Top 10 Best Rides at Canada's Wonderland

What ride do you think is the best at Canada's Wonderland?
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1 Leviathan

I think this is definitely the best ride. The HUGE drop is so exhilarating. I am going to Wonderland soon and I can't wait to go on the Leviathan. The best part about it is the HUGE drop but the rest of it is also so much fun. I love roller coasters. The first time I went on this ride and was going down the big drop I wanted to scream... But I couldn't. Once I got to the bottom of the drop I laughed the whole way. It is so awesome.

After you ride the Behemoth a few times, you tend to not feel the butterflies. With Leviathan, it's constant adrenaline! I love this so much! It's more of a fun ride than scary ride if you've rode most of the rides in Canada's Wonderland. This NEVER disappoints. I used to be deathly afraid of drops and coasters in general, but now I love them so much! Give it a chance if you haven't already. All my friends love this ride as well. A+ for Bolliger&Mabillard for making this coaster. 306ft of adrenaline plus 5000ft more!

2 Behemoth

I love behemoth so much it's my favourite ride at the park. The first drop is the best and I love that there is not just one drop there is about 5 drops where leviathan has I believe 2 or 3. The speed is what makes it so much fun my favourite place to ride is in the very back where you get the full experience of the ride.

The behemoth is a very exciting and overwhelming ride! When your going up the hill you will feel like you will regret it but after the first drop, it's very fun. Some people may describe this roller coaster as fun but I describe this roller coaster as fun and SCARY. If I were to rate this ride I would rate it a 9.5!

3 WindSeeker

If you are scared of heights than go on this ride because it takes you up slowly and brings you down slowly so there is no need to be scared of wind seeker. also you can see the wonderland from up there and is is total awesome!

Wind seeker is the best because when you are at the very top spinning around you can see the entire park.

I couldn't enjoy this ride because it was so cold at the top.

4 White Water Canyon

It's a fun ride to take the kids on and its very relaxing after walking around the park all day. Not the excitement of the other rides laugh out loud, but somewhere to chill out and not be squished on a bench or table somewhere and put your feet up

I've only been to the park once and this is the ride I remember most. The ride was a blast, it was refreshing, and the queue area was even way above average (it's like a nature walk). The highlight of the whole park for me.

White Water Canyon is a fun ride through a lazy river and fast rapids. However, be prepared to get wet.

5 Mighty Canadian Mine Buster

It's the old school blunt roller coaster, the bumpy testure of this roller coaster makes it very violent and intense in a good way. And this roller coaster is great for beginner coaster riders. Besides I have an air pressure avoidance tip: push rlly hard of the seat as if you were the seat. And don't lean forward or else the wind and the force would be push against you while you are!

Very Fun, Hills Good, So Fast, Bumpy but worth the pain.
Best part was riding under the water slides. Got a drop of water on my face. Haha
I Loved the ride. Defiantly one of my favourite rides in the park.
Gotta Love The Old Classics!

6 Vortex

I went on vortex and it was amazing! It has one drop but it's not as bad as leviathan's. I like drops, but not drops too big. The rest is so fun. It's feels really fast and I absolutely love the thrill. The only thing is that your head gets bonked around quite a bit

Leviathan and Behemoth might be large and popular rides but Vortex has a special place in my heart. It was my first ever aggressive thrill ride.

Very fast! Feels insane when you are overtop of the lake! Each seat provides a very different ride experience!

7 Backlot Stunt Coaster

One of the best rides in the park in my opinion. It runs at very high speeds, and makes you feel as if you are going straight through a Hollywood movie! The fire, the helicopter, everything in this ride makes scary and fun at its finest!

Such a fun thrill ride! I especially like the violent push and the quick turn on that ride! I also like the tunnel part. I reccomend everyone to go there. It's really great!

I love how fast it is, and sitting at the front is amazing! Overall one of my favorite roller coasters to ride over and over!

8 Wild Beast

Wild beast is the best. If you don't like big drops but still high enough to make it fun than go on this one!

Loved this ride! Go on every time I visit Canada's wonderland!

My personal favourite. Old-school rollercoaster fun!

