Top 10 Things You'd Like to Throw at Elsa from Frozen


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121Stink Bomb
122Giant Water Balloon

She might get her ice powers back if a giant water balloon is thrown at her, causing her to freeze anyone and anything. - playstationfan66

123Elsa's own Disney Infinity toy

Princess Anna of Arendelle: oh goodness no! You will not throw her own Disney Infinity toy at my big sister because if you do, she'll be captured and used in-game on your PS3 superslim game system and I won't forgive you for something Pokémon-ified. - playstationfan66

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124The "I Hate Boys/I Hate Girls" bookV1 Comment
125A Paper Airplane
126Aquamarine (Mermaid)
127Fire Stingray (F-Zero)

If Samurai Goroh becomes retired, I could probably throw that ultra cool Fire Stingray at her, enabling her to drive it on several different race tracks in F-Zero. The current famous racers and their cars: Captain Falcon/The Blue Falcon, Dr. Stuart/Golden Fox, Pico/Wild Goose and Elsa (dubbed The Snow Queen)/Fire Stingray (it don't become a Fire Stingray anymore due to the reason that Elsa is going to give it a pretty good paint job which is known as Ice Stingray since it matches her icy powers in the film, Frozen). - playstationfan66

128Fire BallV2 Comments
129Biggest Beach Ball
131Flaming Paper Airplanes
132Dirty Diapers

Yeah let's do this and then she'll look pretty not!

133Flaming Baseballs

Preferably the Ender Lord from Legendary Beasts.


Now they'll both get bruises &I cry!

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136LionsV1 Comment
137Frozen Fans

I would rather have Anna kill Elsa...

See how the Caps girl likes that. - Nirocart

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138Flaming Men's Underwear

Make sure it has waste stains because I hate elsa

139Tough Guys
140A Pufferfish
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