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21 Paula Hutchison - Rocko's Modern Life
22 Meg Griffin - Family Guy Meg Griffin - Family Guy Megan "Meg" Griffin is a character from the animated television series Family Guy, voiced initially by Lacey Chabert, thereafter by Mila Kunis.
23 Peggy Hill - King of the Hill Peggy Hill - King of the Hill Margaret Joseph "Peggy" Hill is a fictional character in the American animated series King of the Hill.

She's the most annoying T.V. character I've ever seen, every time I watch this show ans she appears I just want to commit suicide

24 Gloria Baker - M.A.S.K.
25 Francine Frensky - Arthur
26 Lola - Charlie and Lola

She threw a tantrum at the library because someone already brought a book she wanted and read 4,000,000 times.

27 Bessie Hickinbottom - The Mighty B

Sponge bob won a be

I never liked her character and she annoyed the heck out of me but she’s just a little kid so I’ll give her a pass. She’s still annoying though.

28 Cadpig - 101 Dalmations The Series
29 Courtney - Total Drama
30 The Debbies - The Oblongs
31 Mrs. X - The X's
32 Pearl Krabs - SpongeBob SquarePants
33 Misty - Pokemon Misty - Pokemon Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ more.
34 Monique - Kim Possible
35 Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.

Honestly, I never really found Mabel that annoying, to be honest. I may not agree with every decision she's made, but she's only a twelve-year-old kid.

36 Anne Marie - Total Drama Revenge of the Island

She's a cartoon version of Snooki only more annoying. - egnomac


37 Candace Flynn - Phineas & Ferb Candace Flynn - Phineas & Ferb Candace Gertrude Flynn is a main character of the Disney Channel animated television series Phineas and Ferb, voiced by Ashley Tisdale and created and designed by Dan Povenmire.

This girl is SO annoying! She constantly releases high-pitched screams, obsesses over her brothers that just mind their own business, and she is overall an irritating teenage girl.

Why hasn't anybody put her on this list?! - AlexTopTens

Candace is way worse than rarity or Rainbow dash

My god, she is basically DW in the body of a teenager. Actually, I take that back. DW isn't psychologically obsessed with tearing down her siblings.

38 The Kankers - Ed, Edd N Eddy
39 DN Amy - Kim Possible
40 Susan Test - Johnny Test

Why Bling Bling Boy (Eugene) is obsessed with her awful and haughty attitude is beyond me. Mary is easy going and really sweet, and much more tolerable than her siblings.

Susan's hair is horrible and boring.

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