Top Ten Pretty Cure All Stars Movies

Time for a list on the Pretty Cure All Stars movies. The ones that crossover every Cure from a current season with previous Cures in order to keep the fanbase lively, and my goodness, they really do want a crossover event whenever possible with every single Cure that shows up. At the point I'm in, I believe I have watched all the All Stars movies, therefore it is time for the list that ranks the best ones.
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1 Pretty Cure All Stars DX3: Deliver the Future! The Rainbow-Colored Flower That Connects the World

DX3 has every Cure from HeartCatch backward as well as Cures Melody and Rhythm from Suite. This is the movie that I enjoyed the absolute most. What I really wanted to see was great interactions between the many Cures, and this time, there's definitely some great ones. And the villains are previous movies villains reincarnated, they actually separate nearly every Cure in various ways to battle, the pink lead Cures are altogether, while the blue/white/green ones all try to get through one segment, and the rest are in another. There were some interesting teamups, and when everyone comes back together to defeat the previous movie villains, they end up finding Black Hole, perhaps the most terrifying Pretty Cure villain yet due to actually attempting to swallow the whole Earth. It took every Cure at the time and the Miracle Lights to win.

2 Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone's Friends - the Collection of Miracles!

The first official All-Stars movie is DX, which features Cures Peach, Berry, and Pine from Fresh PreCure and every Cure beforehand. This one more or less started it all if you don't count the five-minute short GoGo Dream Live. The main deal here is that Fusion, the villain, is after the Cures' fairies, and after absorbing attacks from Cure teams, we see that the Yes Team runs towards the goal, getting help from the Splash Star and Max Heart teams, the first instance of crossing over! These Cures then find some way to battle Fusion to win against him, and he will come back eventually.

3 Hug! Pretty Cure Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories

This one is an interesting one as it's technically the movie for the Hugtto! Pretty Cure season. However, due to the nature of the time travel in the series and every single Cure before this point appearing in mainline episodes, this one is classified as an All Stars movie. The focus is on Hugtto's team, plus Max Heart who come in, mostly Cure Black. The villain is Miden, an old camera who wants the Cures' memories, turning them into babies. There is substantial development, specifically on Cure Yell's part, but once the Cures are restored the Cures all use their many various moves, and all do this while getting speaking roles. Yes, 55 Cures get speaking roles, this feat won the movie an actual Guinness world record. Though the fighting here isn't as good as the previous two entries, it's the sense of scale that owns here.

4 Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eternal Friends

The final movie in the New Stage saga, featuring every Cure from DokiDoki backwards along with Cures Lovely and Princess from HappinessCharge PreCure. This movie is the culmination of the previous New Stage movies, where we can see our good friends EnEn and Gureru from the previous movie wanting to help out newer teams. The tapir fairy Maamu sends people into lucid dreams, but this needs to be stopped as the Cures must wake up, so it's up to the current team, or is it? There's a nice twist, the two newest Cures aren't the main saviors here but they need to get in on the action regardless. Furthering this movie more is that the action in the climax is exceptionally good with plenty of voiced characters this time (Yes team and Splash Star team didn't get any voiced roles in the previous movie). Plus Cure Echo returned, and gets to have a better role than in New Stage 1.

5 Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart

The second New Stage movie features every Cure from DokiDoki backward, except Ace, who isn't in this. This is a continuation of the previous New Stage movie, though the setting is now in a fairy world where Gureru thinks he's got it all going for himself. Thanks to his supposed bravery he comes in contact with a powerful shadow which immobilizes the Cures to make Gureru feel good, but he later realizes that this guy wanted to destroy stuff and fights along with EnEn to help the Cures out. Once again, decent action once all the Cures are released, several Cures like Black, White, and Luminous who didn't get voices last time have them here.

6 Pretty Cure All Stars DX2: Light of Hope - Protect the Rainbow Jewel!

DX2 features every single Cure from Fresh backwards, while including Blossom and Marine from HeartCatch. There's a lot to unpack here, a big fairy amusement park with many familiar characters wanting to join, while the Fresh girls show the HeartCatch girls around they narrowly miss the other teams. The best thing about this is the villains, those who are already dead but resurrected to work under a new master, Bottom, and they somehow can do well this time against all the teams in numerous ways. Action remains good, but I didn't like this one nearly as much. Tons of focus was on Blossom and Marine, the new Cures, and how the previous ones were to lead them to Bottom itself. More interactions is what I prefer.

7 Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future

The New Stage movies took things in a different, more story-oriented approach. This features every Cure from Smile Pretty Cure backwards, and we see glimpses of Fusion returning, with tons of Cures kicking its butt as much as possible. But the main focus is on Ayumi, a girl who idolizes the Cures and comes into contact with Fuu, a snippet of Fusion, who she actually bonds with. However, this thing is clearly looking to grow and eat everything, and she needs convincing from the Cures, notably Smile's team, to understand. Action is alright, but the main kickers are twofold. First, the Cures from Yes! backwards have zero speaking roles. Second, Cure Echo is a decent movie-only Cure for this movie and a nice turnaround, but she really only does one notable thing here and that's to cool down Fuu, which was anticlimatic.

8 Pretty Cure Miracle Universe

While not a true All Stars movie, it's still got crossovers, featuring the main Cures from Star Twinkle (minus Cosmo), Hugtto!, and KiraKira a la Mode. This one addresses not just spacey stuff, but also what the Miracle Lights are and who manufactures them. A big factory of sorts with owl-like fairies, with one little chick fairy being a main character who's worked up about his work, and a darker one who is the main villain. What was interesting was the usage of Dark Miracle Lights as a counter to defeat the teams, though with the other Miracle Lights, they will still win. Another notable thing is that even though this focuses on the most recent three teams, we actually see that all the previous teams show up, even if they are for cameos on Earth only, and some like Flora and Miracle get voices here.

9 Pretty Cure All Stars: Singing with Everyone♪ Miraculous Magic!

I personally don't like this movie. But I can see why it's an improvement of the previous musical movie cause that was kind of an awkward one. This one features Cures Miracle and Magical from Maho Tsukai Pretty Cure and every other one before them. It also features main villains from each season from Go!Princess backwards, some get some decent roles, others not. The deal here is that there's an evil sorceress who wants to resurrect her master, but her "assistant", a horse guy, just wants something different, and wants the Cures' tears. My main issues with this movie are that the Maho Tsukai team are somehow very weak in this, which I don't really like for the current teams, and also the way the other Cures are dealt with in the beginning, they're all imprisoned in dumb cages. Trauma's final fight was pretty epic though, and the musical numbers were okayish.

10 Pretty Cure All Stars: Spring Carnival♪

Spring Carnival features the first three Cures from Go!Princess as well as every other one beforehand, and only the leading Cures (plus Cure White and Cure Diamond) get speaking roles. Perhaps this movie would have been a whole lot better, because a good amount of it is montage. We get to see CGI dances of each particular PreCure team for the vast majority of the movie, and they are interviewed by the two villains, Odoren and Utaen. But let's cut to the chase, Odoren and Utaen are the best parts of this movie, full stop. These two guys are hilarious villains who aren't powerful at all, just funny thieves yet they can somehow be pretty darn smart. Unfortunately for them this big dragon hates what they did and tries to kill everyone, but thanks to the Cures the kingdom gets saved. The way the Cures get their transformation back involves singing, there's tons of it, and Haruka (Cure Flora) was scared at first but knew what to do.

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