Worst Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Sonic the Hedghog is one of the greatest video game characters ever. But does that mean all his games are good? Hell no. The blue blur himself has been in some downright terrible games. Here are what I consider to be his worst.

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1Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This game was meant to introduce Silver, and he played a vital role in the story. Unfortunately, there were a lot of glitches and inflexible gameplay for a Sonic game, but it was rather fitting for the world they were in. The music was good, the story made sense once the characters were introduced, and Elise played the damsel in distress. Sonic saves the damsel in distress, and in this situation, he's the one who needs her. She's just a role to fulfill the story, and the end, it never even happened. The game had potential, and throughout every bad moment I played, the music helped get me through. It was perfect for the game, and the final boss track? Flawless. It has classic Sonic written all over it. Although this isn't the greatest game SEGA has made, it had potential to be great. - Christiantastic

I hope this game dies! Hotel Mario, Mega Man Soccer and Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 are way better than this crap!

Guess what, folks? The only two things that are decent in this game is the theme song and Silver the Hedgehog! In other words: THIS GAME IS WORTHLESS!
A princess makes out with a hedgehog, Sonic can defy gravity and when he's suppose to do something E.G. going through a window, he doesn't do it! On top of this, it has the most pathetic mission ever: Get hit by a car! One intelligent hedgehog who could run as fast as Sonic would think "Avoid the car" but NO! He wants to run into it and lose all of his goddam' rings!
Sonic 06... If only I could travel in time (like Silver), I would tell SEGA not to waste their time on this game and think about making "Sonic Adventure 3", a game that would be appreciated.
P.S. on the thumbnail, why does it say "Platinum Family Hits"? It is so low, it doesn't even deserve that title!

Maybe Microsoft is stupid in general & did not understand how hated this game is.

Anyways, I think this game needs to take a break from being top 1 although I strongly hate Sonic '06!

I honestly think people are overreacting to this game. You think sonic drift or blast is better than this? Please. Yes, it is glitchy. But really, does it really bother you? Can't you just ignore it and just play the game? The only thing that you have to really actually restart is the silver glitch, and that only happens if you purposely try to do so. About the game play, the stages are good. The music is awesome. Face it. The new character designs-that egg an nipple thimbles is all in your head. Those are not random, Those are actually how some jackets button. About the romance-If you think that's weird, that it's the same like anything else like why is Mario battling turtles? Why is sonic an animal fighting a jackass scientist? So that is not a case. I honestly think you guys are just making the game not enjoyable for yourselves. The glitches are small, except the silver boss fight, and that only happens if you try to make it happen. Every game has glitches. Sonic 3 has MORE ...more

Horrible Controls, And Glitches, Just An Awful Game And that's Why I Rate It 3/100 - VideoGamefan5

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2Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

I was already disappointed with this game when I discovered the main theme wasn't a modern version of Sonic CD's Sonic Boom!

So, that Christmas morning... I was in utter disgust when I found it under the tree even though I acted like I was a crazy nut for the game in front of my beyond generous parents . I knew that a Sonic game that would top them all was too good to be true. The game play was slow You're too slooow ! , the plot was shallow, the finale was shallow, even the main baddie, Lyric which is a horrible name for an antagonist by the way , was absolute shallowness! I also found it quite annoying how certain characters wouldn't shut their traps during game play cough Amy e e cough . The main thing that really ticks me off however, is Knuckles. I've always despised how Sonic X turned Knux into an absolute joke of a character who acts like an idiot with a temper and is often pushed to the side by Sonic. In Sonic Boom, they reminded me of that cringe driving tweak to ...more

Sonic Boom designs for the characters are better than Sonic Adventure - Super Smash Bros. 4 designs.

Hooray for Steroid Knuckles! Knuckles the Echidna shall have the same voice as Ray William Johnson by actually being voiced by Ray William Johnson.

Hooray for Hipster Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog shall be voiced by Usher.

Amy Rose could still use a better design & be voiced by Miley Cyrus.

Miles "Tails" Prower has an okay design, but he'll take steroids later & be voiced by Chris Colfer.

