Top Cities in the Philippines


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Iloilo City
City of Love... Home of the sweetest Filipinos!... I can walk through its streets and wave my phone as no one would try to steal it... Talking with the Ilonggos is the sweetest thing. Most ilonggos are educated and rich! Now that it has an international airport, there's no stopping in growth and development!
The QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH, Premiere City of the Philippines and one of the most liveable and business friendly cities of the country today. Internationally known Cuisine, World Famous Landmarks and Festivals and now dubbed as city of firsts and pioneer city of the Philippines, this city will never run out of surprises. I Love ILOILO because I am an ILONGGO!
"City of Many Firsts".. "City of love".. The sweetest people on earth are the Ilonggos!
[Newest]I love iloilo... I am iloilo...
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2Metro Cebu
I voted Cebu because it has a lot to offer, the most pickets crowd in the Philippines if you want to start any event or shows do it first in Cebu once mag " CLICK " it will be ok to the rest of the country. Cebu has a lot to offer international hotel brands are present in Cebu, big mall operators in Manila are also operating in Cebu by the coming years Cebu will be the Shopping Mecca is Southeast Asia the rivals of giant malls went underway. SRP will soon be the land mark address so to speak where the SM Seaside City is located the FLI projects are on going. Soon Cebu will have its BRT to ease traffic in the metropolis and to address the rapid developments. Cebu is blessed for having its rich culture, fun loving people, low crime rates etc. I happen to talk to a lot of people who visited for the very first time in Cebu all said they feel in love with Cebu City. It has a different Charisma, Cebus beauty radiates that they don't want to leave or keeping coming back. Last Sinulog "WoW" a lot of people enjoyed much in Cebu videos and picture would tell search nyo lang sa internet ito LIFEDANCE 2013, SINULOG Invasion and a lot more. Despite of its rapid development in real estates, businesses etc. Still Cebu has a problem that we all people living in Cebu could help the pollution and the street child but Cebu City would be a great city to live and to be proud of if we do our
Share to make our dreams possible. Pasensya na mo sa akong english and grammar ha I'm only a High School grad... Hehehe! Cheers!
Queen City of the South has progressive economy and rich in people, culture, traditions, foods and histories! Someday it will be like "Land of the Rising Sun! " because of its rapid growth of economy and good governance! A small paradise that Jesus has given to us!
No one can ever beat this city because of its rapid development. I THINK this is the best city in this country, instead of its progress, it is the no. 1 tourist destination of the Philippines
[Newest]There are only 3 Major Cities in the Philippines: Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao. Other provinces are still trying to Catch up. The best thing about Cebu is that, the Character of the City is still intact. You have access to everything: Nature and Industrial Infrastructure! Cebu is the First and oldest City in the Philippines. The City gives birth to the country. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!
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3Bacolod City
Bacolod is my humble home where you can find the Best Inasal in the World. The charming and sweet smiles of the people never fails to amaze any tourist and locals alike.

Bacolod City is a small city bustling with Bigtime Opportunities. The Economic Hub of Western Visayas, is home to the Country's Top Corporations. A mere provincial capital that can rival even it's Regional Capital in terms of Economic Growth.

Bacolod is a Cosmopolitan City and a Melting Pot of Cultures. Known to many as the Football Capital of the Philippines, Bacolod City boasts of Internationally Accredited Sporting Venues like the Pana-ad Football Stadium. Bacolod City hosted several International Friendlies already and is wowing crowd every time.

Voted as the #1 Best Place to Live in the Philippines by MoneySense Magazine, Bacolod City lives up to it's name as the Most Promising City of the Philippines. Even Tourism Advocate Carlos Celdran said that Bacolod City is the Philippines Best Kept Tourism Secret!

Bacolod City is Very Peaceful and Tourist Friendly one can even walk alone in the Street in the wee hours and will never worry about his safety.

Home to some of the country's best cuisines, Bacolod City is indeed a foodies haven. Ask the Top Chefs in Metro Manila and you'll be surprised that Bacolod Cuisine became their standards.

Bacolod is a humble and a simple city. But you can find LIFE's BEST SURPRISES HERE! Experience Bacolod Hospitality and you will never want to leave!

Bacolod City is a rising city in the Visayas. Other major cities in the Philippines boast of being in the Top 10 Next Wave Cities list. Bacolod is not on that list. Why? Because it is ALREADY one huge step above that status. Bacolod is ALREADY a Center of Excellence in IT-BPM, a testament to its strength as a voice and non-voice outsourcing hub in the country. Consequently, job opportunities abound. They're hiring by the thousands, and that's a fact.

There's no debate about it, Bacolod is the capital of pastries, desserts and everything sweet. Its food culture is also legendary. Piaya, napoleones, half-moon cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, Chicken Inasal, backribs. You don't go anywhere else to taste these.

Bacolod is home to the world-famous MassKara Festival. Attending MassKara is one of the "Things to do in October" in the world by National Geographic.

While other cities appear impressive because of their homegrown jeepney-building industries, Bacolod already builds its own world-class airconditioned WIFI buses. Many Filipinos don't know but Bacolod is home to the largest bus company in Southeast Asia.

In sports, Bacolod is synonymous to international football and boxing. We have hosted SEA Games events and Azkals matches. Our province have produced Olympic medallists, the Velasco brothers, in boxing.

We belong in a province with the most number of cities. Bacolod has lots of malls, but I don't want to even talk about it. I think that's not what makes cities unique. I am more inclined to boast about the grand ancestral houses in the haciendas of Negros Occidental owned by sugar barons. So many stories to tell.

Finally, Bacolod is home to a people with fine taste. Life in Bacolod is just top notch.
The City Of Smiles! The Cleanest and Greenest Highly-Urbanized City of the Philippines Hall of Famer! Most Business Friendly City of the Philippines! Football City!... Home of the MASSKARA FESTIVAL and SUGAR BOWL OF THE PHILIPPINES!

Those are just some of the awards and titles this city has received for its 73 years of existence as a chartered city.

A model in public governance, public-private partnership and a hotbed of organic agriculture, eco-tourism and environmental revolution

