Top Ten Hottest Female Ever After High Characters

The Top Ten
1 Holly O Hair

Holly, of course

She is one of my favorites along with Meeshell, Briar, Cupid, and Ashlyn

Her hair are awesome

2 Darling Charming


Darling, of course

Her eyes and hair are literally everything

3 Briar Beauty


She may be pretty or hot, but no, I don't really like her, UGH :/

As beautiful as her mum and. So cool

Way to girly... - Amazed

4 Apple White

I love her character design! She is also sweet and caring, and a great leader! And her voice is so soft. I adore every part of this girl! And she is NOT a brat.

I love apple whit

5 Raven Queen

She is way more prettier than Apple ask for that mean Apple White is evil queen and Beautiful Raven is future snow white.

Can we at least put her in top 2?

6 Rosabella Beauty

I love her style it suits her so much

She as beautiful, kind hearted , lovely , gentle and a book worm like her mum Belle

7 Lizzie Hearts

Wish she had more screen time

Lizzie is so precious.

8 Madeline Hatter

Maddie is so bubbly and cute! She's totally my favorite character. I also like how she has a Hat of Many Things and loves to drink tea.

Hate Cerise Hood! Got waaay too much screen time & is mega boring

So fun and bubbly

9 Duchess Swan
10 Faybelle Thorn
The Contenders
11 Kitty Cheshire

Quite annoying.
Get down from that tumtum tree!
Cheese lover.
Sometimes kind.
Good friend.

12 Cerise Hood

Pretty inside and out

13 Ashlynn Ella

Why only 2% people!? No offense, I like other characters too but she is nice and kind. She's my first favorite along with Briar and Raven. Second is Holly 'o' Hair and Cedar Wood. #EAHRocks

Nope, Briar is arrogant and terrible but I agree with Ashlynn, Raven, Holly and Cedar.

IN a quiz I got her as my twin

14 Meeshell Mermaid
15 Poppy O'Hair
16 Crystal Winter

I love her. She's so pretty, smart, nice, caring brave and loyal. Don't you love her too?

I don't. She is pretty but spoiled.

17 Blondie Lockes
18 C.A. Cupid
19 Justine Dancer
20 Ginger Breadhouse
21 Cedar Wood

I like how she can't tell a lie, although she often gets teased because of it.

22 Bunny Blanc
23 Melody Piper
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