Top Ten Annoying Dora the Explorer Characters

we all hate Dora, but who do we hate most? Share your opinion!

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1 Dora Dora Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer" her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend Boots .

She is so retarded and the show makes no sense, she is easily the most annoying T.V. character. - chocodilesforlife

Honestly, do I even have to explain? - CutiePoops

She is the worst because she is BLIND and DEAF! She could not see the thing that just 2 metres from her.And when we tell her the answer she keep yelling to us "Where?! "She is the worst. - TSF777

Dora the exploder

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2 Swiper Swiper

He is the strangest looking fox. I don't hate Dora The Explorer I've never watched it but looking at pictures on the internet its weird animation for a preschool show. Peppa Pig might look weird but I think she looks cute.

Swiper is funny, but the others are not.

I like this guy because he (tries) to steal Dora's stuff but he's way to weak to steal it because three words swipes no swiping he is off nooo swiper don't leave me steal just one thing from Dora.

U called him swipes

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3 Boots

He is the caillou of dora the explorer

I can't wait for him to fall into quicksand!

4 Map

Never shuts the heck up - CutiePoops

We'll Tear Him To Shreds

Tell the Flat Earth Society that the Earth is Dora's map.

I'm the map, I'm the...SHUT THE #### UP MAP (Doomguy pulls out bazooka and blows up Map)

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5 Backpack

We Shall Take A Giant Crap In Backpack

What, poop in the backpack? If we did that than if Dora is looking for something else besides the poop, than backpack would eat it and than throw it up and I would clean up the vomit and make Dora eat it -trollsfan536

SHUDDUP please - CutiePoops

6 Tico the Squirrel

Tico is my Squigga

7 Benny the Bull

Benny the bull always has the same "too cheerful" expression. Like he probably strangles barn cats in his time off.

8 Isa the Iguana
9 Dora's Mom

They raised that demon.. - CutiePoops

10 The Cursor

Why is it even necessary? - CutiePoops

Nobody Gives A Crap About The Blue Pointless Cursor

The Contenders

11 Dora's Dad

He and dora's mom are bad parents

12 Abuela
13 The Grumpy Old Troll
14 Big Red Chicken
15 Diego
16 Baby Jaguar
17 Alicia
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