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Marceline Marceline the Vampire Queen is a fictional character in the American animated Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward.

Honestly a favourite, she's so awesome with her axe. good character development. I like when Finn and Jake aren't in the episodes and Marceline and PB are.

Marceline is my favorite character. The first episode I saw her in was "What Was Missing". When I saw her I thought she was really pretty. Then I heard her singing, and knew she was my favorite character. Plus she's just like me. I sort of have issues with my dad. I can sing really good. I fell like I have no friends (in the episode "" she says "let's talk about my feelings about my friends, oh wait I don't have friends"), because they don't talk to me, or invite me anywhere. I have long hair but it's dark brown so when I get older I'm going to dye it black ( I don't want to dye it black now, because people well think I'm turning emo or goth, or you know). My favorite color, is red. I love music so much that I have to listen to it every single day, or I go crazy. I'm going to try to learn how to play basketball (Yeah I know. I'm stupid okay), and learn how to play the bass. My cousin is sorta like her. She knows how to play the bass. She knows how to play ...more

Honestly, I don't understand. HOW IN THE WORLD IS MARCELINE FIRST? Finn should come #1 and Jake can should come #2. Then this vampire can come #3. I am happy she got a great spot, for she is epic and all, but what about the main characters.

Hey Marceline so sorry that I want you because you're doing good and I want to be your girlfriend not to be mean and I'm excited to see you because you're so sweet and funny as you are beautiful and most important part about this whole time and the reason why I want to be your girlfriend that I love how you sing dance also play and Finn and Jake were helping you out and I want to live with you and adventure time that I'm looking forward to is that I am really up to it and adventure time is going to be my world too because I want to talk with you about that it's true I'm not making this up I'm trying to figure out how I want to help you out also take me loving each other and get along with other people who are looking forward to you also I want to be a vampire too a nice vampire I'm excited to talk to you about that also and I'm sorry but it's still true and I need to help you I don't want to see you getting hurt and the vampire king was trying to kill you and I don't want to see that ...more


Jake (full title: Jake the Dog), the deuteragonist of Adventure Time, is a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and adoptive brother. Jake has Stretchy Powers (which he has had since he was a puppy), which allow him to stretch and manipulate his body, coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. He is the son of Joshua and Margaret. Jake has a brother named Jermaine. Jake is 28 years old (as of his debut he could possibly be in his 30's by now due to the aging of other characters) in magical dog years, though he rarely acts mature. Then again, how exactly magical dog years correlate to human years remains to be seen. Both he and his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, share a passion for playing the viola. In the episode "Jake the Dad," he and Lady Rainicorn have 5 Rainicorn-dog hybrid puppies.

Now this is toilet humor used correctly. Jake farts a lot but he can at least control it. Jake is also pretty memorable and hilarious. He's pretty much the one who makes the show better but again (not to be negative) but you can't like a show just because of only 1 character. But hey he's awesome.

Jake is like the mum in the family. He cooks for Finn and does things you don’t want to do. He’s an excellent dad and I feel really sorry for him because she’s always being bossed around by that whiny Finn. Also, he’s so supportive and cool ‘because he can shape shift!

OBVIOUSLY! Jake is so awesome and funny. I love both Marceline and Jake. I understand why Adventure Time isn't all about Jake, because it would be too funny to watch. A twenty something year old dog that has the brain of a seven year old. he's somewhat dumber than his children. but then he is so cute.

Finn Finn 'the Human' Mertens is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.

I like Finn as a character, I think he gets better as the seasons progress. Man I miss this show...(Tbh Finn is kinda a diamond hoe if you know what I mean ;)))

At first sometimes Fin could be boring but now Fin is not your average do-good person no! Now he has a personality, knows about his family, he'll he killed his sort of brother in Fern. This show may be ending but it had an amazing run.

Finn is adorable! & he's so influential. I used to be a pessimist, I started watching Adventure Time & now I'm SUPER DUPER optimistic! His catchphrases are so original & I love his hat! He is a mathematically cool dude

Finns awesome and heroic, he'll fight anything evil and he's also very brave. The best memories of him probably are the first few seasons of adventure time where he was a funny adventurous hero who's also an innocent sweet kid.

