Top 10 Best My Hero Academia Ships

Shipping is when we imagine romantic relationships between our favorite characters, even if they are not official in the story. And let me tell you, the My Hero Academia fandom has some amazing ships! From fiery sparks to sweet hugs, this list is all about the best ships that have sailed in the world of My Hero Academia. So, grab your quirk and join us as we count down the top My Hero Academia ships!
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1 Katsuki Bakugou x Eijirou Kirishima

Their relationship is one of the most developed ones, and they've only known each other for about a year. Kirishima isn't Bakugou's only friend, but he's certainly his first real friend. Kirishima was one of the people who saw Bakugou as an equal and not as a leader or a surrogate for All Might. He supports Bakugou but is also a good friend by standing up to him when he believes Bakugou has crossed a line. Bakugou has only acknowledged Kirishima as his equal, and even Midoriya states that Kirishima is the only person Bakugou would accept help from without feeling weak, indicating that Bakugou trusts that Kirishima wouldn't think less of him or make him feel weak.

Bakugou is also important to Kirishima. Kirishima respects how sincere Bakugou is in his motives and sees him as incredibly manly! He has a dark past regarding his quirk, and when the chips were down, who does he think of that motivates him to use his full power? Bakugou. He's risked his safety to help Bakugou on so many different occasions (the rescue arc, the provisional license arc, the scene in the movie where Kirishima protects Bakugou from the villains). He even stands up for Bakugou when Monoma tries to belittle Bakugou's character progression.

Relationships shouldn't be based on "oh, I knew you longer therefore I must be the best choice," but rather, has this relationship affected you in a positive way? Has being with this person made you want to be better? Not due to expectation, but because you actually want to.

2 Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya

In the manga, it explains the dynamics better than the anime. I believe that once they overcome their problems, they could be really good friends! Heck, I hope they become a hero-duo in the future.

They complement each other in ways that some people don't realize. Deku is the more passive side of things, while Katsuki is the "act first, question later" sort of person, even though he is incredibly smart! Deku can learn things from Katsuki that he's missed out on when he did not have a quirk, and Katsuki is already sort of helping in his own little way.

They're learning to get along, and that's all I need. I don't care if this is not canon (let's get real, it's a shounen anime). All I need is for my boys to put things aside, look towards the future, and work together. I will cry even more once it happens, already shedding tears at the end of season 3. Lord, stop doing this to me. My heart can't handle it.

3 Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya

During the sports festival, Todoroki and Midoriya were kind of rivals. Midoriya told Todoroki to use his flames, and that's what helped him move on to the finals. Todoroki also always had Midoriya's back after the "rival thing" ended.

They make a pretty good pair, and there's way too much evidence for this ship, in my opinion. When Iida and Midoriya were hurt by the Hero Killer, if Todoroki hadn't come, Midoriya wouldn't have been saved. Todoroki has a sad past, but Midoriya helped him get over it a little. There is so much evidence for this adorable ship. Cool, handsome, strong, and calm Todoroki plus a shy, powerful, and intelligent Midoriya equals adorable!

4 Izuku Midoriya x Ochako Uraraka

We always see Midoriya blushing around Uraraka. I've never actually seen him not do something cringey when he sees her.

Real, almost canon ship here! Bakudeku and Tododeku lovers just can't see how Izuku literally works best with Uraraka. They have the most compatible personalities, and she has been supportive of him ever since he tripped during the entrance exam. As if blushing around her isn't enough! Don't say it's because she's attached or anything.

They are the greatest friends in this show, always together through all situations, and hopefully something more in later seasons!

5 Denki Kaminari x Kyouka Jirou

First ship on the list of side characters, so that must account for something. It's basically canon at this point too. During the start of season six, Denki is on the front lines, and Jiro thinks of him, hoping he's safe.

Later, he thinks of the thing closest to his heart, and that's Jiro. It's also revealed he joined the band just to impress her and help her out. Best ship or what?

I approve of this ship. Kaminari and Jiro are pretty much polar opposites, but they're also both perfect for each other at the same time. Jiro loves music, but she's kind of embarrassed when she shares it with other people, as seen by the school festival in season four. But Kaminari senses that she's an amazing musician, and he helped her feel more comfortable with sharing her music.

Sure, the two argue more than they get along, but that's another reason they're perfect for each other. Jiro's the only one who reacts so much to Kaminari's state, which I've decided to call his 'yay mode'. It's really cute to see the two together.