A city tested by hard times like disasters, economic crisis and insurgency, but never fails to show everyone that hope still shines and resiliency prevails
[Newest]It's a lovely place to live.
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4Davao City
Davao has a low crime rate about less than 1%. Current revenue statistics show Davao City to be the fifth-richest city in the Philippines in terms of local income and IRA - the only city outside greater Manila in the top five. The city government also maintains a 24-hour emergency response system patterned after the 9-1-1 system used in the United States. A curfew on minors is also observed in the city. All business establishments, in particular bars and discos, are mandated by a city ordinance to refrain from selling alcoholic drinks beyond 2:00 am. Also, motorcycle drivers with no helmets and motorists with defective lights are not allowed to enter or drive in the city. Regular checkpoints in key parts of Davao City and at the city boundaries are conducted 24 hours to ensure the strict implementation of traffic rules.
The use of fireworks and other similar pyrotechnics, as well as smoking, is strictly prohibited in most of the city. Even outdoors, if you are under a roof of any kind, you are prohibited from smoking. Violators are made to pay hefty fines, perform community service, serve jail time, or a combination of the three. Littering is also prohibited.
Davao is not as developed as Cebu or Manila. It doesn't have as many tall buildings nor as grandiose highway systems. But what makes Davao the best city is its collection of world-class social services and its offering of modern cosmopolitan living to all. For one, Davao TAP water is considered only second best to Switzerland's. Its 911 rescue system, the 3rd of such in the world, is free. Its traffic signalization program uses the same technology as the one in Los Angeles. Its environment is well taken care of, and a number of garden and forest resorts are must-see tourist attractions. Its people are peace-loving people, raking for the city the lowest recorded crime rates in the country. Its people are also law-abiding, making the city smoke-free for 10 years. Its culture traces back to the original tribes of the land and continues to thrive in modern times as showcased in extravagant festivities as the Kadayawan. It's also a stone throw away to Samal's pristine white sand beaches affording an easy escape to a bustling city life. Its list of adrenaline-pumping adventures are also endless, topped only by trekking the peak of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. There's more to Davao than buildings and highways, and that's what makes this city the best.
No doubt the best city in the philippines and still a young city with a lot of potential of becoming an economic power in the country. If not for mindanao issues this city should have been more progressive.
[Newest]I'd loved to live in this city even if you go home late at night nothing to worry about its safe.
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5Roxas City
Sea foods capital of the Philippines and now fast growing city in the visayas the next business of of visayas. Roxas City is very liveable city and accessible city
It increased its local revenues and not totally dependent to its internal revenue allotment anymore.
[Newest]Neighboring aklan, antique, and iloilo.

6Makati City
Makati is the heart of metro manila it can be the new york of the philippines because it acts like a cosmopolitian city of the philippines unlike bangkok, makati it self is clean. And the best part is it is VERY wild in the night, before you sleep in makati look out your window!
Makati City is world-class in that it has a high concentration of talented, ambitious people coming from all over the world (as expatriates, knowledge workers, etc. ) Makati is the home to a large number of foreign embassies, and offices of multinational / global organizations. Makati also provides an unlimited range of cultural venues.
Proud to be a Makati citizen, a lot of benefits for the kids and old people. One of highest in terms of GDP per capita and one of the richest.
[Newest]Very clean! Looks like New York!

7Cagayan de Oro City

first mall in mindanao:

first starbucks in mindanao

biggest central business district in mindanao:

biggest rustan's fresh supermarket in the Philippines:
>rustan's centrio

tallest building in mindanao:
>limketkai hotel tower 1=19F
>limketkai hotel tower 2=33-36F

first underpass in mindanao:
>limketkai-rosario underpass

most expansionary mall in mindanao:
>limketkai mall

first 5 star hotel in mindanao:
>riviera hotel

first business park in mindanao:
>pueblo de oro business park

first Mazda showroom in mindanao

first Chevrolet showroom in mindanao

first BMW showroom in mindanao

first city in mindanao to establish independence to Spaniards.

first city to build an all-glass high rise building

home to two biggest homegrown companies in mindanao:
>LIMKETKAI and SONS INC. (owner of limketkai cbd, mall, hotel, marca leon cooking oil)
>ZEALEP GROUP OF COMPANIES (owner of paseo del rio, liceo de cagayan university, bohemian travels and tours etc. )

home to largest malls/ supermarkets in the region:
>LIMKETKAI MALL (homegrown)
>PASEO MALL (homegrown, under construction)
>CENTRIO MALL (under construction)
>SM MALL (uptown. Soon to be on downtown with bpo office, hotel, etc)
>ORORAMA CHAIN OF STORES (homegrown. Just like puregold but not a hypermarket)
>S and R (soon)

other big ticket investments in CDO:

... And many many more!

we are just so proud of our city today!
Dubbed locally as the "City of Golden Friendship" (Dakbayan sa Bulawanong Panaghigala-ay in Cebuano, as the phrase appears on the city's seal) for the camaraderie and hospitality that are inherent and traditional traits of its people.
Cagayan de Oro is considered as a melting pot in Mindanao. A growing metropolis to be classified as a first-class city. Cagayan de Oro serves as the regional center being the most populous highly-urbanized city in Northern Mindanao (Region noted for its accessibility, business growth and tourism attractions.
Cagayan de Oro is the "Melting Pot of Mindanao" because of its accessibility, business growth, attractions and most of its entire warm and hospitable people. It is also a business hub of Northern Mindanao region, considered as one of the most progressive and competitive cities in the country.
It was recorded to have reached the annual income of 1.345 billion pesos as of the fiscal year 2006. The city's economy is largely based on industry, commerce, trade, services and tourism. These are the major financial sources of the city and it has been sufficient for the city's economic growth development.
This city is in boom, in bloom and in blossom... Why? Because it has progressed tremendously as manifested through the building of infrastructures such 3 flyovers, 3 SM Savemores, Laguindingan International Airport, construction of skyscrapers ( Limketkai Hotel, Avida Tower and Paseo del Rio Residences). Unfortunately, the city was under attacked by the recent horrible typhoon Sendong which caused the city to suffer a sudden economic lag. But, in just a matter of one month, the city was able to regain its economic stability.
[Newest]Cagayan de Oro City is the home of the investors and the golden friendship as well.
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8Legazpi City
The features of legazpi city are:
1. Mayon Volcano
2. Ligñon Hill Nature Park
3. Albay Park and Wildlife
4. Potpot Cave
5. LANDCO Business Park(Pacific Mall, Metro, etc)
6. LCC Mall
7. Embarcadero de Legazpi(Puregold, Duty Free etc. )
8. Legazpi Boulevard (one of the longest boulevard outside manila)
9. Peñaranda Park(Liberty Bell etc)
10. Ibalong Festival
11. Mayon Lava Front
12. Busay Falls (Malanka)
13. Hotels(Oriental, Venezia, St. Ellis, Casablanca Hotel)
14. Misibis Bay (Cagraray)
15. Legazpi City Convention Center, Ibalong Centrum and Albay Astrodome
16. Legazpi Water Sports Complex (soon)
17. IT Park(Sutherland)
19.A. bichara Silverscreens Commercial Center
20. Legazpi Grand Central Terminal, Legazpi Seaport Terminal
21. Sleeping Lion Hill
22. Kalayaan Park(Imelda Park)
23. City Dormitory
24. Camella, Suncore, Le Grand, Rennaissance, Highlands Legazpi
25. Headless Monument, Battle of Legazpi Monument, Gen. Paua Monument, Ibalong Monument, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi Monument
26. Regional Center
27. Bicol University, Aquinas University, Divine Word College
29. Rizal Plaza, St. Agnes Academy
30. Bicol International Airport
31. Legazpi Domestic Airport
32. Albay Cathedral, St. Raphael Church, Iglesia Ni Cristo Church, Legazpi Mosque
33. Philippine National Railway, Legazpi City Seaport
34. Camp Simeon Ola
35. BRTT Hospital, Aquinas University Hospital, Estevez Hospital, Albay Doctors Hospital, City Health
36. Magayon Festival, Karangahan Festival(Green Christmas)
37. Hepa Street (Street Foods)
38. No Smoking City and Plastic Free City
39. Bicol Express and Pinangat
40. Chick In Bar, Green Leaf etc.

