Top 10 Greatest Cruise Ships

No ocean liners (Titanic, Queen Mary, United States, etc. ) Hybrid ocean liners/cruise ships like QE2 and Rotterdam may be included. Try to focus on accomplishments, historical significance, and ship design, and not the activities on board.
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1 Disney Fantasy

They should play Look What You Made Me Do on the top deck parties.

Best Disney cruise ship, should be up there with the magic.

I've been on the Disney Dream, the Fantasy's sister ship!

I've been on it and it's awesome!

2 Disney Dream

My life has been altered for the better thanks to the people on this ship.

3 Queen Elizabeth 2

This should be in first place! It's one of the most well known cruise ships, it has a rich history from starting off as an ocean liner to transporting troops to the Falklands during the war in 1982 all the way to being a floating hotel in dubai!

The trendsetter of modern cruise ships, it's ironic this ship was built as an ocean liner. The QE2 sailed from 1969-2008, served as a troopship in war, before sailing off to an uncertain future in Dubai.

4 Disney Magic

When you wish upon a star, Disney enters the cruise marker.

5 Disney Wonder
6 Pacific Princess

Princess Cruise's Pacific Princess was made famous by being the ship used in the Love Boat T.V. series. This show popularized cruising in the 70s and 80s,

7 Ruby of the Seas

It is a real cruise ship being constructed at Turku, Finland.After a conference meeting held in Miami on the 25th September 2019, the CEO and Head of Development, Head of Retail and Finance as well as Head of Marketing thought of a more Attractive name and renamed it Wonder Of The Seas. I am a Royal Caribbean Journalist and a Biographer I the Cruising Market.

At @Royal Caribbean International
we have ordered another Quantum Class ship that would be built in April 2020. It would be launched around July 2021 at Port Miami along with our next Oasis Class ship.
Check us Out on @Royal Carribean
International an spread Ruby of the seas

You mean Ruby Princess? Ruby of the Seas does not exist.

I can't wait! I be seen deck plans on their site!

8 Mardi Gras

The Empress of Canada was bought by the newly formed Carnival Cruise lines and became the Mardi Gras. This former liner catapulted Carnival to number one status! The ship was sadly scrapped at Alang, India in 2003-2004 as the Apollo.

9 Queen Mary 2

The QE2 was believed to be the last liner/cruise ship ever built, until QM2 came along. The largest, most expensive ocean liner ever, she, like the QE2 makes this list because she cruises for half the year as well. With the QE2 gone, she is the last ocean liner making regular crossings.

10 Oasis of the Seas

The first passenger ship to surpass 200,000 tons. Like Destiny, her profile isn't exactly pleasing to the eye.

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11 MS Rotterdam

The quintessential cruise ship! SS Rotterdam was built in 1959 as an ocean liner for Holland America Line. She sailed as a cruise ship after 1971, and sailed on until 2000. She is a Dutch masterpiece and is preserved as a hotel/museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands

12 Sovereign of the Seas

This ship, alongside Norway, set off the boom in large passenger ship construction as the 20th century drew to a close. This was Royal Caribbean's first mega ship.

13 MS Nieuw Amsterdam

Absolutely gorgeous ship inside and out.

14 Norway

Bought by NCL, France, alongside Cunard's QE2, proved large passenger ships could still be profitable. France was rebuilt as Norway, until a deadly boiler explosion humiliated NCL and exposed machinery that hasn't been taken care of in years. She was quietly withdrawn, and sold to the scrappers at Alang India. She was finished off by 2009.

15 Allure of the Seas
16 Azura
17 Norwegian Breakaway

I went on a cruise on this ship once-great service, entertainment, dining, activities, itineraries-you name it!

18 MS Symphony of the Seas
19 Carnival Destiny

The first passenger ship to surpass 100,000 gross register tons. She was renamed Carnival Sunshine in 2013. Her profile is less than pleasing, however.

20 MS Freedom of the Seas
21 Quantum of the Seas
22 Harmony of The Seas
23 Brilliance of the Seas
24 Anthem of the Seas

My dad and I went to Bermuda and Boston on this and it was cool. They have adult entertainment, food, internet access and a casino.

25 Norwegian Escape
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