I also think the designs are okay, but I think that maybe they added a little to much sports tape on them. Mostly sonic

Sonic Boom made the supremely short-tempered Knuckles the Echidna even smellier & more short-tempered because of the steroids. Also, Ray William Johnson would be a great voice for Knuckles the Echidna (most likely by Knuckles the Echidna having the same voice as Ray William Johnson). Knuckles should keep his sonic Boom design forever, & so should Sonic, but with much longer legs as shown in "Sonic's Legs In 2050".

Horrible dialogue, mediocre story, horrible gameplay and horrible character redesigns. At least Sonic 06 had a good soundtrack but this game has nothing redeemable about it. 0% effort, 0% enjoyment, 100% cringe.

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3Sonic Labyrinth

Wow! This isn't at number 1? This game was so slow, horrible controls, terrible level design, dull graphics compared to the good Sonic titles on the Game Gear, and this game was just horrible! This game should cost you a penny at the most, and was definitely the worst ever Sonic game. And why is Sonic and the Secret Rings not on here? That game traumatized me.

Sonic Labyrinth is awesome and awful at the same time. Sonic & the Secret Rings completely sucks major Aladdin balls!

Sonic is suppose to be fast, but in this game he is SLOW!

Sonic deserved to be slow. Besides, Sonic Labyrinth is awesome! This game is worth persistence.

As much as I hate Sonic 06 for it's derivative story, glitchyness, bad gameplay and ruining Sonic's reputation, nothing is worse than this slow piece.

Sloppy Controls! - VideoGamefan5

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4Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

Let's review Sonic the Hedgehog (for the Sega Genesis) zones.

Green Hill Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Marble Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Spring Yard Zone gets 9/10 stars. It was a classic plains course that started the whole Sonic franchise.

Labyrinth Zone gets 9/10 stars. It was awesome and Sonic 1 has perfect graphics and music.

Starlight Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Scrap Brain Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Final Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Let's review the Sonic Genesis stages

Green Hill Zone: 5/10 stars.

Marble Zone: 5/10 stars.

Spring Yard Zone: 6/10 stars.

Labyrinth Zone: 5/10 stars.

Starlight Zone: 6/10 stars.

Scrap Brain Zone: 6/10 stars.

Final Zone: 5/10 stars.

Sonic the Hedgehog (for the SEGA Genesis) is one of the best Sonic games ever! It started the whole Sonic franchise but did not introduce Sonic the Hedgehog (Rad Mobile did) but did introduce Dr. Eggman (he is so perfect as Classic Eggman). ...more

If you have ever played this game you realise that the physics in this game are completely broken, for example when you jump on an item box in the original, you will get launched as high as you jumped from but in THIS peice of work GOD it slows you down like crazy. So this game gets 0.00000000000001 out of 1000000000000.

I dislike the gameplay, but the graphics & music are good. I find this game to be underrated, though. I would prefer the Mega Drive original over this not-so-bad GBA port.

No. Please don't get this game confused with the Megadrive original. This game is not the original, it's a shambolic GBA remake with constant lag, hurrendous music and sound and has glitches worse than Sonic 06.
Play this game on the Gameboy Advance then play the original and tell me which one is better.

I like both the original Sonic the Hedgehog and its GBA port, but I would highly prefer the original.

Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis gets an 8.3.

Sonic Genesis gets a 5.5.

The GBA One Is A Pain In The Ass - VideoGamefan5

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5Shadow the Hedgehog

Oh my god... horrid voice acting, bad controls, Shadow the Hedgehog: The Movie (WHO NEEDS THAT?! ), nightmare-giving characters, horrible levels, and an average soundtrack. this game deserves second place at least. This is worse than Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Genesis and even Sonic Drift. But I think Sonic '06 is even worse. What's worse than this? Sonic Free Riders? Sonic Shuffle? I believe so. This game welcomed the current 3D graphics we have in today's Sonic games such as Sonic & the Black Knight (SEGA's Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door/Sticker Star, all these games suck and Paper Mario on the N64 and Super Paper Mario are WAY better) and Sonic Colors, which is quite decent. I do like the adult themes of this video game.

Shadow the Hedgehog gets 1/5 stars.

Sonic Labyrinth gets 3/5 stars.

Sonic Genesis gets 3/5 stars.

Sonic Drift gets 3/5 stars. Same goes with its sequel.

