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Grape Gatorade tastes like medicine... Who likes medicine?

I hate this flavor worst flavor ever - kylebuschfan18

Hate it. Try blue cherry tastes like medicine to.

Grapes & Penicillin = This. - booklover1

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never tasted it but it sounds gross - famguyfangirl


Swamp taste like poop in a bottle NEVER drink it!

First of all I get why they named it swamp cause it literally taste like it sounds like!

Eww 😬 please vote for swamp for the worst 😋


Watered-down low-calorie drink gives Gatorade a bad name (and taste! )

It sucks and you should never try it

Couldn't even finish it. Just tasted like sugar water.

How is grape #1? Grape is the best! G2 is the worst.

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How do you NOT like orange my favorite

How is does my girlfriend like this

I hate orange Gatorade! Why the hell is grape #1? GRAPE is the best flavor! Orange is way worse!

This flavor is Horrible it just tastes like garbage

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6Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber)

I have NO way to explain how this tastes? And seriously #15? How in the world is that a Gatorade?

This is the worst tasting flavor ever. It only appeals to hipsters who apparently have no taste buds.

This horrific flavor should be number one (1).

I almost threw up and I threw it out.

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Never tried it. Not planning to.

9Blood Orange
10Fruit Punch

In USA its great but in Italy thumbs down -

Bad after taste does not taste like original fruit punch

Makes me throw up

This is good man

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This is the sickest thing I've ever tasted. I took one drink and I threw up shortly after. I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

It was green so I thought it would taste I spat it out imediatly so gross got all my friends to try it they did the same thing this should be #1

There is
Kind or three strawberry kiwi kiwi kiwi rush

12Tropical Blend

Best flavor ever, the only one I will drink to bad is no longer on the shelf. I will not buy other flavor


That's not even a flavor.. - STANCAKE

It can't be a drink ass

15Riptide Rush

Tastes so bitter, it's undrinkable.

16Green Apple

Why does it taste like candy, like jolly ranchers or something. Yes that may sound good to some, but not after you work out 👎 0/10

It just came out where I live

Basically drinking candy after working out

It tastes like apple juice! Yuck

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17Watermelon Citrus

Tastes like the green part of a watermelon. WORST $1 I've EVER SPENT

18Cool Blue

It can't be 18 number 9

19Glacier Freeze

This Flavor Is So Overrated. It Sucks

Glacier cherry is pretty good before a game

20Glacier Cherry
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