6 Shoto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

This couple is personally my favorite. I draw a bunch of ship fandom art about them, and I think nothing could be more perfect. They're both very intelligent, and they respect each other.

The best thing about TodoMomo is the fact that it's based on mutual respect and admiration from both parties. They support and care for each other, and they work pretty well as a team, being able to bring out the best qualities in each other. There's quite a lot of equality between them. Also, they're really a cute and healthy ship. Their interactions are so natural.

As recommended students and kids coming from more elite families, Shouto and Momo share some similarities. But I feel like they really need each other. It doesn't matter if it's a platonic or romantic relationship they'll have because they help each other grow as both heroes and people. Shouto is helping Momo believe more in herself and her abilities without letting her doubts cloud her mind. Momo, on the other hand, is bringing out the softer and friendlier part of Shouto, helping him see the big family their class is. There are plenty of beautiful things about this lovely ship. I'm so glad they're so popular.

7 Eijirou Kirishima x Mina Ashido

They went to the same school, and even if this seems like a cliché romance, there's a lot more depth than you might first think. Kirishima clearly had a lot of respect for the outgoing Ashido during junior high, and he even wished he could be like her a couple of times.

Then, even though her friends didn't know who she was during junior high, she still recognized him on the first day of school. She commented on his hair, asking if he was starting over for high school. He said he was, and that there was no more 'old him'. Ashido then said that he had better just be himself, or she'd spread rumors about him. Ever since then, they've been friends and trust each other a lot. I understand why this ship wasn't higher up on the list, since they never showed any feelings for each other other than friendship, but I think they'll have more romantic feelings for each other in the future.

8 Mineta Minoru x Death

This is truly a great ship. I actually don't really ship much in this show, as I consider it more of an action show compared to a romance, but this ship has truly changed my point of view. The compatibility between the two is quite noticeable and, in fact, easy to pick up, making it quite popular amongst many viewers of the show.

They are so similar to each other and show a true connection. I've heard people say that they ship when they see that certain spark. Well, with these two, it's a lightning bolt.

I truly believe, without a minuscule sense of doubt in my body, that they belong together. 10 / 10 ship.

9 Momo x Kyouka Jirou

I really like this ship. They have such a beautiful friendship, and I can see the two of them organically shifting into a romantic relationship. They have fun together and are able to communicate on a deeper level. So, in my eyes, they have the perfect balance for a romantic relationship.

I like how they're opposites in many ways but still enjoy each other's company. They are very much on the same page about their dreams and goals but have different hobbies they can share with one another.

Personally, I think that this ship is adorable. They already have a close bond in friendship that could easily transition into something more.

We know that Jirou is kind of self-conscious when it comes to her body. In one of the episodes, Mineta was trying to look through a peephole while the girls were changing. He spoke of everyone but her, and she seemed upset by this. I think that Momo would be able to remind her of how beautiful she is. Jirou could help Momo in ways like this as well.

This is an example of a ship that, in my opinion, would help each character involved grow. They would help build up each other's confidence in themselves and their abilities.

In one of the movies (Two Heroes, I believe), Jirou is shown blushing as a girl comes running out in a dress, hinting that she may be part of the LGBTQ+ community. I'm pretty sure it was Melissa that ran out when she was blushing, but Jirou was also seen blushing with Momo as they came out.

Overall, I love this ship, and I think it's really cute.

10 Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada

In the UA sports festival, we see Eraserhead and Present Mic talking to each other a lot. There's even a flashback to when they were kids.

I've always thought these two were absolutely perfect for each other the second I saw them bantering during the sports festival. Then it was revealed that they have known each other and stayed together since their U.A. days, and my heart absolutely exploded. Their personalities are so different to the point it makes me think that maybe they wouldn't work out. But then I think that a lot of the people I love and would die for have some personality traits I hate, like being loud or overly dramatic. This reminds me of the phrase opposites attract, and that is the perfect way to describe why this ship works so well and is so very cute!

The Contenders
11 Tenya Iida x Ochako Uraraka

I think that Izuku and Uraraka getting together would be incredibly forced and kind of boring. Uraraka's character is almost entirely filled with Izuku, so I think them getting together would be both unhealthy and really unsatisfying. Iida and Uraraka have much better chemistry, and it would be pretty cute to see them get together.

