Top Ten Animated Disney Movies That Deserve Theatrical Sequels

Walt Disney Animation Studios has made, as of 2015, fifty-four animated movies. A number of them have received follow-up films, only most of them are made straight-to-video. This list compiles the movies in Disney's 'Animated Classics' series that deserve (d) theatrical sequels (this may include movies that have already had home video sequels).

The Top Ten

1 The Sword In the Stone

1. According to AniMat, The Sword in the Stone is one of Walt Disney Animation Studios's weakest films. It's only decent, so if they were to make a sequel to this, let's hope the sequel is as whimsical as Merlin.
2. It wil officially exist. Wreck-It Ralph is one of the greatest animated blockbusters of 2012. Hotel Transylvania, Ice Age: Continental Drift and especially The Lorax will be nowhere near as good as these other two animated movies I mentioned. If anyone disrespects positive opinions on Studio Ghibli, the Wreck-It Ralph franchise and The Walt Disney Company (these companies' owner) in favour of Foodfight, Doogal and Where the Dead go to die, I will do more than be so furious that you have no idea.
3. Let's hope that Beauty & the Beast 4 will be a lot more engaging, kind-spirited, three-dimensional and less painfully animated than Beauty & the Beast: Belle's Magical World.
4. The Great Mouse Detective is really underrated for all the strong points AniMat says about ...more

2 Wreck-It Ralph

Yes, I totally agree, and fortunately, it is getting a sequel! The sequel is about Ralph and Vanellope going to the internet! I'm so excited to see what they're going to do with that! - SmashPrincess

It's actually getting one - MegaSoulhero


3 Beauty and the Beast

It Has 2 Sequels

4 The Great Mouse Detective
5 Treasure Planet

Jim still needs to find love, so there needs to be a sequel.

6 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Got a sequel but isn't knowledge

A hiden gem

7 Big Hero 6

Disney is so big that it has so much underrated, heartfelt, great gems. There is about as much Walt Disney Animation Studios as there is DisneyToon movies.

8 Hercules

I want to see hercules sequel

I want to see hercules agen

9 Dumbo

Why did the sequel get cancelled? It looked pretty good and interesting. This movie need a sequel. I mean a live action remake is nice, but it really deserves at sequel. Especially sense I think that this is the best Disney movie and the best movie ever!

10 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

The Newcomers

? Megamind

Who doesn't want this?

The Contenders

11 The Princess and the Frog
12 Robin Hood
13 Zootopia

Don't know if I want a sequel or a movie about what zootopia was going to be about, you know with Nick being the protagonist and the shock-collars it seems really interesting. - Gabriola


14 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

There is a sequel.

15 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This does not need a sequel! It is perfect the way it is! Sequels and live actions ruin movies like sleeping beauty and malefcient for example, snow white is a magical Disney movie that should not be touched because its perfect - Disneyfan2005

Please Disney, make a sequel! I'm dying to watch it!

I would love a Snow White sequel. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Wait a classic Disney movie? She just lives happily ever after. Go and watch Snow White and the huntsman.

16 Oliver & Company
17 Inside Out

It should have a second for the fact that when a person grows up, people change, so how will Riley change as she goes to high school.

There should be a inside out 2 and it shall be a sequel,the timeline should be.riley is 20 and shes dating his future boyfriend,also,there should be a new emotion called love.that would make a great twist.that's all I have to say for inside out 2.also if the director of inside out read I don't know what will happen :D

18 Tangled
19 Lilo & Stitch

I love this movie so much.

This film deserves a better sequel because Leroy and Stitch,Stitch! The Movie and Lilo and Stitch 2:Stitch has a glitch all sucked! Those sequels were better than the Ice Age sequels though.

20 Meet the Robinsons

Not the best Disney movie but it's the 100 best disney movie

21 The Lion King
22 Ratatouille
23 The Fox and the Hound
24 Bambi

It's true, a sequel was made and it focused on Bambi's relationship with his father and the time they spent together after his mother was killed. It was good, certainly one of the better straight to DVD sequels, but it's a shame we never got a third film focusing on his adulthood and following his offspring.

25 The Little Mermaid

It had a sequel and a prequel

26 Lady and the Tramp
27 Up
28 Pinocchio
29 Wall-E
30 Chicken Little

Kinda does the movie wasnt as bad as stuck in the wringer in spongebob

31 The Jungle Book
32 101 Dalmatians
33 The Aristocats
34 Aladdin
35 Cinderella
36 A Bug's Life
37 Bolt
38 Tarzan
39 Sleeping Beauty
40 Brother Bear
41 Fun and Fancy Free
42 Brave
43 The Emperor's New Groove
44 Mulan
45 The Three Caballeros
46 Pocahontas
47 Frozen

There's already a Frozen 2!

48 Winnie the Pooh
49 Dinosaur
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