It's more fun in legazpi city :)
I really love the longest boulevard outside manila.. LEGAZPI BOULEVARD!
Jogging is more fun here because this city offers the vibrant legazpi boulevard. If you're tired along the way, you can enjoy drinking buko juice that will quench your thirst. Come visit this city because this is the adventure city!
[Newest]Go for the best

9Baguio City
Baguio City is a multicultural city because It has been a settlement for Americans, Japanese, Chinese and even the Natives of Cordillera. Baguio City is also a great city because it has the CRUISE-SHIP shaped MALL (SM Baguio), the Panagbenga (Flowerfestival; in which we make floats out of natural flowers), One of the Texas Instruments Factories, the Only Philippine Military Academy and We can also make our city look like New York because we have the ABANAO SQUARE, MALCOLM SQUARE, and very own Business street: Session Road.
Baguio is the center of everything... It is a bulk source of profit. Strong and competitive in terms of tourism, industrial exported products, beautiful views, hotels, and business cites. Rich in cultural activities, less case of accidents, people in Baguio City is hospitable, generous and kind. It was been a center of education. A center of mining industries, well known and socially involve in any issues.
A lot of improvement needed to be done though, If my city can be as strict as Davao City, as hospitable just like Iloilo City, As clean as Palawan City and as cold as Bukidnon then no wonder it will be number 1. I don't find it necessary to build tall buildings or have some structure built everywhere. Though my heart still belongs to Baguio City. I stayed in Makati City for 2 years and I loved it, Marikina City for almost a year and I feel safe. Go Baguio!
[Newest]A lot of work to be done. Reforestation of mountains, better urban planning, and for the record it is succumbing with unsustainable influx of people. Baguio is hard pressed with all the population explosion. Clear cutting mountains to build houses is not the best IDEA! If it continues not only will Baguio become hotter it will also become more polluted.

10Puerto Princesa City
A city in the paradise... Were underground river belong, and also one of the 7 wonders nature in the world... A cleanest and greenest city!
Please vote!.. Thanks... One of their famous tourist place is th PUERTO PRINCESA UNDERGROUND RIVER... Yeah!
Puerto Princesa is truly a haven of natural wonders.. A lot of potential...
A lot to Offer.. A City in the Forest
The Last Frontier...
[Newest]Why are so many foreigners coming here to retire? ITS OBVIOUS!

The Contenders

11General Santos City
I'm from Quezon City but I have been living and working here in GenSan for a decade now, my son was born here. It is a rapidly progressing city in terms of economic activities and booming population, people from all over the country are attracted by its unique combination of urban life amenities with a rural flavor, exotic multi-cultural mix, it's adventurous history as a settlement and the visionary legacy of its founder and namesake Gen. Santos as seen in its well-planned zones, wide avenues and broad boulevards is testament to its potential as the future gateway of the south as the Philippines southernmost tip city.
The Tuna Capital of the Phils, in Asia, and soon to be the Tuna Capital of the World.
General Santos is just a small city but with great talents. Gensan is very livable with great things to offer. It has wide roads and less traffic. Great resorts and hotels. Healthy cuisines and local delicacies are diverse! Plus, the cost of living here is very cheap! Truly magnificent!
[Newest]One of the Best and Blessed City in the Philippines.
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12Metro Manila
Metro Manila is the total urban area that is composed of different cities and the surrounding urban fringe. The proper city Manila is only one of the big cities of this urban agglomeration. Metro Manila, or the 'National Capital Region' as they say in the Philippines.
Metro Manila is the business and cultural center of the Philippines and this is the face of our country as its capital, Manila develops- the whole country develops, too.
In what providence is valenzuela city?

13Quezon City
Most of government offices and Networks (channel 2, 5, 7, 9, 13...) found in the city of star specially around the elliptical road (QCMC, the Batasan Complex (for congress, Along East Avenue (Banko Sentral, Heart Center of the Philippines, S Complex, National Kidney Institute, Q.C. city Hall, National Census, LTO Main Office, LTFRB Office, LRA Office, Pag-Ibig Office). Entertainment (Eastwood Libis, Timog Avenue, U.P. techno Hub, Araneta Center Cubao, Q.Avenue). Forestry (La Mesa Dam Ecology Park in Fairview, ). SM Malls, Robinsons Mall, Ayala Mall, Landmark, Fisher Mall, Ali Mall, Gateway Mall, Ever Mall, Shopwise, Puregold and a lot more. Quezon City is a Package City.
Quezon City is the largest and richest city is NCR. It consists the greatest opportunities. I live here since 1982 and will probably to the rest of my life. No matter I used to traveling to anywhere in the Ph or to the rest of the world, Quezon City is always on top of my heart.
With its wide public spaces, tree-lined avenues, and a soon-to-rise central business district, the future is bright for Quezon City. The sprawling UP Diliman campus is an ecological, cultural, artistic and intellectual oasis. I can live here.
[Newest]The Hollywood Version Of The Philippines. The Largest City In The Philippines. Celebrating It's 75th Anniversary. Full Of Beautiful Girls. All Famous Celebrities Are Currently Living There.

14Tacloban City
Tacloban is one of the most scenic and picturesque cities in the Philippines. It is a charming, peaceful, and idyllic town, with all the conveniences and amenities of a modern city. There are a lot of good hotels, resorts, malls, and restaurants. There are also several good schools and universities within the city (including U.P. ). This city is ideal for families, retirees, and tourists.
The landscape is amazing... History was birth in this place... General Douglas McArthur landed and stayed in this city.
The best city in the east, with strong and smart people.. "Once you see TACLOBAN you shall return"..
[Newest]Tacloban a city of life, living in this city feels like you won a house, car and condo. Tacloban is very modern beautiful lights at night with the the beautiful sunrise in the morning. Live a nice and simple life Tacloban.

15Zamboanga City
One of the highly urbanized cities in Mindanao, the City of Flowers is the third largest city in terms of land area as well as being the sixth most populous city in the Philippines. Known for its unique creole Spanish known as Chavacano and its Hispanic influence, leading the city be named as Asia's Latin City. Despite being a City since 1936, the locals called the city center "pueblo" because of its significance during the American colonial period. The city has its many firsts- the first Catholic diocese in Mindanao, and in the pre-WWII period the center of all Mindanao. The city will soon rise from being lagging behind the the cities in Mindanao towards being one of the most prosperous cities in Mindanao.
Is you want to experience SPAIN IN ASIA, then this is the place to go. It's nicknamed as "Asia's Latin City" because of Chavacano, a spanish-derive dialect widely spoken in this City. It comprises 70% Spanish words and 30% local dialects. Spanish Architecture can be seen all over the city. It makes you feel as if your in another country. Viva Zamboanga!
ZAMBOANGA CITY is a highly urbanized city only in the region.
If you want to experience Latin in your life, come to Zamboanga and learn our very own dialect 'chavacano' 60% Latin words and 40% native words. The city has many infrastructures and buildings that are designed as Latin. Experience the only PINK BEACH in the country, the Sta Cruz. Island. See the modern musically gyrating fountain. Visit Paseo del Mar, R. T Lim Boulevard, Plaza del Pilar, Metropolitan Cathedral, Pasonanca Park, AND MANY MORE. Zamboanga has 3 universities, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Universidad de Zamboanga and Western Mindanao State University. The city is also the Sardines Capitalof the Philippines. It has an International Airport and this city is very unique than any other. ADELANTE ZAMBOANGA!
[Newest]Lot of place to relax