Ice King The Ice King is a character in the American animated television series Adventure Time. A supposedly evil wizard capable of creating and manipulating ice and snow, he is the self-proclaimed king of the Ice Kingdom, a land of ice he claimed as his own and lives in in company of many penguins.

Simon has the saddest backatory ana I wish they would delve more into his story. He was driven insane by the crown, and he did not deserve this fate. In the No-Lich alterbate reality, he sacrificed himself to save the world, which is totally selfless. But in the normal reality, his sacrifices to Marceline really show him to be a wonderful person and exceptional character after all.
Ice King himself after becoming insane is quite funny despite being completely the opposite of Simon in many ways, which is sad. But you gotta love his craziness, as it really adds humour to the show. "Gunter! " Haha.

I love the flashback episodes of Simon and Marcy. It just shows you how good of a person he was, sacrificing his very mind, soul and sanity to save Marcy's life. Screw Finn, Simon's the real hero. If it wasn't for him, Marcy would have most likely been killed. It feels sad that Simon (now the Ice King) doesn't remember Marceline. There is a touching episode on it, which I believe is called "Remember Me" or something.

Backstory. That's the word with this guy. At first is just a creepy old dude, wich is somewhat fun, but once you realize he was one of the good guys, that the only responsible of his crazy behaviour is the crown, furthermore, that it is the crown that's keeping him alive... Man, it's hearthbreaking to see how awesome he was with Marcy, and now he can't even remember her. This old man's tortured past make him an easy pick for the number one. Just think about what he's lived through...

Ice King saves Marcy and is a scientist gone wrong. He made an awesome invention that made him into this dude. Take Princess Bubblegum’s place, please!


Ok, BMO is really cute in my opinion. A living gaming system. WOW. Even if he kind of starts some badness, ok a lot of badness (including Finn's baby teeth attacking the treehouse.) He is actually really kind. He didn't mean to start badness...

How could BMO possibly be only 4! I love bmo he's a skateboarding gaming system that try's to act human, and plus he's hilarious "No, I do not play such games... With jake! " "Bmo chop! If this were a real attack... You'd be dead" "if anyone try's to hurt Finn I will kill them" enough said.

The BMO Noir episode is the best and BMO saves the day at the end so clearly the best character. In addition he has all the best songs and stories!

BMO is awesome! BMO's voice is awesome and brings a whole new element to FInn and Jake's adventures! BMO is also protective, and is just all around awesome!

Princess Bubblegum Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom is a fictional character in the Adventure Time animated series on the Cartoon Network.

PB lost her place as ruler of the Candy Kingdom, but got it back. I think she is a brave and awesome character, who never gives up. So why is she #6? Behind Ice King.

Princess Bubblegum has been my favorite since the beginning, and although her latest appearances have gained her a lot of hate, it's actually made me like her more. The best thing about AT is the characters, and PB is one of the most interesting and developed characters on television. The amazing thing about PB (and Ice King too) is the realistic balance of her personality. The ridiculous portrayal of good and evil in other shows has always bothered me, so it's great to have a character that actually has so much grey area. Is PB good? Is she evil? She's neither, but nobody is. PB is an example of how people actually work: she can be selfish, she can make mistakes, but she's human. Well, half-human. Nobody's perfect, and PB is the perfect example. This is the kind of interesting character that shows today need more of! So PB gets all the hate just because she isn't as black and white as, say, Finn? Do you guys want to encourage the creation of boring characters? Give PB a little ...more

PB is by far the most complex and interesting character, as well as one of the most amsung and versatile. The mortal arguments she tortures herself with (e.G. surveillance) makes for brilliant viewing, and the fact that she switches from stereotypical leader and damsel character templates to amazingly sarcastic and laid-back is outstanding. Her overtly sadistic tendencies are unusual for a show of this genre, but it's good to see a protagonist that isn't necessarily a 'good' person. Personally, I find lines such as the giggly "it'll paralyze you forever! " sum up her character well, mixing the childishly sweet and safe with perhaps the darkest tendencies of any character on the show. Her hilarious distaste for magic and arguments that it's just science presented as "hoodoo" are a refreshing viewpoint for a character in a show where mystical tendencies are considered the norm, making her extremely relatable! She's also able to express lots of empathy and has an importantly caring side, ...more

A lot of people thought that at the end she became worse, but I think that she was a really strong character throughout every episode. I enjoyed watching PB.