Sonic '06 gets 0/5 stars. Even Hotel Mario is better and gets 3/5 ...more

"(SEGA's Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door/Sticker Star"

Irrelevant. Very irrelevant

I don't think they can screw up worse than this.

1. Horrible controls. It was fine in Adventure 2 and they screwed up in Heroes. Why wasn't it fixed?

2. Why are the characters suddenly swearing?

3. The story is terrible. You could be defying Black Doom in one stage, but he acts like friends with Shadow right after that! Also, 9 non-canon endings. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO GET ALL 10 TO GET TO THE LAST STORY. More on that later. Also, the GUN commander! It was GUN who killed Maria, yet he blames Shadow and becomes the GUN COMMANDER! Also, it's too edgy for a Sonic game!

4. The stages. Ugh. You have to beat Westopolis 10 times. Other stages up to 10 as well. If not at least twice. With very few exceptions. Not to mention these stages are mostly filled with boring enemy killathons. Not to mention playing some of these tags over and over again! Also why are there suddenly guns? The gunplay is good but still! That wasn't even getting in to the fact that all enemies ...more

This is the worst sonic game in the franchise without a doubt. The levels center on killing every enemy in the stage usually, which can make them drag on, especially with the length of some of the later levels. They can either be the equivalent of a straight line, or worse than The Legend of Zelda for the NES (Lost Impact). To get all 10 (non-canon, as Shadow ends up being a hero in the end, screwing the morality system) endings, you need to start from the beginning of the branch, meaning 10 play-throughs of Westopolis. Shadow is WAY too slippery in this game, causing you to slide into obstacles, enemies, or even a bottomless pit. It has the laziest plot devise ever; aliens, Eggman GETS KILLED BY SHADOW in multiple endings, the music isn't as good as it usually is in a Sonic game, the boos fights drag, Black Doom pulls the "I am your father", the G.U.N. commander is an idiot, Maria's character was ruined, the vehicles control is horrible. This game sucks! It's the worst Sonic game by ...more

I like this game. - Coreylordo

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6Sonic Free Riders

Mario Kart 7 vs. Sonic Free Riders

Mario Kart 7 gets 31/100 stars.

More of an improved Mario Kart DS, this game is very fun. Of course, the voice acting sucks and this game isreally overrated. Also, the character roster is ruined by Peach & Daisy, the two bratty princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasa Land with annoying voices and wearing horrible clothing! Mario Kart 7 is epic, also, and the controls work okay, but where's Waluigi and VS. mode?! And the Miis! This game's tracks I have very mixed to mediocre opinions about. And guess what? Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, the Mario Kart Arcade GP series and Mario Kart 8 are way better for many reasons! Mario and Rosalina are decent characters of this game. And guess what?! This game does not suck, but there are many aspects that suck about this game.

Sonic Free Riders gets 7/100 stars.

I hate this game so much! Even Crush 40's "Free" was indecent! And the worst ...more

Um, why is this game only 7. While controls in 06 and RoL were bad, this game is truly the most technically flawed game because the controls don't work... ANYWHERE! They don't work in story mode, they don't work in the tutorials, and worst of all, they don't even work in the menu screen. While the music in boom is mediocre, the music in this game is SO ANNOYING! And the voice acting. I don't hate the voice acting for 06( come at me), I really disliked the script for RoL (to be fair, RoL voice acting presentation was great, but the presentation gets ruined by the script), but this game has the absolute worst presentation in the Sonic franchise (yeah, even worse than Shadow the Hedgehog's voice acting). While Shadow's voice acting was dull (the game, not the character before this game), the presentation of the voice acting in this game was so annoying! The script was also very annoying, so I definitely hate the voice acting in this game more than any other game, especially the voice ...more

I can tell you if this game suits you: Do you like games where you crash randomly in walls you can't avoid? If you do, you shouldn't even read this list. This game is dumb and stupid and has the worst characters of all time in it: The Babylon Rogues. Well, we'll done SEGA. You've once again trashed up a potentially good game here!

They all have terrible gameplay, but only Free Riders can cause physical pain by making you bend in uncomfortable directions.