This is definitely the best ship for Tenya Iida by far, only because he and Ochako are best friends, all part of the main Dekusquad. However, neither of these characters has shown romantic interest in each other thus far, and I doubt it will happen any time in the future either.

But I really don't understand why people do not ship this more, as it's actually a great ship when compared to ships such as Kacchako.

12 Denki Kaminari x Eijirou Kirishima

They're so great together, perfect even! They're a lot alike, and they're freaking adorable! Plus, Kirishima's Quirk goes well with Kaminari's. (By that, I mean Kirishima's Quirk helps him keep safe from Kaminari's.)

I don't mean Kaminari accidentally discharging in an unintended way. They get along so well, and they're Kacchan's wingmen! I'm really surprised and disappointed that this is as low as it is (although 25 is a nice number).

I think this ship is really underrated! They both have hella chaotic energy and are friends, so I'm pretty sure they know more about each other than most people would.

13 Denki Kaminari x Hitoshi Shinso

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Well, I think this ship is the embodiment of it. I mean, I understand people who don't ship them because they only talked for one or two episodes. But I think those interactions are enough to blow up the spark - like the one that crosses Shinso's eyes when Denki confidently affirms his friendship with an almost complete stranger. And Hitoshi's reaction is far from misunderstanding.

Trust is one of the fundamental things in a couple, and to trust a person like Kaminari does with Shinso takes a lot, considering Hitoshi's loneliness due to his quirk. They are breathtaking. I love them! Really, with all of myself!

14 All Might x Inko Midoriya

I don't have much to say about this, since these two don't have much interaction, and most of it is surrounded around Midoriya.

One of the main reasons I like this ship is because they both really care about Midoriya and would do anything to protect the boy. Also, that damn dad that went out for milk might as well be dead. That's why Midoriya needs a dad. All Might is already a father figure to him, so this would be the best, I guess. I mean, Midoriya doesn't remember his dad either.

The dude was never mentioned throughout the entire anime/manga. So yeah. And I think that they'd look absolutely adorable together. That's all to it, and the pic isn't helping much.

15 Fumikage Tokoyami x Tsuyu Asui

In the practical exam at the end of the first season, these two are seen working together against the pro hero Ectoplasm. Tokoyami and Tsu pair up exceptionally well, and their teamwork really pays off.

Uwaa, one of my favorites! Both Tokoyami and Tsuyu are calm and collected. They work well together, and I can clearly see them going together really well.

Their fight with Ectoplasm didn't present much difficulty to them, and it just shows how well they work together. Also, they both have animal-based Quirks. How adorable would that be? But honestly, if it were reality... I wouldn't ship it that much.

Who knows if that damn crow would eat up the poor frog? (No dirty thoughts, please.)

16 Izuku Midoriya x Tsuyu Asui

I love the compatibility these two share. I see these two as best friends working together as heroes in the field and growing closer over time. I also see her as someone who would stand up for Izuku, and how her boldness could help him overcome his shyness and awkwardness.

Tsuyu is the kind of girl Izuku can rely on, and they are just too cute together.

They are so cute together, and they seem to bring out the best in one another, with Izuku's shyness contrasting with Tsuyu's bluntness. It makes for a great opposites-attract kind of couple, and I can see them as friends who work together, become best friends, and then develop feelings for one another.

17 Mashirao Ojiro x Tooru Hagakure

Adorable. In the manga, Hagakure canonically kisses him. Ojiro is always smiling at the things she does, and I think if he saw her real body, he would just tell her how pretty she is, but in a good way, not like Mineta.

These two were probably the ship I support most after "Dekuraka," even if the characters didn't get a lot of screen time. If you've ever seen the spin-off series "Team-Up Missions," the Hero Course students get sent for various team-up missions, and Ojiro and Hagakure get sent to tell a class of kids about being a hero.

Ojiro's quirk (his tail) seems boring to the kids, while Hagakure's "Warp Refraction: Say Cheese!" blows them all away. Ojiro obviously feels very unconfident about this, and Hagakure isn't helping much either. But then they have to rescue a kid from an ancient temple, and Hagakure and Ojiro have to trust each other to save the kid.

When they're done, Hagakure gives Ojiro a kiss on the cheek. Though Ojiro, not being able to see Hagakure, panics and says, "Hagakure, what was that?" To which she responds, "Nothing, just my finger, silly." It's clear that she actually kissed him, however, and there are other signs too. But I've realized that I'm going on too long with this, so I'll stop here.

