Top 10 Ways Why Assassin's Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington is Better Than the Actual Assassin's Creed III Game

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1 Cooler Outfit

The Assassin outfit in ACIII looks piss-yellow. On the other hand, the Animal Spirit outfit in TOKW looks amazing, complete with a wolf hood.

2 Powers

You can turn invisible and fly in TOKW, which gives the game mechanics an entirely new feel. Not to mention you can summon spirit wolves to fight beside you.

3 Better Story

The ACIII story is okay at best, but the TOKW story is brilliant as it takes place in a really cool alternate reality.

4 Connor's Personality

In ACIII, Connor is an overly-sensitive stoic (which comes across as overbearing at times). But in TOKW, he becomes much more of a grim reaper focused only on assassinating King Washington.

5 Loading Screen

The ACIII loading screen is just white and boring. The TOKW loading screen has a really cool black and blue layout where you get to chase the Apple of Eden. It gives you something to entertain yourself with while the game loads.

6 Side Quests

In TOKW, there are small side quests that pop up all over the map, from freeing Native Americans to feeding the starving.

7 Epic Boss Battle

The ending cutscene was anticlimactic for sure, but the boss fight before it was epic. It almost felt like battling a Legend of Zelda boss.

8 Numbers of Enemies

Enemies, enemies, and more enemies. It's really fun to just slaughter a horde of Bluecoats at once. And what's cool is that unlike in ACIII, the enemies in TOKW don't respawn unless you leave the area.

9 Setting

The frontier is an icy winter front with dead Redcoats scattered about. Their red uniforms really pop against the black and white setting, creating a grim but cool atmosphere. And the pyramid in New York is incredible, especially the interior.

10 Soundtrack

TOKW have a lot of amazing songs that aren't found in ACIII. My personal favorites are "Man With the Wolf Hood" and "Ratonhnhaké ton".

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