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7Sonic Drift

Super Mario Kart vs. Sonic Drift

Super Mario Kart gets 99/100 stars.
Super Mario Kart is a flawless and extremely nostalgic video game. Its graphics/visuals are the best graphics/visuals in any 2D Mario game and its music is very nice. How could people prefer modern Mario Kart games over this masterpiece? This game and Mario Kart 64 and even Mario Kart: Super Circuit are way better because of the lack of really annoying voices and more classic tracks and even much better Rainbow Roads. There's nothing I don't like about this fun game. Princess Peach is the worst video game character of all time, but here, even she was not THAT bad. I even like her victory music, even if it is my least favorite victory music track in this game with Bowser having my most favorite. I love all the victory music tracks. And the VS. mode! It's classic too! And I love the Japanese version! Donkey Kong Jr. is best to play as here, and the race tracks are amazing! I love everything about this video ...more

Sonic is in a car because he decided to be incredibly lazy and not use his full potential to actually run at the speed of sound. You want an epic foot race with Sonic and Metal Sonic, NOPE! How about an incredibly boring racing game that fails at ripping off Mario Kart. DERPY DERP DERP!

Sonic: Okay, the track in front of me looks pretty clear.
0.5 seconds later: Ah! Turn!

This game is great! Why? Because of the animation, graphics, visuals, characters & old time glory. The gameplay may be very unfair, but I think this game deserves much more love!

Nothing happens... At all. You race around without even knowing where you are going. Plus, you only get four characters to choose from, making for a lack of variety.

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8Sonic Blast

This game is awesome! Sure, the controls are not very fair, but the graphics are a masterpiece and I wish I could play this perfect game forever!

Despite the art-style looking a little weird, This game plays really well! It's one of the underrated games in the franchise and it deserves more praise!

I just played this game right now. It sucked!

3d blast but 2d and glitches

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9Sonic 3D Blast

Am I the only person who likes this game?

Nope, I like it too. This game is actually kinda fun with the vast levels and exploration.

We checked Sonic 3D Blast. This game was not that bad, but it could definitely use improvements such as crossovers & better gameplay 7 even in-game 3-D. The graphics are still beautiful.

A Lot of people say that the Sega Saturn version sucks compared to the Sega Genesis version. I think that the Saturn version is better

This game is really good actually, and the controls aren't too bad

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10Sonic Spinball


Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't too spoiled until he got taller, thinner & bossier starting in Sonic Adventure 1.

MD Version is alright. But don't even get me started on the Game Gear version!

The Genesis version is far better compared to the utter pile of crap that is the GameGear Version. This version is not only extremely clunky and horrific to look at. It's also incredibly boring thanks to the dark uninteresting environments.

Genesis ver was ' awesome.

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?Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Oh Boy This is Gonna Suck So Badly - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, don't make assumptions dude. I thought Paper Mario: Color Splash was going to suck, but I actually think it's a good game. It's better than Sticker Star by MILES. So there can be good sequels to trash like Rise of Lyric. - DCfnaf


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11Sonic's Schoolhouse

Educational games + Sonic= EPIC FAIL!
Ok, Seriously this game is just a nightmare. Horrible voice acting and disturbing animals is not a good sign of an awesome game.

I hate this game so much. They think Sonic is for babies now. Please bring the old sonic back!

I don't hate this game, but the old Sonic is way better than the Modern Sonic.

This game isn't bad for a Sonic game.

Why does Sonic sound like a little kid?

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12Sonic R

Can you feel the sunshine? If you can, it's clear that you've become a victim of the monstrosity of this game. And, really? The TAILS DOLL?! Sigh. I hate and always will hate Sonic R, the game with unfitting music, unappealing tracks and one of the most stupid myths ever: The Tails Doll.

Let me tell you how bad this game is: If I was having sex with Sofia Vergara, Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe (when she was alive) at once and this game came into my head for some reason I couldn't do it anymore. It just couldn't happen. This game makes me THAT frustrated/sad.

How is this game not on the top ten. It's one of the worst games EVER. The graphics are terrible, the music is unfitting, the controls are slippery, and it was obviously rushed. This game is the second worst sonic game I have ever played.

Sonic R or as I like to call it SONIC RETARD HILARIOUS JOKE ECKS DEE, is a guilty pleasure of mine

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13Sonic Drift 2


Also, this game got mostly mixed reviews, but became more underrated! This game only needs improvements & practice to make it better.

Also, Mario's rival will be Amy Rose.

