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21Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D

Nothing but a cash grab that discredits their company.

Probably the worst game I've ever played. AWFUL!

22Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land

Major disappointment for Regular show Fans. - Garythesnail

Honestly, Regular Show is my favorite T.V. show on Cartoon Network. But this game really is just dull. It's just a sample of the many cheesy games Mordecai and Rigby actually play, and most of it is really hard. Will I play it again? Sure, I'm keeping it, but I pray that it won't bore me to death.

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23SpongeBob HeroPantsV1 Comment
24Lego the Movie Videogame

There IS a 3ds version, but the picture is wrong. Lego Movie for Xbox 360 was good though. - Idontneedausername

25Pokémon Omega Ruby

Unfaithful to its Gen 3 counterparts. Too easy, the redesigns suck and cheap Mega Evolutions which overwrite some of the more famous Pokémon, like Steven's Metagross or Maxie's Camerupt. Also, what the HELL did they do to Mauville City?!

This game is the BEST and they made Mauville city a huge mall so that Hoenn can be a more exciting place to BE whoever hates this game is a big fat GENWUNNER!

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26Kirby Triple Deluxe

Yeah! Who put this game on here? The stage design and boss fights make this one of the best Kirby games ever!

Why so much praise? I mean, the game isn't bad at all. Just don't come looking for nostalgia, because there is none to be found here.

This game is the best! Why is it on this list?

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27Metroid Prime: Federation Force

My legit reaction to Fed Force trailer: Oh, so it's Tri Force Heroes but with Metroid? 10/10 Nintendo, 10/10.

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28Nintendo Badge Arcade

You have to pay just to get the badges? I think I'll just buy a theme with that money thanks, Nintendo.

Sometimes you get a shameless rip off of classic crane machines and make them into digital microtransactions. Sigh.

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29Fire Emblem Fates
30Mario Kart 7

No vs mode, having to beat 150cc to get characters, no Waluigi, bad gameplay, bad wifi, messed up retro tracks, annoying voices, and a few other reasons why. See my post Why I despise Mario Kart 7 for more info. - Metts

Who Put This Here!? They need a good beating.

This game is not bad at all.How dare you it is like the best game of all time me and my sister play it every single day

Overrated trash.

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31Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
32Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game does not belong here, I've never seen more quality gameplay, music, humor and graphics in any 3ds game than I've have in this game.

MY favorite Kid Icarus game and one of my favorite games ever!

33Flap Flap

Another Flappy Bird clone. And Flappy Bird feels like a clone of the Profit Bird from Jetpack Joyride...

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34Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.V1 Comment
35FIFA 15
36Etrian Mystery Dungeon

When you hear the name "Mystery Dungeon" you might think of Pokemon. This game isn't remotely close either fun or quality. - BadBoiDrummer

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37Ben 10 Galactic Racing

Th-they actually made this? Ben 10 is still relevant? So many questions, so little answers...

38The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes

Zelda games are so boring and lame.

Zelda games are boring and lame.

The most unoriginal Zelda game. It's just Zelda Four Swords in a nutshell. - bugger

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39Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

*gasps* You. YOU. YOOOUUU. BURN IN HELL! This is one of the best Animal Crossing games ever!


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Since there is a Terraria for the 3DS you can buy the game as well off of Steam.

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