18 Mirio Togata x Amajiki Tamaki

I've loved these two since the first few episodes they were in. I mean, come on, if you have seen the first several episodes of season four and don't see the extremely obvious connection they have, then you need to look closer. They have been friends and have followed and supported each other since they were like eight years old. That's ten years!

Tell me you would stay with someone you don't have a strong relationship with for ten years! They are an amazing example of the phrase opposites attract!

They're absolutely perfect for each other. They already have an amazing bond because of them being childhood friends, and I feel like you wouldn't have to reach far to find a romantic connection between the two. They are so cute and healthy together, and it brings me so much joy to see them together.

19 Dabi x Hawks

This ship is a little complicated, but that's its charm. It would be an interesting idea of a hero and villain falling in love. In the recent chapters of the Bnha manga series, it shows that they knew each other before they grew up. Even with this knowledge of some parts of their past, the recent chapters weren't so kind to the DabiHawks or HotWings shippers.

Even with the recent things that have been happening with these two, they would still look cute together. This ship definitely stole my heart as soon as I saw it. So, I will go down with this ship if it's the last thing I do!

20 Tenya Iida x Momo

One of my favorite ships! They are both tall with dark hair. Iida is much taller than Momo. They are both super serious and smart. They are both class presidents. They would be so cute together.

Momo complimented Iida after the combat training, and Iida's reaction was super cute! I love this ship!

These two would be the embodiment of a perfect coupling. Tenya is the dad friend while Momo is the mom friend. Working together is when they get the most done.

The way they praise each other's strengths shows how much they care about each other.

21 Izuku Midoriya x Mei Hatsume

Hatsume is the brains (directly and indirectly) behind the end of Deku's self-destructive use of his power. She's HIS HERO, the way David Shields is All Might's. I would prefer this character as a love interest over Ochaco. We know little about her. Sure, she's absent-minded, intense, and oblivious to social cues, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a soft side or is a one-dimensional person.

If Deku didn't inherit OFA, making support items would probably have been an alternate career for him. She's actually quite similar to him, with him being previously quirkless and her having a quirk unsuitable for hero work. The way Midoriya is able to relate to Melissa and Shinsou, he would also be able to understand Mei Hatsume and develop a relationship with her.

I think this would be a much more interesting pairing than the predictable one with Ochaco.

22 Dabi x Shimura Tenko/Shigaraki Tomura

Even Tomodachi Life put them together as soul mates! Cutest, hottest, and most villainous couple you can have! They are so sexy and destructive. A couple who helps each other, and who don't see the other as needing to be fixed - they are just together because they love each other.

Just compare their childhoods and their reactions. They understand each other far too well, and that's what makes them crave destruction.

Honestly, this ship is extremely underrated - not as much as some others, but still, super underrated. It's an interesting dynamic, and while the artists who haven't stopped drawing them to make room for Hotwings fan art are far and few between, those still drawing and writing about this ship are literal gods/goddesses.

23 Tooru Hagakure x Mashirao Ojiro

Basically, the same one that was two ships ago, just the names of the characters placed differently!

It's so obvious that these two would be together! Ever since their first fight together during the hero vs. villains training.

Apparently, she spends more time with him than any other guy... alright, no real proof aside from the wiki.

24 Shouta Aizawa x Emi Fukukado

At first, I hated this combo because my favorite character is Shota, and I don't enjoy Ms. Joke much at all. But after reading the other comments, I realized that Shota needs to smile and be genuinely happy. The only one who can possibly make him happy is her.

These two are meant to be together! I love it when Emi asks Aizawa to marry her, and he straight up denies her. I'm just waiting to see the moment when Emi catches Aizawa off guard and makes him laugh!

I fell in love with this ship as soon as I saw them interact. Mrs. Joke is clearly madly in love with Aizawa. It's almost sad how bluntly Aizawa shuts her down.

25 Mei Hatsume x Tenya Iida

I don't know why people think this ship is unexpected, or maybe I was wrong. For some reason, as Mei approached Tenya to give him gear so that the fight could be fair, I already saw sparks flying around in the air. Well, it may just be the wishful thinking of a fangirl. But seriously, though, I find this ship so cute and feel it could end up as a canon pair if Izuku ends up with Ochako.

Anyway, I love their chemistry. They embody the opposites attract trope, with Mei's carefree and unruly temperament contrasting with Tenya's uptight and strict personality. They would be so fun to watch.

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