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The Flash is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in October 1956 and was created by Robert Kanigher. His main ability is super speed through the Speed Force and can run at speeds exceeding light.


When Barry Allen's father confessed to killing Barry's mother, he felt ruined because his career as a forensic scientist was waisted... Then a lightning bolt struck him and out of a million to one chance he became the fastest thing alive (sorry Sonic) THE FLASH! Not only does he have some of the most unique abilities in comics, but he is also a great character with an interesting back story and relatable personality. I mean even his SECRET IDENTITY is cool! He's also one of the most important and influential superheroes ever considering he started the silver age of comics back in the fifties which is one of the main reasons why superheroes are even popular AT ALL. And he also rewrote reality which spawned the new 52 and his powers have inspired lots of horrible ripoffs such as the abomination known as QUICKSILVER! Seriously, THAT.GUY.SUCKS. But hate aside,another thing that makes flash cool is that he's been around longer than almost everyone on this list. He also has a great ...more

The Flash is the best because super speed is unbeatable. Lets just say that for some reason he was fighting superman, who would win? Most people would probably say superman, but they aren't really thinking about what The Flash is really capable of. His reflexes and speed allow him to dodge any punch and punch his opponent multiple times in the blink of an eye. But lets say that doesn't work, he can also travel through time. So if he wants to, he can travel back and stop you even before you commit a crime. Not to mention his phasing ability, limited flight, running on walls and water, and the coolest thing ever, throwing lightning. So who can rival him?

He is just power.
1) He is faster than superman by a ton and is faster than light. Oh and let me also say that he is faster than TELEPORTATION. Yup. So basically if he punches you at that speed, YOU ARE DEAD.
2) He can perceive events in less than an attosecond. Basically meaning that he is smarter (faster) than cyborg, supercomputers and more. So you really can't outsmart him.
3) Can TIME TRAVEL. If you do manage defeat him (which you won't), he can travel back in time and kill you as a baby. Yup.
4) Can Phase through objects. So basically can walk through walls, kill people by phasing his hands through their hearts etc.
5) Oh he also has advanced healing. So sad for wolverine.
6) He can run on water and CLOUDS!
7) He can also vibrate himself to make him seem invisible. Vibrate his hands to create tornados. Throw lightning.

So yeah Flash is OP

Are you kidding me? The Flash is easily the most powerful superhero. Maybe he isn't a man of steel, like Superman, but he can do what no other hero can; rewrite the space-time continuum. His speed could potentially allow him to alter the past. Think about it, if he was a bad guy, he could erase any enemy from existence! Time-travel aside, the guy can run a mile in three seconds! In "The Flash", his speed passed Mach 2. It's unbelievable! Flash should be at least in the top three!

He's warm, selfless and has a strong sense of justice. He also has the best powers besides Superman's. When push comes to shove he can easily break the speed of light (670,000,000+ mph) He can also vibrate his body so quickly that he can phase through solid matter, travel through time, create vortexes, has a brain that processes faster than a super-computer and vibrate into other dimensions. Who wouldn't want to do that?

I think flash should be #1 best super hero he can run through walls run on water run up walls and he can run faster than the speed of light and the speed of sound flash is so fast he traveled back in time wile he was running he can run so fast he can basically teleport come on know one can beat the flash in a fight and he can heal really fast I mean that's so awesome again he should be #1

Not only his likeable attitude is what makes the flash such a great character, its what's behind the suit too. A regular guy. A guy who was miraculously struck by lightning and because of that decides to use his powers for the better good. Also, don't tell me you forgot about his epic sacrifice when he saved the universe against Parallax.

Some people think super speed is a weaker superpower but that's so not true. Like seriously, he can disarm the baddie before he has time to think. Plus he has an awesome costume, great sense of humour and he's super smart. What's not to love?

Flash is very under rated. He can run faster than light heck even once he was faster than teleportation he can go through walls and he can throw lightning. And don't forget the fact he can go back in time... Yeah he is definitely one of the 10 strongest heroes, heck maybe even top 5 strongest heroes.

Flash you are super cute as well as hot awesome costume. I've always wanted to be you Flash your awesome. I am a great runner myself but not as good as you and your awesome super power. Love you flash, by the way your my second most favourite adventure/superhero. I've always wanted to be you flash. Your awesome

The flash in obviously the best. He actually has a power unlike some superheroes. He fights for what he thinks he right. Not for revenge like some superheroes. He doesn't kill. Unlike some superheroes. So stop thinking about who looks cooler and start thinking about who helps people and actually cares.

Seriously guys, so if the flash were to face off against batman (cause he has been rated best in this website), what do you think batman would do, nothing right because he can't even see him, while the flash could run fast enough to go back in time to where batman was born and just kill batman. So he is the best.

I love the flash but every time I think of him I think of how unrealistic the physics and stuff would be if he existed. If everything moves in slow motion for him, why is his suit still in normal time? Why doesn't he get tired? Why does red lightning fly off of him?!?!? Why am I such a nerd?!?! - TheInsomniac

He took on death, AND WON! And even if this isn't a fight and it's about who has the best heart, he would still win because he sacrificed himself to stop anti-monitor from destroying the galaxy. There is nothing cooler than that.

Flash should be sky high, way above all of the other sups. Come on! He can travel to time, phase through things by running so fast, let us also not forget to,ention that his punch can be amounted to a dwarf star explosion. I think we know who is amazing here. But I feel that you and I have gotten this all wrong and that sups, they don't care if they were making the world a better place one step one a time or several. They just do it to rid the evil of this world. Fighting villains and purifying the world that is what it is all about for them. So you know what I say, all sups are the best!

This guy is faster than faster than super man and the rest of the heroes. Also he can just stab everyone in the heart in a blink of a eye so he is technically the strongest too. But other than that he probably is the coolest too he can throw LIGHTNING

He's just the best smarter or as smart as batman could kill superman can time travel vibrate his body so fast he can shift through anything he saves everyone in the blink of an eye come on the flash is the best put him at one! Forget rich guys with gadgets go flash!

Are u high every one likes the flash. Flash should be the top superhero because He can basically walk through buildings, and on top of that has super reflexes, which basically makes him almost impossible to hit. So, he should be the first best superhero instead of the "Batman".

He is simply the best. Even Superman can't catch him. He is the fastest man alive and his speed allows him to do so many things! He can run extremely fast, heal quickly, travel through time, create tornados...

The Flash has super speed and his fastest he has ran was MACH 13.2. He is faster than light and broke the time barrier. He can travel through time, speed punches, throw electricity, phase, and much more. I think flash is the best superhero of all time.

Right I'm gonna say it... WHY IS FLASH 8TH. He's faster than any superhero I've ever known (besides super man) and by far has the coolest suite any hero has had plus there is a lot of things flash can do that no other hero can do one of them being he can't be touched be any weapon.

The Flash can beat everyone of those superheroes above him. All he has to do is do some supersonic punches throw some lightning and then he's done. And if he messes up (which he won't) then he can go back in time and try again. He is definitely the best superhero ever. - thalia_thatsme

He's faster than the speed of light, can think faster than the speed of light and can defeat anyone simply by going back in time and killing the person as a baby ( though he wouldn't do it because he doesn't kill : ).

Man he can defeat all the avengers and the justice league combined in less than a second. This guy went from the end of the universe to earth in less than a planck instant which is the amount of time taken by light to go from one end of an atom to another.

Flash is a very kind and nice person unlike other superheroes if they go to save someone and fail and that person dies then that's it. For flash he would go back in time then try to save that person again.