Most Annoying Sports Trends

The Top Ten

1 Bandwagon Fans

I used to be one of them back when I liked football. I went from the eagles to the ravens over and over again. Like I needed to just stick with one of them - soccerobsessed

Ever since the Warriors became good, everyone started being fans of them. Such bandwagoners. - EpicJake

Pick a team and stick with that team through the good bad and ugly. Every year there is a new bandwagon team. 2013 Seahawks, 2014 Royals, 2015 Warriors,Broncos, Villanova basketball OU basketball,Clemson football,2016 Cubs,Indians,Cavs,Warriors, Cowboys, Raiders.

2 Throwing Fits Over Celebrations

Can't fathom the mentality of people who riot over sporting events. It's even sicker when they burn, loot and destroy when their team WINS.

3 Fan Fights (and Encouraging Them)
4 Wearing a Jersey to a Game that Doesn't Involve Your Team
5 Going on Another Team's Instagram Page and Insulting Them
6 Drooling Over Pointless LeBron James Stories
7 Tom Brady Photoshop
8 Fan Petitions
9 Farewell Tours
10 Tim Tebow Talk

The Contenders

11 Crying Michael Jordan face

Get over it already

One of the worst memes of 2016. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 Athlete Photobombing
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