9 The Bat

Hi this ride was ah-mah-zing!
I Love it! IT was the perfect speed and more!
I recommend it to everyone and hopefully you guys like it too&
Have fun! And good luck with everything!
I also want to suggest *Black lot stunt coaster ( use to be known as Italian Job) is also awesome!

It was awesome!
I loved when it was upside down and the speed was amazing!
It's my favorite ride@ Canada's wonderland!
But the line up was long and not to mention the boiling hot sun.
But its totally worth it!

I like it because it goes up slowly and goes back in too upside down!

10 The Fly
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11 Yukon Striker

The drop was absolutely terrifying, but the ride was so smooth and thrilling at the same time that I have to put this one on top- There's just no contest.

I can't wait to ride it! It's going to set 3 world records! NO JOKE! Can't wait for 2019!

At the looks of it, probably gonna be the best rollercoaster at the park!

12 Dragon Fire

Best ride ever! It was the first ride I ever went on with loop de loops, a corkscrew and helix! This ride got me over my fear or being up side down and gave me the courage to try the behemoth!
I love the ride so much, it is so smooth, and defiantly my favourite!

Rode this beauty 4 times in a row last week. So smooth and brings back great childhood memories! First ever loop the loop! Long live Dragon Fire... and Leviathan

Hello people who think that rides aren't awesome well this rides is really fun! So come to Canada's wonderland and ride on the dragon fire

13 Psyclone

Next to the Leviathan, the Psyclone is my favourite ride in the park. For me it is like a more intense version of the rage and for an older age group. I love it so much that I went on it four times in a row once. It is great.

Psyclone is probably my favourite flat ride at the park. It really feels amazing swinging so high, and fast like this. Super fun. Went on this 5 times in a row once.

Haven't been on it but it looks amazing I am looking forward to it!

14 Shockwave

Makes me a little queasy, but its absolutely worth it. The feeling of flying out of your seat when you flip is amazing.

Looking at it makes me want to hurl!

15 Flight Deck (used to be known as Top Gun)

Hurt my head a ton. Smashed it a bunch on the sides and had to sit out for an hour or so

It really hurt my neck. I couldn't move my neck for a month afterwards

It's the best it goes upside down and crazy #1!

16 Thunder Run

Its cool, but better for younger kids and also the lines are super long

The line-ups go short because it is a long train plus it is me and my brothers #1 ride

17 Night Mares

Ok so when I went on it with my friend, she was on the end and the gate was open and we were out and she was like holding on to my hand and trying to close it when we were hanging upside down. kinda freaky but over all loved it. Not that much of a thrill though. (we were 13 by the way)

Night mares was so fun, my mom said it was for baby's and it's not scary and my 4 year old sister wouldn't be scared but it was sooo scary I thought I would pee my pants. This ride has to be my second favourite!

It feels like your going to fall out if you don't hold on tight! But it's a very fun ride, id reccomend sitting on the inside of the ride, not the end because you feel like you are going to fall out

18 Riptide (use to be known as Cliffhanger)

Fun Ride. Not too intense but filled with lots of hang time! Prepare to get wet!

Love this ride it is so cool I went on it like so many times and I love it, everyone should go on it

19 Drop Tower (used to be known as Drop Zone)

You go up super slow and its really scary. Then you stay about 5 seconds at the top until someone starts the countdown a 5 but when they say 3 they drop you. It's so fun!

Fun but kind of boring not scary at all but you go up then all of a sudden you are on the ground.

The scariest ride in the world. It's like 6 seconds long and yet it scares the hell out of you

20 Skyrider

Is it weird that I like studying amusement parks at 11 years old?

Sadly no one will experience this awesome ride anymore, it is shut down

21 Lumberjack
22 Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer is a somesome ride. The line up is never long. The ride almost never works. The drops are not even scary at all. When you go to Canada's wonderland you have to ride this ride it's not scary at all it looks scary but it's not :)!

One of the most underrated but super fun rides in the park... The drops are great! Probably my number one choice in the park when it's running

My favourite of all, usually not working, but when it is, totally a tummy tickler and mini drop zone feel.

23 Spinovator

My brother began to yell dumb ways to die look at me.
really gets you dizzy

24 Swing of the Century
25 Antique Carousel

It's so scary! I still get the chills from it, it makes you so dizzy!

Recommended only for kids not for people who like thrill rides

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