Top 10 Relation-Ships in Paw Patrol

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1 Chase X Skye

Clearly the most popular ship ever in Paw Patrol. 1st in Canon, 1st in Fanon. - Chasefan24

They look cute together

Best couple cute and everything else good

It's super obvious Chase likes Skye and they're really cute together

2 Rocky & Zuma

A clear favourite in the show, the ship has been very popular for a while. 5th in Canon, 2nd in Fanon. - Chasefan24

3 Marshall X Everest

Surpassed to enter top 2 just barely after Everest's debut. 3rd in Canon, 4th in Fanon. - Chasefan24


It's obvious

4 Marshall & Chase

Obviously, a major ship appearing right from the beginning of the show. 4th in Canon, 3rd in Fanon. - Chasefan24

Chase is cool Marshall is cute. One thing they two are the best friend in any cartoon


Because there is a who is better war.

5 Ryder X Katie

The most popular human ship. 9th in Canon, 8th in Fanon - Chasefan24

6 Zuma X Skye

Not a personal favourite, but a very famous ship, both canon, and fanon. 8th in Canon, 5th in Fanon. - Chasefan24

7 Rocky X Skye

A late bloomer at the end of Season 4, not to early to count out. 7th in Canon, 9th in Fanon - Chasefan24

8 Rocky & Marshall

Only a Canon ship, never seen this in Fanon. 6th in Fanon, 11th in Fanon. - Chasefan24

9 Marshall X Skye

A famous fanon appeared quite often, although canon gone down due to the debut of Everest. 10th in Canon, 6th in Fanon. P.S. I hate this ship, but... - Chasefan24

10 Farmer Yumi X Farmer Al

A ship already made in "Pups Save A Wedding". 2nd Canon. 18th Fanon. - Chasefan24

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1. Chase X Skye
2. Marshall X Everest
3. Marshall & Chase
1. Marshall X Everest
2. Rocky & Zuma
3. Chase X Skye