Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

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41 Sonellope (Sonic x Vanellope)

For anyone about to cite Sonic/Elise as reason to look past the human/hedgehog issue, well, Elise isn't a little kid like Vanellope

Also, Sonic's not a Disney character.

42 80s Boyfriends (Felix x Turbo)

Before anybody says it, we're not talking about any cats or snails who aren't even Disney here. A human or human-like creature named Turbo was the main villain in "Wreck-It Ralph", and there was a human named Felix in that same movie. No, they never interacted, but scarily and annoying enough people still ship them also not caring that Felix is married to someone else.

43 Hirip (Hiro x Tip)
44 Wilewis (Wilbur x Lewis)

This is parent-child incest here. No way is Wilet worse than this.

45 Dashellope (Vanellope x Dash Parr)

Both fast, both Disney, both kids... none of which are a good basis for a ship. Almost as bad as pairing Vanellope with Hiro or Sherman.

I don't mind this's really not as annoying as the Hiro x Vanellope ship

I really don't find this pairing annoying too much

46 PocaPan (Pocahontas x Peter Pan)
47 KidBlue (Blue Fairy and Kida)
48 MerWendy (Merida and Wendy Darling) V 1 Comment
49 PocAladdin (Pocahontas X Aladdin)
50 ElastiPhilip (Elastigirl X Prince Phillip)
51 Ferdinanna (Anna X Prince Ferdinand)
52 EsmeraldaCharming (Esmeralda X Prince Charming)
53 TiaPhillip (Tiana X Prince Phillip)
54 Eslarelda (Elsa X Esmeralda)
55 Esmezan (Esmeralda x Tarzan)
56 Hercunzel (Rapunzel x Hercules)
57 Jessicastasia (Jessica Rabbit x Anastasia)
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