Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chicago

The United States is known for having cities with plenty of things to do and sites to see. The Windy City is one of them, and it's one of the must see cities when visiting the US. Chicago is a big city filled with numerous attractions and things to do, whether it'd be going up one of the tallest buildings in America or trying various mouth watering cuisines such as the famous deep dish pizza. In this list, I will be discussing a bunch of marvelous things to do and sites to see in Chicago.
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1 Willis Tower

The Willis Tower (also known as the Sears tower) is the tallest building in the city and was once the tallest building in North America (until it was surpassed by the One World Trade Center in New York City), now it's the third tallest building in North America. Thus, when going up the Willis Tower, you get an exotic view of the city and Lake Michigan. But perhaps the best part of the Willis is getting an exotic view on the glass decks, as you can see through the floor and the roof on those decks. One of the other coolest things you can see on the top of the Willis tower, the places outside the city limits, such as Indiana from the distance.

2 Navy Pier

Located on the coast of Chicago and on Lake Michigan lies Navy Pier. Navy Pier is basically a former Naval Base that eventually got converted into what is today a place full of fun and frivolity. Now, the pier is filled with different kinds of stores, eateries, and parks. Another aspect of Navy Pier I wanna bring up is the Centennial Ferris wheel, which offers a near 200 feet view on the top.

3 John Hancock Center

Yet again another iconic skyscraper had to be included on this list. The John Hancock center (also known as 875 Michigan Avenue) has a height of approximately of over 1,000 feet offering an amazing view of Chicago and Lake Michigan. A cool feature this building has is a thrilling ride called tilt over the edge that holds you and tilts you downward giving a down facing view of the city. I've been there in both during the day, and the evening, and the view does not cease to disappoint me. I loved the view when it was mostly sunny and you can view the clouds and shadows of the clouds on Lake Michigan itself, alongside the famous Lakeshore Drive.

4 Shedd Aquarium

Next on this list lies one of the largest aquariums in the world, Shedd Aquarium. The Shedd Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals (like belugas, sea lions, dolphins, and many more to name) and various kinds of species.

5 Millennium Park

When it comes to parks in the city of Chicago, Millennium is no ordinary park. One of the most iconic attractions in the park is Cloud Gate. Also known as the Big Bean, the Cloud Gate is a giant metal sculpture of bean in the park. And that's only one of the attractions, alongside the Crown Fountain, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and Great Lawn.

6 Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and is a massive museum in Hyde Park, it is filled with an abundance of cool exhibits, such as an old Boeing 727, a tsunami simulator, a fake tornado, and a load of other science and industrial related exhibits.

7 Pequod's Pizza

When people think of deep dish pizza places in Chicago, the common places that come to mind seem to be Lou Malnati's, Giordano's, or Gino's East. Located in the neighborhood Lincoln Park is a local restaurant known as Pequod's Pizza. Their pizzas in my opinion are the best of the best, as they are served as individual pizzas with a slightly burnt crust, just the right amount of sauce, and any kind of topping whether it'd be basil or ground beef. This may be a lesser known deep dish pizzeria but it's a restaurant I'd highly recommend.

8 Chicago Sports Museum

A hidden gem of Chicago is right inside the Water Tower place, is known as the Chicago Sports museum. The museum is filled with exhibits related to sports and sports players, while also having some fun simulators that give you the experience of playing unique sports. A more obscure attraction but I'd highly recommend this. Even if you're not a sports fanatic the Sports Museum can be interesting and a fabulous place to have fun.

9 Art Institute of Chicago

Located in Grant Park is one the largest art museums in the country. The Art Institute is home to thousands of different art masterpieces.

10 Riverwalk

Running along the Chicago river all the way to Lake Michigan is a pedestrian mall containing riverside restaurants and bridges. On this path, citizens and tourists are able to get a view of riverside buildings and a direct view of the river itself while walking along. Not only is the riverside path absolutely beautiful, it is free of charge.

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11 The Second City
12 Chicago Theatre
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