Top Ten Worst Decades for Animation

Sometimes you can have a whole decade without a good cartoon... which is honestly quite sad. ALL decades have at least 3 or 4 good cartoons running at the least, but today we'll be looking at the worst of those decades. Maybe it was a new system that ruined animation, or maybe it was just one cartoon or movie that ruined it.
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1 1960s

Well, Walt Disney died that decade, so you can imagine Disney was dying...Hanna Barbera tried to keep the then genre alive with sub par hit and miss shows like the Flintstones and Scooby Doo...other than that it was a mixed bag...not too good.

Hanna Barbera may have some iconic cartoon characters, but they made some otherwise forgettable shows, and even tried copying themselves.

The 2000s had some bad times, but in the 60s 90% of cartoons (probably) were horrible.

T.V. Tropes pretty much describes this dark age of animation best.

2 1970s

Considering how similar each cartoon was becoming at that time, as well as Disney doing pretty unsuccessfully, and not much competition away from those, the 70's didn't have much memorable work in terms of animation.

No, Looney Tunes never had another theatrical cartoon again until the 80s. Tom and Jerry became friends in that horrible 1975 show, I just don't like Pink Panther, and wasn't Jonny Quest from the 60s?

This is the worst decade, hands down. The amount of genuinely good cartoons from this decade can be counted on one hand.

The rest of it was the same merchandise-driven schlock.

Okay, how the hell are the 2010s higher than this one? Have you ever seen a genuinely great show from this decade? The 2010s had so many great ones and it was so experimental.

3 2010s

2010s is the empire of bad cartoons had risen from innocent shows. But TTG is the leader of every bad cartoons in history along with Sanjay And Craig and Breadwinners of Nick and Pickle And Peanut of Disney.

2010s is like World War 2.

The Reboot is the Supreme Leader behind all the atrocities in this decade. Most of the good shows had to fight back against the bad ones but impossible to defeat them. I hope in 2020s it will be worst than World War 2 that it was Cold War or Vietnam War.

I hope in 3040, animation was gone forever.

I know that the 90s were bad, but at least it was mostly the cartoons that were embarrassing.
We even got the Disney renaissance films coming from the latter!
But if you've got so many garbage computer animated films, write-downs, creative differences becoming a literal movie plague, more garbage ideas being kept over creativity, and every non Disney-Pixar (or Ghibli if that counts, but it probably doesn't) Western animation studios turning into what I call "Sonyfests," - A studio that only wants to make garbage films with cringe, lazy writing, and play beyond safe like The Emoji Movie.
I wanted to say that this year could finally end the long slump to become the final and worst dark age, but with Disney buying 21st Century Fox, I'm very scared at this point.
I'm mixed about what will 2018 do to save us, but if all us fails 2019 REALLY needs to start an animation war or else it's doomed to become a death media.

We've got terribly bad shows like Teen Titans Go!,Uncle Grandpa, Breadwinnders, Fish Hooks, The Problem Solverz, as well as Sanjay and Craig, the PPG Reboot, a few others but they air a lot

We have a good deal of cartoons however such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Loud House, Harvey Breaks, My Little Pony, Regular Show, and Adventure Time though they usually don't come up much often

2010s is a mixed bag.
On the one hand, you have cartoons such as Gravity Falls, Regular Show, The Legend of Korra, and Rick and Morty.
On the other hand, you have cartoons such as Pickle and Peanut, The Problem Solverz, Breadwinners, and possibly the worst cartoon ever: Mr. Pickles.

4 2000s

Hey, the 2000's was an awesome decade for animation. At least as far as anime and anime-influenced animation are concerned. Although the downside would be that the late 1990's and early 2000's was the decade of those awful direct-to-video sequels, but that alone doesn't make a whole decade bad. At least this era introduced a ton of great anime as well as several western animated shows that were anime-styled or inspired, you have got to admit.

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were pretty much known for going downhill around this point. The former suffering during the Stuart Snyder era and the latter basically undergoing network decay as a result of putting too much focus on SpongeBob SquarePants and poor network decisions.

Ah, the time era I was born in. I thought every cartoon I watched was "amazing" Now as an almost 16 year old, I think some of these shows are terrible. I f@king thought Caillou and Dora was amazing but I was super young at the time.

This was the decade of flash animation and boy was it bad.Sure, you had those redeeming cartoons (Avatar,Total Drama etc), but then you have some of the worst things ever (Dora,Peppa Pig etc), but the bad won over the good this time and it was a depressing slope for animation.

5 1990s

The Lion King was made during this time and we all know why I hate it so much, it sucked big time. Other animated movies and shows made at the time didn't fare well, either; Instead of being original, many non-Disney movies had to cash in the success of Disney's films. Some of the worst and most overrated animated shows were also made during this time despite that there were some good ones made, too.

Yeah some good but the worst - Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Catdog, Cow and Chicken, Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, SpongeBob began, South Park, Beavis and Butthead, The Three Friends and Jerry, Mega Babies, Angela Anaconda, I AM Weasel, Courage The Cowardly Dog. I even watched some of them when I was a kid but they are just when the animators went lazy.

This is the most controversal choice here, but hear me out...the 90s had a lot of bad shows, a whole bunch of them really, channels such as Disney channel was falling down the drain trying to be hip.Quite a lot of shows jumped the shark or got cancelled around this stage.

The 90s is not a perfect decade. Sure you have the Nicktoons and the Cartoon Cartoons, but there are some rotten eggs such as:
Mega Babies
The Brothers Grunt
Angela Anaconda
The Wacky World of Tex Avery

6 1950s

Good year, this was the prime for Disney shorts, which included by personal favourite violent Goofy shorts...the movies were good too, nothing too significant happened but it was a good year.

Way too much racism.

7 1980s

Had a lot of good cartoons, but think about it, we had some awful shows like The Gary Coleman Show, the original My Little Pony, and worst of all, Rubik, The Amazing Cube.

I think I'm alone by saying this but...I really liked the 80s, most of the well known '90s shows' actually started in the 80s.TMNT,Ducktales,GI was the animation decade of more realistic stories and characters.

My dad grew up in the 80s and I always like hearing from him about te cartoons he watched when He was a kid.

Not to mention that the best Don Bluth animated features were made during this decade.

8 1930s

Uhh... this was when animation was growing. Color was being introduced, Sound was improving, a FEATURE LENGTH movie was in development.

Nothing really new came this decade till the end of it...Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, but I didn't think that was a very good movie,so...

9 1920s

It got even better here, Mickey Mouse originated and Disney began.

Disney is overrated.

10 1940s

It may be a controversial choice since some of the animated shorts made during this time are well-made historical value, but I'm putting this here because of the rabid fans and whiny politically correct people who complain how "racist" these cartoons are when they're actually not. Cartoons are fiction, and fiction is not the same as reality.

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11 1910s
12 2020s
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