My Top Ten Least Favorite Things About the New Veggietales Series

Just as the title says. My LEAST favorite things about the new VeggieTales series on Netflix.
The Top Ten
1 The New Design

Okay, I made myself watch a few episodes on YouTube and it's not too bad. But I still prefer the old VeggieTales over the new one. The new design isn't the best, and it's hard to tell which character is supposed to be which. The first Silly Song I saw was "Golden Egg", and I couldn't recognize some of the characters (like Laura Carrot or Petunia). Plus the French Peas look a bit stereotypical, since they now have mustaches. To add to my dislike of the new design, they (the French Peas) now have pink noses which don't match their color like in the old show.

2 The New Mr. Nezzer

Okay, his name is now Ichabeezer, and his personality is unlikable, unlike in the old series where he is likable. At least I think he is supposed to be Mr. Nezzer with a new design. (On the VeggieTales - It's for the Kids wiki it said that Ichabeezer was his replacement. DreamWorks doesn't allow people who are a certain color to act as the opposite color, and the person who originally voiced Mr. Nezzer was African American. They also say that Ichabeezer is Mr. Nezzer with a new design while Phil Vischer says he's a different character. I looked it up yesterday after writing this.)

3 The LarryMobile

Yes, I loved Larry as a kid and I still do today (I watched the Silly Songs on YouTube and felt childhood nostalgia and I guess overdid it because I'm back into Larry), but I saw a clip of a LarryBoy episode on VeggieTales' official YouTube channel, and I didn't really like the new look. Especially the LarryMobile. It looks like it was done with cheap animation (though I'm sure Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment could make a better LarryMobile if they used the cheapest animation software like they did in Despicable Me), and the LarryMobile looks NOTHING like the old one.

4 The Songs

One of the songs I've seen (and am never watching again) - you can look it up on YouTube by searching up "VeggieTales in the House Silly Songs" (without quotes) is "Silly No More". This one is a bit weird. The only song I've seen so far that I didn't like. And I've only seen four episodes. One where they get trapped in a store overnight, one where Ichabeezer's dog runs away after he pays more attention to the new puppy he found, one where Larry's cousin visits, and one where Junior's dad and a pea's dad try to find the best pet for a pet thing at Junior's school. And "A Club Divided". But the "Silly No More" video was weird, and the only song I found weird (well Ichabeezer's song about his dog was kinda weird too maybe).

5 Character Personalities

Okay, I'm not sure if Jimmy and Jerry's personalities were off in the episode where they get trapped in the store overnight but I have to admit one thing: I found no problem with Mr. Lunt, Bob and Larry.

6 The Bacon Character

Yes, there's a piece of LIVING MEAT in a show with fruits and vegetables. Plus the character can be kind of annoying. Okay, maybe a bit more than "kind of". (I found his name was Bacon Bill on Wikipedia.)

7 The Silly Songs

Okay, I don't have a problem with the Silly Songs really, but they're not as funny as the old ones. Some - if not most - of the old Silly Songs would manage to get a laugh or a chuckle out of me. The new ones are a little weird, except for "Golden Egg". "Golden Egg" sounded like a song you'd hear from the old VeggieTales series. Depending on the way you look at it, because everyone is different. But "Golden Egg" didn't really get a laugh out of me though. So I guess you could say it sounded like a VeggieTales song that wasn't a Silly Song? I don't know.

8 Archibald's New Personality

Apparently he is now the Mayor and it's said in the episode where they get trapped in the store that he never helps clean up the town and makes everyone else do it. Does that seem like Archibald? I don't think so, but I guess you never know.

9 They Like Sardines All of a Sudden

When in the old series did they ever eat lots of sardines? Like seriously.

10 LarryBoy's New Butler

Okay, I saw on a comment on that LarryBoy clip on YouTube that Bob is now Larry's butler. No problem with that, but who makes the gadgets LarryBoy uses if Alfred/Archie was the one to do that for him?