16Batangas City
This is true. Even landed as finalist to the worlds mist liveable cities. The strong leadership and commitment to do right by their mayor put batangas city in the list and no question for being the philippines Green City
One of the best LGU's 2011 in the country
a very safe place
many attractive places like beaches, mountains, and also the people are very attractive
so Eto Batangenio Disiplinado!
The City of Batangas gears up activities on trade, finance, education and medical services for most part of the province. As a center for trade and commerce, it hosts one of the largest oil refineries in the country, Pilipinas Shell and 3 Natural Gas Power Plants namely Kielco, First Gas and Malampaya On-Shore Gas Plant. Other major industries include San Miguel Food Corporation, JG Summit PetroChemical Corp., Universal Robina Corp., Himmel Industries Inc., Chemphil Bulk Terminal, San Lorenzo Power Plant, First Philippine Industrial Corp., It is the center for education with 3 of the Largest Universities in the Province and recently more International Schoolshave chosen the city as their campus site.
The City draws a thousand transient migratory workers w/ 46 banking and other financial institutions, 5major Hospitals, 3major Hotels, and various government agencies.
Sister Cities: Rio De Janiero, Brazil;
Cologne, Germany
Lhangenfeld, Rhineland, Germany
Guadalajara, Mexico
Barcelona, Spain
Tawau, Malaysia
[Newest]Classical city, religious, loving people...

17Dumaguete City
Dumaguete is surely gonna be one of the best cities in the Philippines in the next 10 years. It offers a lot of beautiful places and luxurious landmarks which would surely make you enjoy and have much fun. The city boasts enchanting views. But if you really want to enjoy, go to the Sidlakang Negros Village or go strolling in the boulevard. And after a tiring trip in the whole city, it's nice to relax in one of the beautiful hotels located within the city.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Dumaguete City, the City of Gentle People!
Dumaguete City is the best, so peaceful, so nice. You're contented to be here. So many malls, it's like a Little Manila.. Hahaha.. Dumaguete has many call center jobs here, There are so many Gasoline Station Put Up in the city. Hope You Could Visit.
Dumaguete is the place to be, swear! Spent my 20yrs there and it was awesome
[Newest]Dumaguete is so nice.

Kalibo is the heart of aklan
As the commercial and educational center, it caters not only to the people of Aklan but also to transients coming from other nearby provinces, cities and countries. As a major tourism gateway, the influx of tourists to Boracay Island catalyzes rapid economic expansion and municipal landscape development. Tourism activity peaks in the heart of Kalibo every January as the yearly celebration of the world-famous Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival.

Kalibo is the hub for the Piña cloth industry of Aklan.
Kalibo has tourist boomtown character and is famous not only as a jump-off point to Boracay but as the home of the Philippines original, most popular, most colorful and spontaneous Ati-Atihan Festival

Aside from Ati-atihan, other places of interest in Kalibo is the Bakhawan Eco-Park, dubbed as the Philippines most successful mangrove reforestation project and the Aklan Museum (Museo it Akean) which serves as a repository of the town's history and heritage.
Kalibo is the next Big thing in Western Visayas with the influx of Tourist going to Boracay. And with its International Airport, I believed that Kalibo deserves to become a City.

19Cabanatuan City
The Cabanatuan city is one of the fastest developing city in the Philippines, It has many branches of banks, Supermarket, Malls, Universities and school, infrastructure and etc. Take note that Cabanatuan is a small city but It can compete to other cities in region 3 or even outside of region 3, It can almost compete to Naga City. The people live here are so lucky because its one of the most happy, peace, alive and wealth city in the province of Nueva ecija or even though in the Philippines. All of the different businessman have been build their business here, were all satisfied, because they got what they want. It simply means that the city is really competitive, because its gives the very good services from banks, malls and supermarkets, universities and schools, hotels and restaurants and many others. I'm very proud to be Novo ecijano of Cabanatuan!
Cabanatuan City is a small city, but it is one of the progressive city in Region 3.
Cabanatuan City is already reached the qualification of a highly urbanized city (HUC). Seemingly, agriculture industry has a big contribution on this matter yet the city is evidently lack in tourist destination.
[Newest]Yeah it's the best city ever!

20Naga City

The happy place (an maogmang lugar)
The heart of Bicol
The Pilgrim City
The Royal City

1. First Normal school in Southeast Asia: University of Santa Isabel, 1869
2. First printing press in Southern Luzon: Libreria y Imprenta Mariana, 1892
3. The first city in Southern Luzon and the 3rd oldest in the Philippines, 1595
4. Oldest school in Southern Luzon: Holy Rosary Minor Seminary, 1793
5. The first University in Southern Luzon: University of Nueva Caceres
6. 3rd City in the Philippines to be granted a Royal title, 1595
7. First jesuit institution in Bicol, Ateneo de Naga
8. Biggest churchin Bicol: Naga Cathedral
9. The 3rd oldest Archdiocese in the Philippines
10. City with the biggest library in Bicol
11. City with the most number of museums
12. Etc
13. Etc
14. Etc
Bustling with economic activity while maintaining the provincial ambiance. Naga is a beautiful city rich in culture and heritage blending in the cosmopolitan lifestyle, making it a happy place indeed. Plus, it's the center of good governance, making it an example of how development and good practice in the government work side by side to bring progress.
Naga is considered as a land of beauty and integrity. People involved in our city are really respectful and have the capability to be united for the betterment of our magnificent city. Naganians are really impressive not for its gigantic wit and entertaining looks but also they were born with confidence and charisma that indeed represents of who filipino really are? It is a place where in people feels so comfortable to live and work as a part of their daily activities. Naga has great attraction such as ocean park, gemmahan falls, and the mountain of cantao-an which is really known for its beautiful sunset. We are so blessed. Naga is very industrialized. Very populous and serene.
[Newest]Safe place where you can live...