Flame Princess Flame Princess Is a Princess made out of fire and lives in her kingdom ruled by here evil father, The Flame King. Her first appearance in the show was “Incendium” (Season 3, Episode 26) She was Finn's girlfriend at one point in the series.

I love Flame Princess, her rapping abilities, her relasionship with Finn .etc.
She doesn't want to be evil, later on, and so she punishes her Dad for trying to make her, but still trying not to be evil...

To me, FP is one of the most interesting characters of this series. She's not your typical princess, she holds emotions of anger and joy. She doesn't know what's right or wrong at first, but actually grows to become her own being instead of just a love interest. Then there's her morality, she has a hard time trying to do what's right, and even now that she's queen, she has that difficult decision do to both her family and the threats she's faced from PB. In the end, she is my favorite and is the reason I enjoy this show.

Personally, I find that FP is one of the more traumatized characters in the show besides Marceline. She literally spent half of her life, effectively the latter half of her childhood, locked in a lamp with no knowledge of the outside world, plus her relationship with Finn is highly interesting, as the is a significant element of risk in their relationship, and their only possible precautions slow its progress significantly.

Flame Princess has been my absolute favourite character in Adventure Time because shows us that being sensitive is okay. Just look at how pretty and smart she is!

Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy Space Princess is a character in Adventure Time. She first appears in Trouble In Lumpy Space. She is the the daughter of Lumpy Space King and Queen.

LSP is hilarious. I love how she only cares about herself, and is takes credit for EVERYTHING. *Spoiler Alert* I had no idea she would be all the elements: Candy, Ice, Fire, Slime and Lumps. I also didn't think SHE owuld be the one who saved Ooo. At least she has something she actually did! Something she can boast about unfortunately. Luckily, I can't relate!

The fist time I watched Adventure Time it had Lumpy Space Princess in it. To be specific, it was the episode where Finn gets bitten and starts to turn into a Lumpy Space person. Right after the episode, I went to YouTube and watched Best of Lumpy Space Princess videos because I wanted to watch more funny moments from her. Overall, Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite character because she is hilarious and makes me laugh every time she is on screen

Lumpy Space Princess is one of the worst characters in the show. She is a whiney, selfish, annoying brat. Her voice is horrible and I find it irritating when she uses the word Glob and Lumps in every sentence she says. I hate her in the episode lumps when she clearly does not care that Jake has the lumps and she abandoned Fin on a lumpy space cloud. These are the reasons why I hate her and think she is overrated.

LSP is what really turned me on to Adventure Time. Had seen episodes in passing before, but untill I came across her character I had passed it off as just another childrens cartoon. She was who really opened my eyes to the humour and variety that can be found in the series. Upon watching more I have come accross countless great characters, but none that have tickled me quite the way that LSP manages to.

Gunter Gunter is the penguin that most commonly accompanies the Ice King in the animated TV series, Adventure Time and a major recurring antagonist of the series.

Gunter is adorable, even if he is truly EVIL on the inside. I would keep him I I had to, but I would definitely keep him away from glass bottles, otherwise CRASH! :)

Ok, sooo spoiler alert gunter is a huge evil demon that was turned into a penguin and was in earth for thousands of years. When ice king took him to the hospital the doctor said that she was pregnant, ( If she is a she I don't know if gunter has a gender). But out of the egg comes a kitten goddess. So that's when I became suspicous. QUACKKkk!

