Strongest Fairy Tail Spells

This List will be listing off the Strongest Spells in The Manga Series, Fairy Tail.
The Top Ten
1 Black Magic : Law

This is a spell of complete judgment. The spell only affects those whom the caster chooses as their enemy and drains the victim completely of their energy, turning their skin/physical body a light blue, pale color.

If the caster uses this spell on more enemies than they can handle, they will kill both the enemy and themselves, backfiring the spell and completely draining their magic energy.

2 Black Magic : Glitter

This spell is similar to the next spell. It's a bit more destructive, though, and the victim is completely obliterated instead of drained.

This spell is less accurate than the next one since it can only be used on a single person.

3 Heavenly Body Magic : Sema

This spell creates a sky of black clouds, and in the center will appear a huge asteroid. There are two versions of this spell: Deus Sema, a spell twice as powerful, and one that can only be cast by a mage with the ability to enchant.

This spell could kill a person, but the caster can decide how much destruction and damage it causes.

As a big fan of astronomy and Jellal, I absolutely love this spell and Heavenly Body Magic in general!

4 Black Magic : Sphere

This spell is considered friendship magic. It only requires a few chunks of magical power to cast, but the casters have to know each other in some way.

If used by one person, magic energy will be drained immensely. When cast, this spell summons a specifically sized spherical shield that nothing can break. Not even the power of Acnologia can break through this spell.

5 Heavenly Body Magic : Urano Metria

This spell allows the caster to call upon 88 planets/constellations/stars to help defeat their target. This creates huge amounts of damage, and the caster is also shielded from all types of magic while casting this spell.

The 88 constellations spell equals the full power of the Spirit King. It is the wrath of stars of those 88 constellations.

Actually, Urano Metria is much stronger than we imagine because it can kill people. I'm happy Lucy is now stronger.

6 Requip : Nakagami Armor

This armor is probably the most powerful armor a requip mage can summon. It nullifies all types of magic at such an intense rate that no mage has been able to utilize it for the last decade.

7 Heavenly Body Magic : Grand Chariot

When Erza used heavenly body magic, I was amazed! We thought only Lucy, the celestial wizard, could use heavenly body magic as shown in Urano Metria.

Erza called the seven stars and destroyed the area, almost like Natsu would've. The only thing I wonder is, is this celestial spirit magic?!

This spell summons the constellation, the Big Dipper, to brutally attack the enemy for immense damage and destruction.

To cast, the mage in question must take seven steps and make sure those steps draw the Big Dipper.

8 Dragon Slaying Secret Technique : Crimson Lotus, Phoenix Sword

I know what you're wondering: why isn't there any dragon slaying magic higher on this list?

Because it's overrated and I just want the strongest normal spells in the top seven, but in reality, they do surpass even dragon slaying magic. This is probably the most powerful secret technique.

9 Dragon Slaying Secret Technique : Sky Drill

The caster creates a large barrier of skin-shredding wind for a temporary amount of time. Then, rotating their arms counterclockwise, they create a beam of painfully sharp wind, brutally damaging the victim.

10 Dragon Slaying Magic : Iron Shadow Dragon's Breath Attack

When cast, this spell creates a beam of sharp iron and shadow magic, creating a huge explosion when it targets a solid object or building.

The Contenders
11 Heavenly Body Magic : Fairy law
12 Arc of Time: Last Ages
13 Gottfried
14 God Slayer Magic: Gathering Clouds of Heaven
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