21Vigan City
It is one of the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines and truly a child friendly city. No wonder this beautiful city is bowed by the tourists not only with its remarkable structures but also because of it's good people too.
Love the city, went to a private all boys high school back then on the late 50's. A US citizen come home (Sta. Catalina) every now & then & I am proud of the city as it progress. I applaud the city officials for keeping the city a nice place to live & visit.
It is a World Heritage Site in that it is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines, and is well known for its cobblestone streets, and a unique architecture that fuses Philippine and Oriental building designs and construction, with colonial European architecture.
[Newest]Soon to be one of the 7 wonder cities in the world

22Tagaytay City
Tagaytay is a very best place to live in due to it's geographical location. A cool and clean city with breathtaking scenery. A lot of Condominium is on the rise. Peace and order is good. There are lot of good and first class restaurant and hotel in the city. Going to Batangas, Laguna and Metro Manila is very easy due to it's road network and it's FREE because it's a freeway. ( No Paid Tollway )
Best climate and sceneries.
Not as congested as baguio plus near metro manila
Tagatay has a mild climate, good hospitals, and many good restaurants, hotels, and golf courses. It is only one hour away from an international airport and Manila. The roads and infrastructure in general are well maintained. You can be at large malls in Damarinas and St. Rosa within 30 minutes. The bad: Because it is a tourist destination traffic is bad on the weekends, but during the week it easy to get around. Housing and property are expensive, but less than 15-20 minutes away, lower on the hill, land and home prices are cheaper. It is great place to live.
[Newest]Not much traffic during weekdays, good climate, ideal for retirees like myself

23Butuan City
The new investment haven in the Philippines. Located at the Northeastern part of Mindanao, Butuan has many qualities to boost of. It may not be the usual tourist destination, but it is rich with untapped resources. Butuan should be on the top of the mind of any investor owing to its vast track of land conducive to any investment. With the advent of public-private partnership, it is the first city of Japan that was visited first by acedemicians from Toyo University of Japan for P exploration. With the confidence put in by the Japanese investors, surely other investors from other countries would follow suit. Literally and figuratively, one can find a true gold in Butuan City.
Things are moving up in Butuan City. Highways leading to the City (East and West) are now 4 lanes, city roads are getting concreted, rehabilitated, and drainage systems are worked on. Being a pilot project of various Japan-funded Ps expect Butuan City to be among the premiere cities in the Philippines.
Butuan City is a complete mix of everything from exotic... To rustic to modern and euphoric. There is a surge of energy as it will embark on huge Private Public Partnership (P) developments aimed at attracting investments mainly from Japan.
[Newest]Highly urbanized yet less pollution and less traffic

Its nice in manila lots of things to do

25Passi City
Sweet city of iloilo province... Heart of panay island.

26Paranaque City
Having an urban living the same time less pollution, less traffic jam and a clean and Green City.
One of the fastest growing city in this part of the country.
The Fashion Capital of the Philippines, The City of Lights


[Newest]Urban living is what I need

27Angeles City
City of angels. I like the way we celebrate 'Fiestang Kuliat' wherin its highlight of the celebration is through 'Tigtigan Terakan keng dalan' or the famous street party. We have our historical places preserved. We have this famous hot-air balloon festival. Most of the people of Angeles City are highly educated, competent, fashionable, confident and friendly. Angeles City has also produced famous celebrities, beauty queens and world class achievers. Some of them are the following:
Paeng Nepomuceno (Bowling)
Efren Bata Reyes (Billiards)
Allan Pineda aka Apl de Ap (Music)
Ed Pamintuan (World Mayor)
Dennis Rodman (Basketball)
Donald David Geisler (Taekwondo)
Baron Geisler (Showbiz)
Donita Rose (MTV Asia/Showbiz)
Jacklyn Jose (Showbiz)
Antonette and Tom Taus (Showbiz)
Melanie Marquez (Pageant)
Jennifer Lopez aka JLO (Hollywood, was born in Clark Air Base)
Vanessa Minillo (Hollywood)
Lea Salonga (Broadway)
Abigail Arenas (Pageant)
Carla Balingit (Pageant)
Maricel Morales (Pageant/Politics/Showbiz)
Cammile Guevarra (Pageant)

Pampanga--being the culinary capital of the Philippines, who would forget the best sisig which originated from the city itself?!
Angeles city the best city in world
Future seat of Government- Clark Green City
[Newest]Home of the happiest people :))

28Pasig City
Pasig City is one of the most underrated and greenest cities in Metro Manila. It's a good place to live here although it has low lying areas. But the city government is doing flood control projects. It also has lower crime rates compared to other cities in Metro.
Hey! Don't forgot Pasig, the third richest city in the Philippines..
This city is similar to Makati, peaceful and beautiful. If I have a chance to pick where to live id still pick Pasig City.
[Newest]Pasig is the best

29Taguig City
The Philippines Premier City 2020

A global city (also called world city or sometimes alpha city or world center) is a city generally considered to be an important node in the global economic system.

No wonder, in every country, there can only be one called GLOBAL CITY and that is in the City of Taguig.
Taguig has made a great leap toward globalization... Hope that it would be the next Makati city andtop performing city
[Newest]The very best city in the Philippines same like Singapore

30Lapu-Lapu City
Lapu-Lapu city is the only Resort city in the country, being home to some of the best hotel & resorts such as Mactan Shangrila, Movenpick, Imperial Palace, Crimson, Abaca Boutique & Plantation Bay. It is a top tourist destination where the country's second most important airport, MCIAA is located.

Lapu-Lapu is the only VisMin city hosting Export Processing Zones which is home to various well-known multinational companies such as Timex, NEC, Fairchild, Lexmark, Taiyo, Pentax & Lear employing thousands of cebuanos.

Lapu-Lapu is a perfect place to live, work & play as it provides many employment opportunities and a relaxing, laidback ambiance present only in the only resort cosmopolitan city in the country.
Cebu City is the queen city of the south, but Lapu-lapu city is city of hero, because Lapu-lapu is the first hero in philippines who came from this island
It is the only island city in the philippines and so populous and great
Thank for lapu lapu city I'm live in lapu lapu city is beautiful lapu lapu city more hotel and beaches

31Silay City
Rich in history and culture...
fun people
The second heritage city in the philippines and one of the bustling cities of metro bacolod

32Laoag City
Laoag city is still the best city ever, the cleanest compared to some of the cities in the philippines I went. Streets plans are well organized. Nothing compares, you better visit laoag city and see it for your self
Laoag city for me is still the best city I travelled a lot of places already but nothing compares to this sparkling gem of ilocandia the sunshine city of laoag. It is clean and the plan of the streets are well organized. It has so much things to offer from beatiful places to visit and good food to taste and the hospitality is awesome. Speak for yourself visit Laoag City now!
Laoag city is the best city for me in the philippines
[Newest]Laoag City is incomparable. It is organized and clean city.

33Marikina City
Marikina is noted as one of tourism and cultural hub of Metro Manila and one of the wealthiest local government units in the Philippines. Aside the traditional shoe and leather industry, many places in Marikina are now recognized for its eco-friendly points, balance of industry, people and nature. Among this, the residents satisfies the basic services and balance governance of the city. The city features typically many spacious parks, museums, tree-lined streets, bike-lanes, traffic signs, crossings, walkways, churches, antiquated houses and commercial establishments. Despite the latter, most of the city is classified as residential and industrial. The city also considered as one of the healthiest and livable cities within the Asia-Pacific, awarded Hall of Fame for its cleanest and greenest city, most awarded city in Metro Manila and most competitive city in the Philippines. The people of Marikina are amongst the most disciplined in the Philippines.
Cleanest city. Most disciplined people in the Philippines. Less Corruption. Friendly and approachable police officers.
Disciplined people. Clean and safe environment. Organized livelihood.
[Newest]Shoe capital of the Philippines!

34Tagbilaran City
When I say tagbilaran, simplicity is the adjective in my mind. Sweet and loving people are just few characters of tagbilaranon. Being the 1st class city, it serves as the center of trade, commerce and industry, education,
Politics and culture in the whole province of Bohol.. It is also the lobby of the grand hospitality and tourism industry of the province. Popularly known as THE CITY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP...

