Worst Sonic Pairings


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41Sonic x Axel

Axel? Axel who? WWE superstar Curtis Axel?

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42Amy Rose x Axel Chains

I remember watching "Your Favorite Martian" back when YouTube was good and Maker Studios wasn't bought by Disney at the time. But still, Amy deserves better than this pervert.

43Amy Rose x LuigiV4 Comments
44ShadaisyV2 Comments
45Charmy x Cosmo

What the heck?! Cosmo's in love with Tails, not Charmy!

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46Tails x Wave

What the...? Tails and Wave are arch-rivals!

47Amy x Eggman

And Sonic is always in danger when you mix Engman into the batch... Why is this a pairing...

I was watching YouTube and I stumbled across this couple. WHY WOULD SHE DATE HIM AFTER HE HAS COUNTLESSLY KIDNAPPED HER AND HAS BEEN THRETANED TO BE KILLED(you have to play sonic adventure eggman did thretan to kill her)

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48Eggman Nega x CharmyV3 Comments
49Sonic x Fuli (The Lion Guard)

I hope no one ships this couple idea or else I will be mad. I dislike the Disney Lion franchise enough, I still cannot believe they're making a new show. Just because they're both fast doesn't make them compatible.

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50Cream x Fox McCloud

A bad idea of a couple especially since Fox is already with someone else (Krystal in the games, Fara in the comics), plus Cream is too young for a relationship and it's awful enough that fans are pairing her up with Tails, we don't need a crossover verson of it.

Fox? Isn't fox like 20? And cream is 6 stop doing anything with cream you creepy pedophile

51Sticks x Bunga (The Lion Guard)

Just because they're both badgers doesn't make them compatible. Putting them together is wrong.

53Shadow x Cream

This is genius! A (I consider him) 18 year old who swears and uses guns and tried to kill in Sonic X (or was that Cosmos? ) dating a cute little 8 year old girl with a Chao. Best shipping ever! And also, I was being sarcastic.

Ultimate Lifeform with guns and harsh memory of best friend getting shot. Sweet innocent little little girl with a Chao and flower crowns. (Sarcastically) yep this makes perfect sense to me.

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54Sonic x BigV3 Comments

The classic shipping of Mario x Sonic

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56Metal Sonic X Eggman

Honestly I see Eggman as Metal Sonic's father. But over all, this is just gross

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57Shadow x Akai Dalia

What's amus? Who's amus? Is it ending it off with amus because amus stands for sheamus like WWE sheamus?


They're both warrior princesses.

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60LuidowV1 Comment
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