Top Ten Best Ki Blast Supers In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

This is my first top 10 and it is on the top 10 KI Blast Supers in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. For anyone who is looking for the coolest looking and most powerful KI Blasts, you should check out this list. I have gathered all the best KI Blasts in Xenoverse in my opinion and I have arranged them in order from worst to best.
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1 x10 Kamehameha

Does a lot of damage at any charged state and it looks cool when used. The only downside is that it costs 200 ki. Other than that, it's really good, and I highly recommend it.

X10 Kamehameha can deal some good damage, but mainly when it's fully charged, it really deals significant damage. It takes a long time to fully charge and misses quite often. However, it compensates by looking good and dealing substantial damage if hit and fully charged. I recommend using the Frieza Race and stunning your enemy by pressing O for PlayStation or B for Xbox.

2 Big Bang Kamehameha

Big Bang Kamehameha will deal loads of damage to your opponent, but only if it hits. This skill has a lot of downfalls but is still a cool-looking, strong move to use. I recommend it for parallel quests and story mainly because it takes quite a bit of time to charge and may even miss anyway. This attack misses a lot, but when it hits, it will destroy!

If you use it while Super Saiyan, the teleporting makes up for the accuracy.

Also absorbs super ki blasts or just small blasts while charging.

3 Galick Beam Cannon

Galick Beam Cannon can be fully charged fast, just like Galick Gun, but Galick Beam Cannon does more damage and, in my opinion, looks cooler than Galick Gun. The downside to this is that it doesn't hit all the time but is still more accurate than x10 Kamehameha. It is rare you will miss this attack, and when you hit fully charged, it will deal some nice damage, especially with maxed-out Ki Blast Supers.

4 Final Kamehameha
5 DIE DIE Missile Barrage

DIE DIE Missile Barrage, in my opinion, is a great skill for knocking your opponent back and dealing some good damage at the same time. This is designed mainly for close range and can be used as a desperate way to push an opponent away from you. The closer your enemy is, the more hits you land and the more damage you do.

6 Perfect Kamehameha

I used this ultimate in Xenoverse 1 so much that it carried over into my Xenoverse 2 playthrough. It requires only 300 ki and delivers good damage, though I feel it did more in the first game. Either way, it's quick to use and does a fair amount of damage. Just make sure the opponent isn't out of range or being hit by another support character.

It makes up for the long charge time with strength, in my opinion. If you break someone's stamina, then go into a Super Dragon Fist, then quickly into the Perfect Kamehameha, you lay down some massive damage!

7 Burst Kamehameha

This is a powerful move that's actually accurate and doesn't take too long to fully charge either. There isn't really much more to say about this except that it's an amazing skill to use for mid-range, and if you can, close range works too.

8 Perfect Shot

The damage is good, the range is perfect, but not for close combat due to windup.

Is a fake stun that allows for a quick rush attack.

Slow to start but hurts like hell.

9 Galick Gun

Galick Gun is probably one of the best early moves you can have. It doesn't hit all the time, but it will kill most early-on enemies.

10 Vanishing Ball

Takes a second to charge, but once you fire it, it moves towards the target very quickly and is difficult to dodge. You can also catch an enemy with the edge of the attack, as the sphere is on the larger side in terms of super attacks. In my experience, it is stronger than Big Bang Attack and easier to land than Big Bang Attack and Perfect Shot, both of which are similar moves.

Vanishing Ball is a fast attack that deals a lot of damage and is a good skill to spam. Just go Super Vegeta or Super Vegeta 2, and you will deal loads of damage with this, and you can keep spamming it. The accuracy on it is good too, and it doesn't need to charge.

The Contenders
11 Spirit Bomb

I recommend Spirit Bomb only when you have a team that can help distract enemies and let you charge it. The charge time on Spirit Bomb isn't insane, but it definitely isn't a move to try and use when an opponent is nearly up in your face.

Once it has finished charging, you can stand still and wait around for your opponent to stop so that you are guaranteed to hit with this. On impact, this deals a lot of damage, and then it explodes into a bigger-sized ball that deals damage over time while the enemy remains in contact with it. Eventually, the ball will disappear, but by then you should have dealt quite a lot of damage.

12 Big Bang Attack

Although it takes a few seconds to charge, leaving you vulnerable, it does decent damage considering it's a super move. I would compare it to Vanishing Ball. I would choose Vanishing Ball, but I have both, and using them together, I haven't lost a single Parallel Quest or 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 battle.

Just let your enemies run into this delicious ki blast.

13 Dick Donato Richard Louis Donato, known as "Evel Dick" Donato, a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner of the reality game show Big Brother 8. He and his daughter, Daniele Donato, are the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program's top two prizes in the same competition.
14 Final Flash

It's Vegeta's move. It made Cell crap his pants. Who wouldn't want it?

It is more overpowered than Divine Lasso.

15 Double Sunday

Double Sunday is a great technique because it does decent damage and takes less time to charge than Kamehameha and Galick Gun. It also sends your target flying to give you some breathing room. I'm not saying it's the best, but it's better than 27th. I would put it at least 10th.

Double Sunday is a great super, mostly because after a combo, it's a move you can do to get that last hit in as they are flying back from your hits. It adds damage to your combo.

Double Sunday is a really solid, fast-hitting beam super and is very easy to obtain. I would recommend it in most early Ki builds.

16 God of Destruction's Anger

Perfect for melee/charge attackers, pushing anything in its path.

17 Earth Splitting Galick Gun
18 Tyrant Lancer

I love this move because it's good when your enemy is going towards you and you just press and BOOM, out of the area! Good if you have maximum charge because you can get like 3 or 4 ki bars!

It is awesome when I fight Demigra. It does like a quarter of a bar of damage.

19 Light Grenade

Great for finishing off the lower first parallel quests, and I would recommend it for anyone playing a brand new character after their first one!

20 Split Finger Shot

Good for when an enemy is getting closer or distracted. All 5 hit and it does a lot of damage.

21 Symphonic Destruction
22 Assault Rain

Allows for easy hits to multiple enemies, given they are in range.

23 Milky Cannon

Milky Cannon has a limit to its range, but unlike DIE DIE Missile Barrage, you can charge the attack for more range and damage. I find that it is a good attack for mid-range mainly. Milky Cannon will explode on impact with an enemy, but if it doesn't make contact, it will hover in the air for a short time then explode. The charge time for Milky Cannon isn't high either, making this a great move to use in a 1v1, especially with how it deals some good knockback too.

24 Recoome Eraser Gun

People will argue with this, but I won't argue back. I know for sure that this is a great skill to use. I don't even need to describe it because it's that good of a move. All I can say is it is probably at least in the top three most damaging Ki Blast Supers and is accurate too. People use this with fewer than 50 attribute points on Ki Blast Super and can still deal good damage with it.

25 Burning Attack

I like this one because, while it can be hard to hit, it looks really cool, does decent damage, and sends them flying up into the air, setting up for a great juggle.

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