Alternative Rock Band Face-Offs


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1 Nirvana vs Radiohead

Radiohead. They managed to progress beyond their big hit single and achieve creative control (a rare feat in the last 30 years). Also, they're still making great music today. - Gg2000

Radiohead is great but I like Nirvana better. - JCHOW

Radiohead - Camaro6

Radiohead. - Userguy44

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2 U2 vs R.E.M.

If you'd asked me at 15, I probably would have said U2, but nowadays I would go for R.E.M. - Gg2000

I have to go with R.E.M. - JCHOW

3 Pearl Jam vs Stone Temple Pilots

Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam. - Userguy44

I like PJ but I think I'll go with STP. - JCHOW

4 Soundgarden vs Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains.

I love both, but I go with AIC. Layne was a fantastic singer. - Userguy44

No disrespect to the late great Chris Cornell but I'm going with AIC. (Another late great in Layne Staley.) - JCHOW

5 Sonic Youth vs Pixies

I love the Pixies but of course, I got to go with my favorite band, Sonic Youth. - JCHOW

Sonic Youth.

6 Joy Division vs The Smiths

The Smiths, definitely. - Gg2000

7 The Cure vs Smashing Pumpkins

I love the Pumpkins but I'm going with The Cure. - JCHOW

8 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Jane's Addiction

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Camaro6

Jane's Addiction are cool but I'm going with the Chili Peppers - JCHOW

I have never heard a song of Jane’s Addiction, so Red Hot Chili Peppers. - Userguy44

9 Foo Fighters vs Queens Of The Stone Age

Foo Fighters.

QOTSA. (I'm not a big fan of the Foo Fighters.) - JCHOW

10 Oasis vs Blur

Again, 15 year old me would have definitely said Oasis, but nowadays I like Blur more, particularly because they evolved more over time and because they're better instrumentalists (particularly Graham and Alex). I think the main reason why Oasis took off is because Noel Gallagher is good at writing catchy hits. Otherwise, they probably wouldn't go anywhere. - Gg2000

Blur, without a doubt. I never liked Oasis. - JCHOW

Oasis dominates Blur from any angle - Joeljohns249


The Contenders

11 The White Stripes vs The Black Keys

I'm going for The White Stripes because their music, to me, feels more fresh. The Black Keys are good too, though; I will admit that. - Gg2000

Black Keys are good but I'm going for White Stripes because I grew up with them. - JCHOW

Black Keys. - Userguy44

12 Melvins vs Tad

I'm going with the Melvins. - JCHOW

13 Dinosaur Jr. Vs Pavement

I'm going for Pavement. Dinosaur Jr. is ok. - JCHOW

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