Top Ten Kung Fu Movies of All Time

July 29, 2015 - Which is the Greatest Martial Arts Movie of all time. Is it Shaw bros classic "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin", Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2" or Bruce Lee's "Chinese Connection"?

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The Top Ten

Enter the Dragon
Classic martial arts movie.
This movie is a lot more under-rated than I thought it would be! It's awesome man!
Bruce lee not a hero but a superhero
[Newest]By far the best of all time

2The Legend of Drunken Master
I think it is one of the best movies in the history.
Jackie Chan is the real Drunken Master...
This movie kicks ass. Plain and simple.


It is indeed the best! They way he acts and fight while drunk is just so realistic!
[Newest]One of the Jackie's Greatest movie

3Ip Man
Other people will no doubt give a more poetic account of this film, but this truly manages to combine not just incredible (and for once realistic) fight scenes with engaging characters and a fantastic story together in a hugely enjoyable movie, well worth a watch if you are a fan of any of the others in this list
With stylish grace, Donnie Yen brings to life the fluid movements of Wing Chun, that ultimately inspired Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do.
This is an extravagant film, the story behind the greatest master of Bruce Lee. Winning one against 20 is possible.
[Newest]Doesn't have the over exaggerated flying about and teaches good principles throughout. Well made movie.

4Kung Fu Panda
Best ANIMATED Kung fu movie ever
Best animation, best movie and best story all in one.
Best Kung fu movie Ever
[Newest]I saw this one coming

5The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Lui Chia-Hui (Gordon Liu) gives a commanding performance as Sin Te. The training sequences are authentic and the portrayal of Shaolin Temple's philosophy and values is respectful. Liu is an expert at Hung Ga kung fu and brings his years of training to a film that is thankfully free of the ridiculous wire-work and fake supernatural nonsense of other Shaw and H. K. martial arts films. A must-see and a must-own.
This movie is the best Shaolin movie of all time. The 35 chambers of the Shaolin Temple and the training routines are exceptionally portrayed. You can actually feel that you are part of the training. Outside of the training routines, the Shaolin Temple's philosophy is very well depicted. The invention of the 36th chamber and the way Gordon Liu comes up with it accidentally is a gem. All in all, this movie is a must have for any Kung Fu fan worth their salt. If you don't own this one, then you are not a Kung Fu connoisseur.
One of the best movie I had seen in chieldhood, even I got very much inspired ^^ started learning martial arts, so according to me this one is timeless classic ^^ everybody should have this kind of timeless movies in their collection
[Newest]7th is no :1 and 4the is no:2

6Fist of Legend
Wow on my own opinion this is the best jet li movie I ever watched. There's lot of action and it seems so really, its not like other movies where he flies ha.A. to me it's the best
Original action that help set jet li apart from others.
The best movie of jet li I ever watched, fantastic

7The Chinese Connection
you can't get a better martial art master then
Jackie Chan's crap movie beat this?! This is one of the best kung Fu movies of all time, period
Fist of fury is a brilliant mixture of entertainment and martial arts. Bruce Lee is unstoppable!
[Newest]No comparison Jackie chan is acrobatics bruce lee is all action bruce lee ids the best of all time hands down

8Return of the Dragon
This was a pretty good movie, but realistically Chuck Norris would've given Bruce Lee a serious beating if he had tried. Think about it this way...
1) It was a decently close fight, not like Bruce totally won without suffering some blows...
2) It was Bruce's movie! The storyline demanded that Bruce, who has cast himself as the protagonist, beat the villain (Chuck Norris)

In real life, Chuck Norris easily could've killed Bruce Lee. :)
Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris in this film
He is so epic I went to the graveyard in Seattle and I saw his name on one of the graveyards I'm like WHAT THE?!?!
[Newest]Bruce can easily defeat chuck

9Master of the Flying Guillotine
It's an old Kung Fu Classic but just an awesome movie period.
This and woodend soldiers gets my vote for best. I can't believe people voted for drunken master. It is garbage.
Master of the Flying Guillotine rocks... It needs to take the number 1 spot. Not only that but One Arm Boxer and the New One Armed Swordsman should be mentioned in this list.

10Mortal Kombat
I like this movie but why is this over great martial arts movies like-five deadly venoms, the protector, iron monkey, game of death, fearless, crouching tiger hidden dragon, and tai chi master?
The sequel to this film ruined a good chance of seeing an amazing video game film.
Awesome game I play it you kill

The Contenders

11The Protector
Best cinematic action scene shot in one take.
Great display of Muay Thai

12Game of Death

13Five Deadly Venoms
You can't go wrong with this movie possibly the best kung fu movie all time. And I've seen all of the good ones this bay far is the best
All time favorite. They need to remake this with current technology. If they do it right it will be a blockbuster. Need to keep it true to the original though!
Possibly the best cast ever in any martial arts movie
[Newest]This is a classic and should be on everyone's list.

14Eagle's Claw

15Iron Monkey
Kung Fu Panda?!?! Can I nominate Justin Beiber as well?

Long Step Mantis is the greatest.
For real on the Kung Fu Panda comment.
Donnie Yen. That is all.

This movie changed my life. Watched it 80 times before I could move again.

175 Fingers of Death
One of the first Shaw Brothers movies to get a theatrical release in the U. A.

18Kung Fu Panda 2
My favorite character is Lord Shen!
Please bring back Lord Shen at the ending of Kung Fu Panda 3.
Lord Shen is my emperor.

19The One-Armed Swordsman
Great martial arts story.
I do not agree with this list.

20Romeo Must Die

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