Tagbilaran is everything you want your paradise to be. Just and it shall be handed unto you. You want sun, sand, sea, history, right smack in the middle of a city? All checked and available. You want safety, world-class hotels with service second to none and personnel speaking near perfect English? They're all in Tagbilaran You want a clean environment with none of the cacaphony of the city? Tagbilaran has pockets and pockets of those, but, if you want the nightlife, Tagbilaran has those delicious places too. You want or need more than you deserved? Then your go to place is Tagbilaran! Quality so fine and prices so low, it is almost a crime to take your vacation there!
Tagbilaran City is one of the best cities in the Philippines because it has a very low crime rate. The people are friendly and fiestas especially in the month of May is always a reason for Bohokanos living in other places and visitors to have a vacation in this city where shopping malls are just so accessible. Its very easy to work, study and transact business in Tagbilaran City because it is virtually traffic-free! Tagbilaran City is accessible to tourists as it has many ports and an airport. Life is easy and comfortable in Tagbilaran City!
[Newest]Very lovely city to live..

35Las Piñas City
No Bamboo organ in the world except in Las Pinas and awarded cleanest city of the Philippines
Las Pinas Because it has the historical and beautiful Bamboo Organ
Las Pinas of course because of its bamboo organ and cleanliness!
[Newest]It's the cleanest city on the phil

36Urdaneta City
The City of Urdaneta is known as the Gateway to the North owing to its strategic location. All roads lead to the City when travelling to the cool pines of Baguio City, the historic sites of the Ilocos provinces, the beaches of Dagupan City, and the religious center that is Manaoag.

37Lipa City
Dubbed as the "little Rome" of the Philippines.

Lipa City is CALABARZON's 5th richest city with an income of over P850M. While the city experiences dramatic economic development, it still retains its agricultural heritage.

The city also serves as the religious center of the country as numerous churches, monasteries, convents and seminaries are located within the city.

The city also boasts modern educational and medical facilities accommodating not only the Lipeños but also the whole Southern Tagalog region.

The city was also recognized as an ICT hub twice.
Lipa City is a very expensive city for me it is the richest city of the southern tagalog because in LIPA CITY we always believe that TOGETHER and BY FAITH NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. We have expensive universities here, many banks and of course malls that will surely brings you to Manila and on the other side here in LIPA CITY, the environment and politics were both CLEAN <3 VIVA LIPENO ALAEH BATANGAS!
There are many jobs for the people, has medical facilities, malls for entertainment, has a booming economy.
[Newest]Lipa city is amazing.

Caloocan City is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila but the city governance is sickening. It seems hopeless, kahit sinong maupo walang pagbabago. Hard core corruption, and the city it continuously rotting from inside.

39San Fernando City, La Union
San Fernando City is the Provincial Capital of La Union and the Regional Center of the Ilocos Region. It is a fast-growing metropolis in the North with an active Trade and Commerce activities.
So nice city... Even the tricycles adhere strictly to single design and color and must be 4-stroke engine to reduce pollution. The City Plaza and park is closed to traffic during the night to allow children, families and residents to enjoy the park.
Curfew is imposed to youngsters/teenagers 9:30pm unless accompanied by their parents.
San Fernando city is number one these people don't know what there thinking

40Cauayan City
Its very very dirty place, a home of garbages and flies. and be thankful it's not included as the top 50.
Agro-Industrial Capital of Cagayan Valley
The Central Business District of Cagayan Valley...

41Santiago City

Queen City of the North


The northernmost independent city in the Philippines. Truly the Queen City of the North.
[Newest]Independent city of isabela

42Talisay City

43Cadiz City
Home of Dinagsa festival
Dried fish provider in the philippines
Home of philippine normal university
Has luxurious and beautiful beaches especially in cadiz viejo and lakawon islands
Charmin city of northern negros

44Pasay City
Its the best city in metro all the airports are situated here;-) so could you imagine without pasay? ;-)
Mall of asia and the window of the Philippines inthere
Travel city and the gateway

45Surigao City
The oldest town in Mindanao. One of the cleanliest city in the country of the year 2006 led by the mayor Casurra. A developing and progressive city which now led by a city mayor Nitoy Matugas!
People are very friendly. This quite city really catch my attention. I love the beaches. Surigao city is one of the leading supplier of nickel ore in the country.
It's one of the most progressive cities in the country. Bonok Bonok festival every Sept 9th is superb! The best and talented choreographers were all came from this city. No traffic, kind people, food, and beaches are actually way amazing compared to other cities. Also known as the city of island adventure. Less-crime, peace and solemn atmosphere really awaits your comfort.
[Newest]One of the most livable city in the Philippines.

46Olongapo City
Yes Olongapo is a great city, It has it's up and down but people are all doing their best to make this city proud and great


You can't find here the city where you wanted to be. it has the most beautiful yet historical and outstanding sceneries and tourist spot in the Philippines.
It is a entertainment capital of the Philippines where nature and nightlife meet... a lot of things to do in olongapo
[Newest]Olongapo is a great city

47City of San Fernando Pampanga
"has the best mayor in the philippines and 4th in the world"
You can really say that San Fernando the most livable city in Philippines!
What about being the Christmas capital of the philippines? :)
[Newest]It is the capital of Pampanga and the regional center of Central Luzon (Region I). Well known for its giant lanterns and is popularly known as the "Christmas Capital of the Philippines." The annual Giant Lantern Festival is held every December.

48San Carlos City, Negros


50Valenzuela City
Popularly known as the "Vibrant City", Valenzuela City emerging as one of the premiere business and industrial centers in Northern Metro Manila, Philippines
Emerging Commercial Center, Known as the Vibrant City, less crime rates, Awarded the politicians as the least corrupt form of government
The politicians in Valenzuela are not corrupt and the buildings and school are nice! The police are good.
[Newest]Valenzuela it's the best for

51Tanauan City
The cradle of noble heroes.. Awarded as the best cities in calabarzon in efficient collection in real properties and awarded as the highest collection thereto...

52Miag-ao City

53Trece Martirez City
I used to stay there

54City of Ilagan
The investment hub of Region 2
The largest city in region 2 for land area and population and
The largest corn producer in the philippines
The city has a great potential for more development specially with its natural resources
Cauayan is must be the capital of Isabela not Ilagan its because they are poor and Cauayan is progressive.. You will never be the same as like us

55Malay City
Mother town of boracay

Richest town of visayas
Richest city of aklan province

56Pototan City
Christmas capital of western visayas

57Tuguegarao City
This city is progressive and one of the fastest growing economy in the philippines in terms of business and tourism. Because it is the regional center of cagayan valley region and because of sprawling university school and many high rise building. It become metropolis someday.
Though it is considered to be the hottest place in the Philippines, Tuguegarao City strives and continues to develop in terms of economy and education.
University belt of region 2. Where you can find one of the most delicious noodles. Center of culture trade and commerce in region 2.. Friendly people.
[Newest]The future highly urbanized

58Dagupan City
Most proactive and humblest people in Northern Luzon. Proactive people is taking responsibility. They never blame the government, because they are response-able of their life. They use excellent language to communicate with each other to serve either the locals or tne needs of the tourist's as an indicator of how they see and respect themselves. Small but Excellent City to be proud of.
The Independent component city small but excellent improvements. One of the 12 metro of the Philippines. It is the Bangus Capital of the world should I say. A central of Commercial, Financial, Education, Medical, and more in north manila. It is the meeting place for everyone because a lots of things to do. Center of Fun, Enjoyments, and Momentum. For me this is the place of energetic people. Inspired city.
The first City in the province of Pangasinan. It is called the BANGUS capitAL of the Philippines. Center of Education and Medical Center north of Manila. It is one of the most progressive city of the province.

