Worst Rock Songs of All Time

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61Wonderwall - Oasis

You're WRONG! Oasis is my favorite band! To be fair this is one of their weaker songs but it does not deserve to be on a worst list! - BlackPikmin1998

I really like Oasis, but I have to admit that this is crap. Songs like Fade In-Out and Some Might Say put this to shame. - PositronWildhawk

This is their best song besides don't look back in anger. You are a music noob! - SammySpore

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62Animals - Nickelback
63In the End - Black Veil Brides

Unoriginal, boring and simplistic poser metal crap

64B.Y.O.B - System of a Down

This song is just downright awful

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65Bycycle Race - Queen

I'd like to meet the idiots who voted for this song. Its slightly underrated and I'm pretty sure most people have never heard it. Listen to it and then you'll be thinking. - ImAKillerQueen

This is a great song from an awesome band - TheSorrow1

My least favorite queen song but shouldn't be on this list

Way too many Freddie operatics. Less a song, more a vocal training exercise.

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66Mr. Brownstone - Guns N Roses

What? This is one of Guns N' Roses's best songs!

67Wastelands - Linkin Park
68Some Kind of Monster - Metallica
69Crocodile Rock - Elton John

This song is amazing! Why is this here?

Hate every single thing about this song. It's just a ripoff of other far superior songs from the '50s

This is a good song one off Elton best songs

Ugh... throw in Bennie and The Jets as well

70With Arms Wide Open - Creed

I like it. I think it's one of creed's better songs.

If not the worst song of all time, it's pretty damn close

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71Marry Me - Train
72You Suffer - Napalm Death

Why is this on here? Napalm Death said themselves it was a 'comedy thing' and a joke. Plus, it's grindcore the song is meant to be short.

This is the worst song ever. Reason 1: It is only 3 seconds, Reason 2: All the drummer does is hit the hi-hats once, Reason 3: You can't even understand the lead singer.

This song goes on for way too long.

73Come Out and Play - The Offspring

I like the offspring. Not one of their finest moments.
Why are 21 guns smells like teen spirit and famous last words on here. Each are the best from the artist they came from

74Love Somebody - Maroon 5

The all Maroon 5 songs are definitely in the top 10. - 05yusuf09

75One More Night - Maroon 5

Represents everything that's wrong with pop. I do like Moves Like Jagger, We Built This City, Stairway to Heaven, Pumped Up Kicks, Use Somebody, and Bicycle Race. And yes those posts that list everything on the list they disagree with are made by the same person.

76Revolution 9 - The Beatles

This isn't rock, its an avant garde piece. It may have been made by a rock SINGER, (john lennon composed it, other Beatles didn't have anything to do with it), but its not rock.

My least favorite Beatles song. Ever since I listened to this song backwards, I stopped listening to this song (Just try, there is a scary hidden message in it)

I like the Beatles and all, and I don't think this should count because it's barely a song as is.

I love the Beatles but this is a 8 minute song of john saying number 9

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77Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil

WHO PUT THIS SONG ON THE LIST?! I would like to meet you someday and see what kind of terrible music you listen to because the only reason anyone would put such a meaningful and heartfelt song on this list is to troll. Like seriously?

"What's so good about picking up the pieces? None of the colours ever light up anymore in this hole."

Pierce The Veil are just amazing and if you disagree then I hope that one day you will stop listening to the Top 40 and actually take a moment to consider their beautiful lyrical content. Some people might not like Vic's voice because it's too "high-pitched". Those people should really open their ears and realise how sweet he really sounds. Pierce the Veil are the best and always will be. Enough said.

78Highway to Hell - AC/DC

Whoever put this on here IS on the Highway to Hell!
"And they're going dooowwn! "

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79Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins
80My Heart Is Broken - Evanescence
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