Gunter is super cool, super evil, and super cute! I love the episode where Hinson abadeer called him the most evil being know which he is! Apparently he is an evil space alien called orgalorg who has destroyed countless planets

Gunts is the best, especially in The Chamber Of The Frozen Blades when he's pregnant and when he tried to take of OOO with the demonic wishing eye, and his pink cat in Reign Of The Gunters. Also he's the funniest thing ever in It Came From The Nightosphere.

Earl of Lemongrab

He is a psychopathic lemon bent on power and it was a nice thing to see him grow as a ruler in the series until he had a respectable kingdom. Some might say lemon grab has no personal problems making his character boring well he does (such as being messed up during his creation) he just decides to ignore them and just be himself no matter how really insane his real self is.

He is a mad idiot that has a terrible screeching voice. Who voted for him is a retard. He is not funny he is annoying and evil. He turned his own kingdom into a prison. He tortured and ate his own people. I'm glad that in the lemonhope story episode he exploded.

Lemongrab is actually one of the most complex characters on the show. He doesn't really know who or what he is so he lashes out at the world which is unacceptable. But he has potential for good and evil, as displayed by the black and white lemongrabs.

I love Earl of Lemongrab hahaa, he is so funny, so crazy, etc. I think that he has to be a principal character like Finn, Jake, Ice King, Bubblegum, etc. I want that he in one episode interact with Marceline. I don't like to see Lemongrab fat.

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Peppermint Butler

A funny, loveable guy. In the Stakes episodes, I loved it wwhen he went: "Hahaha you stupid vampire. You can't enter withount being invited!" Oh, I do love Peppermint Butler!

Behind his backstory, he is actually a VERY incredible character. He used to be friends with death, he is a vampire addict, and he knows how to summon rituals. I like him a lot because he's very relatable. Hey, I love creepypastas, like how he loves dark stuff! There's something more to his character than just being a candy butler for Princess Bubblegum!

Can't appreciate the guy from what he did to Peace Master. That guy wanted peace in all the land. What does he get in return? His kids are mutated and that stupid peppermint forced him to do all that stuff! Cold man, COLD. I hope Susan Strong eats him.

I think that the friendship between Peppermint Butler and Death is the most interesting on the show after Finn and Jake's. I hope the show eventually gives us background on how that relationship came to be!


His narration at the end of the Christmas episode is one of my absolute favourite scenes! His voice is so cool.. Up there with Christopher Lee and James earl jones

He is one of the most perceptive characters in the whole program. His one liners are the best!

Cute character, my mom used to call me Shelby as a joke even tho I was ugly (still am)

This guy should be in more eps he's a really nice guy! And just adorable.Like seriously have you seen a worm that cute?!?!

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is adorable! She has a very pretty rainbow theme all over her, and she always is very happy and sweet to others! It breaks your heart when she cries because shes always around smiling! Even though most of us can't understand her, she still is very interesting to listen to talk!

Okay she constantly makes these weird crap sounds that is from some uncivilized pure crap country.

I just love the fact that she's also a violist. It makes her and Jake such an adorable couple!

Do you know what language lady rainicorn speaks? She actually speaks Korean.


Woah! How is Fiona at 15? She's like, in my top 5! She's basically a girl version of Finn and Finn's at 3 so... People! Way to be a buzzkill for girls!

She is like the coolest girl in town, even though she was from the Ice King's mind, still, she is the kind you wanna hang out with!

Fionna like Finn rules. Thank you Ice King for making her. I want her to meet Finn and get married!

Fionna is a cool girl I want to be her so I can hang out with Marshall lee and Cake

The Lich The Lich (formerly named the Lich King in the original pitch and "His Hero," and referred to as Sweet Pig Trunks in his baby form, or just Sweet P for short) is a powerful undead being and a major antagonist in the American animated series Adventure Time.

Ugh. This guy. I voted for him because he’s so powerful. Also, I think he represents the brain. It can be negative and... well, you know. Also, if you like the Lich, read A Wrinkle In Time.