You can still see in the city the remnants of the HIstory.
[Newest]Financial capital of the north

59Gapan City
The tsinelas capital of north and central Luzon.

60Calbayog City
Calbayog was then one of the most, known and awesomely visited famous City of the country because then of corrupt officials the City was over pass by many towns, municipalities, cities of the country. But! The City is now and again standing with progress and so much to offer. As of 2012 they're rising FOUR Malls! In just a Year. Recognized by its spectacular natural resources, as called to be the City of Waterfalls, City of Haven and Paradise, and many more. Just a piece of advice visit and explore for you to experience.
It is a beautiful, friendly and clean city. It is where I always visit for it has many attractive and relaxing sights. You will be amazed of this place for there happy and hospitable people living there. We can witness no crimes there for they are really kind and nice. You won't regret going there for this is the best province I've ever visited in my entire life.
It is one of the cleanliest cities in the philippines. And in top 3 on the most largest cities in the philippines in terms of land area
[Newest]I love my town CALBAYOG CITY because manY Tourist pOts here..

61Dipolog City
Progressive city. Downtown lots price close to that of Dumaguete and Cebu. The city has good infrastructures which makes it liveable compare with others and this aside from the historical sites that are already developed for the tourists and locals to enjoy. Keep growing Dipolog!
Dipolog City-the cleanest city I ever visited in the Philippines.
Its more fun in dipolog.. Even if I am just a new resident here... I still love dipolog, rather than the city where I was born oroquieta city...
[Newest]A peaceful city aside from being clean.

62Maasin City
4th class city in the country, don't tell me maasin is the best compare to san juan city in metro mla. Hehe

63Koronadal City
Known to be the most competitive small city in the phillipines, bested some small cities in luzon, visayas and here in mindanao.. Regional center for trade and industry.. A fast growing city in southern part of philippine archipelago.. KANAMI KORONADAL!
The massive productivity of this city for a year makes the people more cooperative to sustain the peace and order. This city is not just progressive but undeniably beautiful.
Koronadal City is the regional center if region
[Newest]Its already 75 years old

64Subic City
Ongoing infrustructure of different known business establishment and the plan for new military bases in subic town and business connection from the Subc Bay Freeport.

65San Jose del Monte City
Balance urban and green planning. Most importantly with an average of 100meters above sea level, flood free city!
San Jose del Monte City awarded as the cleanest city and the richest city of Bulacan. The most promising city because its proximity to metro manila.
Flood free city, less pollution
[Newest]Future Sm san jose jose del monte

66Cotabato City
My city. 2nd oldest city in mindanao. the one and only STONE FORTRESS OF MINDANAO
My city. 2nd oldest city in mindanao. the one and only STONE FORTLESS OF MINDANAO.

67Dasmariñas City
One of the most populated city in the Philippines, considered to be the richest city in Southern Tagalog.

University Capital outside Metro Manila, home of the topnotch universities like De La Salle University, Philippine Christian University, Technological University of the Philippines, and Lyceum of the Philippines University.
One of the most fastest growing progress cities outside metro manila, university capital town in cavite, a lot of malls like sm and robinsons, first cavite industrial estate, dasma.techno park, the orchard golf@country club and a lot more, it is suitable to reside because it is far from pollution and disaster of calamity like floods and erosion.
Dasmarinas is the richest city in Cavite, and were still improving.. Onward Forward city of Dasmarinas!

68Malaybalay City
Malaybalay City is a beauty in itself because of rhe cold climate, serene and laid back lifestyle. At the same time you can get practically everything you need. Close to Cagayan de Oro city if you think of changing your atmosphere into a faster gear from time to time but Malaybalay is best to reside in at the end of the day.
The South Summer Capital of the Philippines!

69Batac City
Home of great leaders

70Iligan City
The Industrial City of the South... The home of the Majestic Maria Christina Falls... The City of Water Falls---Many different Beautiful Water Falls, each with their own character---Truly a nice place for everyone to visit!
Iligan city is considered to be the best investment site in Northern Mindanao along with Cagayan de Oro City. In terms of Tourist attractions, the city has a lot of potentials that were not totally explored by the visitors. The peace and order situation are one of the best. Come and visit Iligan!
Known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, there are around 23 waterfalls in and around Iligan. Among them is the Maria Cristina Falls, home of Mindanao's primary hydroelectric power station, and Limunsudan Falls.

Iligan is also the Industrial Center of the South. It produces hydroelectric power for the Mindanao region through the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), the site of the Mindanao Regional Center (MRC) housing Agus IV, VI and VII hydroelectric plants. It also houses industries like steel, tinplate, cement and flourmills. The National Steel Corporation, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Southeast Asian region, now Global Steelworks International Incorporated was re-opened in 2003 after heavy setbacks resulting to its closure in 1999. Iligan along with its neighboring city, Cagayan de Oro City, are the two major components for the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor, the fastest developing area in Northern Mindanao.
[Newest]Very nice and clean city!

71Oton City
Was made the first capital of iloilo


Richest town of iloilo province
Oton is a city of wonder striving always for excellence
Excellent in mind and sports

72Meycauayan City

73Tarlac City
Home of Stars and Greatest Presidents in the philippines.
Tarlac city has a very nice history
It is a great city, very wonderful
[Newest]City of different culture

74Tabuk City
Tabuk City, I most love it when it was still rural. Remembering its clean Chico River, Greens everywhere, not known of every single Filipinos because of its quiet characteristic.. Until it became City.
Tabuk City is best city, because it is where we can find beautiful scenery in the Philippines. It is the city where HOSPITALITY is still observed. :-)
Tabuk City Kalinga, the city of beautiful women! The city of proud indigenous people! The city of mountains! The city where I belong.

75San Jose de Buenavista
Capital of Antique province

76Lucena City
Restaurants in every corner, banks every where, oil mills scattered all over the city,..
The only 1st highly urbanized city in CALABARZON region... And the capital city of the QUEZON province... Belongs to the 25 most competitive cities of the Philippines.. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 236, 390 people in 45, 902 households...
The largest southernmost city of Luzon
[Newest]Gateway city of the south. Best place in Quezon and very livable too! Nightlife is also awesome

77Sipalay City
City located in the south of negros occidental
with beautiful beaches like those in boracay
Beautiful scenery of beaches and a perfect place for meditation!
Crown Jewel of negros occidental because of its hidden beaches.. better than boracay..
[Newest]Don't compare this place to boracay.

