's mom another scene is where a couple of birds are hiding in the grass and one of them starts panicking uncontrollably and flies off and is shot down by the hunters.

10 Tarzan

This is not only dark because of Clayton's death Tarzan's parents die sabor killed a baby monkey! And kerchack dies!

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11 Toy Story 3

The inner story of this film is full of discrimination. Toys in one room are treated one way and other toys are treated in another. And then there's the incineration scene...

The first 2 were not very dark with very few exceptions, but things took a pretty dark turn here with Lotso's backstory, the reincarnation scene and pretty much the whole last quarter of the film.

12 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This film was probably the darkest of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It deals with loss and suffering, it also has a few violent depiction. Davy Jones has some pretty deep motivations.

Jack coming back from the dead and the death of the captain I forget his name is very sad

13 Pocahontas

This is so dark I should be number 7 Pocahontas wanted to die if John Smith dies! And kocuum dies he's a main character and the dark song saveges ractcliffe wants to kill hundreds!

14 James and the Giant Peach
15 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen commands the Huntsman to kill Snow White and if that wasn't enough also wants him to rip out her heart and place it in a chest as proof of her death.

Snow White nearly getting murdered in the start or poisoned is definitely dark and let's not forget the boulder that crushed the evil queen then had her corpse eaten by vultures definitely one of the darkest Disney films

16 Old Yeller
17 Something Wicked This Way Comes

So one character sees his disembodied head and the villain is terrifying so yeah

18 The Brave Little Toaster

Surprised this wasn't here already. But hey, at least we have Brother Bear! Definitely deserves its spot!

19 Maleficent

Honestly an amazing movie, I love the character designs and the back story is super good

20 Brother Bear

Kenai kills Koda's mother out of revenge. That's pretty dark. It also has one of the best morals/lessons of any Disney movie because of this

Killing a bear then nearly getting murdered by his brother very dark.

Kenai stabbed Koda's mother. Also the background music is pretty dark.

21 Big Hero 6

Jeez, the real dark scene was tadashi's death, or the fact the parents are dead (good ol disney) or the fact callaghan was alive and he screwed tadashi's efforts to help him, but this movie otherwise is really not that dark.

22 Alice In Wonderland (2010)

The scene where the hatter tells Alice about when the Red Queen took over

23 The Princess and the Frog

Its Dark mostly for the whole Voodoo magic thing.

24 Dumbo
25 Marvel's The Avengers

Wouldn't call it a classic Disney movie, but seeing that it is 'M' the plot isn't that dark. Overall a great movie.

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