He’s un-nerving, evil to the core, and extremely intimidating. He needs no introduction, he needs no backstory or character. His eyes conveys pure fear onto the viewer. Absolutely the greatest villain in Adventure Time, and I struggle to recall any more a horrific antagonist of the last decade in all of animation.

The Lich is something beyond death.
Something of great cosmic power.
A machine made to kill.
A mind controller.
One so powerful, he is even feared by Death himself.
Something that can end the world in a flash.

The show started really random and stupid, then it got better in season 3 if I remember. Lich is the most powerful wizard and if it wasn't for Jake and Finn, he would've destroyed all life.


I love Cake in every way: the design, the personality, everything (don't contradict me)

The best cat. I really wish she was my best friend.

I find Cake to be totally similar to me.

Good girl. Have some spaghetti.

Earl of Lemongrab

There will never be another cartoon character quite like Lemongrab. Love his screams/freakouts, word usage and totalitarian regimes. Truly irreplaceable.

Didn't this appear before

I find the earl really funny mainly by voise also changed as a ruler from the first introduced in too young to the mountain where we see the New earl

bruh he's not number 1? UNNACEPTABLE! 1,000,000 YEARS DUNGEON

Cinnamon Bun

I think CB is underrated. In the first episode, he does a backflip and falls, and hits his head. Then he acts all weird and stuff. Fun fact. It’s confirmed that he got brain damage from that fall. You laughed when you saw him fall. You laughed at something getting brain damage in his debut. Think about that!

For some reason, I love him for being annoying. Plus I like him and Flame Princess together, since he's the only guy calm and nonchalant to be with her. He's silly sometimes, he's not actually a complete screw-up like most people think. Who delivered the tarts safely for everyone to eat, especially when the Princess was at stake in being paralyzed after Finn and Jake poisoned the food?

I used to like Cinnamon Bun but then he destroyed Finn and Flame Princess. have you seen all the fictions people have made about Finn and FP? Some candy thing is dating a girl made of fire!
I wish Cinnamon Bun's fire proof whatever will just go off and FP will burn him. if the kingdom doesn't do it first.
and worst of all, he's smart now. he was better off stupid

Come on! Who the heck will like that stupid and dumb character who made the best couple break up! If I was at adventure time world! So annoying.

Simon Petrikov

Why the hell is he so low in the list? He is a great guy. He took care of a kid who is not his while being in an apocalypse and while being nearer to insanity. He deserves more really

I think a lot of people picked Ice King because of him, so he's not supposed to be somewhere here.

I don't understand why he is so low on the list... he is Ice King! It just bothers me that the insane version of Simon (wich is Ice King) is much higher on the list then normal Simon.. :(

Why is the insane version of Simon above Simon? It does not make since!

Joshua the Dog

He fights supernatural creatures,he has an awesome wife and he is the father of Jake,Jermane and Finn.How can you not love him and his accent?

Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks is one of the best characters on Adventure Time, she is one of the only motherly figures on the show!

She is awesome and cute evn though I've been wondering, how old she is.

She is so cute! I love her so much!

She is cute and funny elephant.

Jake Jr.

Jake Jr. is so adorable and powerful, even if she misbehaves so sometimes, I still love her.

"And this little lady is Jake Jr." She's a girl, duh!

She has the same voice as Mabel lol

I think it was never clear if Jake Jr. is a girl or a guy!

Hunson Abadeer

If you read the Adventure Time Encyclopedia, you'll see he actually has a sense of humor.

I think he's cool and creepy

BOO, why is he here?

Marcy’s dad. Cool, creepy and comedy kind of guy.

Betty Grof

She is a lady who would do anything to save her Fionce. Also, she is part of the cutest nerd couple in history.

I like how she has a lot of confidence and doesn't stand down

Best love interest ever made.

She is crazy I love that ok?

Flame King

How he is on here? He truly an evil.

Flame Princess’s dad. He isn’t that bad. I think he’s pretty cute! He likes animals and actually has a sense of humour.

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