78Camalig City

79Pagadian City
My hometown pagadian city is a small city but it is a modern city and it is one of the most fastest growing city in mindanao because of its good economic development it is also the regional center of zamboanga peninsula, its a 2nd class city in year 2015 it will be a 1st class city a highly urbanized city... Plss do vote pagadian city and visit :-)
Pagadian City is not just an ordinary city. It is famous for it's Inclined Tricycles because it is the FIRST one to have it.

The people here are great And there be much more greater if your friends with them. There kind, helpful, and generous in many ways. They are also all religious. Catholics, Protestants, even Muslims and other Religions are very well cooperative to each other. They don't fight like the ones you hear in the news.

But most of all.. Pagdian is one of the cities in the Philippines that are very well progressing to be a 1st Class City. They are very high-urabanized compared to the others and A very good Economic Development.

Pagadian City is the best City for me..
The home of the only inclined tricycles in the Philippines.

A city built on a hilly, rolling topography located in a beautiful natural bay (Yllana Bay).
[Newest]I want pagadian city because this my place its more fun in pagadian!

80Sagada City

81Cabiao City


83Catbalogan City
Catbalogan City has friendly, amiable and hospitable people. Its strategic geographical location on the western coast of Samar Island in Eastern Visayas makes it an ideal gateway to the region. The city's breathtaking and postcard-perfect sunsets over Maqueda Bay are sights to behold. Furthermore, its cuisine and abundance of seafood are also added bonuses. I've been to Catbalogan City a few times and will be back in the near future - perhaps soon!
We had a brief stopover in Catbalogan City on our way to Manila & enjoyed our stay there. The seafood & other delicacies were delicious. We also made new friends. We certainly will return to enjoy the place some more.
The current and dynamic leadership of Catbalogan City's first lady city mayor, Step Uy-Tan, has shown much progress in the city since the last time I visited. Catbalogan City is much livelier with friendly people and businesses booming. Good job mayor. Keep up the good work.
[Newest]Catbalogan City - nice place with friendly people & gorgeous sunsets.

84Malolos City
It's the home of the first Philippine Republic, the first Philippine Constitution was made here in Barasoain Church and became the capital of the country between 1898 to 1899 during the leadership of President Emilio Aguinaldo. Now, Malolos City is a home of many products and festivities. You can enjoy much in this spectacular city which is rich in history, national artist, great heroes and mouth watering foods!
Economy is rising... Close to Manila... Beautiful roads... Actions... Politically stable... Opportunities... Food... History...
This is where the Provincial Capitol of Bulacan is. A clean city with lots of business establishments and places to eat.

85Tawi Tawi City

86Municipality of Bayambang, Pangasinan - Philippines

87Sorsogon City
Unlike to what the others said about their places, I would prefer to voice out that SORSOGON is really a place to be titled as a paradise... Yes, other places had advantages in terms of economy as well as commerce. Which my place, Sorsogon definitely don't have. Yet, As a full blooded Sorsoganon, whatever my place could be I am very grateful to the Almighty because he hone a creation to be really proud of. I do believe that the GENUINE BEAUTY of SORSOGON is the people itself with a very healthy HEART and MIND. That whatever circumstances came WE ARE STILL STRONGER, STANDING IN THE LINE OF A PROMISE THAT SORSOGANON WILL BOUNDED WITH A BRIDGE OF LOVE AND FAITH.
Sorsogon is the best!
Its more FUN in Sorsogon

88Candon City

89Bula City

90Mandaluyong City

91Igbaras City
City of rich cultural heritage and tradition due to its festivities, wonder and the PEOPLE

92Daet City

93Mandaue City

94Ligao City
Bakit pang one hundredth to? You should take into consideration Ligao's scenic views.. We have Kawa Kawa Natural Park for example.
A city where sunflowers are very abundant. Ligao city yearly celebrates its "sunflower festival" which is every march. With this, the city was named as the sunflower city of southern luzon. You can find here the "hill without a hilltop" which is now the kawa kawa nature park. The name kawa kawa was derived from the word "kawa or kawali" because when you get at the top of the hill you can see that there is a most likely huge crater at the center which is very rare for a hill to have. To experience these stuffs? Come to ligao city & experience the "hidden gem of bicolandia".
Ligao city have a masaraga mountain and kawakawa natural park.

95Santa Rosa City
The Lion City of South Luzon
With Industrial Park such as Technopark, Shopping Malls such as SM, Robinsons, Targey Mall, Laguna Mall, Nuvali, Paseo de Santa Rosa and Ayala Center. With the country's only theme park is locate here - Enchanted Kingdom.. With Universities such as De la Salle, Ateneo, Merriam College, UST, and Xavier University all in SANTA ROSA! The countries largest COCA COLA PLANT is here also.. A wakepark with is internationally recognized is also here.. The republ1c wakepark! And with a business district (by ayala) is booming here! SANTA ROSA is dubbed as the Silicon Valley of the Philippines and The NEXT MAKATI of the South!
The investment hub in south Luzon. Gateway to tagaytay and the rest of CALABARZON.

96Balanga City
Balanga City is known for its Italian inspired structures. We also have a vision to be a world class university town in which we offers a variety of quality and globally competitive education.

97Ormoc City
Ormoc City is a medium size city on Leyte Island with additional benefits of having a moderate climate due protection of the surrounding mountain ranges and the large ocean harbor. They also have good medical facilities with another new hospital being built to add to the three already existing hospitals. The city has a new City Hall and Fire Station, with several new other infrastructure facilities being built to improve city services. There are several malls and fast food establishments within the community and numerous hotels to stay at while visiting the city. If you want to find big city services, then Cebu is a two hour fast ferry ride, to get to and shop in the very large malls.
Very relaxing place... It's a city of beautiful people governed by our ever dearest congresswoman, Lucy Torres- Gomez and beloved husband and soon to be our mayor come May, the very active and responsible, Richard Gomez...
We have the lake danao, the second largest geothermal power plant in the whole world. The sweetest pineapple in the philippines.
[Newest]The elevated landscape of Ormoc City spanning at least a hundred square kilometers is its unique assets, ideal for possible future developments: residences, amusement parks, business parks, various institutions-- all located around a cooler temperature.

98San Pablo City

99Valencia City
This is a fast growing city in the heart of mindanao and it has a lot to offer to everyone. Whether it is in the field of tourism, people, food, facilities and climate. Even though it is not the capital city of it's own province it is more industrialized and commercialized. SO COME AND LIVE IN THE OF THE GOLDEN HARVEST, THE VALENCIA CITY!
I visited last week the well known Lake Apo and I proved to myself that it is not debatable that it is one of the best and cleanest lake in the Philippines and it was a great experience riding a boat in the lake watching the beauty of the surrounding. You should not forget also our trumendous view for the spectacular Musuan Peak.
Yes it is... The only city in bukidnon who opened in trading and opportunity...

100San Juan City
San Juan is the Most Highly Urbanized City, Te Most Safest City in the Philippines, The 4th Highest Capita Income City in the Philippines and the 32nd Most Densest City in the world, San Juan Had the Firsts and Major Centers in Metro Manila.
San Juan May Be Small, But it has a big economic boom, One of the Most Safest City, Peaceful, and Liberated because no political crisis is disputed in san juan
San Juan is now one of the most dynamic cities in metro manila and the philippines

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