Sonic & Yoshi Drift

The game already has improved. We got Sonic and SEGA all-stars racing, so yeah.

How about Sonic Drift 3?

That includes Penis the Hedgehog.

Sonic and all stars racing replaced this crap - ikerevievs

The only good thing about this game is that Fang's in it. Besides that, this game sucks.

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14Tails Skypatrol

Tails's overly soft skin smells like dead fish!

Also, this game is overly underrated!

This game still could use improvements like Tails Skypatrol 2: Tails & Mario Skypatrol whereas Miles "Tails" Prower is not alone, but he is also flying a fully nude Super Mario on steroids (in Western Canada). Now that will make the game suck more!

Well, 'tis worth handling a non-bump-into-things run. Also, this game is cool.

I highly forbid you to play this game. Don't even think about ignoring me. You Will be sorry. It is not a good game

This game is actually quite interesting! Better than Sky Patrol

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15Sonic Unleashed

This game was trying to combine the speed and adrenaline of a sonic game with a slow beat-em up esque game for an already awful fanbase. This was however the last sonic game in awhile that hasn't been that bad but its fanbase will never be pleased.

I hate the night time stages being the were hog is boring and a waste of my time

WHAT!? I love this game, it's my 2 favorite! The day stages are fast and good looking, and the amazing combat system, Yes, I like the combat system, with cool combos and unleashed mode! This game is so underrated

My favourite sonic game. - Coreylordo

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16Sonic Chaos

Wha- I loved this game! I did not even have trouble with this game. It has awesome music, great graphics and a nice story.

This game is fun! It's like an 8-bit version of Sonic 3 without Knuckles.

This Game Sucks Sonic 1 (8bit) Is Better

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17Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

This is a fun game. It was intended to be a ripoff, SEGA wanted to beat Nintendo at all thing's.

This game is fun! How could no one like it? It's hard but fun. - bestgamer

Another underrated old Sonic game.

Still WAY better than stuff being made at SEGA again

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18Sonic Shuffle

Sonic Shuffle is forever awful & needs to be replaced by Mario Shuffle feat other crossover characters whereas Mario plays the role of Sonic, Yoshi plays the role of Tails, Princess Daisy plays the role of Knuckles & Luigi plays the role of Amy Rose.

As long as Peach isn't in it, I'm fine with the idea.

Princess Daisy makes up a much better princess to be honest. - KennyRulz244444

Sonic Shuffle is top 15. This game deserves to be top 1. It's so bad.

Sonic Shuffle deserves 0/10 stars aka a "Disaster" score on IGN like how they rated Olympic Hockey Nagano '98, a very underrated video game.

This deserves to be top 1! This game deceived me! It's not even 3D. Or so it's only beginner 3D. It's mostly 2D and there's nothing decent about this game! I always lose.

This game... oh, this game...

It's even worse than Sonic '06 and deserves to be at least top 2.

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19Sonic Riders

Terrible voice acting in this game is included!

But I appreciate Air I from Super Monkey Ball in this game. How about Mario Riders?

I'd prefer Mario Riders with extensive voice acting & Princess Daisy's pear figure for Sonic Riders while Daisy is naked alongside Peach who has the same pear figure, only a little bit more elongated.

Don't add Peach in, that would make the game absolutely terrible. - KennyRulz244444

Sonic Riders is one of the few modern Sonic games where you really do go fast, yet for the wrong reason. Hoverboard racing? Come on! Can't we have a Sonic game where he runs fast and beats bad guys up at the same time?

The game itself is fun and the story is mediocre, yet it isn't what Sonic fans want from a Sonic game. Better luck next time, SEGA...

I Meant Its Not That Bad

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20Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Had potential to be a good RPG, it failed, probably the worst soundtrack in sonic history (Shadow the hedgehogs was mostly forgettable, but it had a few decent songs, mostly main themes), though that might be because of rumors that they got the music from a website or something, controls are awkward, and other problems.

Here's hoping that if there's ever a sequal (which is left open due to a cliffhanger at the end), here's hoping that it will be one massive improvement over this.

Made by BIOWARE. Creators of Mass Effect and other games and yet this game turned out to be a total letdown.

An awful RPG with Atrocious music. Avoid this game!

You can barely beat the first boss!

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